Beautiful Bronze Masonic Pillars

as Fireplace Andirons

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These Brass and Iron Mid-Victorian Andirons have the Masonic columns of Boaz and Jachin as standards. The cast brass "S" curve "Paw" footed legs support the plinth which holds the seamed column topped by a Corinthian capitols with the globes on each top.  The iron leg rests are screw bolted to the shaft of the standard.  Each measures almost 27 inches tall by 8 1/2 inches wide at the feet by 19 inches deep.  It has an excellent old patina the 100 years can give.

These andirons represent the "Pillars of the Porch" of King Solomon's Temple... King Solomon did not simply erect them as ornaments to the temple, but memorials of God's repeated promises of support to His people of Israel.  Boaz, the name of the left pillar means "in strength", the right pillar Jachin means "God will establish", which signifies when combined, the message "In strength, God will establish His house in Israel".  And thus were the Jews, in passing through the porch to the temple, daily reminded of the abundant promises of God, and inspired with confidence in His protection and gratitude for His many acts of kindness to His chosen people.  The globe on the left pillar represents "Earth", that on the right, "Heaven".




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