Clarence Darrow Cigar Box Label

ClarenceDarrowCigarBoxLabel1.jpg (47071 bytes)

This is a terrific find from a Consolidated Litho master reference book. Featuring Clarence Darrow in a thoughtful pose flanked by scales of justice and what is presumed to be a symbol of the Masonic Order.   It is actually the symbol of the Jr. Order of United American Mechanics which has an arm and hammer within the Square and Compasses.  This use of the Square and Compasses outraged many Masons and they hauled the Jr.OUAM into court on a motion to cease and desist but were unsuccessful, it seems that the Square and Compasses have been used since time immemorial in family crests and is also a common symbol used by operative stonemasons to advertise their trade.   Obviously Darrow was willing to accept a fee for this brand which says "by permission with his signature".  Surface smudges and lithographer's notes on front, brown sample book paper on back. Approximate size: 6-1/4" x 8".




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