Early Masonic Goat Matchstick-Lighter

This tobacco lighter is circa 1915 and plays on the Masonic humor of riding the Goat!  Although it was simply a joke in Masonic Lodges, Woodmen of the World and a few other Orders would engage their new candidates in a moment of this humorous sport!   Many of the Lodge Goat jokes can be found in this book "The Lodge Goat and Goat Rides"  and a real Goat Riding Tricycle can be seen (here) It is made of metal and is copper in color.  The frame is intact but the striker strip is missing.  On both sides of the ram's saddle is the Square and Compass with the Letter "G". The tail of the ram is the permanent match and removes from the ram revealing the original wick.  This item measures 3" tall x 5" long x 2 1/8" wide. The match/tail measures 2.75" long.  

For further reading on the Lodge goat-riding  (click here)



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