Miniature Masonic Book FOB

This Magnificent vintage Masonic fob has a rare and unique design! The fob is designed in the image of a book and contains a rose gold book cover and 8 individual yellow colored (perhaps gold washed) Sterling Silver pages. Each page folds open via a hinge. Seven of the pages are hand engraved with very detailed Masonic symbols including the All-Seeing Eye, Square and Compasses, five pointed star, Jachin & Boaz columns, black and white checkerboard floor, the coffin, G emblem, and many others. The symbols are all clearly identifiable and their details are in good condition. Nine sides of the pages are not engraved and are perfect for personalization. The book closes with a latch that snaps audibly and securely into place. The spine of the book is further detailed with raised accents. The back of the fob is engraved 9CT PAT130568 This piece measures 15/16" (24.2mm) tall, 11/16" (17.8mm) wide and weighs 11.9 grams We have never come across a piece like this before and believe it to be very rare! 





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