Beautiful Enameled Past Masters Jewel

 circa 1935

PMJewel1935Enameled1.jpg (59114 bytes)

This is a terrific looking Past Masters Jewel... 10K yellow gold, as is stamped on the back. The gold has a wonderful patina and no damage. The top section is engraved "Chas A. Katzinger, 1935". The square is enameled in blue and it  has a wonderful carved moonstone Sun in the center.   The stone is 6mm in diameter, as measured on the outside edge of the bezel mounting. The back is engraved "Arcana Lodge 717, A.F. & A.M.". The pin's crossbar is in good condition.  The pin measures 37mm through the widest point, and is 68mm in total length. It weighs 13.6 grams of gold, and came with a protective case.




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