1911 Rising Star Lodge No. 126

 Dresser Box

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This beautiful Dresser Box is the "Holy Grail" to Masonic collectors!  They were made to commemorate the 100th Anniversary "Centennial Celebration" (1811-1911) of Rising Star Lodge No. 126 F. & A.M. on January 25, 1911.  Each box was individually hand-painted with the name of each Lodge member under the lid.  It is decorated with purple violets on the inside bottom of the lid and the inside bottom of the box.  The exterior is a rich cobalt blue trimmed in gold with black and white transfers.  The handle on the lid is a Masonic Altar with the "Three Great Lights" opened on the top and is surrounded with a black and white checkered floor symbolic of good and evil.  These boxes are adored by the families of the descendants from this Lodge so very few of them end up in the collectibles market which makes them very rare.  It stands 5 1/2 inches tall by 8 1/4 inches wide by 6 1/4 inches deep.




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