Scottish Rite Golden Globe FOB


This very rare Scottish Rite Golden Globe and 32 Degree Cross FOB represents the pinnacle in geometric design and craftsmanship for Masonic jewelry,  In its closed position it looks very much like a "Ballot Ball" that one would use during Masonic voting, however, by an ingenious arrangement of hinges, which are imperceptible from the exterior, it may be opened out into the form of a cross.  Each section is pyramidical in shape with a spherical base.  The base is gold, but the pyramids are Guilt on silver, the emblems being engraved into pure silver, thus showing up white.  A paper is sometimes sold with these charms explaining the symbolism of the whole, They have become very sought after and their collectability has made them expensive to acquire.  What makes this fob very different from the standard is firstly the interior symbols share only a few symbols with the more common English balls.  Secondly the exterior clasp being formed in the 32 degree twin headed eagle symbol,   Standard Scottish balls have the clasp is in the form of a gold Square & Compasses with the Letter G,  This piece was most likely Manufactured in either Glasgow or Edinburgh.

A special "Thank You" to Wor. Bro. Paul McEvoy of Goulburn Menturia Lodge 3478, England which meets in Bolton in Lancashire UK  Wor. Bro. Paul also does a bit of trading on eBay under the name paulmcevoy1 

We Thank him for sharing this beautiful fob from his private collection with our museum!





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