Early Shrine of North America 

Membership Certificate Frame

ShrineFrameWhole1.jpg (20565 bytes)     ShrineFrameEmblem1.jpg (16995 bytes)

ShrineFrameEmblem2.jpg (23807 bytes)     ShrineFrameEmblem3.jpg (15954 bytes)     ShrineFrameCoiledRope1.jpg (20784 bytes)

This early Shrine Frame is made of rosewood and embellished with the symbolism of their Order.  The Shrine emblem is at the top with the scimitar, crescent moon and suspended star in high relief.  There are Arabic quotes on either of the frame which I haven't been able to get interpreted yet... any translation from the Craft would be appreciated!  It is circa 1920's by the date of the membership certificate in the frame.




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