Early Sterling Silver 

Shrine Match Safes

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Fronts                                    Backs

This is a SUPER pair of sterling silver Shrine of North America Match safes. Marked on the inner lip of the second match safe pictured above is: Sterling 2096 and a Hallmark identifying its maker as Simons, Bros. & Co.  It is circa 1906.  They are both approx. 2 1/2 inches tall with the widest part being 2 inches at the bottom and narrowing up to the top.  One is engraved with the owners initials on the reverse.  The match safe pictured in the far left frame above has an auction value of $350-$450 US.  The match safe pictured in the second frame has an auction value of $400-$500 US.

We would like to "Thank" Mr. George Sparacio, a member of the International Match Safe Association Executive Committee for his excellent descriptions of many of the fraternal matchsafes seen in our museum collection.  George is also a matchsafe collector and enthusiast and can be contacted at his e-mail address:  mrvesta1@aol.com   He maintains a personal web page with additional contact information at:   http://members.aol.com/mrvesta2




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