1956 Scottish Rite 33rd Degree 

Rookwood Dish

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This beautiful 33rd Degree Dish was made by the famous Rookwood Pottery Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio and is dated 1956 on the back.   It bears the 33rd Degree emblem with the Crowned Double Headed Eagle and 33rd Breastplate with the motto, "DEUS MEUMQUE JUS" Latin, meaning God and my right.  It is a Latin translation of the royal arms of England, which is the French expression Dieu et mon droit, and concerning which we have the following tradition:  Richard Coeur de Leon, besieging Gisors, in Normandy, in 1198, gave, as a parole or watch-word, Dieu et mon droit, because Philip Augustus, King of France, had, without right, taken that city, which then belonged to England.   Richard, having been victorious with that righteous parole, hence adopted it as his motto; and it was afterward marshaled in the arms of England.  This dish measures 6 inches in diameter.

A special "Thanks" to Illustrious Brother David Heasley, a 33rd Degree Mason in the Valley of Akron, Ohio for permission to display the pictures of this wonderful Rookwood piece.  Bro. Dave is a Masonic collector and has accumulated several 33rd Degree items over the years.  He trades on eBay under the User Id:  "davey-h777"




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