Trenchart Clock made for 

Michigan Lodge No. 50

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This rare, one of a kind folk art piece was hand made, hand painted from a WWI shell casing. Most likely made into a clock by a Veteran who was also a Mason. The clock was made for MICHIGAN LODGE No.50, JACKSON, MICH. This fantastic item was bought in a private home near Cookville, TN. Original paint is in excellent condition! Top of clock shows a United States Shield in center with the French flag and American flag on each side. These designs have been hand beaten from the inside of the brass casing and are actually in relief. Entire band of casing has also been beaten in the brass to form series of dots over entire surface. The face of the clock does show wear. All numbers, letters and Masonic designs have been hand cut into brass and painted. The front legs are actual bullets that have been soldered to form legs. The stand for the back is a piece of the original shell that was cut to serve as the stand. The center primer of the shell has been removed and this is where the hands of the clock were attached. There are no clock works left in the clock.




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