Vaux Lodge No. 384 F. & A.M.

Tobacco Jar



The members of Vaux Lodge No. 384 commissioned the Thomas Maddox's Sons Co, of Trenton, NJ to make this beautiful lady portrait tobacco jar dated April 1, 1907.  This piece stands 7 inches tall and measures 5 3/4 inches in diameter at the rim.

Richard Vaux (1816-1895) U.S. Congressman to 51st Congress, 1890-91, from Pa. Born Dec. 19, 1816 in Philadelphia.  Admitted to the bar at Philadelphia in 1837. In diplomatic service in Great Britain one year, and declined appointment as secretary of legation at St. Petersburg.  Served in the state house of representatives in 1839; was recorder of deeds and later mayor of Philadelphia. Was raised in Lodge No. 3, Philadelphia on Feb. 21, 1843; exalted in Harmony Chapter No. 52, R.A.M. on Sept. 24, 1846; exalted in Philadelphia Commandery No. 42, K.T., Nov. 16, 1855. As Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, he laid the cornerstone of the Masonic Temple at Philadelphia in 1868. Died March 22, 1895.

A special "Thank You" to Brother Fred Lowstetter for sharing these photos of this tobacco jar from his personal Masonic collection!






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