My Brother, being passed to the Second Degree

of Freemasonry, we congratulate you on your

preferment. The internal, and not the external,

qualifications of a man are what Masonry regards.

As you increase in knowledge you will improve

in social intercourse.

It is unnecessary to recapitulate the duties which

as a Fellow Craft you are bound to discharge, or

to enlarge on the necessity of a strict adherence

to them, as your own experience must have

established their value. Our laws and regulations

you are strenuously to support, and be always

ready to assist in seeing them duly executed.

You are not to palliate or aggravate the offenses

of your Brethren, but in the decision of every

trespass against our rules you are to judge with

candor, admonish with friendship and reprehend

with justice.

Be just and fear not. Never speak ill of anyone

unless you are sure that what you say be true.

Avoid suspicion; for, like the fabled upas, it blights

all healthy life and makes a desert round it.

Nothing so fair, nothing so pure can live, but by

suspicion may be marred and blasted; no path

so straight but to suspicionís eye looks tortuous

and bent from its true end.

The study of the liberal arts, that valuable branch

of education which tends so effectually to polish

and adorn the mind, is earnestly recommended

to your consideration, especially the science of

Geometry, which is established as the basis of

our art. Geometry, or Masonry, originally

synonymous terms, being of a divine and moral

nature, is enriched with the most useful

knowledge; while it proves the wonderful

properties of nature, it demonstrates the more

important truths of morality.

Your past behavior and regular deportment have

merited the honor we have conferred, and in your

new character it is expected that you will conform

to the principles of the Order by steadily

persevering in the practice of every commendable


Such is the nature of your engagement as a

Fellow Craft, and to these duties you are bound

by the most sacred ties.

WM: My Brother, there is a lecture in connection with

this degree that it will be necessary for you to

commit to memory and on which you must pass

a suitable examination in open Lodge, or as

provided by our Nevada Code, before you can

be Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master

Mason. I have no doubt that the Brother who

has instructed you thus far will be pleased to


Fellowcraft Degree - Closing the Lodge




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