Published by

The Supreme Council, 33

A. & A.S.R. for the

Southern Jurisdiction, U. S. A.

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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1909, by


In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.



          The following Digest of the contents of Brother Albert Pike's monumental work, "Morals and Dogma," the text book of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for the southern jurisdiction, issued by the Supreme Council, grew out of the desire of the writer to have an index of the contents for his own personal use as the presiding officer, for twenty years, of each of the Scottish Rite Bodies in Duluth, Minnesota, and it can be imagined that in that time, dating from the first organization, many questions have been propounded which could only be properly answered by reference to that epitome of Scottish Rite Free Masonry; the book referred to.

          From the very nature of "Morals and Dogma," different subjects are hard to find; the book is very naturally divided under the headings of Degrees; there are no sub-headings; and as most of the important subjects are touched on, to a greater or lesser extent, in all the Degrees it meant a perusal of the entire book if all the information on any of those subjects was desired.

          The writer started to compile an Index (in the ordinary acceptation of the term), giving the pages where such and such words would be found, but he had not progressed very far before it became evident that was only half a solution of the problem; so many references were found that it would have been necessary to spend a great length of time looking up the several pages to see if that particular reference was to what the searcher was after; the procedure was entirely changed and it was decided, although it would consume very much more time, and entail more arduous labor, to digest the contents and then Index that, so that when a person wanted to find out what, for instance, the Egyptians understood by "The Universe," it was not necessary to look in "Morals and Dogma," at all the pages on which "Universe" was mentioned but by following down the column, under the heading "Universe," come to "Universe of the Egyptians a living, animated being like man, page 665-l;" if that is not enough in detail turn to page 665, and in the lower third of the page will be found the paragraph of which the line just quoted is the boiled down meaning; most of the time it will not be necessary to consult the "Morals and Dogma" at all.

          When the Digest (so called for want of a better name) was completed, a meeting of the Duluth Brethren was called to secure the assistance of some of them in making a few copies on the typewriter, but they decided that each of them wanted a copy and the only thing to do was to print; hence the book.

          In the opinion of the writer no one who has not carefully studied "Morals and Dogma," or the several subjects of which it is the epitome, is or can be a Master of the Royal Secret in the true meaning of the term, no matter how many patents he may have, nor how completely they are countersigned by distinguished Masons of the Thirty-third Degree, and it is for those who do not wish to sail along under false colors and assume titles of which they know not the meaning that this volume is prepared, believing it will assist them to acquire an interest in the subject which they otherwise would be much slower in gaining, if not deterred altogether by the apparent difficulty in following up the several subjects.

          Honored with the personal friendship and confidence of the author of "Morals and Dogma," receiving the highest honors at his hands and cherishing a lively recollection of his many splendid qualities of mind and heart, the writer can conceive of no higher ambition than that of shewing by deeds that he has appreciated the privileges of that friendship and has absorbed some of the inspiration which personal intercourse with Brother Pike made possible therefore.

      This volume is dedicated in grateful memory of the Prince Adept,
      Albert Pike, 33, Mystic, Poet, Scholar, who through his researches
      and his study of the Symbolism of Free Masonry has raised that
      Institution far above the commonplace and enthroned it on the lofty
      plane of a sublime system of Philosophy, embracing the accumulated
      Wisdom of the ages fitted to make men wiser, happier, better.

          No attempts have been made to standardize the spelling of some words, nor make any changes in phraseology; for instance, "Cabala," "Kabalah," "Kabala," are different spellings of the one word; "Deity" and "God" are used indiscriminately, etc., etc.; this volume is a Digest of "Morals and Dogma" as it is, and nothing else.

                                                                                           T.W. HUGO.

          Duluth, Minn., October 1st, 1909.




          In explanation of the characters used in the Index; the letters "u," "m," "l" after a number signifies that the subject mentioned will be found on the page represented by the number and in the upper, middle, or lower thirds of that page, respectively; thus "Unity of God taught in the Kabalah, 625-l," means that on the lower third of page 625 will be found the paragraph of which the notation in question is a shortened statement.

          Where no final letter is given it means that the notation refers to the entire page, as "Universe, questions concerning the creation or self existence of, 648," means that all of page 648 refers to that notation just quoted.

          Where a dash ( - ) appears at the end of the words, it means that for the completion of the sentence reference must be made to the page whose number follows; for instance, "Universe must have been co-existent with Deity because - , 684-u," means that the reader must consult page 684-u, and complete the sentence, as it is of such a nature that it could not be boiled down very well and preserve the true sense.

          Where a dash ( - ) appears between two numbers of pages it means that both of those pages and the intervening ones refer to the subject matter of the notation opposite those numbers.





Aaron made an image of a false god while Moses received the Law, 206-m.
Aaron restored the worship of Apis when he made the golden calf, 369-m.
Aaron's golden calf was one of the oxen under the laver of bronze, 818-l.
Ab, Father, as well as Athah, the name of the Ancient in Microprosopos, 794-u.
Aba and Imma, Father and Mother, 757-u.
Abacus, the Table of Pythagoras, concluded by the number ten, 638-m.
Ablutions, baths, baptisms before initiation, explanation of, 431-m.
Above exists by reason of what is below, 848-u.
Abraham carried the orthodox traditions from Chaldea, 843-l.
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Jehovah the peculiar God of, 206-l.
Abraham; Magism was the science of, 839-l.
Abraxas, the plentitude of the Divine Emanations, a Gnostic idea, 554.
Absolute conceived by reference to some substantial things, 702-u.
"Absolute" defined is but a collection of negations, 651-l.
Absolute Deity is in Microprosopos, 793-l.
Absolute discovered by the science of numbers, 626-u.
Absolute existence embodied in the Ineffable Name, 700-m.
Absolute existence is Ihuh-Alhim, 701-m.
Absolute existence, the essence of the creative forces of Deity, 701-m.
Absolute in matters of Intelligence and Faith, 842-m.
Absolute is the Being in which the Word Is, according to the Kabalah, 841-l.
Absolute is the fixed from the volatile; is that which is, 776-l.
Absolute is the immutable Law of Reason and Truth, 776-l.
Absolute is the Truth, Reality, Reason, of the universal equilibrium, 844-u.
Absolute manifested as Being or Existence forms the Ineffable Name, 849-m.
Absolute necessarily implies absolute Unity, 702-l.
"Absolute" no longer explains the problem of Good and Evil, 682-u.
Absolute sought in the Infinite, Indefinite; the Finite is the "Great Work", 776-l.
Absolute summed up in the Word alternately lost and found, 840-m.
Absolute summed up in the Word transmitted in Initiations, 840-m.
Absolute, the Fixed, the Volatile, are synonymous with Reason, Necessity, Liberty, 791-l.
Absolute, the Principle or First Cause of all Things, 626-u.
Absolute; the pursuit of the "Great Work" is the Search for the, 773-u.
Absolute, the very necessity of Being; That which Is; Reason, 736-l.
Absolute Truth, Beauty, Good, emanates from God, 702-l.
Absurd, Infinite, which confounds and which we believe is the Divine Reason, 841-m.
Abury, all the cycles reproduced at the Druidic Temple at, 235-l.
Abyss; God, according to Valentinus, was an unfathomable, 559-l.
Abyss, the Gnostics represented God as an unfathomable, 555-u.
Abyssinians changed the Hindu Trinity to Creator, Matter, Thought, 550-l.
Acacia, a sacred tree of the Arabs, the idol Al-Uzza, 82-m.
Acacia branch represents the Tree of Life to the Hermetic Rose Croix, 786-l.
Acacia is an emblem of resurrection and immortality, 642-u.
Acacia, made into the "crown of thorns", 82-m.
Acacia, origin of the idea of the sprig of, 376-l.
Acacia, the thorny tamarisk, grew around Osiris, 82-m.
Acacia, type of immortality, 82-m.
Achaius, King of the Scots, saw the St. Andrew's Cross the night before a battle, 801-l.
Achilles fights with Scamander, 499-m.
Acmon's death lamented by the Scythians, 594-l.
Acorn planted before the Norman conquest grows into importance, 317-l.
Achronically; when Stars rise or set in opposition to the Sun, 471-m.
Acts, unknown secret, 131-l.
Action an essential part of Masonry; work required, 152-l.
Action greater than writing, 350-u.
Actions, importance of small, 173-m.
Actions, in ordinary spheres are opportunities for the noblest, 350-m.
Actions, more apparent than real, are the criticised rewards of Good or Evil, 705-l.
Action and opposition of contrary forces bring Harmony, 859-l.
Active and Passive; Great First Cause divided into the, 653-l.
Active and Passive Principles gave birth to the Universal Soul idea, 664-m.
Active and Passive Principles, Light and Darkness symbols of, 404-l.
Active and Passive Principles symbolized by generative parts, 401-l.
Active and Passive principles symbolized by Jachin and Boaz, 860-m.
Active and Passive Symbols; the Male and Female, 784-m.
Active energy of the Will of the Present expressed by vote of People, 860-u.
Active life has spiritual ends, 243-m.
Active Principle diffuses; Passive, collects and makes fruitful by nature, 772-u.
Active principle represented by Light, 305-l.
Active principle resides in the mind, external to matter, 657-l.
Adam belonged to both the Empire of Light and that of Darkness, 567-u.
Adam conformed into male and female and a state of equilibrium established, 795-l.
Adam forbidden to eat of the fruit so he would not know - , 567-u.
Adam is the human Tetragram, summed up in the Yod, 771-m.
Adam Kadmon assisted by the living Spirit, Jesus Christ, 566-m.
Adam Kadmon commenced the contest with the powers of evil, 566-m.
Adam Kadmon, containing all the Causates of the First Cause, is a Macrocosm, 760-m.
Adam Kadmon created after the Vestiges of the Lights had been removed by God, 751-u.
Adam Kadmon emanated from Absolute Unit and so is himself a unit, 760-l.
Adam Kadmon fashioned into Male and Female when equilibrium was introduced, 763-u.
Adam Kadmon flows downward into his own nature and so is duality, 760-l.
Adam Kadmon had in him Nephesek, Ruach, Neschamah, Neschamah Leneschamah, 757-u.
Adam Kadmon is designated in the third person, Hua, He, 763-u.
Adam Kadmon is the Idea of the Universe unevolved in the manifested Deity, 758-m.
Adam Kadmon made up as to limbs by the nine Sephiroth, 757-l.
Adam Kadmon, Primitive Man, made by the Demiourgos, 562-l.
Adam Kadmon returns to the Unity and to the Highest and so is ternary and quaternary, 760-u.
Adam Kadmon, the First Born, the Primitive Man, 267-m.
Adam Kadmon, the Idea of the Universe, assigned a human form, 757-l.
Adam Kadmon, the Logos, man-type, primitive man, 251-m.
Adam Kadmon, the Primal Man, emitted into the evacuated Space, 746-u.
Adam Kadmon was not formed male and female when the Kings died, 797-l.
Adam, the first, was Microprosopos; Macroprosopos first Occult Adam, 795-u.
Adept, the 28th Degree, Knight of the Sun or Prince, 581.
Adepts bound to Ancient Mysteries, 50-u.
Adityas, or Solar Attributes, a Vedic Sun God, 602-l.
Adityas, the distinct powers of Surya, each with a name, 587-m.
Adonai, applied to Deity, represents, 208-m.
Adonai, meaning of; substituted for True Name, 201-l.
Adonai, Son, Kabalah ascribes redemption to, 104-m.
Adonai, the most potent of the names of Deity; moves the Universe, 787-l.
Adonai, one of the seven Reflections of the Ophites, 563-m.
Adonai of the Phoenicians is a personification of the Sun, 594-u.
Adonai or Adon, the Phoenician name for the Sun God, 587-u.
Adoniram, Joabert, Satolkin, the three Masters, represent, 210-u.
Adonis and Apollo of the Greeks are personifications of the Sun, 594-u.
Adonis and Proserpine in wanderings represent - , 404-m.
Adonis or Thammuz, death and resurrection in Mysteries, 406-m.
Adonis, symbol of the Sun, 77-m.
Adonis, the Sun, as adored by the Phoenician Byblos, 587-l.
Adonis wounded in private parts by boar; emblem of, 412-l.
Adon signifies Lord and Master, 591-l.
Adoration of Deity requires something tangible to exalt the mind, 617-l.
Advancement in the Rite, depends on, 136-m.
Advancement in the Rite, those entitled to, 136-m.
Adversity, blessings and advantages of, 145-m.
Aeschylus accused of representing the Mysteries on the stage, 384-l.
Aeschylus and others declare life is not a scene of repose, 691-u.
Aesop and others declare the object of suffering is beneficial, 691-u.
Aesch Mezareph says the seven lower Sephiroth represent seven metals, 798-l.
Affliction, a loneliness in, 189-m.
Affliction, words go but little way into the depths of, 189-m.
Agathodaemon, or Kneph, represented by Osiris, 587-l.
Age we represent is not enlarged by our discoveries, 808-l.
Ages of the Sun represented by the four ages of man, 465-u.
Ages passed before reason was preferred to imagination, 674-m.
Agla, Hieroglyphics of, indicate the Triple Secret of the Great Work, 104-l.
Agni lives on the fire of the sacrifice, on the hearth, of the sky, 602-m.
Agni, the Mediator between God and man, 602-m.
Agricultural phenomena connected with Egyptian religion, 588-u.
Agricultural, primitive people of Orient were wholly, 445-m.
Ahih Ashr Ahih, I am what I am, the meaning of the name assumed by Deity, 697-l.
Ahriman and ministers of Evil to be reconciled to Deity and Evil end, 847-l.
Ahriman called "the old serpent, Prince of Darkness," etc., by Persians, 498-m.
Ahriman concurred with Ormuzd in the creation of Man, 258-u.
Ahriman condemned to dwell in darkness 12,000 years, 257-l.
Ahriman considered older than Ormuzd by some Parsee sects, 613-u.
Ahriman destroyed the pure principle of Man, 258-u.
Ahriman not a malevolent being in the early ages of the world, 613-u.
Ahriman origin of all evils, represented Darkness, 443-l.
Ahriman produces Deos and Deities to equal those of Ormuzd, 662-l.
Ahriman, second born of the Primitive Light, ambitious, 257-m.
Ahriman, the Persian demon of Evil, of the nature of darkness, 661-m.
Ahriman the evil principle of the religion of Zoroaster, 449-u.
Ahriman to be triumphant during three latter periods, 258-m.
Ahriman to rule the world till the end of time, 623-l.
Ahriman's worship considered as the cause of the Fall of man, 613-u.
Ahura Mazda, by the power of the Word, made the Heaven and Earth, 613-l.
Ahura Mazda claims to have created the Universe and man, 612-u.
Ahura Mazda, Indra, Ormuzd is the bright firmament, 601-l.
Ahura Mazda is called the First Born of all things, very light of - , 613-l.
Ahura Mazda represented the primal light, 612-u.
Ahura Mazda, Supreme, whose Soul is the Excellent Word, 613-m.
Ainsoph and His garmenting were alone before the world of the vacant space, 750-u.
Ainsoph called Light because it is impossible to express it by any other word, 740-m.
Ainsoph is the title of the Cause of Causes, its meaning being "endless", 747-u.
Ainsoph, King of the Sephiroth Theology; Being Supreme and Absolute, 99-m.
Ainsoph of the Kabalah corresponds to the Word, 271-l.
Ainsoph sometimes applied to the first emanation, Kether, the Crown, 747-u.
Aions of the Gnostics correspond to the 28 Izeds, 257-u.
Aions of the Gnostics corresponded to the Ferouers of Zoroaster, 256-u.
Air and Fire, white and red, Mercy and Judgment do not intermix, 795-m.
Air gives the elements and principles of compound sensation, 784-m.
Air, one of the symbols of spiritual regeneration in the Mysteries, 357-l.
Air used as a test to represent the possible purification of the soul, 397-u.
Air, Water, Fire, denote Benignity, Judicial Rigor; Mercy as mediator, 799-u.
Al, a name of Deity, represents, 208-m.
Al, Al Schadai, Alohayim, Adonai, long known names of Deity, 697-l.
Al Shadai, applied to Deity, represents, 208-m.
Al, Soul of the Universe, one of the names of Deity on the Delta, 532-u.
Al, the first Phoenician Nature God, the Principle of Light, 727-u.
Alchemical Azot corresponds to the Hebrew Tetragram, 732-m.
Alchemical jargon created to deceive the vulgar herd, 731-u.
Alchemical or Hermetic philosophical doctrine, 772-792.
Alchemical philosophy receives some explanation in the Kabala, 741-u.
Alchemical teachings conceal their meaning in many cases, 792-m.
Alchemists claimed the Magical Agent determined the form of the modifiable Substance, 773-l.
Alchemists dream of being always young, rich, never die, 772-l.
Alchemists resorted to Masonry and invented Degrees, 731-u.
Alchemists, salt, sulphur, mercury, great symbols of the, 57-l.
Alchemists writing of the Great Work use symbolic and figurative expressions, 774-m.
Alchemy reduces the four ideas to the Absolute; the Fixed; the Volatile, 791-l.
Alchemy, the mask of the Hermetic Philosophy, 791-l.
Aldebaran, the leader, preceded the Sun in the sign of the Bull, 451-u.
Aleph is the Man; Beth, the Woman; One the Principle; Two, the Word, 771-l.
Alfader over the Scandinavian Deities, Thor and Odin, 598-u.
Alfadir, the Icelandic name for God, but he has twelve names in Asgard, 619-u.
Alfarabius, an Arab, cultivated the Hermetic science, 840-l.
Alexander of Macedon said, "Nothing is nobler than work.", 40-l.
Alexander, result of wars of, 247-m.
Alexander, results of work of Faust and Luther exceeded that of, 43-u.
Alexandria, teachings of the Jewish-Greek school of, 250-m.
Alexandrian school brought Magic and Christianity almost together, 731-l.
Alexandrian School, Doctrine taught in, 170-u.
Alcibiades accused of the crime of divulging secrets of the Mysteries, 384-l.
Alhim assigned to the modeling of the Universe in Genesis, 568-m.
Alhim, the aggregate unity of manifested Creative Forces of Deity, 701-m.
Alhim were subordinate Deities among the Phoenicians, 568-m.
Alkahest's composition described, 788-m.
Alkahest has the generative virtue of producing the Triangular Cubical Stone, 787-m.
Alkahest is the principle of life in the profundity of matter, 787-l.
"All" is termed Wisdom, and in it The All is contained, 793-u.
All things summed in One when the Son is in Wisdom and Intelligence, 800-u.
All was, is, will be; there neither will be, is, nor has been, mutation, 793-l.
Allegories breed errors by being literally accepted, 205-m.
Allegories of Masonry become lessons of wisdom when understood, 597-m.
Allegories of Scriptures contain profound truths, 250-l.
Allegories of the Hermeticists explained by their single dogma, 777-l.
Allegories, Truth hidden under a succession of, 246-l.
Allegorical analogies represented metaphysical ideas of the Mysteries, 385-u.
Allegorical expression chosen by philosophers to express theological ideas, 678-u.
Allegory and symbol efficacious instruments of instruction, 355-m.
Allegory invites research and rewards the inquirer, 355-l.
Allegory of the loss of the True Word represents, 205-l.
Allegory, the simplest facts of the Old Testament are an, 266-u.
Allegory used by the Sages to conceal the operations of Nature, 659-m.
Alohayim, with Tsabaoth, symbolism of, 104-m.
Alohim, a name for Microprosopos, 795-u.
Alohim, applied to Deity, represents, 208-m.
Alohim; the five letters of the name of the spark from Severity give the name, 795-m.
Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, 701-u.
Alpha and Omega, Zoroaster's definition of Deity, 273-m.
Alps, the great altar of Europe; Autumn a long All Saint's Day, 713-l.
Altar in the East has an astronomical reference, 483-m.
Altar of Perfumes indicates the Fire that is to be applied to Nature, 783-u.
Alternatives between which the human mind has vacillated, 694-l.
Alva-butcheries in Netherlands, 49-l.
Amas composed of the initials of the words that signify Air, Water, Fire, 799-u.
Ambition, highest object of human, 74-l.
Ambrose and Augustine, Saints, division of their day, 115-u.
Ambrose, Archbishop of Milan, speaks of the Christian Mysteries, 545-l.
Ambrose, the Saint, held the Stars have souls, 672-u.
Ameth, duties of a Prince, 176-u.
Amida became the Redeemer; will judge and sentence men, 616-u.
Amida, or Omith, the name of the Japanese Supreme Being, 616-u.
Ammon, the Sun, as adored in Phrygia, Atys, Libya, 587-l.
Ammonius concealed Science under Christian disguises, 732-l.
Ammomus Saccos and Plato brought Christianity and Magic close together, 731-l.
Amos accuses the Hebrews of the worship of false gods, 206-m.
Amshaspands are six of the Zodiacal signs under the banner of Light, 663-u.
Amshaspands correspond to the Aor, Zohar, Zayo, of the Kabalah, 740-l.
Amshaspands, names of the, 257-u.
Amshaspands of the Persians, Light, Fire, Splendor, 740-l.
Amshaspands, or Genii, six created by Ormuzd after his own image, 256-l.
Amshaspands recognized in the Kabalah by Light, Splendor, Brightness, 740-l.
Amschaspands of the Zend Avesta compared with the seven Rishis, 602-u.
Amschaspands presided over special departments of nature, 612-u.
Amun, a concealed God, the Supreme Being of the Egyptians, 281-l.
Amun, Athom, Phtha, Osiris, of the Egyptians, are personifications of the Sun, 594-u.
Amun created nothing, but everything emanated from him, 254-u.
Amun or Amun Kneph, the Spirit or Breath of Nature, 614-m.
Amun-Re, the Libyan Jupiter, represented intelligent forces of Nature, 584-l.
Amun-Re, the same, with Kneph from whose mouth issued the egg, 585-u.
Amun styled "who sheds light on hidden things", 253-l.
Amun, symbol of the Sun, 77-m.
Amun, the creation by the Thought issuing as the Word caused by, 254-u.
Amun, the Ram lying on the book in the 17th Degree, the symbol of, 254-u.
Amun, the Supreme God, at first that of Lower Egypt, 253-l.
Amun was the Nature God worshipped at Memphis, Lower Egypt, 584-l.
Amun's name pronounceable only by the Egyptian Priests, 621-l.
Analogy gives the Sage the forces of Nature; it is the science of Good and Evil, 737-l.
Anarchy given no countenance by Masonry, 153-l.
Anaxagoras admitted the existence of ultimate elementary particles, 676-l.
Anaxagoras expounded the higher Greek religious ideas, 617-m.
Anaxagoras gives an account of the origin of things, 495-m.
Anaxagoras includes in Mind moral principles as well as life and motion, 677-l.
Anaxagoras' "Intelligence" principle possessed the defects of "Necessity", 677-l.
Anaxagoras' Theism subversive of Mythology and outward religion, 679-u.
Anchises, in the Aenid, taught Aeneas the doctrine of Universal Soul, 666-m.
Ancient Hidden One contains no female; His totality is male; Hua, He, 763-u.
Ancient Knightly virtues and deeds to be revered, 804-l.
Ancient, Most Holy, called Hua, He; not Athah, Thou, 794-u.
Ancient, Most Holy, Hidden of the Hidden, is the Supreme Crown, 762-l.
Ancient of Days, Atik Yomin, constituted by the seven Sephiroth, 727-m.
Ancient of Days is the internal part, or Soul, of Macroprosopos, 758-u.
Ancient of days, title given to the Creator in the Kabalah, 266-l.
Ancient opinions concerning earth and heaven, 442 - . Ancient poetic and philosophic solution of the great problems, 653-m.
Ancient religion based on the pure and simple veneration of Nature, 610-l.
Ancient religious effusions of the Veda, 602-m.
Ancient thought reproduced in the speculations of today, 697-u.
Ancients believed the planet's motive force was an intelligent one, 671-m.
Andocides accused of the crime of divulging secrets of the Mysteries, 384-l.
Andrew's Cross; Hungus, in the ninth century, saw in the sky St, 801-m.
Angels, called Reflections, proceeded from Ialdabaoth, 563-m.
Angels commissioned to aid man to exercise his liberty, 252-u.
Angels, fallen stars are, in Hebrew Mythology, fallen, 510-l.
Angels of Evil fell, as men did; to be restored, then reign of evil ends, 686-u.
Angels of the Jews corresponded to the Ferouers of Zoroaster, 256-u.
Angelic Army composed of Heavenly Host, 509-l.
Anger not responsible for God's dispensations of suffering, 718-u.
Anger, results of, 123-l.
Animal and spiritual natures of mankind, 857-l.
Animal Kingdom symbolized by Mach, studied by the Master Mason, 632-u.
Annals, under the Caesars there is the Author of the, 48-u.
Anointing, a symbol of dedication to the True and Good, 538-l.
Anointing, Intelligence the source of the oil of, 267-l.
Antareya A'ran'ya, one of the Vedas, gives an account of creation, 609-u.
Anthropopathism of Jewish Scriptures opposed by Alexandrians, 285-u.
Antiquity of the doctrine that gave living souls to the heavens, etc, 669-m.
Antagonisms of man's nature may be in equilibrium, if he will it so, 765-u.
Anti-Masons caused the cheapening of Masonry; its pomp, its display, 814-m.
Anti-Masons of 1826, in America, the best friends and worst enemies of Masonry, 814-m.
Anti-Masons purified Masonry by persecution, 814-m.
Antipathy and Sympathy, inaction and opposition result in Harmony, 859-l.
Anubis in the shape of a dog aided Isis in her search and represents - , 376-l.
Aoom, the symbol of the Lord of all things, 621-m.
Aor Mupala, Wonderful or Hidden Light undisplayed, the Will of Deity, 740-l.
Aor of the Deity manifested in flame issuing out of the invisible fire, 740-l.
Aor Pasot, "Most simple light"; Ayen Soph, Infinite before Emanation, 745-l.
Aor Penai-Al, Light of the countenance of God, 748-u.
Apartment, Fourth, 18th Degree, represents freedom from Evil, 289-u.
Apartment, Fourth, 18th Degree, typifies the rule of Masonry, 289-m.
Apartment, Second, 18th Degree, represents reign of Evil, 288-m.
Apartment, Second, 18th Degree, represents various scenes, 288-l.
Apartment, Third, 18th Degree, represents materialized consequences, 289-u.
Apartment, Third, 18th Degree, represents the consequences of sin, 288-l.
Apartments in Mysteries passed by degrees, 432-l.
Apathy and faithlessness great obstacles to Masonic success, 237-m.
Aphanison or the disappearance was the nailing of Osiris in the chest, 377-u.
Aphanison represented disappearance of the Sun at Winter Solstice, 377-u.
Aphanison, the disappearance of Osiris, Bootes, Adonis, 484-u.
Aphrodite, the Principle of Unity and Universal Harmony, 683-m.
Apis, Aaron made an image of the Egyptian god, 206-m.
Apis reproduced by Aaron in the desert as the Golden Calf, 448-u.
Apocalypse, a Kabalistic book, sealed by seven seals, 727-l.
Apocalypse, a Kabalistic summary of the occult figures, divides - , 321-u.
Apocalypse, a wonderful epic explained by numbers as the Key, 728-u.
Apocalypse as obscure as the Sohar; appeals to the Initiate, 321-m.
Apocalypse, cabalistic clavicule not explained by Christians, 731-u.
Apocalypse completes the Science of Abraham and Solomon, 321-l.
Apocalypse, derivation of the four creatures of the, 461-l.
Apocalypse's doctrine, the pure Kabala, lost by the Parisees, 727-l.
Apocalypse embodies Occultism; not written for the many, 321-m.
Apocalypse paints the struggle between Good and Evil, 272-l.
Apocalyptic pictures are pantacles with numbers as the Key, 727-l.
Apocalypse shows Kabalistic meaning of the Temple, 235-m.
Apocalypse, the Apotheosis of that Sublime Faith which - , 321-u.
Apollo and Dionusos, Nature and Art, from one common source, 585-l.
Apollo, at Delphi the tomb held the body of, 407-m.
Apollo fights with Python, the scaly snake, 499-m.
Apollo, symbol of the Sun, 77-m.
Apollo triumphs over Python on March 25th, 407-m.
Appollonius of Tyana says God must be expressed by the spirit, 282-l.
Apollos of Alexandria, reference to the baptism of John, 262-u.
Apostles, early Christians deemed incomplete the writings of the, 248-u.
Apostles of Christ, secret meaning of the number of the, 233-m.
Apostolic Constitutions speak of the Christian Mysteries, 543-l.
Apparatus states that Malakoth is called Haikal, 799-u.
Apparatus used in the Great Work, 785-u.
Appetites and Senses are Forces given us for Good, 860-l.
Apprentice Degree, declaration that Masonry is worship in the, 219-u.
Apprentice, 1st Degree, 1-m.
Apprentice, meaning of preparation, tests, purifications in Degree of, 253-u.
Apprentice studies the mineral Kingdom symbolized by Tub, 632-u.
Apprentices' Compass has both points under the Square, 854-l.
Apprentice's Grip, Morality, fails to raise the candidate, 640-l.
Apron of white sheepskin, origin of, 407-l.
Apulesius represents Lucius initiated into the Mysteries, 387-390.
Apulius describes an effigy of the Supreme Deity, 412-l.
Aquarius, the first of the four royal signs, characterizes Reuben, 461-u.
Arab wisdom not slighted by the Mediaeval Church, 625-l Arabian traditions much in common with those of the Hebrews, 616-l.
Arabians never possessed a finely wrought system of Polytheism, 616-l.
Arabians taught the primeval faith of one God by Mahomet, 616-l.
Aramtic forms of the personal pronouns, He-She, 700-u.
Arabs embraced many Kabalists, 625-l.
Arabs, such as Geber and Alfarabius, cultivated the Hermetic science, 840-l.
Aramtic forms of the personal pronouns, He-She, 700-u.
Araor, the Chaldean Supreme Deity, Father of Light, 742-l.
Areanum; to the Magists the Blazing Star symbolized the Grand, 842-u.
Arch rests on a column on either side, 846-l.
Archangels numbered seven, 233-m.
Archelaus, Bishop of Mesopotamia, speaks of early Christian secrecy, 544-l.
Archetype of the Universe did never not exist in the Divine Mind, 849-m.
Archetype of things united with the Infinite by the Divine Ray, 267-u.
Archimagus, the Sun, the noblest agent of Divine power, 612-m.
Architect of the Universe; Chinese Emperor erected a Temple to the, 615-l.
"Architects" among names of Gnostic initiates into their Mysteries, 543-m.
Architects, or Masons of the 12th to the 14th Degrees; duties of the, 332-u.
Architects, symbolism in 12th Degree of the Chief of the, 202-l.
Architectonica, Symbola, found on ancient edifices, 235-m.
Architecture, symbolism of the five orders of, 202-u.
Argonautic expedition; Orpheus received Mysteries of Samothrace on, 427-u.
Argument not equally convincing to different men, 166-m.
Arian theory of Creation of the Human race, 565-u.
Arik Aupin, one of the appellations of Adam Kadmon, Macroprosopos, 758-u.
Arik Aupin or Macroprosopos; Seir Aupin or Microprosopos, 799-m.
Aristobulus, a Jew, of the school of Alexandria, 250-m.
Aristobulus, declaration concerning Jewish Scriptures, 250-l.
Aristotle accused of impiety for a breach of laws of worship of Ceres, 384-l.
Aristotle held that each Star was a portion of the Universal Soul, 671-m.
Aristotle, opinion of, concerning the Mysteries, 379-m.
Aristotle, sayings of, regarding the nature of God, 283-m.
Aristotle showed how religion may be founded on an intellectual basis, 710-l.
Aristotle seemingly leaned towards an Intelligent Personal God, 679-l.
Aristides claimed the Initiation brought consolation and hope, 379-l.
Aristotle's Act was first, the Universe has existed forever, 679-l.
Aristotle's doctrine implies an eternal mover wholly in act, 679-u.
Aristotle's system tends to prove that Nature makes toward final good, 681-m.
Arithmomancy, a species of Divination of the Pythagoreans, 633-u.
Arius declared the Saviour of a nature analogous to God and Man, 565-u.
Arius declared the Saviour was really created, 564-l.
Arius, the Word made by God according to, 279-l.
Ark; image of organs of generation contained in Isaac, 412-l.
Ark or chest containing genitals of youngest Cabiri in Mysteries, 427-m.
Arkaleus or Hercules, the Scythian, Etruscan, name for the Sun God, 587-u.
Artemis Proserpina, the saviour who leads spirits to Heaven, 395-u.
Artemis represents the principle of the destruction of the seed, 395-u.
Artificer, the Demiurge, was the Governor of the world and the, 557-m.
Artist or author merely portrays what man should be or do, 349-l.
Aryan emigration from the slopes of the Himalayas, 714-u.
Ashlar, perfect, connected with the double cube of Perfection, 503-m.
Ashlar, perfect, typifies the State, 5-m.
Ashlar, rough, changed in form from triangular to cubic, 787-m.
Ashlar, rough, to be prepared for the work, is a shapeless stone, 787-m.
Ashlar, rough, typifies People rude and unorganized, 5-m.
Asp, dedicated to Isis, worn on her head and on others', 501-m.
Ass, Christians accused of worshipping an; origin of, 103-u.
Assassins, fate of, foreshadows that of the enemies of liberty, 148-m.
Assassins, Hindu Word formed by the three final syllables of names of, 82-m.
Assassins, names of Good and Evil Deities contain the names of the, 82-m.
Assassins of Khurum, names and relations to Stars, 488-l.
Assassins of Khurum, symbols of foes of liberty, 148-m.
Assistance of the humble worker in life's progress, 158-m.
Astarte had a Temple built to her at Tyre by Hiram, 410-l.
Astral light is the grand agent of the Hermetic operations of the Sun, 774-l.
Astrology fixed the place of exaltation of the planets, 463-l.
Astrology practiced among all nations; mother of sciences, 463-u.
Astaphal, one of the seven Reflections of the Ophites, 563-m.
Astronomy of Pythagoras was Astrology, 626-m.
Astronomy studied by the Druids, computations made by nights, 619-u.
Astronomy the most important of Sciences to the ancients, 597-u.
Assyrian name for the Sun God was Bel, 587-u.
Athanasius admonishes not to take sacred writ literally, 266-m.
Athah, Thou, was not applied to the Most Holy Ancient, but Hua, He, 794-u.
Athelstane, King of England, saw the St. Andrew's Cross while praying, 801-l.
Atheist may be applied to a man having a higher conception, 643-l.
Atheism and Pantheism, reduced to simplest terms, seem the same, 672-u.
Atheism at bottom to say the Universe is God, 707-l.
Atheism impossible with a belief in the Reason of God, 737-l.
Atheism is formal which denies God in terms, but not in reality, 643-l.
Atheism, or all is nature and there is no other God, 672-u.
Atheism, really, is the denial of the actuality of any ideas of God, 644-m.
Atheist's belief or unbelief to be real, 644-647. Atheists' Creed would make a Pandemonium of this world, 646-l.
Atheistic conception would not content man, 647. Atheistic theory stated, does not satisfy human longing, 646-u.
Athom, Amun, Phtha, Osiris of the Egyptians, are personifications of the Sun, 594-u.
Athom-Re was superior to all Nature Gods, was symbolized by Light, 584-l.
Athom, the Being that was, is and is to come, the Great God, 584-l.
Athom, the Supreme God of the Egyptians, above Amun, 597-l.
Athom, the Supreme God of Upper Egypt, same as Om and Brehm, 584-l.
Atik Yomin, the Ancient of Days of the Kabala, 727-m.
Atika Kadischa, the name for the three heads of Adam Kadmon in the Sohar, 758-u.
Atomic school made variety proceed from combinations of atoms, 676-m.
Attributes do not exist without substance, 572-l.
Attributes, God only revealed by his, 267-l.
Attributes of Deity personified, 271-m.
Attributes of Deity symbolized in order to give an idea of God, 513-l.
Attributes of God are man's virtues, 704-u.
Attributes of God are the Adjectives of One Great Substantive, 574-l.
Attributes of God presents the whole Divine Essence under one aspect, 555-m.
Attributes of God presents the whole Divine Essence of one aspect, 555-m.
Attributes of One God become separate divinities, 672-l.
Attributes of the Soul, or God, are not God or the Soul, 573-u.
Attributes, the title of God may be applied to each, 555-m.
Atys and his priests mutilated, symbol of, 412-l.
Atys, mutilated, dies and is restored to life in Mysteries, 422-l.
Atys, the Sun God of Phrygia in Mysteries of Cybele, 407-u.
Auditors, the first of the degrees of the Christian Mysteries, 541-l.
Auditors were novices being prepared to receive Christian Dogma, 541-l.
Augustin held that every visible thing was superintended by Angelic power, 671-l.
Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, speaks of the sublime mysteries of Christianity, 546-u.
Augustine, St., on the Christian religion before Christ, 262-m.
Augustine, the Saint, defines the faith given to Novices, 547-l.
Auir Kadmon, the Primal Space, effected by retraction, 749-l.
A.U.M., the three-lettered name of Deity among the Hindus, 632-l.
Aum, if pronounced, would make the earth tremble and Angels quake, 620-m.
Aum, meaning of the Hindu sacred word, 82-m.
Aum of the Hindoos, whose name was unpronounceable, 584-l.
Aum only pronounced by its letters; meaning of the word, 620-m.
Aum, represented by mystic character, 82-m.
Aum represented the three Powers combined in the Deity of Hindus, 620-m.
Aum, the Indian Sacred Name of the One Deity; manifested as, 205-u.
Aupin, Arik, or Macroprosopos; Aupin Seir, or Microprosopos, 799-m.
Aur, Light, the name of the light of the Vestige of Ainsoph, 750-m.
"Aur," the Substance out of which Light flows; the fire relative to heat, 740-m.
Aurelius, Marcus, taught that the heavens and spheres were part of the Universal Soul, 669-m.
Authority is the equilibrium of Liberty and Power, 845-u.
Autumnal Equinox a period of general mourning because of - , 588-l.
Autumnal Equinox brought harvest and falling leaves, 444-l.
Autumnal Equinox, reason for celebrating Mysteries at the, 404-l.
Autumnal Equinox, reasons for celebrating Mysteries at the, 491-m.
Ayen Soph, Infinite before any emanation, a Kabalistie term for Deity, 745-l.
Azes, Genii from the marriage of Heaven and Earth, 658-m.
Aziluth; Deity first restored the universality of the seven Kings of the World, 797-u.
Aziluth, emanation or the system of emanants, from Atsil, 746-l.
Aziluth means specifically the first system of the four worlds or systems, 746-l.
Aziluth, the Divine World of the Sephiroth Theology, 99-m.
Aziluth, the world within the Deity, 552-u.
Azoth composed of Sulphur, Mercury, Salt, 773-l.
Azoth, fecundated by intellectual energy, Master of Absolute Matter, 778-m.
Azoth, the Astral Light, magnetism understood by the ancients, 791-u.
Azoth, the universal magnetic force, the light of life, the magical agent, 778-m.
Azot, of the Alchemists, corresponds to the Hebrew Tetragram, 732-m.
"Azoth," a treatise in the Materia Prima of Valentinus, 1613, 850-m.


B is the passive, A the active; Unity is Boaz; the Binary is Jachin, 772-u.
Baal or Bal signifies Lord and Master, 591-u.
Babylon, a great, live serpent worshipped by the people of, 500-u.
Babylon, images of serpents at Temple of Bel in, 499-l.
Bacchus led by a Lamb, or Ram, to Springs, etc, 466-m.
Bacon gave philosophy a definite aim and method, 710-l.
Bactria, the doctrines of Zoroaster came originally from, 258-l.
Bad Principle represented by the number five, 630-u.
Babylonish God, Bal, the Power of heat, life, generation, 590-l.
Babys, a power set up as an adversary of Osiris, 588-u.
Bagha, the Felicitous, a Vedic Sun God, 602-l.
Bainah and Hakemah, Intelligence, Wisdom, the second Sephiroth, 552-u.
Bainah, Mother, the passive capacity from which the Intelligence flows, 552-m.
Bakchic initiation, emblems of generation principal symbol at the, 421-m.
Bakchic initiation, raw flesh ate by the initiate at a, 421-u.
Bakchos, at initiation, sufferings, death, resurrection, represented, 421-u.
Bakchos' cup between Cancer and Leo, a symbol, 438-m.
Bakehos, or Bacchus, the Sun, adored in Thrace as Saba Zeus, 410-l.
Bakchos, slain by Titans, went to Hell; restored to life, 406-l.
Bal, one of the Gods of Syria, Assyria, Chaldea, etc, 590-l.
Bal or Bala, applied to Deity, represents, 208-m.
Bal, seated on a Bull, with the Sun for symbol, was the Power of Life, 590-l.
Bal, the Supreme Deity of the Moabites, Amonites, Carthagenians, 591-u.
Balance and the human form the pattern of the world of restitution, 794-l.
Balance, equilibrium the mystery of the, 305-u.
Balance, everything in the Universe proceeds by the mystery of the, 305-u.
Balance, explanation of the Soul losing its felicity by means of the, 490-l.
Balance had Gedulah on one side, Geburah on the other, Tepharet over, 757-m.
Balance had Hakemah on one side, Binah on the other, Kether over, 757-m.
Balance has the Sephiroth arranged around it, 762-l.
Balance held by Absolute Reason, above the male and female on each side, is the primary idea of things, 769-l.
Balance instituted that judgments might be restored and not die, 798-m.
Balance, symbol of all Equilibrium, taught the definition of Masonry, 854-m.
Balance, the symbol of the male and female person, 757-m.
Balance, the symbol of the person into whose form the Sephiroth were changed, 757-m.
Balance; the root above is represented by the needle of the, 798-m.
Balance; the Royal Secret is what the Sohar calls the Mystery of the, 858-l.
Balance used to explain the Ternary, 769-l.
Balder killed by Lok, Evil Principle, in the Mysteries of the Druids, 430-m.
Balder, torn to pieces by Hother, lamented by the Scandinavians, 595-u.
Balder's body placed in a boat by Lok and set adrift on the water, 430-m.
Ballot for membership, objection sufficient to exclude, 121-m.
Banners of Royal Arch Degree represent Constellations, 409-l.
Baphomet adored as an idol by the Templars is an absurdity, 818-l.
Baphomet of the Temple, representing Sulphur, or a goat's head, 779-l.
Baphomet, the hieroglyphic figure representing the universal agent, 734-m.
Baptist, religious systems approximating in the time of John the, 247-m, Baptism, a symbol of purification, 538-l.
Baptism among the Gnostics refers to the Name Hidden, 561-l.
Baptism as a sacred rite applied for by Christ, 262-u.
Baptism, Christos united to the Eon Jesus by, 560-m.
Baptism is a preparatory symbol preceding death, 392-l.
Baptism of John the original rite, 263-u.
Baptism, one of the important Gnostic ceremonies, 542-l.
Bardesanes doctrines explained, 553-m.
Bardesanes, the Syrian Christians embraced the doctrines of, 553-m.
Bardesanes, the Syrian Christian, quoting from his "Book of the Laws", 857-l.
Barruel, Abbe, Memoirs for the History of Jacobinism, 49-l.
Base habit to defame a worthy man, 337-m.
Basilidean ceremonies were varied and somewhat fantastic, 543-u.
Basilideans, a Christian sect, practiced Mysteries, 542-m.
Basilideans celebrated Jan. 10, date of Christ's baptism in the Jordan, 543-u.
Basilideans gave talismans to every candidate, 542-m.
Basilides, conception of God by, 271-u.
Basilides doctrines embraced 365 emanations, 554-u.
Basilides, personified attributes of God in the theory of, 271-m.
Basilides, the Christian Gnostic, taught the seven emanation idea, 553-l.
Basilik, the royal ensign of the Pharaohs, 413-u.
Basil, Bishop of Caesarea, speaks of the secrecy of the early Christian Mysteries, 545-m.
Base of a right angle triangle represents Deity and the Divine, 861-m.
Base of the right angle triangle is Female, 789-m.
Bases of true religious faith, of philosophical truth, metallic transmutation, 776-l.
Basic ideas at the foundation of the great Religious Orders, 815-m.
Basis of true Brotherhood; its duties and obligations, 856-l - 857-m.
Battery of 8th Degree, allusion to, 137-u.
Bathing seven times in the sea, symbolism of, 431-l.
Battle between our spiritual and material natures the greatest, 854-u.
Battle of life; greatest glory won in the conflict between our own natures in the, 854-u.
Beacon on the mountain top represented the Persian divinity, 592-m.
Beauty and Harmony represented by Vau, 799-m.
Beauty is harmonious proportions in forms, 845-u.
Beauty of natural phenomena, 244-l.
Beauty, or the Divine Harmony, the Eternal Law, a side of the Masonic triangle, 826-m.
Beauty or Harmony produced by the equilibrium of Justice and Mercy, 859-m.
Beauty or Harmony the result of the Divine Will limited by the Divine Wisdom, 846-l.
Beauty represented by the Junior Warden of a Lodge, 7-l.
Beauty represented in the Kabalah by green and yellow, 267-l.
Beauty results from the equilibrium of Good and Evil, 782-m.
Beauty, Severity, Benignity are Fathers proceeding from the Father of Fathers, 794-l.
Beauty, the column which supports the world; that of Junior Warden, 800-u.
Beautiful, in the Absolute, emanates from God, 702-l.
Beautiful lives are the accurate ones, 845-u.
Beautiful should be just; everything just is beautiful, 845-u.
Beautiful things refer themselves to Absolute Beauty, 702-m.
Beethos and His Thought made Wisdom fruitful by Divine Light, 563-u.
Beethos Profundity, Source of Light and Adam-Kadmon, 562-l.
Beginning of things was a single God who created matter, 609-l.
Beginning, the Word is, was, will be in the, 323-l.
Being and Existence, modes of, balance each other, 98-u.
Being, Existence, is by itself; reason of Being is Being itself, 97-l.
Being from whom emanates the True, Beautiful, Good, is triple and one, 702-l.
Being; how the mind may receive intuition of the Absolute, 285-u.
Being is Being the first Principle, 322-u.
Being, Philosophy of, 98-m.
Being: Vedanta and Nyaya philosophers acknowledge a Supreme, 607-u.
Being's phenomena ought to be explained by Occult Philosophy, 822-u.
Bel of the Chaldeans is a personification of the Sun, 594-u.
Bel, symbol of the Sun, 77-m.
Bel, the Assyrian and Chaldean name for the Sun God, 587-u.
Bela, one of the Celtic deities upon the ancient monuments, 591-u.
Belief concerning spiritual and material existence, 232-u.
Belief, essential, of a Perfect Elu, 233-u Belief in a future existence from a desire to remedy injustices of this, 830-l.
Belief in Deity and Immortality a natural feeling, 517-u.
Belief in Divinity in danger because of misinterpretation, 652-m.
Belief in God's benevolence, wisdom, justice, a part of Masonic Creed, 531-u.
Belief in Nature as all sufficient not real Atheism, 644-u.
Belief in the Father of All, Masonry wisely requires a; why, 166-l.
Belief of a Mason regarding pain and suffering, 228 - 229-u.
Belief of Masonry, 220-l.
Belief of the Patriarchs did not exclude symbolic representations, 512-m.
Belief, result of rejection of moral and religious, 197-m.
Belief without understanding applied to the Word of a Master, 697-m.
Beliefs of the Templar Chiefs indicated by hints and symbols of Masonic degrees, 819-u.
Beliefs must be separated from our certainties, 776-u.
Bellerophon fights with the Chimera, 499-m.
Belin or Belinus: Gauls worshipped the Sun under the name of, 591-u.
Benares temple represents Surya drawn by a horse with twelve heads, 587-u.
Benedict, the Fourteenth Pope, renewed Bull of Clement the Twelfth, 50-m.
Benefits of the Great Work to the Soul and to the Body, 785-u.
Benefactor must look for apathy in those he benefits, 317-u.
Benefactors enjoy reward hereafter, 172-u.
Benefactors, to do all, be hindred, have others reap reward the lot of, 238-u.
Beneficent operations are slow; those destructive are rapid, 317-m.
Benignity or Mercy of God, the Male, 846-u.
Benignity poured into the Autocracy of Deity determines the continuance of the Universe, 769-m Benignity tempering Justice enabled Deity to create, 769-u Berne, Masons in 1743 proscribed by the council of, 50-m Beth Alohim states that before God formed a conception he was alone, 752-u.
Beth is the woman; Aleph, the man; One the Principle; two the Word, 771-l.
Bible added to a point within a circle, vapid interpretation of the, 105-m.
Bible, doctrines of, clothed in language fitting the understanding of the rude, 224-l.
Bible expresses incompletely the religious science of the Hebrews, 744-l.
Bible, Holy, one of Great Lights; part of the furniture of the Lodge, 11-m.
Bible speaks of Deity as Light; also the Isabeans and Kabalists, 739-l.
Binah and Hakemah denoted by He, Yod, 798-m.
Binah and Hakemah, the two lobes of the brain of Adam Kadmon, 758-m.
Binah, by Hakemah's energy and the second Yod, projected the seven Sephiroth, 756-l.
Binah conjoins with Hakemah and shines within Him, 763-l.
Binah, female, placed itself on the left side of Hakemah, 756-l.
Binah, illuminated within Hakemah by a second Yod, issued forth, 756-m.
Binah in conjunction with Hakemah conceives and the outflow is Truth, 763-l.
Binah, In formatio, existent in the Corona of the World of Emanation, 758-u.
Binah is a person and termed Mother, Imma, 799-m.
Binah is imbued by Wisdom with a luminous influence, 793-u.
Binah is the lower apex of the three Yods composing the Yod, 763-m.
Binah is the productive intellectual capacity which is to produce the Thought, Daath, 758-m.
Binah, Kabalistic meaning of, 202-l.
Binah produced the seven Kings all together, 796-l.
Binah represents or is, the Eagle, 798-m.
Binah, the Mother, Hakemah, the Father, in equilibrium as male and female, 763-m.
Binah, the Mother, quantitatively equal to Hakemah, 763-u.
Binah, Understanding, sends all things into the worlds of - , 753.
Binah's seven sons were perfect rigors not connected with a root in the Holy, 795-l.
Binah's sons placed in equilibrium when Wisdom was conformed Male and Female, 796-u.
Binary, a measure of Unity, 771-l.
Binary become Unity by conjunction of Generative Power and Productive Capacity, 772-m.
Binary is Jachin; Unity is Boaz, 772-u.
Binary is Unity multiplying itself by itself to create, 771-m.
Binary manifests Unity; Unity itself and the idea of Unity are two, 771-u.
Binary number stands for everything false, double, 630-m.
Binary number, two, expresses the contraries in nature, 630-m.
Binary, the generator of Society and law, the number of the Gnosis, 771-m.
Birth of Mithras celebrated on Dec. 25th, 406-l.
Black Eagle, the King of Birds, can fire the Sun, 787-u.
Black of the nature of the Evil Principle, or Darkness, 662-m.
Blazing Star a symbol of Sirius, 486-l.
Blazing Star an emblem of Prudence, Omniscience, All Seeing Eye, 506-u.
Blazing Star an emblem of the Sun to our ancient English brethren, 506-u.
Blazing Star (an Ornament of a Lodge), symbolism of the, 15.
Blazing Star announces the birth of the Sun, 787-u.
Blazing Star, emblem of the Divine Truth, 136-m.
Blazing Star of Truth formed by Faith above Reason resting on Revelation, 841-m.
Blazing Star or an image thereof found in every initiation, 842-u.
Blazing Star, or Horus, offspring of Sun and Moon, 14-u.
Blazing Star the sign of the Grand Arcanum to the Magists, 842-u.
Blazing Star the sign of the Quintessence to the Alchemists, 842-u.
Blazing Star the sign of the Sacred Pentagram to the Kabalists, 842-u.
Blessing, notwithstanding its evils, life is a, 142-l.
Blessings of trials, pain, sorrow, will be understood, 240-l.
Blindness, misery, bondage, symbolized by the condition of candidate, 639-u.
Blows symbolize Christ's betrayal, refusal of protection, condemnation, 641-l.
Blucher, guided by peasant boy, saves Wellington from rout, 42-m.
Blue Masonry, mistaken explanation of symbol of the weeping virgin in, 379-u.
Boaz and Jachin explain the mysteries of natural antagonisms, 772-u.
Boaz and Jachin, parallel lines, point in circle, represent Solstices, 506-u.
Boaz and Jachin, symbols of the bi-sexuality of the Ineffable Name, 849-m.
Boaz has set on it the terrestrial globe, a symbol of our material part, 860-m.
Boaz is Unity; the Binary is Jachin, 772-u.
Boaz, name of the column at the left of the entrance; meaning of, 9-l.
Boaz, one column of the Temple of Wisdom, represents the Passive, 860-m.
Boaz, referred to symbolically, 202-l.
Boaz represents Glory, one of the Sephiroth of the Kabalah, 267-l.
Boaz, the eighth Sephiroth, is Splendor or Perfection of the Deity, 736-l.
Bodies animated by a portion of God's own being, 609-l.
Bodies return to the elements - a perpetual Genesis, 540-u.
Body: Doketes believed that Christ took upon Himself only the appearance of a, 564-m.
Body, Soul and Spirit the Hermetic Triad, 792-m.
Body's universal medicine is the Quintessence, a combination of light and gold, 773-m.
Bohemian "Thot" corresponds to the Hebrew Tetragram, 732-m.
Bolingbroke, Lord, activity and usefulness in retirement, 39-l.
Bootes is the great Star, Arcturus, 454-m.
Bootes plays a leading part in Landseer's Osirian legend, 483-487. Bona Dea, the name of the Mysteries of Rome, 625-u.
Border around the columns of the lodge, symbolism of the, 209-m.
Borsippa, seven stages of the pyramid of, 233-m.
Borsippa: the pyramid of Bel at Babylon contained seven spheres of, 729-u.
Bounds set to the scope of our human reason by Deity, 852-m.
Boundehesch, an ancient sacred writing concerning Zoroastrianism 612-u.
Bourbon dynasty runs out with Bomba, 49-u.
Brahm, Source of all, Very God, without sex or name, 849-l.
Brahma, as incarnate Intelligence, communicated knowledge to man, 604-u.
Brahma, having created the Universe, was absorbed in the Supreme Spirit, 608-l.
Brahma of the Hindus, a personification of the Sun, 594-u.
Brahma shared the corruption of an inferior nature, 603-l.
Brahma, the creating agent of the Veda, interwoven with the Universe, 603-l.
Brahma, the creating power of the Hindu Trinity, 550-m.
Brahma, the divine male, produced from that which is, 608-l.
Brahmins expressed the Active and Passive idea, by a statue, of both sexes, 656-u.
Brahmins' Trinity the oldest, Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, 550-m.
Brain of Microprosopos produced by Love impregnating Rigor, 796-u.
Bramah, symbol of Sun, 77-m.
Bramah, Vishnu, Seeva, manifestations of the One Deity, 205-u.
Brazen Sea, a symbol of purification before we can contemplate the Flaming Star, 782-m.
Brazen sea, description and symbolism, 410-l.
Brazen Serpent, Nakhustan, a token of healing power, 497-u.
Breath of Life, vitality, perishes with the mortal frame, 852-m.
Brehm, similar to Athom and Aum, was the Supreme God, 584-l.
Brehm, the Hindu Supreme God, above Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, 597-l.
Briah, the World of Creation of the Sephiroth Theology, 99-m.
Brihim or Brehm given no emblem or visible sign, 605-u.
"Brother" a mockery when we malign one another, or defraud them, 808-u.
"Brother," characteristics necessary to be a true, 122-l.
Brother discovered by the Mason in the flame and smoke of battle, 57-m.
Brother, erring, to be spoken kindly to, 134-u.
Brother, praise a; refrain from disparagement, 120-l.
Brotherhood of man a tendency of Kabalistic philosophy, 625-l.
Brotherhood of Masonry made possible by the Royal Secret, 861-l.
Brotherhood possible only among those who have mutual regard and - , 856-l.
Buddha comprehended the essence of the Trimurti, 82-u.
Buddha, meaning of the names of, 82-u.
Buddha or Fo religion introduced idolatry into China, 615-l.
Buddha represented to have been crucified, 505-l.
Buddha, the first Masonic legislator, doctrines of, 277-l.
Buddha, the Gymnosophists came from the religion of, 278-u.
Buddha to raise all men up to the perfect state, 623-m.
Buddhist Crosses and ruins in Ireland and Scotland, 505-l.
Buddhist idea was matter subjugating the intelligence, 258-l.
Buddhist Trinity of Buddha, Dharma, Sanga, signifies - , 551-m.
Buddhists hold that Sakya of the Hindus constituted a Trinity, 551-m.
Buddhists supposed to have reached Ireland, 278-u.
Buddhism, an innovation on an older religion, 602-u.
Buddhistic doctrines exterminated by Brahmaism, 278-u.
Building is slow; destruction swift - example, 320-m.
Bull and afterwards the Ram regarded as the regenerator of Nature, 465-l.
Bull carried into Spain and Gaul by the Cimbrians, 451-m.
Bull held sacred by Hindus, Japanese, Egyptians, because - , 448-u.
Bull; in the ceremonies, covered with black crape, was a golden, 479-l.
Bull of Pope Clement against Masons, title and penalties, 50-m.
Bull of Mithras dies from sting of Scorpion in Autumn, 466-l.
Bull, opening the new year, breaks with his horn the egg out of which the world is born, 448-u.
Bull, or Taurus, religious reverence for Zodiacal Bull, 450-l.
Bull, the symbol of Apis, 254-l.
Bull; the symbols of the Sun and Moon appear on the head, neck, back of the, 451-l.
Bulls, symbolism of, 404-410.
Burning bush of the Scriptures, 286-u.
Burdens of Government borne by those who reap the benefits, 176-u.
Burials, eulogies at, 187-m.
Burke, members of Commons left when he rose to speak, 37-l.
Buthos and His Thought made Wisdom fruitful by Divine Light, 563-u.


Cabala, composition of immaterial man, according to the, 57-l.
Cabala, Tetractys composed of letters of the name of Deity in the, 60-l.
Cabalistic clavicules, Ezekiel and the Apocalypse, have occult explanations, 731-u.
Cabalists expressed Heaven, the Tetractys, the name of God, by number ten, 505-u.
Cabalists expressed the perfect number ten by a Tau cross, 505-u.
Cabiric, Divinities worshipped at Samothrace, names of, 426-l.
Cabiri, in Samothrace were celebrated the Mysteries of, 407-u.
Cabiri, the seven sons of Tsadok, the Supreme God of Phoenicia, 728-m.
Cable-tow of man's natural and sinful will, 639-u.
Caduceus borne by Hermes, Mercury, Cybele, Ogmius the Celt, 502-l.
Caduceus of Hermes represents the Universal Seed, kept a secret, 775-u.
Caduceus originally symbolized the equator and equinoctial Colure, 503-u.
Caduceus was a winged wand entwined by two serpents, 502-l.
Caesar, Julius, reigns because the ablest, 49-u.
Caesars follow period of convulsion, 30-l.
Caesars, no insurrection, but the exile of Syene under the, 48-u.
Cagliostro introduced the Egyptian Rite of Masonry, 823-m.
Cagliostro was the agent of the Templars and wrote to London Masons, 823-m.
Cagliostro's seal had three letters on it, L.P.D., 823-m.
Caiaphas, as bishop, to be opposed by Masonry, 20-l.
Cain slew Abel and peopled the earth with the impious, 599-m.
Calamity, in Providence is sought the solution of, 189-m.
Calendars regulated by rising, setting, conjunction of the Fixed Stars, 464-u.
Calf, Aaron reproduced the Bull, Apis, in the Golden, 448-u.
Caligula, horrors of despotism under, 47-l, 27-u.
Caligula made his horse a Consul, 49-m.
Call of honor or virtue responded to by the basest and lowest, 201-u.
Cama or Sita, slain by Iswara, put in the waters in a chest, 428-u.
Cancer and Capricorn, the Gates of the Sun were the tropical points of, 437-l.
Cancer includes the stars Aselli, little asses, device of Issachar, 461-l.
Cancer, the Crab, named because Sun began to retreat southward, 440-u.
Candelabrum, golden, ID Temple; seven lamps, 10-m.
Candidate first brought to the door in a condition of blindness, 639-u.
Candidate for baptism among Gnostics repeats formula, 561-l.
Candidate in India listened to an apostrophe to the God of Nature, 361-l.
Candidate in India, neither barefoot nor shod, made three circuits, 362-u.
Candidate in India, required to make a vow, was sprinkled with water, 362-u.
Candidate in Indian Mysteries clothed in a linen garment, 361-l.
Candidate in Indian Mysteries received name, cross, level and Word, 428-m.
Candidate in Indian Mysteries sanctified by the sign of the cross, 361-l.
Candidate in Indian Mysteries slain and raised, 428-u.
Candidate in Indian Mysteries takes three steps at right angles, 428-u.
Candidate in Mysteries after initiation became free, 421-l.
Candidate in Mysteries confined in dark cell three days and nights, 421-m.
Candidate in Mysteries died, raised, witnessed search and discovery, 421-m.
Candidate, nothing inconsistent to feelings of a gentleman required of, 328-u.
Candidate obliged to wait for years between the lesser and greater Mysteries, 385-l.
Candidates for Initiation were required to undergo severe trials, 385-m.
Candlestick represented twelve signs through which seven planets run, 409-m.
Candlestick with seven branches, meaning and symbolism, 410-m.
Capability for better things than we know, 192-u.
Capacity to possess adequate ideas of Deity limited by our faculties, 674-u.
Capella announces the commencement of annual revolution of Sun, 464-m.
Capella, Martianus, in his hymn to the Sun, gives many names, 587-l.
Capella never sets to the Egyptians, 456-m.
Capet dynasty dwindles out, 49-u.
Capricorn represented by the tail of a fish, Son of Neptune, device of Zebulon, 461-l.
Caracalla, horrors of despotism under, 47-l, 27-u.
Caracallas succeed the Julius Caesars, 49-u.
Carpocrates enunciated a doctrine of existence, 562-u.
Cashmere people worshipped serpents, 500-l.
Catacombs under Rome supposed to have been of Etruscan origin, 542-u.
Catechumens Mass, the first of the two of the Christian Mysteries, 541-l.
Catechumens, the second degree of the Christian Mysteries, 541-l.
Catechumens were baptized and were instructed in some of the Dogma, 541-l.
Catholic Church sacraments found in Mysteries of Mithras, 541-l.
Catholic Temples, meaning of the serpent surrounding the Terrestrial Globe in, 376-m.
Cause contains in itself what is essential in the effect, 703-u.
Cause, inconceivability of a Great First, 570-l.
Cause of All divided into the Active and Passive, 653-l.
Cause of all given a name and personified, 674-m.
Cause of all is the Universe, an intelligent Being, 667-l.
Cause of all that exists is a Ray of Light from Deity, 267-u.
Cause of all things and the Causes which flow from Him compared, 760-u.
Cause of the Universe recognized in Modern Degrees, 625-m.
Cause, the Universal First, divided into the Active and Passive Causes, 401-m.
Causes of all created things were two - Active and Passive, 657. Causes of nature, the elements as Passive principles, 655-m.
Causes of nature, the heavenly bodies as Active principles, 655-m.
Causes of nature were assigned sexes, 655-m.
Causes, the Active and the Passive, were two great Divinities, 401-m.
Cave and the most ancient Temples symbolize the Universe, 234-l.
Cave used in Mysteries for the reception of candidates, 413-m.
Cebes, allegorical picture of, 101-m.
Ceiling of lodge, symbolism of starred, 209-m.
Celebration of Greek Mysteries continued nine days, 433-m.
Celsus objected to the concealed doctrines of the Christians, 544-m.
Censure upon men's acts often undeserved, 335-m.
Censure of a man often falls heaviest on his family, 336-u.
Center of the circumference signifies the Universal Spirit, 629-m.
Center of the Square and Compass governs successful work, 786-l.
Centers of Life, Heat, Light, points around which gravitation acts, 843-u.
Centralization, free states tend to, 51-l.
Ceremonies of initiation into the Mysteries of Mithra, 425.
Ceremonies of Masonry have more than one meaning, 148-l.
Ceremonies of the Mysteries conducted in caverns dimly lighted, 383-l.
Ceres, at Autumnal Equinox was celebrated the Mysteries of, 491-m.
Ceres isolated by Jupiter, 494-u.
Ceres the name of the religious Mysteries of Greece, 625-u.
Chaermon not warranted in stating that Egyptians were Epicureans, 665-m.
Chain of life from the Hidden Deity, 555-m.
Chaldea; Abraham carried the orthodox traditions from, 843-l.
Chaldean name for the Sun God was Bel, 587-u.
Chaldean Triad, Bel, Orosmades, Ahriman, 549-u.
Chaldean Universals part of the perfect Generative Power, 742-m.
Chaldeans considered Light divine and thought it a god, 582-u.
Chalk, charcoal and a vessel of clay materials for the work of a Master, 548-m.
Chance and Necessity giving way to Law permits man to be morally free, 695-m.
Chance, coupled with Free Will, or Necessity coupled with Law, 694-l.
Chance, God, Intelligence, undistinguishable by Menander, 694-m.
Chance is Law unacknowledged, 691-m.
Chance or accident absent in the plan of the Universe, 768-m.
Chandos, Sir John, might give his hand to a true Knight, 808-u.
Changes in nations and the earth proceed slowly and continuously, 90-m.
Chang-ti, the name of the Hindu God, Sakya, given by the Chinese, 551-m.
Chang-ti is the Universal Principle of Existence, 616-m.
Chang-ti, or Xam-ti, the Chinese Sovereign Lord of the World, 616-u.
Chang-ti represented by the firmament, Sun, Moon, Earth, 616-m.
Chang-ti, the Supreme Lord or Being of the old Chinese creed, 615-u.
Chaos means universal matter, formless, but susceptible of forms, 783-m.
Chaos, moved by Sophia-Aohamoth, who produced the Demiourgos, 563-m.
Chaos perfected by God, nature, art, 783-u.
Chaos represented by a dark circle, 782-l.
Character, moral and mental, is the habit of our minds, 216-u.
Characteristic of a Mason, sympathy is the great distinguishing, 176-m.
Characteristics, prototype found in lower animals of man's moral, 76-u.
Chariot whose wheels are Netsach and Hod, is described, 798-l.
Charlemagne reigns because the ablest, 49-u.
Charity, a great moral Force, makes united effort possible, 91-m.
Charity, channel through which God passes his mercy, 147-l.
Charity, Clemency, Generosity, essential qualities of a Knight, 803-u.
Charity for others like ourselves lighted by a ray of Divine Intelligence, 861-u.
Charity in its broadest sense an obligation, seventh Truth of Masonry, 536-u.
Charity known, described, practiced by antiquity, 704-l.
Charity, opposed to luxury, represented by Venus, 727-l.
Charity presupposes Justice, 705-u.
Charity, the supreme virtue of man, must be possessed by God, 704-m.
Charity towards the faults of men a part of the Masonic Creed, 531-u.
Charity's first feature is goodness; its loftiest one is heroism, 705-u.
Charles the Sixth, the lunatic, follows the Charlemagnes, 49-u.
Chastisements by God are for our profit, 718-u.
Chemistry analyses the constituents, but can not explain life, 526-527. Cherub-Metatron one of the Chiefs of the Angels in the Kabalah, 784-l.
Cherub, or Bull, at the Edenic gate is a Sphinx; symbolism of the, 728-u.
Cherubim represents the two hemispheres, etc., symbolism, 409-l.
Cherubim set by Solomon represented the Celestial Bull, 448-u.
Chest or Ark, the body of Osiris placed by Typhon in a, 377-l.
Chief of the Tabernacle, first one of the degrees of the Mysteries, moral lesson of, 370-u.
Chief of the Tabernacle, 23d Degree, 352-u.
Children of tender years received into the Mysteries of Samothrace, 427-m.
China, the Dragon was the stamp and symbol of royalty in, 500-l.
Chinese based their philosophy on one and two lines, 630-l.
Chinese built Temples to Heaven and Earth, genii, dragon, etc, 459-l.
Chinese contribution to Gnosticism; saying of Lao-Tseu, 259-u.
Chinese, controlled by reason, did not become idolaters until after Confucius, 615-l.
Chinese creed declares Chang-ti is the principle of everything that exists, 615-u.
Chinese Emperor sacrificed a Lamb in the palace of four buildings, 462-m Chinese Ethics twenty-four centuries ago, 169-l.
Chinese Fo-Hi contains the True name of Deity, 702-u.
Chinese had no false gods, but observed a pure worship of God, 615-l.
Chinese have a Temple called the "Palace of the Horned Bull", 450-m.
Chinese invented writing within four generations after the flood, 601-u.
Chinese Mysteries came from India, similar rites, 429-m.
Chinese palace whose four gates looked towards the four corners, 462-m.
Chinese preserved the primitive revelation longer than other nations, 600-l.
Chinese Sabeans represented the Supreme Deity as composed of three, 551-l.
Chinese sacred book says the Great Principle produced Yn and Yang, 630-l.
Chinese symbolized the world by a ring between two serpents, 496-l.
Chinese Trinity, Chang-ti, Tien, Tao; explanation of creation, 551-l.
Chinese, under their third emperor, erected a Temple to the Great Architect of the Universe, 615-l.
Chinese were not idolaters until within two centuries of Christ, 615-l.
Chivalric degrees co-operate with those that teach lessons of morality, 813-l.
Chivalric degrees represented by - , 202-u.
Chivalric Degrees urge the victory of the spiritual over the material, 856-m.
Chivalric principles, as in former days the world needs the exercise of, 578-m.
Chivalry, a Spaniard said, is a religious Order, and there are Knights in Heaven, 808-m.
Chochmah, Kabalistic meaning of, 202-l.
Chopinel, or Jean de Meung, flourished at the court of Philip Le Bel, 823-u.
Chrishna assumes human form, still is Divine, 603-m.
Chrishna declares the soul never was non-existent, 518-u.
Chrishna-Govinda, the Divine Shepherd, Messenger of Peace, 603-m.
Chrishna manifest from age to age as vice prevails over virtue, 603-m.
Christ a manifestation of Divinity; Divinity under another form, 568-u.
Christ an object of gratitude and veneration to all, 308-l.
Christ and the Holy Spirit produced by Intelligence, 560-u.
Christ applied for baptism as a sacred rite, 262-u.
Christ baptized in the river Jordan on Jany. 10th, 543-u.
Christ, condition of the world at the coming of, 308-l.
Christ, doings and acts of, 309-l.
Christ, great similarity between doctrines of the Essenes and those of, 260-l.
Christ is the expounder of the new Law of Love, 309-m.
Christ, John, Paul, spoke in enigmatical language, 249-u.
Christ, Masonry enforces the sublime lessons of, 221-m.
Christ not unfortunate by being nailed to the cross, 316-l.
Christ of the Apocalypse likened to Ormuzd, 273-m.
Christ proclaims a new Gospel, a new God's Word, 309-u.
Christ saluted first by the three Magi; meaning of the act, 731-m.
Christ sealed the Gospel of Love with His life, 310-m.
Christ taught a lofty morality, simple truths - no abstruse theology, 540-m.
Christ taught by symbols and parables, 372-m.
Christ teaches Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, 309-u.
Christ teaches the old Primitive Truth uttered once again, 309-u.
Christ, the Gnostic Eon, never really clothed with a human body, 559-l.
Christ, the life of Chrishna similar to that of, 277-m.
Christ the Word, Only Begotten, the Life, the Light, 559-m.
Christ was not crucified according to the Basilideans, 554-u.
Christ was "The Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the World", 748-l.
Christ's advent announced by a Star in the East, 511-m.
Christ's birthplace resounded with acclamations of the Hosts, 511-l.
Christ's commandment to love one another, 310-u.
Christ's for inhabitants would relieve the world of the ills of life, 719-m.
Christ's name less sonorous to some Gnostics than Orpheus, 732-u.
Christ's nativity celebrated on the day Mithras or Osiris were found, 511-m.
Christ's religious teachings the same as that of the Patriarchs, 541-m.
Christ's teachings bequeathed to man included in our Masonry, 310-m.
Christ's teachings in the light of the Rose Croix Degree, 308-m.
Christ's teachings nobler and purer than those of any other moralist, 719-720-l.
Christ's unselfish acts should be our emulation and example, 720.
Christian antiquity did not decide whether the stars were animated beings, 671-l.
Christian Basilideans practiced Mysteries of Egyptian origin, 542-u.
Christian Fathers quote Orphic hymn teaching Unity of God, 415-u.
Christian Initiates divided into Auditors, Catechumens, Faithful, 541-l.
Christian interpretation of the Blue Degrees, 639-u.
Christian Lodge must have Christian Bible, 11-m.
Christian Mysteries conferred three degrees on Initiates, 541-l.
Christian philosophers held that each star contains a part of the Universal Soul, 671-m.
Christian Trinity, origin of the, 552-m.
Chrishna's life and doings similar to that of Christ, 277-m.
Christianity and Philosophy mingled under the spirit of toleration, 247-l.
Christianity at the bottom was love, 730-l.
Christianity begins from the burning of the false gods by the people themselves, 40-u.
Christianity crushed out the occult philosophy, 730-l.
Christianity did not discover the love of God, 704-l.
Christianity in its early days taught in Mysteries, 541-m.
Christianity led astray by substitution of faith for science, 732-u.
Christianity reveres the Magi who came to adore the Saviour, 841-l.
Christianity teaches Fraternity but not political equality, 23-m.
Christians called Atheists and put to death as such, 643-l.
Christians, contentions among early, 263-m.
Christians do not explain Ezekiel or the Apocalypse, 731-u.
Christians have made the Solstices feast days of St. John, 595-m.
Christians held their Mysteries in the Catacombs, 542-u.
Christians, in Masonic degrees appear some of the teachings of the early, 369-l.
Christians; Jewish traditions, Talmud and pretended history claimed by the Johannite, 816-l.
Christians of Syria embraced the doctrines of Bardesanes, 553-m.
Christians, peculiarities and characteristics of the early, 540-l.
Christians, teachings of the early, 369-l.
Christians, the primitive truths of the Egyptians were taught by early, 369-l.
Christians, the simple and sublime teachings of Christ were practiced by the early, 540-l.
Christians took refuge in the Catacombs when persecuted, 542-u.
Christians worship Christ more for his Humanity than for his Divinity, 743-m.
Christos and Wisdom ascended to Heaven before Jesus was crucified, 563-l.
Christos, the title assumed by the Johannite Pontiffs, 817-u.
Christos united to the Eon Jesus by baptism, 560-m.
Christos with Sophia-Achamoth redeemed the world, 560-m.
Church and Throne mutually sustain each other, 33-u.
Church of Rome, pretensions and doings of the, 74-m.
Church received new set of symbols to conceal from the profane the Truth, 840-u.
Churches not needed but for expressing religious homage, 211-l.
Chrysippus, a subtile Stoic, moved the world by the Universal Soul, 670-u.
Chrysostom, Bishop of Constantinople, speaks of secrecy of Mysteries, 546-m.
Cicero claimed that Initiation made life agreeable and death hopeful, 379-l.
Cicero declares Pythagoras thought God is the Universal Soul, 667-u.
Cicero held that we expiate below the crimes committed in a prior life, 399-m.
Cicero states that the Soul must exercise itself in the practice of virtue, 521-u.
Cicero writes and argues for the intelligence of the Universe, 670-m.
Ciceronian period referred to, 48-m.
Ciceros in a period of convulsion, 30-l.
Cimbrians carried brazen bull with them into Spain and Gaul, 450-m.
Circle a symbol in the Druidical mysteries, 367-m.
Circle and Serpents found in Persia, China, Java, Athens, Mexico, 496-m.
Circle between two parallel lines connecting them a symbol of - , 548-m.
Circle between two serpents a symbol of the World with the Chinese, 496-l.
Circle enclosing a point between parallel lines, a Kabalistic figure, 105-m.
Circle enclosing a point between two parallel lines; Bible added, 105-m.
Circle enclosing a point, parallel lines, columns, represent the Solstices 506-u.
Circle enclosing a point, two parallel lines and single Tau gives Triple Tau, 503-m.
Circle equal to the Square which turns on itself, 771-l.
Circle formed of Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, different faces and letters, 798-m.
Circle or ring, supported by two serpents; explanation of, 429-m.
Circle representing the Universe bounded by two parallel lines, 252-l.
Circle, the Sohar and the Kabalists form the mysterious, 798-m.
Circle the special symbol of the first Sephiroth, 267-l.
Circles of the Kabalah divided by a rose cross compose Dante's Heaven, 822-l.
Circles, ten, under the mystery of the ten Sephiroth, 754-m.
Circuits, explanation of the meaning of the three, 427-l.
Circuits in 8th Degree allude to points of fellowship, 137-u.
Circular form of the Temple at Thrace, image of the Sun in the Sanctuary, 410-l.
Circular movement of four equal angles around one point; the quadrature of the circle, 771-l.
Circumstances, men bring different results from same, 192-l.
Citizenship, Masonry tends to create a new, 220-m.
City a scene of moral action, 243-l.
Civilization's evils long tolerated, 837-m.
Civilizations have risen and perished by despotism or anarchy, 844-m.
Civilization of Ethiopia preceded that of Egypt; had a theocratic government, 362-m.
Civilizations, Masonry prospers on the decay of ancient, 315-m.
Clarian Oracle declared that Iao is the Great God Supreme, 621-u.
Claudius, Caracalla, Commodus, Caesar, 3-u.
Clavicules of Solomon are lost for Christians, 731-m.
Clemens and Philo hold views on symbolism of Cherubim, 409-l.
Clemens descants on light and baptism, 521-l-522-u.
Clemens of Alexandria in his Stromata speaks of the Mysteries, 544-u.
Clemens of Alexandria refers to the seven lamps of the candelabrum, 10-m.
Clemens of Alexandria says of the Mysteries, "Here ends all instruction", 373-u.
Clemens refers to the early church and Mysteries, 543.
Clemens refers to the emblems and symbols of the Temple, 408-l.
Clement the Fifth howls at the Templars through later excommunications, 814-l.
Clement, 12th Pope, issued a Bull against Masonry in 1738, 50-m.
Cleanthes, a disciple of Zeno, regarded the Universe as the Great Cause, 670-u.
Co-existence of the principle of generation in another and in itself, 654-m.
Cognition, a priori and a posteriori explained by Malakoth behind Seir Aupin, 799-l.
Coins, medals and seals contained the Zodiac and signs, 462-l.
Cold, like absence of motion, characteristic of death, 664-l.
Colors, analogy in the moral and intellectual world of the, 322-m.
Colors and symbolism of the furniture and vestments of the Temple, 409.
Colors in the Light only exist by the presence of the shadow, 848-u.
Colors of rainbow, three principal, seven by mixture, 57-l.
Column, broken, 17-u.
Column in form of a cross with circle over it measured the waters of the Nile, 503-m.
Column of the Junior Warden symbolizes Tephareth, 800-u.
Columns at entrance to the Temple, explanation of the meaning of, 305-m.
Columns at entrance to the Temple, material, names, meaning, 304-l.
Columns at entrance to the Temple of Solomon were symbolic, 304-l.
Columns, Boaz and Jachin, explain all the mysteries of antagonism, 772-u.
Columns, Jachin and Boaz, are symbols of the bi-sexuality of the name, 849-m.
Columns, Jachin and Boaz, at the entrance to the Temple, 202-l.
Columns, Jachin and Boaz, represent angels of fire and water, 270-l.
Columns, Jachin and Boaz, represent two of the Sephiroth, 267-l.
Columns, Jachin and Boaz, symbolize the equilibrium of Nature, 548-m.
Columns, Jachin and Boaz, symbols of faith and trust, 641-m.
Columns, meaning of Strength and Wisdom, our two, 252-l.
Columns of Seth, Enoch, Solomon, Hercules, symbolize the law of Equilibrium, 843-u.
Columns of 17th Degree represent Spirits of Fire, 270-l.
Columns of the Temple at Tyre consecrated to the winds and fire, 410-l.
Columns of the Temple, Jachin and Boaz, Sun and Moon, 776-m.
Columns of the Temple that symbolize the Universe, 848-m.
Columns, or lights of a Lodge, indicate angles of a right angle triangle, 861-m.
Columns that support the Lodge are Wisdom, Power, Harmony or Beauty, 861-m.
Columns that support the Lodge stand at the three angles of a triangle, 61-m.
Columns, two, customarily surmounted by globes, 9-m.
Columns, two, imitations of those at Temple of Malkarth, 9-m.
Columns, two, in the porch of the Temple, 8-l.
Columns, two, size, description, names, 8-l.
Commentary of the Rabbi Chajun Vital, the Siphra de Zeniutha, 794-m.
Commentary states that the Kings died because equilibrium did not yet exist, 797-l.
Commodus, horrors of despotism under, 47-l, 27-u.
Common people, must learn thoughts of, 44-u.
Communion with Deity the great desire of man, 652-653.
"Companion" originated from Mithraic Mysteries, 425-l.
Compass a symbol of the Heavens and celestial things, 850-m.
Compass, an instrument adapted to spherical trigonometry, 850-u.
Compass and Square rest on the Scriptures and form the Star of Truth, 841-m.
Compass and Square teaches all that is contained in other symbols, 854-l.
Compass, deals with spherical trigonometry, 11-l.
Compass, emblem of what concerns the heavens and the soul, 11-l.
Compass held in the hand on the female side of the Hermetic figure, 850-m.
Compass is the Hermetic symbol of the Creative Deity, 851-m.
Compass of Faith is above the Square of Reason, 841-m.
Compass of Science in connection with the Celestial Triangle forms Solomon's Star, 841-u.
Compass points beneath the Square for the Apprentice, 854-l.
Compass points for the Fellow Craft, one above, one below, 854-l.
Compass points, for the Master, both dominant, 854-l.
Compass, points of, under Square; symbolism of, 12-u.
Compass represents the spiritual, intellectual, moral nature of the double Humanity, 851-l.
Compass surmounted by a crown signifies - , 291-m.
Compensation for seeing injustices hard to reconcile, 829-u.
Composite order of architecture is emblematic of - , 202-u.
Compounds have movement, sensation, nutriment, subsistence, 784-m.
Comprehension of the consistency and harmoniousness of the Kabalah, 843-l.
Compression of the removed Primal Light into Points, 748-l.
Compressions in their relation to Creation, 748-l.
Concealed doctrine, common to all, found in the ancient dogmas, 729-l.
Conception of the base of philosophy long in development, 674-m.
Conception of Deity corresponds to man's moral and intellectual attainments, 650-m.
Conception of God arrived at by a study of our own souls, 703-l.
Conception of God impossible except as He manifests Himself, 752-m.
Conception of infinity impossible; or of immateriality, 570.
Conception of ourselves as a limited Being leads to God as a limitless one, 703-l.
Conception precedes the entering of the Soul into the embryo, 755-l.
Conceptions of God are idolatrous in so far as they are imperfect, 516-l.
Condorcet, through the ages will ring the words of, 43-u.
Conflagration of the funeral of Hercules the setting of the Sun in glory, 592-m.
Conflict between Good and Evil, 660-664.
Conflict between Good and Evil continual in Soul of Man, 474-l.
Conflict between the Divine Principles and the natural, 556-l.
Confidence gives the loftiest character to business, 141-l.
Conformation and constitution effected by means of veiling, 795-l.
Conformations, seven, descend and all things become in equilibrium, 798-m.
Confucius, best doctrines Chinese were fitted to receive were those of, 38-u.
Confucius defines Chang-ti and the Teen, 616-m.
Confucius drew his doctrines from the Mysteries, 373-u.
Confucius forbade making images or representations of the Deity, 616-u.
Confucius, Magism was the science of, 839-l.
Confucius, Masonry reiterates the maxims of, 221-m.
Confucius, maxims of, 169-l.
Confucius possessed true Knowledge of Deity, 207-l.
Confucianism did not include idolatry, 615-l.
Confused figure is Zero, the emblem of chaos, 629-l.
Conjunction of the Generative Power and Productive Capacity necessary for Creation, 772-m.
Conjunction of heaven and earth engender all beings, 655-l.
Conjunction of male and female when Hakemah and Binah were side by side, 757-u.
Conjunction of the Will and capacity to produce the Act of Thought, 766-l.
Conscience, a moral faculty, which enables us to perceive the moral law of justice, 832-u.
Conscience, a rule of conduct higher than what we have ever attained, 832-u.
Conscience faithfully used and developed enables us to learn justice, 832-l.
Conscience the voice of Deity, 226-u.
Consciousness of a thinking soul other than our body a proof of the soul's own existence, 673-m.
Consciousness of God the highest evidence of His existence and our existence, 709-l.
Consciousness of many things in us, 189-l.
Consciousness of mystery beneath the commonplace, 190-m.
Consciousness of self a gift like instinct, 673-l.
Consciousness of self coexistent with our existence, 673-l.
Consciousness of the individual reveals itself alone, 222-m.
Consciousness the only real proof of the verity of certain things, 301-l.
Constantinople See hostile to that of Rome from the time of Photius, 815-l.
Constantine's Cross, 292-u.
Constellations and divisions of Zodiac Stars, 409.
Constellations, Capella, Pleiades and others celebrated, 466-u.
Constellations figured on Mithraic monument at Rome, 507-l.
Constitution, what kind of, will guarantee liberty, 211-m.
Constitutions of government express the Passive Stability of the Will of the Past. 860-u.
Constraint sensed when independence is confined by other natures, 695-m.
Contented spirit a remedy for all the evils in the world, 144-m.
Contentedness of Mason must not be mere contented selfishness, 147-m.
Contest between good and evil concentrated in the breast of man, 563-m.
Contest between Good and Evil typified by the course of the Sun, 594-m.
Contraction of Deity within Himself effects a quasi-vacant space, 766-u.
Contraction of God at the emanation process termed Tsemsum, 746-u.
Contractions in relation to Creation, 748-750.
Contraries in combination causes the harmony of the Universe, 660-l.
Contraries in equilibrium and resultant Harmony taught by the Ternary, 792-u.
Contraries in nature represented by the Binary number, 630-m.
Contraries, philosophical meaning of the doctrine of, 305-m.
Contraries, the second principle of the Kabalah deals with, 305-u.
Contraries, the solution of the most difficult problems given by the analogy of, 306-u.
Contrary forces in the universal equipoise, 818-u.
Coral insects, formation of Continents by the slow work of the, 318-l.
Corinthian order of architecture is emblematic of - , 202-u.
Cornerstone, a name of the seventh King produced by Binah, 796-l.
Corona, Crown, contained in potence the ten numerations, 754-l.
Corona, Kether, "The Head whereof is no cognition," applied to Adam Kadmon, 758-u.
Corpses of Egyptians duly embalmed were called "Osiris", 588-m.
Correct ideas of Deity only obtained by inspiration or philosophy, 674-u.
Cortices, the envelopes of the Philosophers' Stone, 779-m.
Corruption, degeneracy, falseness of public and private life, 806-m.
Cosma, the Monk, held that every star was under the guidance of an Angel, 671-l.
Cosmic force: God felt and known when we reverence the mighty, 707-m.
Cosmically, when a star rises or sets simultaneously with the Sun, 471-m.
Cosmogonic chants of the Ancients testify to the ideas of the origin of the world, 655-u.
Cosmogonies of ancient nations preserved by different writers, 655-u.
Country, beauty and glory of, enhanced by - , 156-l.
Country, honor of a true Mason identified with that of his, 156-m.
Country, human speech must be free in a free, 56-m.
Country in its dotage when the - , 56-m.
Country populous and wealthy, great problems of, 178-179.
Country's safety to be preferred to the lives of her enemies, 836-u.
Course of circuits in Lodge, chariots in games, from East to West, 464-m.
Covenant, the Triple Triangle, the symbol of the Triple, 533-u.
Covenants, explanation of the Three, 532.
Cradle of Gnosticism in Syria or Palestine, 249-m.
Created things born of Malakoth, designated in the Kabalah as female, 769-m.
Creation a result of the animation of matter by Divine Life, 556-m.
Creation according to the Emech Hammelech, 747-748-750.
Creation according to the Sohar and other Kabalistic works, 748.
Creation according to Zoroaster, 611-l.
Creation as detailed in the Vedas, 609-l.
Creation begins with the Divine Man, and ends with the Material Man, 760-m.
Creation, categorical questions concerning, 648.
Creation claimed by Ormuzd, or Ahura Mazda, 612-u.
Creation conceived and willed by God's Thought, 575-u.
Creation directly out of the Divine Essence through the Demiurge, 557-m.
Creation, forms of, change, but the Universe is eternal, 303-u.
Creation implies the conjunction of Generative Power and Productive capacity, 772-m.
Creation, inscrutable; mysteries of, 215-m.
Creation is Mechanism to us; to the Ancients it was Generation, 771-l.
Creation is the habitation of the Creator-Word, 772-m.
Creation not by God directly, 269-l.
Creation not only accomplished, but preserved, 575-m.
Creation not the instant production of things, 607-m.
Creation of a material Universe by an immaterial Deity through agents, 568-u.
Creation of Man concurred in by Ormuzd and Ahriman, 258-u.
Creation of man impossible if God's justice alone had reigned, 846-u.
Creation of Male and Female, 749-l.
Creation of Power to protect the Realm of Light from Satan's Eons, 566-u.
Creation of the Universe ascribed to the Word, by St. John, 568-m.
Creation of the world by Judgment explained to mean by fear, 796-l.
Creation of Universe assigned to Ihuh-Alhim by a fragment of Genesis, 568-m.
Creation of the World by Ormuzd and Ahriman concurrently, 258-u.
Creation of Worlds according to the Kabalah, 286-l.
Creation, process of, 251.
Creation, real idea of the Ancient Nations concerning, 575-u.
Creation, reason advanced to account for the, 683-l.
Creation required the Infinite to form in Himself an idea of what He willed, 766-l.
Creation represented as a marriage in Veda, 602-l.
Creation represented by a triangle because it is the first perfect figure, 631-l.
Creation symbolized by the Tetragrammaton expressed triangularly, 698-l.
Creation that results from the accord of two forces, 790-m.
Creation, the first Entities of Spirits and Angels, the world of, 768-l.
Creation the result of the accord of Necessity and Liberty, 790-m.
Creation the result of the accord of the Fixed and the Volatile, 790-m.
Creation, theories concerning, 270-u.
Creation through the agency of an intermediary, 269-l.
Creation, universal, is the female of the First Principle, 772-u.
Creation's act gave Deity a name, 849-u.
Creation's first step was providing a vacant space within Deity, 766-u.
Creation's idea was followed by development and evolution, 767-u.
Creation's mode concealed by an impenetrable veil, 852-m.
Creation's primary law, the equipoise of contrary forces, 848-u.
Creation's principle, the double law of attraction and radiation, or of - , 843-u.
Creation's process sought to be explained in the Kabala, 758-m.
Creation's World embraces the six members contained in Binah, 795-l.
Creative Agency of Heaven developed most fully at the Vernal Equinox, 473-u.
Creative Agency revealed as the ten emanations or attributes, 267-m.
Creative Deity symbolized by the Compass, 851-m.
Creative energy of the Soul of the World exercised through the medium of the Sun, 473-m.
Creative Power through Thought produced the Universe with its Word, 254-m.
Creative principle the meaning of the personal pronoun "He", 699-u.
Creative process according to Menou, the Hindu law given, 608.
Creative process according to the Sohar; section of the letter Yod, 750-751.
Creative process according to the Vedas, 609-u.
Creative space illuminated by the Light of Wisdom, 762-u.
Creative Thoughts of God, Worlds and Man the result of the, 582-l.
Creator becomes so through utterance of God's Thought by the Word, 575-u.
Creator degraded by sects which lower him to the level of humanity, 624-m.
Creator hollowed out a pit of shadow, 772-u.
Creator in triple, according to Aurelius; explanation, 550-u.
Creator made room for Yod in the plentitude of uncreated Light, 772-u.
Creator possesses all the essential attributes of the creature, 703-u.
Creator produced by emanation an ideal Yod, 772-u.
Creator, the Principle of Existence Himself, 772-u.
Creator, the Word is the, 251.
Creator-Word habits Creation, 772-m.
Creature possesses no essential attribute not possessed by Creator, 703-u.
Creature worshipped instead of the Creator, 508-l.
Creed, no Sage believed the popular, 302-m.
Creed of Masonry a simple and sublime one, a universal religion, 718-l.
Creed of Masonry, Belief, Hope, Charity, 531-u.
Creed, religious, political, masonic, little influence on conduct, 35-l.
Creed, Sages in Chaldea, Egypt, India, China, had esoteric, 302-m.
Creeds express an idea calculated to explain the Mysteries of Being, 650-m.
Crescent and Disc symbols of the Sun and Moon in conjunction, 452-u.
Crete, Dionusos appears as Iasius or even Zeus in, 585-m.
Crete, Jupiter Ammon, the Sun in Arius, had an initiation at, 407-l.
Crimes of men, in judgment God may consider the temptations, 134-l.
Cromwell reigns because the ablest, 49-u.
Cromwells follow period of convulsion, 30-l.
Cross a symbol of Humility, patience, Self-denial, 801-l.
Cross appropriated to Thoth or Mercury in its simple form, 503-u.
Cross associated with the serpent on ancient monuments, 502.
Cross assumed an improved form, the arms became wings, etc, 503-u.
Cross, Druids built Temples in the shape of a, 367-m.
Cross formed of a column with a circle over it measured the Nile, 503-m.
Cross has an astronomical origin, 483-m.
Cross having a rose in its center dividing circles representing Heaven, 822-l.
Cross, in building the Temples of India they imitated the shape of a, 361-l.
Cross in the shape of the capital letter T called the Tau cross, 503-m.
Cross in various forms, 502-505.
Cross, initiate in Druidical Mysteries marked with a, 430-l.
Cross like Teutonic or Maltese represented the Tropics and Colures, 502-l.
Cross marked on forehead of initiate into Indian Mysteries, 428-m.
Cross of Light, a celestial voice was heard over the, 567-m.
Cross of Light appeared in place of Jesus crucified, 567-m.
"Cross of Light is called the Word, Christ," etc., spoken by a celestial voice, 567-m.
Cross of St. Andrew seen by several kings the night before a battle was fought, 801-l.
Cross of St. Andrew seen in the sky before battle by Hungus, 801-m.
Cross of St. Andrew worn by the Picts in war time for their badge, 801-m.
Cross of the East the Kabalistic pantacle adopted by the Templars, 816-m.
Cross of the philosophers an image of generative power, for Masons, 771-l.
Cross surmounted by a circle and crescent an emblem of Deity, 503-u.
Cross surmounting a triangle symbolizes the end of the Great Work, 790-l.
Cross surmounting two vases, nature and art, 783-u.
Cross, symbol of devotedness and self sacrifice, taught Masonry - , 854-m.
Cross, symbolism of the, 290-l.
Cross, symbolism of the, 291-l.
Cross symbolized the active and passive power of production, 503-u.
Cross united to the Rose the problem proposed by High Initiation, 821-l.
Cross, various forms and meaning of the, 292-u.
Cross venerated thousands of years before Christ, 504-m.
Cross with a serpent on it was an Egyptian Standard, 502-m.
Cross within the circle represents the light antecedent to Chaos, 782-l.
Crown called the Cause of Causes, the Ancient of the Ancients, 755-u.
Crown, Kether, involves the idea of circularity and is endless, 753-u.
Crown, Kether, termed Arik Aupin, Macroprosopos, 799-m.
Crown, Male and Female, within the occult Wisdom, is fashioned the Supreme, 762-l.
Crown of Kings opposed by the Templars at their origin, 817-m.
Crucifixion of the Light Principle enfranchised all souls, 567-m.
Crux Ansata, a Tau cross with a circle over it, means life-giving, 290-u.
Crux Ansata found at Khorsabad and the Assyrian monuments, 503-m.
Crux Ansata the form of tether pins for young animals, 502-m.
Crux Ansata the peculiar emblem of Osiris, 504-l.
Crux Ansata the symbol of Royalty to the Shepherd Kings, 502-l.
Crux Ansata was a Cross with a coiled serpent above it, 502-m.
Cube a symbol of faith in things invisible essential to salvation, 827-u.
Cube, faces and lines include the sacred numbers, 5-l.
Cube of agate supporting triangular plate of gold teaches - , 209-u.
Cube of Perfection connected with Taus within two circles, 503-m.
Cube on a plane surface delineated, 5-m.
Cube represents the form of the philosophal stone, 732-u.
Cube, symbol of the Force of the People, expressed as a Law of the State, 5-l.
Cube, symbol of perfection, 5-l.
Cube, the emblem of Odin, 431-u.
Cube, the first perfect solid, teaches justice, accuracy, consistency, 827-u.
Cube, theological and physical, represented by the number six, 627-l.
Cubical Stone a symbol of the Grand Scottish Master's Degree, 781-l.
Cubical stone represents the Hermetic symbol of their Salt, 775-l.
Cubical stone that sweated blood, 827-u.
Cup, or waters of forgetfulness; symbolism of the, 438-m.
Cup used in the Mysteries represents the Constellation Crater, 506-l.
Curetes encircled Zagreus in the Constellation Serpent, 585-l.
Curiosity of ths candidate excited by suspense and obstacles, 385-m.
Cybele, Atys represented the Sun God in the Phrygian Mysteries of, 407-u.
Cybele with the Phrygian Sun God goes to the Hyperboreans, 592-u.
Cybele worshipped in Syria under the name of Rhea, 423-u.
Cyril, Bishop of Jerusalem, speaks of the secrecy of the Christians, 545-u.
Cyril of Alexandria speaks of the secrecy of the Mysteries, 546-l.


Daath is the Act, the Thought, the Intellection producing the idea, 766-l.
Daath, the Intellect flowing from Hakemah and Binah, 552-m.
Daath, the result of the conjunction of Hakemah and Binah, 757-l.
Daath, the Word of Plato and the Gnostics, 552-m.
Dagger, with hilt black and white, an emblem of light and darkness, 506-m.
Dagon or Oannes, the Sea God, the Leviathan overcome by Jehovah, 498-l.
Damascus, Bishop exhibited a Testament at the battle of, 53-m.
Dan has for device a Scorpion changed to an Eagle or Vulture, 461-m.
Dante Alighieri, the Ghibellin, born in 1265, 822-l.
Dante applied figures and numbers of the Kabalah to Christian Dogma, 822-m.
Dante, Divine Comedy of, sketched in Plato's time, 101-m.
Dante publicly expounded the symbol of the Rose Croix Adepts, 822-l.
Dante reascends to light by using the Devil as a ladder, 822-m.
Dante's Divine Comedy is a declaration of war against the Papacy, 822-m.
Dante's journey resembles initiation into the Mysteries of Eleusis, 822-m.
Dante's work boldly reveals the mysteries; is Johannite Gnostic, 822-m.
Darkness a source of fear and dread to the ancients, 443-m.
Darkness an enemy, a dread, to the ancients, 595-m.
Darkness, Sun driven further to the south by the Powers of, 445-u.
Darkness and Light features of the Mysteries of Eleusis, 403-u.
Darkness and Light prominent features of the Mysteries of Isis, 404-u.
Darkness comes from the gross matter which composes the passive cause, 659-l.
Darkness considered older than light by some Parsee sects, 613-u.
Darkness has no home in the Universe, 845-m.
Darkness hides the Universe and reduces all nature to nothingness, 660-u.
Darkness on one side consequent on illumination on the other, 845-m.
Darkness synonymous with Evil, 660-m.
Darkness the embodiment of the Evil principle, 595-m.
Daun, as Arun, the charioteer, precedes Surya, 587-u.
Deacons in early Christian Mysteries kept the door, 543-l.
Dead govern, the Living obey, 315-u.
Death, but one question, "Has he lived well," after, 184-u.
Death caused by the inertia or immobility of Forces on Impulses, 846-u.
Death completes the transformation necessary for soul's reabsorption, 686-u.
Death, for the Egyptians, but renovation and union, 588.
Death is the Great Teacher, 183-l.
Death is the true initiation; sleep the introductory mystery, 392-m.
Death, like absence of motion, distinctively characteristic of cold, 664-l.
Death, mysteries of, to be sought in Life itself, 101-u.
Death, no evil, but that which life has made, 184-u.
Death of deities not inconsistent with their Immortality, 590-m.
Death of seed to give birth to the new plant a symbol in all religions, 395-u.
Death, the grand mystery of existence, the secret of the Mysteries, 586-l.
Death, the great mystery of existence, precedes the second birth, 393-m.
Death, the shadow of God: whose shadow is immortality, 741-l.
Decalogue, Masonic, 17-l.
Decan, a God or Genius, assigned to each, 470-m.
Decay of Templars due to their ambition, lack of education, haughtiness, 819-m.
December the 25th, the date of the Great Feast of Mithras, 587-m.
December 25th celebrated at Tsur and Rome, 78-l.
Decorations of the degrees dispensed with if thought expensive, 329-u.
Deeds are nobler and greater than words, 341-m.
Deeds, great results from humble, 230.
Definitions of Deity, 651-l.
Definition of Freemasonry, its purposes, its essence, its spirit, 854-m.
Degeneration of Nations by opulence and luxury, 348-l.
Degradation of popular notions of Deity of later growth, 689-l.
Degeneration of the families of wealth, 347-l.
Degree, a step toward Perfection is each Masonic, 136-l.
Degree, Apprentice, the 1st, 1-m.
Degree, Fellowcraft, the 2nd, 22-u.
Degree, Master, the 3rd, 62-u.
Degree of contribution not so important as the purpose, 231-u.
Degree of Perfection, doctrines taught in the, 432-l.
Degree, the development of a particular Duty in each Masonic, 136-l.
Degree which is closed against any religious faith is not Masonic, 290-m.
Degrees, Allegories from old religions, mysteries used in revision of, 328-m.
Degrees; excellency of the virtues of Honor and Duty taught by the Chivalric, 856-u.
Degrees, 4th to 14th, the ineffable degrees, 202-u.
Degrees have three essential features, 625-m.
Degrees of Hermeticism are three, religious, philosophical, physical, 840-l.
Degrees, in the Indian Mysteries were several, 428-l.
Degrees, in the Mithraic Mysteries were several, 425-l.
Degrees invented by Alchemists within Masonry, 731-u.
Degrees misunderstood, corrupted and disfigured, 106-m.
Degrees, 19th to 32nd, philosophical, 202-u.
Degrees of Blue Lodge given a Christian interpretation, 639-u.
Degrees of Lodge Perfection teach the practical morality of Masonry, 855-l.
Degrees of Masonry contain hints and symbols of real beliefs of Templar Chiefs, 819-u.
Degrees of Perfection urge the subjugation of the appetites by the spiritual nature, 855-l.
Degrees of Pythagoras contain heiratic intelligence, 97-m.
Degrees of the Blue Lodge but the outer court of the Temple, 819-u.
Degrees of the Christian Mysteries three in number, 541-l.
Degrees of the Druidical Mysteries were three in number, 367-l.
Degrees of the Gnostics, Material, Intellectual, Spiritual, 542-l.
Degrees of the Sacrament referred to by St. Dionysius, 543-l.
Degrees of the Scottish Rite teach the necessity of the mastery of the spiritual in man over the material, 855-m.
Degrees, only those qualified to discuss philosophy should receive the, 332-l.
Degrees, primitive masonry represented by the first three, 202-u.
. Degrees, 17th and 18th, New Law, 202-u.
Degrees, symbolic, contain some Platonic ideas, 250-u.
Degrees teach more than morals, 148-u.
Degrees, the 15th and 16th, Second Temple, 202-u.
Degrees; the value of knowledge, the excellence of truth taught by the philosophers, 855-l.
Deification of a mental principle instead of a physical one, 652-u.
Deification of Fortune through error continued by the worship of abstractions, 694-u.
Deified, Heroditus speaks of the reason why animals were, 380-m.
Deioces, a palace in Ecbatana having seven differently colored walls, 729-u.
Deities enclosed in the egg are the forty-eight constellations, 663-l.
Deities, names of Good and Evil, contained in names of Assassins, 82-m.
Deities of India and Persia mostly symbols of celestial light, 601-l.
Deities of Ormuzd placed in an egg broken by Deities of Ahriman, 662-l.
Deities, prominent, of the Mysteries represented the Sun and Moon, 377-u.
Deities, prominent, of the Mysteries were Male and Female, 377-u.
Deities, to explain the existence of Good and Evil the Persians assumed two, 300-m.
Deity, a symbol or representative hieroglyphic was the name of, 208-u.
Deity abstractly expressed is but a symbol of an object unknown, 513-m.
Deity, according to Aristotle and Plato, in relation to Good, 681-m.
Deity acts by general laws for general purposes, 688-l.
Deity acts by universal laws and constant modes of operation, 688-m.
Deity, after creating the idea, might be called by the name of Tetragrammaton, 746-u.
Deity, among the fundamental teachings of Gnosticism were emanations from, 248-l.
Deity as manifested in Seir and the Universe are one when Regnum turns to her husband, 799-l.
Deity as incomprehensible as ever, notwithstanding advances, 697-u.
Deity at first looked up to with unquestioning reverence, 690-u.
Deity, before He created any Ideal, was alone, without form, 745-l.
Deity beyond human intellect, without name, form, limitation, 552-u.
Deity causing good; demon causing evil, 661-u.
Deity changed Himself into the form of Love in the work of Creation, 683-l.
Deity; chief object of Masonry is the perpetuation of the character and attributes of, 137-u.
Deity comprehended in Himself all that is, 700-m.
Deity comprehended the generative Spirit and productive matter, 700-m.
Deity conformed himself into a form that contains all forms, 793-l.
Deity, Conscience the voice of, 226-u.
Deity considered as a Principle pervading all nature by the Confucians, 616-u.
Deity contained within Himself the whole Universe to be developed, 849-u.
Deity contains all that moves, lives, exists or has being, 700-m.
Deity contains the incorruptible and unwearying force of necessity, 658-m.
Deity contracted Himself on all sides from a point within Himself, 766-u.
Deity created Nature, 700-m.
Deity defined by the Hindu Vedas, 279-m.
Deity defined today no clearer than in the definition of the ancients, 513-m.
Deity dethroned and changed into a Dev to account for moral evil, 690-m.
Deity developed Himself in order to create in ten Saphiroth, 552-u.
Deity did not create the Universe directly, but through agents, 568-m.
Deity divided into two classes to account for moral evil, 690-m.
Deity emits His emanations into the quasi-vacant space of contraction, 766-u.
Deity enacts moral laws because they are Revelations and decisions of the Divine, 737-m.
Deity, everywhere in the old faiths is the idea of a Supreme, 512-u.
Deity first recognized in the heavenly bodies and the elements, 652-u.
Deity first restored the universality of the seven Kings of the World, Aziluth, then the others, 797-u.
Deity forbidden to be represented by Idea, figure or letters He or Yod, 745-l.
Deity forbidden to be represented by the early Scandinavians, 618-m.
Deity formed all things in the form of male and female, 800-u.
Deity in his revelations adopted the use of material images, 372-m.
Deity, in Isiac Mysteries was carried an effigy of the Supreme, 412-l.
Deity in its entirety actuates the planet and the rotifer, 671-m.
Deity incapable of being defined or expressed, 513-m.
Deity; instances of the envy, jealousy and malignity of, 688-u.
Deity invested with human attributes, 515-u.
Deity is all in all; the cause and effect, 701-u.
Deity is imbued with Benignity, 769-m.
Deity is Infinite, without limitation, without conformation, 765-l.
Deity is the Absolute Existence and the Male and Female Principle, 700-m.
Deity is the impulse and the result; the beginning, the ending, 701-u.
Deity long known as Al Schadai, Alohayim, Adonai, etc, 697-l.
Deity long known as Nature, a man personified, with human passions, 697-l.
Deity made after man's own image, 652-u.
Deity, manifestations of the Supreme, 13.
Deity, Masonry teaches the nature and existence of one Supreme, 221-m.
Deity most perfectly manifests Himself by His Rays, the Sephiroth, 748-m.
Deity, Mysteries taught true ideas of, 208-m.
Deity neither moved nor unmoved, limited nor unlimited, 676-u.
Deity never could not have existed, 700-m.
Deity never Thought not nor never was not, 849-u.
Deity not an object of perception but - , 222-m.
Deity not the author of vice, sin and suffering, but his ministers, 416-u.
Deity not only infinite in power and wisdom, but in mercy and pity, 855-u.
Deity not the cause of evil; there must be another cause, 660-m.
Deity of Aristotle the perfection of man's intellectual activity in the Universe, 681-m.
Deity of Chaldeans, Father of Light, was termed Araor, 742-l.
Deity of each star a portion of the Universal Deity; Soul of Nature, 671-m.
Deity of Nature reflects the changeful character of the seasons, 689-l.
Deity of our Northern ancestors was triune, 13-l.
Deity of Plato, a Being proportioned to human sympathies; Father, 682-l.
Deity of Plato could not be more than the Wise and the Good, 681-m.
Deity of Plato creates, superintends, rejoices, 681-m.
Deity of Plato, the Author of Good only; the Good itself, 682-u.
Deity of the Universe likened to the Ocean by the Egyptians, 665-m.
Deity often expressed by the personal pronoun "He", 698-l.
Deity only apprehended by negative notions, says Philo, 651-m.
Deity originally contained All, 764-m.
Deity; Ormuzd, in the body, resembled light; in the soul, truth, 662-m.
Deity present in each of four worlds as in and through the Sephiroth, 768-l.
Deity produces nine lights which shine forth from His outforming, 762-u.
Deity, questions in reference to, 648.
Deity supposed to possess the feelings of envy and jealousy, 688-u.
Deity, Supreme, above all Gods, author of everything, 13-l.
Deity, Supreme, was the same to the intellectual of all nations, 208-u.
Deity symbolized by the hieroglyphical senary, 634-l.
Deity symbolized by the One, or Unity, 625-m.
Deity symbolized by the triangle in all ages, 861-u.
Deity symbolized by the Urn, 519-l.
Deity, tangible and personal, only one comprehended generally, 700-l.
Deity, the first three Universals, or Worlds, are wholly within the, 759-u.
Deity, "The Good," because Evil is excluded from his attributes, 681-l.
Deity the incorporeal light in which live causes of created natures, 521-m.
Deity, the Light of the Divine Presence, seen more clearly by the soul, 855-m.
Deity, the One, Sacred Name of the Indian, 205-u.
Deity, the Universe, having perpetuity of movement and life, Supreme Cause 667-l.
Deity, through the Sophiroth, is extended to the production of all, 759-m.
Deity, Trinity of; creates, preserves, destroys, 57-l.
Deity uses the Sephiroth as a workman uses his tools, 759-m.
Deity was and is all that was, that is and that shall be, 700-m.
Deity, when separated ideally into the loving and beloved, 684-u.
Deity with the Kabalists has no name, but terms are applied, 745-l.
Deity worshipped in lonely forests by the early Scandinavians, 618-m.
Deity's attributes personified that man could commune with God, 652-l.
Deity's bosom the origin and home of human souls, 851-l.
Deity's essence, Necessity and Liberty, counterbalanced, produce equilibrium, 778-l.
Deity's first utterance was a syllable of four letters; each became a being, 560-m.
Deity's first utterance was Logos, or Plenitude of Eons, 560-l.
Deity's habitation above the Moon, according to Lucanus, 654-m.
Deity's intellectual nature affected by the question of Evil, 684-m.
Deity's intention was that His creatures should recognize his existence, 797-l.
Deity's manifested creative powers united are the Alhim, 701-m.
Deity's name consists of four letters among many nations, 633-l.
Deity's name consists of three letters among many nations, 632-l.
Deity's names according to Diodorus, Philo, Clemens, Clarian, etc, 700-l.
Deity's nature expressed by describing Him as Light filling all space, 766-u.
Deity's nature included in the meaning of the True Word of a Mason, 697-m.
Deity's oldest notions were rather indefinite than repulsive, 689-l.
Deity's Omnipotence and Beneficence and the existence of Evil contradictory, 686-l.
Deity's proximity more remote as man's conception became exalted, 652-m.
Deity's self-imposed limitations the safeguards of human freedom, 689-m.
Deity's Thought outwardly manifested in the Universe which so became, 700-m.
Deity's union with his creatures expressed by the Hebrew letter "He", 698-l.
Deity's Unity and Supremacy and the separate existence of Evil, 681-l.
Deity's wisdom and beneficence reconciled with the existence of Evil, 686-u.
Delaulnaye on the symbolism of the Sun and the Moon, 13-l.
Delphi and Delos awaited the return of Apollo from the north, 592-m.
Delphi, a triple-headed serpent of gold was the tripod at, 496-u.
Delta, the initial of the Latin or French word for God, 631-l.
Delta, signification of the three Greek letters on the, 531-l.
Delta, signification of the three sides of the, 531-m.
Deluge, the number Seven in connection with a, 233-m.
Demagog the predecessor of the Despot, 48-m.
Demerit, the natural right which others have to punish us, 723-l.
Demetrius received the Lesser and Greater Mysteries at the same time, 432-l.
Demiourgos and his mother contest in man, 563.
Demiourgos of the Gnostics corresponds to The Word, 271-l.
Demiourgos, or laldaboth, of the Ophites, produced an angel, 563-m.
Demiourgos, the Agent of Material Creation, produced by Chaos, 563-m.
Demiurge, the Artificer and Governor of the World, 557-l.
Demiurge, the framer of this lower world, 557-l.
Demiurge regarded as hostile to God by some Gnostics, 558-m.
Demiurgic energy most fully developed at the Vernal Equinox, 473-u.
Demiurgic ideas of some Gnostics not of the Mosaic religion, 558-m.
Demiurgical Intelligence descends into matter and returns, 415-m.
Democracy and Despotism favorable to the prevalence of falsehood and deceit, 66-u.
Demons, or Eons of Satan, involved in war, arrived at Realm of Light, 566-u.
Demons of the Greeks correspond to the Ferouers of Zoroaster, 256-u.
Demosthenes, methods of, 174-m.
Denmark, serpent, boy and signs on sacrificial vessels of, 501-l.
Denary, the number ten, the measure of everything, 638-m.
Depths determined by height; valleys filled, mountains disappear, 848-u.
Design of organized beings graven in the Intelligence of the Universe, 665-u.
Desirable number is eight, because of the Elus and Sages, 628-l.
Desires should be measured by fortune and conditions, 146-m.
Despot, spiritual or temporal, is a crowned anarchist, 822-u.
Despots, aids to thinkers, 48-u.
Despots will be cherished at home if people do not - , 177-l.
Despotism, horrors of, 27-u-m.
Despotism, progress of free people towards, 32-m.
Destiny, a name by which the theological problem was cast back, 689-l.
Destiny of Man, to attain the Truth and serve others, 109-u.
Deus, the four-lettered name of the Latin Deity, 633-l.
Deva, God, is derived from the root, "div," to shine, 601-l.
Devas, the elemental Powers, progeny of Indra, 602-m.
Development symbolized by the use of the Mallet and Chisel, 30-l.
Devil not a person but a Force misdirected, 102-l.
Devil, or evil force, personified by - , 102-l.
Devil, Personification of Atheism or Idolatry, 102-l.
Devil used as a ladder by Dante to reascend to light, 822-m.
Device of Masonry is - , 220-m.
Devotion to duty and acts of heroism distinguished the Knight, 580-l.
Devs and Archdevs opposed to the good spirits of Ormuzd, 257-l.
Devs are six of the Zodiacal signs under the banner of darkness, 663-u.
Diagoras accused of divulging the Secret of the Mysteries, 384-l.
Dialectic and Ethic harmoniously blended evolve perfect discipline, 35-u.
Diana the Mistress in the Constellation Sagittarius, 461-l.
Diodonis gives lao as the name given by Moses to Deity, 700-l.
Diodorus held that each star was a part of the Universal Soul, 671-m.
Diodorus Siculus states the Egyptians recognized two great Divinities, 458-m.
Diodorus speaks of the columns near the tombs of Osiris and Isis, 378-m.
Dionusos and Apollo, representing Nature and Art, from one common source, 585-l.
Dionusos, born of a mortal mother, a son of God, 585-u.
Dionusos, Creator, guardian, liberator, Saviour of the Soul, 519.
Dionusos esteemed as Healer, Saviour, Author of Life and Immortality, 586-u.
Dionusos, identical with lacchus, presiding genius of the Mysteries, 585-u.
Dionusos in his second birth a type of spiritual regeneration, 519-l.
Dionusos is the totality of the Universal Soul, 393-m.
Dionusos, or Bacchus, Author of Light and Life and Truth, 13-l.
Dionusos-Orpheus descended to the Shades to secure the perpetuity of Nature, 394-u.
Dionusos, Orpheus said to have founded the Mysteries of, 357-u.
Dionusos, personification of the senuous world, guide of the soul, 518-l.
Dionusos, symbols of the second birth of man were the death and passion of, 393-l.
Dionusos, the earth is rent asunder at the death of, 393-l.
Dionusos, the God of Nature, one with heroes of other Mysteries, 357-u.
Dionusos the leader of the Muses, the God of Nature and of Art, 585-l.
Dionusos, the Liberator, like Osiris, frees the soul and - , 393-u.
Dionusos, the "Liberator," the Totality of the "Universal Soul"; he dies and rises, 586.
Dionusos, the Nature God of the Greeks, as Amun was to the Egyptians, 585-u.
Dionusos the personification of the Sun in Taurus, 585-u.
Dionusos the same as the dismembered Zagreus, 585-l.
Dionusos, the spiritual regeneration of man typified by the second birth of, 357-m.
Dionusos, the Sun, suggested the spiritual mediator, 519-u.
Dionusos torn in pieces by the Titans represented the Soul mixed with matter, 561-l.
Dionusos was Creator, guardian, liberator, saviour of the soul, 357-m.
Dionysius, or author of his books, concealed science under the disguise of Christianity, 732-l.
Dionysius, the Areopagite; Dogma of Hermes found in writings of, 731-l.
Dionysius, the Areopagite, the first Bishop of Athens, 543-l.
Dionysius, the Younger, written to by Pluto, on the First Principle, 99-u.
Dioscuri patrons of sailors and navigation, 427-u.
Dioscuri sailed with Jason for the golden fleeced Ram, the Sun, 466-l.
Dioscuri, the Tunis Castor and Pollux, deities of Samothrace, 426-l.
Directors of the Work or Masons of the 9th to 11th degrees; duties of the, 331-l.
Disagree in matters of opinion and both be sane and honest, 166-u.
Disc and Crescent denote Taurus; used as our Orators' sign, 452-u.
Disc and Crescent on the head of the Bull represents - , 452-m.
Disc and Crescent on Ram instead of Bull represent the Sun in Aries, 452-l.
Disc and Crescent symbols of the Sun and Moon in conjunction, 452-u.
Disciples first called Christians at Antioch, 262-l.
Disciples of Christ, secret meaning to the number of the, 233-m.
Discipline of the Secret compared to the Heathen Mysteries, 544-u.
Discipline of the Secret was the concealment of certain tenets, 543-m.
Discords, wrong, evil, suffering, are - , 577-u.
Discovery of the sacred place in which Truth is hidden reveals the True Light, 785-l.
Discovery of Truth the most Sublime Science to which a mortal can aspire, 785-l.
Divine and human relations received dramatic form in ancient views, 372-n. Divine and human united symbolized by an equilateral triangle, 858-m.
Divine and the Human intermingled in every human being, 853-u.
Divine attributes contrasted with human littleness, 651-m.
Divine Dynasty which governed the early world, 508-m.
Divine Essence symbolized by Light or Fire, 742-l.
Divine in man makes him more than an intelligent animal, 857-l.
Divine Intellect as an Idea, the Universe invested with form after being in the, 323-m.
Divine Intellect evolved all Souls and intellects of men, 582-m.
Divine law an analogical inference from human law, 694-m.
Divine Life animates dead matter, creation begins, 556-m.
Divine Life by evolution approaches dead matter, 556-m.
Divine mingles with human in all affairs, 12-u.
Divine Nature, a theme on which man is not entitled to dogmatize, 222-m.
Divine Nature, Power and Justice the same, Wisdom and Mercy the same in the, 552-m.
Divine not encroached on by dead matter, 556-u.
Divine Original; the consummation of Plato's science is the contemplation of the, 692-l.
Divine perfection nearest approached by Man, 610-u.
Divine Power, or Word, unfolded the Intellect, 582-m.
"Divine right to govern" vested in the ablest, wisest, best, 203-l.
Divine Soul, acting as a cause, produced intelligence, 669-l.
Divine symbolized by the Human in the creation of woman, 849-l.
Divine Tetragram, Jehova, formed by adding Yod to the ternary name of Eve. 771-m.
Divine Triangle, Fatality, Will and Power; the magical ternary. 738-u.
Divine Will enacts the moral laws. 737-m.
Divine Will or Power limited by the Divine Wisdom; the result, Beauty, Harmony. 846-l.
Divine will struggles with the natural will in the souls of men, 599-m.
Divine Word allied with Universal Reason in the Kabalah, 744-l.
Divinity ascribed to Heavenly bodies by Phoenicians and Egyptians, 456-l.
Divinity ascribed to the stars by the logic of Cicero, 670-l.
Divinity belonged to the soul of nature, 670-u.
Divinity designated by the Chinese by the name of the Divine Reason, 616-u.
. Divinity held to be invisible by Druids, hence could not worship idols, 618-u.
Divinity, numbers expressed the utterances of, 209-u.
Divinity severed from the Universe by the Spiritualists, 667-m.
Divinity, the "Great Whole," was male and female, 658-u.
Division of the Heavens by seven, planets and twelve signs, 460-m.
Doctrine enveloped with symbols by Pythagoras, 97-m.
Doctrine of Lucanus one of the most ancient and widely accepted, 654-l.
Doctrine of Masonry in reference to religious Truths, 576-l.
Doctrine of the Decans regarded as important, secret, august, 470-l.
Doctrine secret and superior to that of the Gospels, 542-l.
Doctrine; through all the ancient dogmas is found a common concealed, 729-l.
Doctrine, to unite man with the World and Deity the object of the, 415-m.
Doctrines of Druids taught - , 168-m.
Doctrines of Odin, 168-m.
Doctrines of the degrees of the Indian Mysteries, 428-l.
Doctrines of the Greeks, 250-u.
Doctrines of the Templars misunderstood by the mass of them, 819-m.
Doctrines of Zoroaster taught - , 167-l.
Doctrines, to but few did intellectual Hebrews teach the esoteric, 207-l.
Dog leads nine Elus to the cavern; significance and origin, 489-l.
Dog Star, Sirius, 490-u.
Dog supposed to have aided Isis in her search for Osiris represents, 376-l.
Dog's head given to Mercury to express prudence, 779-l.
Dogma, a belief in the existence of God, the basis of its, 220-m.
Dogma of Orpheus, Moses and the Theologians, 443-l.
Dogma of widespread application was the division of the First Cause into the Active and Passive, 653-l.
Dogmas of ancient religions and mysterious societies have a doctrine in common, 729-l.
Dogmas of the Hindus, 604-m.
Dogmatism of man on subjects beyond his comprehension, 651-u.
Doketes held that Christ only took the appearance of a body, 564-m.
Dominion of the spiritual nature over the material urged in the Degrees, 855.
Dominion, one of the last four Sephiroth of the Kabalah, 848-l Domitian, horrors of despotism under, 27-u.
Domitian, reference to the reign of, 47-l, 3-u.
Domitian, "that most savage monster", 49-m.
Doric order of architecture represents the ineffable degrees, 202-u.
Double nature of man, though he is one, 861-l.
Doubt and question must accompany man's onward progress, 712-l.
Doubt, who shall decide in honest, 166-u.
Dove, Raven, Phoenix, are symbols of Light, Darkness and Beauty, 792-m.
Draco made the astronomical cincture of the Universe, 498-m.
Draco or Jefferies as Judge to be opposed by Masonry, 20-l.
Dragon finally absorbed by and united with the Principle of Good, 499-l.
Dragon foe struck down by Mithras, 612-l.
Dragon the image of Ahriman, 257-l.
Dragon, winged, a symbol of Matter or Salt, 774-m.
Dragons and Serpents, something divine in the nature of, 494-l.
Dragons figure in other than astronomical legends, 499-m.
Drama of Hiram and the Mysteries teach the victory of Good over Evil, 435-l.
Dream phenomena are mysteries little understood, 733-l.
Dreams are realities while they last, 166-u.
Dresden Reformed or Rectified Rite, that of Ramsay, 779-l.
Druidic Temples and Chapters, 235-l.
Druidic Temples recording the meteoric cycles, 236-u.
Druidical ceremonies came from India; originally Buddhists, 367-u.
Druidical Hu contains the True name of Deity, 702-u.
Druidical initiate called thrice born when ceremony completed, 430-m.
Druidical Mysteries conform to those of other nations, 367. Druidical Mysteries explained the primitive truths, 430-l.
Druidical Mysteries, initiate placed in a tomb in the, 430-l.
Druidical Mysteries, Initiations performed at midnight in the, 367-l.
Druidical Mysteries, periods of the festivals of the, 367-l.
Druidical Mysteries resembled those of the Orient; description of, 429-m.
Druidical religion's idea and doctrines, 618-u.
Druidical rites refer to astronomical phenomena, 502-u.
Druidical sacred Triad inscribed on a cruciform tree, 504-u.
Druidical subterranean grotto at New Grange in Ireland, 504-m.
Druidical Temple in the Island of Lewis, Scotland, 504-m.
Druids admitted immortality, judgment, man's responsibility, 618-u.
Druids asserted the Unity of the God-head and invoked One Power, 618-u.
Druids considered the cross a sacred symbol, 504-u.
Druids cut a tree in the shape of a Tau cross and inscribed it, 504-u.
Druids did not worship idols, holding Divinity to be invisible, 618-u.
Druids' doctrines taught - , 168-m.
Druids exercised considerable secular as well as religious power, 618-l.
Druids expressed Deity by the symbol O.I.W, 618-u.
Druids expressed the name of Deity by the letters O.I.W, 622-u.
Druids, first, children of the Magi; initiation from Egypt and Chaldea, 103-l.
Druids had sacred regard for the odd numbers, 618-m.
Druids had some idea of redemption and a Redeemer, 618-u.
Druids held the doctrine of transmigration, 618-u.
Druids imparted secrets without the use of audible language, 372-m.
Druids of Britain similar to the Magi of the Persians, 617-l.
Druids studied astronomy and practiced the Masonic virtue, Truth, 619-u.
Druids, uniformity between the Persian Magi and the, 367-u.
Druids, worship of; their dogma and symbolism, 103-l.
Druids worshipped Hu and Ceridwen, male and female, 618-u.
Duad, a figure of the cube, 5-l.
Duad, the origin of contrasts, the imperfect condition, 630-u.
Duad, the symbol of diversity, inequality, division, vicissitudes, 630-u.
Duad was female and represented matter capable of form, 631-u.
Dual Sovereignty of the Universe acknowledged by philosophers, 660-m.
Dualism, belief in two adverse principles or, 272-275.
Dualism of Good and Evil adverse to the doctrine of Unity, 687-u.
Dualism of mind and matter the result of the idea of an independent mind, 677-l.
Du Barry governing in the name of Louis the 15th, 49-m.
Duties grow out of all the relations of life, naturally, undeniably, 832-u.
Duties of a Mason are - , 219-l.
Duties of a Master of the Symbolic Lodge, 325-333.
Duties of life more than life, 151-l.
Duties of life still remain to be done and errors combated, 163-l.
Duties of Mason not confined to Masons alone, 176-185.
Duties of 9th Degree, 159-u.
Duties of a Prince of Jerusalem the same as of old in substance, 241-m.
Duties of the Knight Royal Axe, 351-u.
Duty escaped is a gain avoided, 837-l.
Duty, even if there be no reward, a Mason's obligation, 119-m.
Duty forbids us to be idle, 343-m.
Duty of a Knight Commander of the Temple, 578-580.
Duty of a Mason in reference to our activities, 342-m.
Duty of a Mason, not the result or the reward to be considered, 239-u.
Duty of a Mason when he hears of a fallen man, 335-l.
Duty of a Mason with his superiors, his equals, his inferiors, 336-m.
Duty of Masonry, eternal, persistent, 18-21.
Duty, not Heaven or bliss, to be toiled for, 229-l.
Duty practiced because it is right and just, is good, 722-l.
Duty recognized by morality and religion, 717-m.
Duty supposes a rule both intelligible and certain, 695-m.
Duty to press forward in the search for Truth, 223-u.
Duty written on the volume of Masonic life, 350-l.
Dying Nature Gods in every country, 590-u.
Dynasties speedily decay and run out, 49-u.


Eagle flying, a Hermetic symbol of Sulphur, 774-m.
Eagle or Vulture sometimes substituted for the Scorpion, 448-m.
Eagle or Vulture substituted for Serpent on account of its malign influence, 461-m.
Eagle, the symbol of Egyptian God, Mendes, 291-m.
Eagle, the symbol of Mendes, 254-l.
Earth and heaven composed of the two Causes, the Active and Passive, 656-u.
Earth and Heavens personified as Deities even among the Aryans, 850-l.
Earth, by its union with Ouranos, engenders Gods, the power of light, 660-u.
Earth caused by the Sun to beget and be prolific; to fructify, 851-u.
Earth considered by the Phrygians as the mother of all things, 658-l.
Earth gives the elements and principles of Compounds subsistence, 784-m.
Earth, opinion of the ancients regarding the shape of the, 442-l.
Earth, or Rhea, the Mother of the effects of which Heaven is the father. 657. Earth regarded as one of the two first Divinities, Heaven the other, 401-m.
Earth rent asunder at the death of Dionusos, 393-l.
Earth revolving around the Sun known to Thales and Pythagoras, 343-u.
Earth symbolized by the figure three, 632-m.
Earth the center of the Universe to the ancients, 593-l.
Earth to the Initiate is the World manifest to the senses, 785-u.
Earth, by its union with Tartarus, engenders Typhon, the power of darkness, 659-l.
Earth, the matrix of the world; of beings engendered by the heavens, 668-l.
Earth, the Mother, impregnated by Heaven, becomes fruitful, 656-l.
Earth, the Producer, the Mother, a female; Mother Earth, 851-u.
Earth the Soul's place of exile; not its home, 520-m.
Earth, the wife of heaven, a part of the ancient mythologies, 658-m.
Earthly nature subjugated by the spiritual symbolized by the Master's Compass, 854-l.
East, faith of people of the West connected with the faith of the, 247-l.
Eastern nations early substituted Nature worship for the primitive faith, 600-l.
East, the place of Light, because the name of Deity is displayed, 287-m.
East, the seat of Mithras in the sacred cave, 413-m.
East would prevail over the West if the Templars rebuilt the Temple, 816-u.
Ecbatana, seven different colors in the enclosures of, 233-m.
Ecbatana, the site of the palace of Deioces with seven circular walls, 729-u.
Eclipses of the Sun and Moon caused by a dragon, 498-501-u.
Ecliptic, the path of the Sun through the Constellations, 447-u.
Edda of Icelanders in a dialog defines God, 619-u.
Edenic river divided into four streams, 58-u.
Edifice of good proportions built by philosophical use of Masonic tools, 787-l.
Educated mind appreciates the superiority of law, 696-m.
Education and enlightenment opposed to - , 160-l.
Education may quicken the intellect, but leave the heart hollow, 39-l.
Education one of the chief missions of Masonry, 153-u.
Edward the Second, election of officers in statutes of, 34-u.
Egean Islands, Dionusos was Butes, Dardanus, Imbros in the, 585-m.
Egg a symbol of the Greeks, Coresians, Egyptians, Japanese, Magi, etc, 472-m.
Egg and a serpent a common symbol, 496-l.
Egg at feet of Bacchus gives up Love, who, with Night, organized Chaos, 663-l.
Egg borrowed from the Egyptians and carried to Greece, 655-l.
Egg divided between the good and evil Constellations and Angels, 472-l.
Egg, Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, symbolized by the, 402-l.
Egg issued from the mouth of the Egyptian God, Kneph, 472-m.
Egg made use of as a symbol by disciples of Zoroaster and Mithra, 403-u.
Egg of generation symbolized by the figure nine, 636-l.
Egg of philosophy enclosed in a mould of oak, 783-u.
Egg, Phanes, the luminous God, issues from the Sacred, 404-m.
Egg, Phtha, image of the Supreme Intelligence in the World, comes from an, 254-m.
Egg producing worlds figures in all cosmogonies, 771-l.
Egg represented the concavity of the celestial sphere enclosing all things, 663-l.
Egg represented the world and its spherical envelope; symbolism, 400.
Egg, symbol of the Universe, issues from the mouth of Kneph, 254-m.
Egg symbolizes the double power, the active and the passive, 655-l.
Egg symbolizes the two Unities, the Soul and the Intelligence, 415-u.
Egg: various references to the sacred, 663-l.
Egypt, judgment on the dead in, 187-m.
Egypt; orthodoxy carried by Moses out of, 843-l.
Egypt; orthodox traditions reigned in the time of Joseph in, 843-l.
Egyptian conception of Deity and the creation of things, 281-m.
Egyptian entombed considered as on his way to a reunion with his Deity, 653-u.
Egyptian god, Apis, made by Aaron, 206-m.
Egyptian God, Kneph, the egg issued from the mouth of the, 472-m.
Egyptian Gods, Horus, Isis, Osiris, Amun, subordinate to Athom, 597-l.
Egyptian great Divinities, the Sun and the Moon, Osiris, Isis, 458-m.
Egyptian idolatry abhorred by Persians, who sought to extirpate it, 610-m.
Egyptian method of dealing with the day short each year, 467-m.
Egyptian Mysteries, summary of the legend of the, 375-380.
Egyptian Mysteries, teachings of, 369-m.
Egyptian new year fixed by the Dog Star or Sothiac Period, 467-m.
Egyptian or Oriental elements not incorporated by Philo, 253-u.
Egyptian Priests knew how to temper action by action, 842-l Egyptian sanctuaries taught that the earth revolved around the Sun, 843-u.
Egyptian Supreme Being; all other gods manifestations of the, 281-m.
Egyptian priests studied abstract sciences, cultivated the fine arts, 362-l.
Egyptian Temples decorated at portals with circle and serpents, 496-m.
Egyptian Tetractys borrowed by Pythagoras and the Hebrews, 88-m.
Egyptian Triad, Osiris, Isis, Horus, principles of the, 87-m.
Egyptians a religious people; their views of the Universe, 665-m.
Egyptians adored the Sun as an infant at the Winter Solstice, 465-u.
Egyptians deemed the name Isis sacred and incommunicable, 620-u.
Egyptians, God conceived the Universe before he created it, according to the, 369-m.
Egyptians had but three seasons, 549-u.
Egyptians held the soul immortal and Osiris was to judge the world 623-l.
Egyptians paint a fish to express hatred, 456-m.
Egyptians place intellect and reason first as self existent, 614-u.
Egyptians recognized more than one Triad, 548-l.
Egyptians recognized as gods the stars of the Zodiac, 458-l.
Egyptians regarded the Universe as a great Deity composed of a. number of Gods, 459-u.
Egyptians, seed vessel of the lotus a sacred symbol to the, 9-u.
Egyptians taught reverence for One Supreme God 1,500 years before Moses, 364-l.
Egyptians the tutors of the Greeks in religious dogma, 617-u.
Egyptians worshipped fire, the river Nile and other elements, 459-u.
Eight stars of the Gnostic ogdoade represent the angles of the cube, 635-l.
Eight symbolizes perfection, 635-l.
Eight, the first cube, and represents friendship, justice, 635-l.
Eight, the first cube, that of two, 60-l.
Eight, the octary, composed of the sacred numbers, three and five, 635-l.
Eighteenth Degree, Prince (Knight) Rose Croix, 276-u.
Eighteenth Degree replaces the three old pillars with others, 287-l.
Eighteenth Degree teaches three things - , 287-l.
Eighth day of Greek Mysteries, the feast of Aesculapius, 434-m.
Eighth Degree: Intendant of the Building, 136-u.
Eighth Degree, teaching of the, 137-u.
Eleatic philosophers treated conceptions as entities, 675-l.
Elect (Elu) of the Nine, 9th Degree, lessons and purposes, 149-u.
Elect; when the searcher discovers the place in which Truth is hidden he is a True, 785-l.
Elements and essences a natural and true symbol of Divine Power, 611-u.
Elements, animals, principles of the Hermetic Masons described, 791-m.
Elements, four, and Principles, three, reside in all compounds, 784-u.
Elements, four, engender the Stone in proper combination and weight, 784-m.
Elements, when first created, were in confusion, but God brought order, 609-l.
Elephanta, Initiations consummated in the Temple of, 361-u.
Eleusiniae, the Greater, celebrated in the month of seed time, 394-m.
Eleusiniae, the Greater, ceremonies of initiation into the, 394-m.
Eleusinian Mysteries in honor of Ceres celebrated at Athens, 352-m.
Eleusinian Mysteries of two kinds, the great and the small, 352-m.
Eleusinian Mysteries, officers, description, symbolism, 411-412.
Eleusinian Mysteries preserved some symbols of Magism, 840-u.
Eleusinian Mysteries presided over by an officer called King, 354-l.
Eleusinian Mysteries, the lesser, a preparation for the greater, 352-l.
Eleusis, description of the ceremonies of initiation, 403-m.
Eleusis, representation of Sun, Moon and Mercury, in the Temple of, 13-l.
Eleusis, Temple of, regarded as the common sanctuary, 379-m.
Eleusis, Universe represented by the Temple of, 13-l.
Eleventh Degree, Sublime Elu of the Twelve, duties of, 176-u.
Elizabeth and Cromwell protectors of Protestants, 70-u.
Elohim not only winged messengers of God, but the Starry Host, 509-m.
Elohim, the Hebrew name for the universal forces governing the world, 727-u.
Eloi, one of the seven Reflections of the Ophites, 563-m.
Eloquence a Force, 91-u.
Eloquence the faculty of making other hearts respond, 201-u.
Elu of the Fifteen should lead in enlightening, 171-l.
Elu, Perfect, 14th Degree, 218-u.
Elu, Perfect; when a Mason is entitled to be called a, 228-l.
Elus, or Elect, the name of the Initiates of highest class of Gnostics, 542-l.
Elxaites adopted the seven spirits of the Gnostics and named them - , 564-m.
Elysium depicted in Eleusinian Mysteries, 403-l.
Emanation, at the beginning, gave forth from the Father Microprosopos, 794-l.
Emanation; Divinity limited, but not manifested into entities; world of, 768-l.
Emanation doctrine fundamental among Gnostics, 248-l.
Emanation is a more imperfect, diminished mode than His Perfection, 760-u.
Emanation of a ray of light the cause and principle of everything, 286-l.
Emanation, the Thought of the Supreme Deity the first, 562-l.
Emanation theory of the Kabalahists takes the form of Sephiroth, 552-u.
Emanations are all included in the First Sephiroth; Deity as Will, 766-u.
Emanations are portions of God's Light or nature, 766-u.
Emanations designate God as manifested, but not the Supreme, 271-m.
Emanations from the Universal Intelligence filled the Universe, 669-m.
Emanations, Gnostic expression for the 365, 271-m.
Emanations, God reveals Himself only by His, 267-u.
Emanations, names of ten, 267-m.
Emanations, names of the Basilidean or Gnostic, 554.
Emanations not beings, but sources of life, types of creation, 267-u.
Emanations of Deity are his manifested Creative Forces, 701-m.
Emanations of Deity symbolized by lights, 202-l.
Emanations of the Empire of Light make the Deity manifest, 565-l.
Emanations of the Kabalah or Sephiroth, 267-m.
Emanations of the powers that make up Divinity in Zodiacal existence, 669-u.
Emanations or Sephiroth are attributes of God, 267-m.
Emanations produced from Kether by the descent of Yod, 756-u.
Emanations, sexual characteristics are symbolically assigned to some, 766-u.
Emanations, ten in number, three of one class, seven of another, 233-m.
Emanations, theory of the Basilidean or Gnostic, 554.
Emblems a part of the language of Masonry, 241-l.
Emblems and names of Deity met in all Degrees, 137-u.
Emblems are veils that cover the Truth; are often misunderstood, 331-m.
Embryo receives the Soul immediately after conception, 755-l.
Emerald tablet of Hermes describes the grand agent, the force, 774-m.
Empedocles asserted the moving force to be Mind, 676-l.
Empire of Light, a chain of emanations making manifest the Deity, 565-l.
Empire of Light alone is eternal and true, 565-l.
Employed and employer, teachings of Scottish Rite in regard to, 330-m.
Endeavor, Human, likened to the effects of evaporation, 320-u.
Endeavor, success and happiness come from thorough - , 195-u.
Enemies often bring us more profit than our friends, 814-m.
Energy, Wisdom is the Intellectual Generative, 305-m.
Enigmas of Masonry hide the dogmas of Magism, 839-l.
Enigmas of the Sphynx, 8-l.
Enigmatical language used in speaking of the secrets of Nature, 659-m.
Ennead, an aggregate of nine things or persons, 636-l.
Ens, of the Kabalists, was possibility of potentiality before existence, 764-m.
Envy of Deity instanced in the healing skill of Aesculapius, 688-u.
Enoch, age, and meaning of the name of, 210-m.
Enoch deposited a cubical stone, teaching justice, accuracy, consistency, 827-u.
Enoch engraved on stone the dogmas of the science of Magism, 839-l.
Enoch invented books and writings; was the same as Hermes, 363-m.
Enoch, Manetho from certain pillars in Egypt extracted the history of, 363-l.
Enoch, near Thebes in a winding apartment underground were found the pillars of, 363-l.
Enoch, symbolism of the columns of, 210-m.
Enoch, Thoth, or the first Mercury, or Hermes, made inscriptions on the pillars of, 363-l.
Eon Christ Jesus never really clothed with a human body, 559-l.
Eon, Intelligence, commencement, first revelation of Divinity, the first, 560-u.
Eon Jesus, born of a virgin, united to Christos, with Sophia, redeemed the world, 560-m.
Eons, or Demons of Satan, sought to conquer the Realms of Light, 566-u.
Eons struggling to be united with God were restored to happiness, 560-m.
Eons, Truth and Grace were the Gnostic, 559-l.
Ephraim compared to an Ox, his device the Celestial Bull, 461-m.
Epicureans' wisdom and advantage - , 694-m.
Epicurus prefers the fables of tradition to the necessity of physicists, 694-m.
Epopt becomes a Seer after initiation, 522-u.
Equality of all men in the eye of God proclaimed by Christ, 309-u.
Equality of the relation between Above and Below forms the ternary, 771-l.
Equality, the concession which each makes to all, 43-l.
Equality with subjection to Authority a foundation of Free Government, 860-u.
Equator, the path between the equinoxes, 447-u.
Equilateral triangle enters into the composition of the Pyramids, 460-u.
Equilateral triangle, formation of the onmific letter in the center of the, 14-u.
Equilateral triangle formed by stars, 487-m.
Equilateral triangle inscribed within a Square a symbol of the Divine and Human, 858-m.
Equilateral triangle of the Pyramid symbolizes fire, 460-u.
Equilibrium, a universal law, symbolized by columns, 843-u.
Equilibrium adopted by Deity will be attended with perfect success, 767-u.
Equilibrium, between Authority and individual Action, 860-u.
Equilibrium between Divine Omnipotence and Free Will, 859-m.
Equilibrium between Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, 859-m.
Equilibrium between Necessity and Liberty, 859-m.
Equilibrium between our Passions and Moral Sense gives a well regulated life, 860-l.
Equilibrium did not exist when the seven Kings died, 797-l.
Equilibrium exists between Evil and Good in the Spiritual World, 782-l.
Equilibrium, in Deity, of apparently opposing properties, 769-l.
Equilibrium in ourselves between the Spiritual and Human in man, 860-l.
Equilibrium in the Deity between Infinite Justice and Infinite Mercy, 859-u.
Equilibrium in the Deity between Infinite Wisdom and Infinite Power, 859-u.
Equilibrium is in physics the universal law, 769-l.
Equilibrium is the Harmony that results from the analogy of contraries, 844-u.
Equilibrium led the Initiates to the law of gravitation, 843-u.
Equilibrium necessary for absolute liberty, 736-l.
Equilibrium of contraries and resultant harmony taught by the ternary, 792-u.
Equilibrium of contraries produces Light, Wisdom, Virtue, 845-u.
Equilibrium of infinite wisdom and force, Harmony the result of the, 8-u.
Equilibrium of Jachin and Boaz brings eternal permanence and stability, 736-l.
Equilibrium of Law and Equity; Divine Infinite Nature and the Human Finite, 768-l.
Equilibrium of Light and Darkness brings resultant Beauty, 792-m.
Equilibrium of Mercy and Justice produce the Harmony of the Universe, 552-m.
Equilibrium of opposites exemplified in the Kabalist Trinity, 552-m.
Equilibrium of Power and Wisdom produce Harmony, as the Son, the Word, 552-m.
Equilibrium of spiritual and material to produce Harmony and Beauty, 855-m.
Equilibrium of the apparent antagonism in man's nature, 765-u.
Equilibrium of the Balance referred to in the Siphra de Zeniuta, 762-m.
Equilibrium of the Sephiroth or Divine Emanations, 305-u.
Equilibrium of the seventh and eighth Sephiroth brings Success and Dominion, 736-l.
Equilibrium of the Spiritual and Material natures, Good and Evil, 764-l.
Equilibrium of things produced by the counterbalancing of fixedness and movement, 778-l.
Equilibrium of Wisdom and Intelligence, as male and female, 800-u.
Equilibrium preceded the turning of face to face by the Father and Mother, 795-l.
Equilibrium produced by the contrasts of the universal forces, 727-u.
Equilibrium restored upon the descent of the seven Conformations, 788-m.
Equilibrium results from the apparent opposition of two forces, 769-l.
Equilibrium; the balancing of Forces, or the science of, 843-u.
Equilibrium, the mystery of "the Balance" in the Sohar, 305-u.
Equilibrium, the supreme law of a Force which, if controlled, is infinite power, 734-u.
Equilibrium which explains the Mysteries of Nature symbolized by - , 548-m.
Equilibrium, with the Supreme Will holding the balance is the foundation of religion and science, 769-l.
Equilibrium's laws forgotten in the plans for the end of Evil, 847-l.
Equinox, season for celebrating the Mysteries of the Autumnal, 404-l.
Equinoxes, reference to the struggle between Light and Darkness in the, 404-l.
Equinoxes, tables giving entrances of the Sun at the, 450-u.
Equinoxes, the ancient initiations connected with the, 404-l.
Equinoxes the gates through which souls passed to and fro, 413-l.
Equinoxes, 25,856 years constitutes a revolution of the, 449-l.
Equipoise; distinction and harmonious ponderation of contrary forces in the universal, 848-u.
Equipoise, exemplification three times of the universal law of, 322-l.
Equipoise of Necessity and Liberty can not be understood by Reason, 848-l.
Equity and Justice characteristics of a Prince of Jerusalem, 241-m.
Equity the result of the equilibrium of Infinite Justice and Mercy, 859-u.
Erring brother to be spoken kindly to, 134-u.
Erring, wisdom taught by the consequences of, 181-u.
Error is the Shadow of Truth with which God illumines the Soul, 845-m.
Errors and prejudices, Truth to be substituted in public opinion for, 218-m.
Errors have seemed to be truths at times in public opinion, 218-l.
Eslik Khan the final judge in the doctrine of Lhamaism, 624-u.
Esoteric and exoteric doctrines, a distinction purely Masonic, 250-u.
Esoteric and exoteric doctrine, difference between, 248-u.
Esoteric meaning of the Ineffable Name, 697-l.
Esoteric meaning of the generation and production ideas, 701-l.
Essence of God includes Wisdom, Justice, Truth, Mercy and - , 582-m.
Essence: the Truth, Beauty, the Good, but one, 702-l.
Essenes adopted the doctrines of John the Baptist, 262-u.
Essenes, abstinence and maceration practiced by the, 260-u.
Essenes, belief and practices of the, 265-u.
Essenes believed in the esoteric as well as the exoteric meanings, 265-l.
Essenes believed in the resurrection of the soul alone, 265-m.
Essenes connected by the Tetractys with Pythagoreans, 264-l.
Essenes, Forms, ceremonies, Orders and principles of the, 263-l.
Essenes, in their devotions, turned towards the rising Sun, 264-l.
Essenes, mysticism and allegories found in the writings of the, 265-l.
Essenes not mentioned by Christ; doctrines nearly similar, 260-m.
Essenes observed the festivals of the Solstices, 265-l.
Essenes, Persian and Pythagorean opinions intermingled by the, 259-l.
Essenes required the tests of several degrees before admittance, 386-u.
Essenes resided in Palestine in the vicinity of the Dead Sea, 260-u.
Essenes spoken of by Josephus, Eusebius and Pliny as an ancient sect, 264-m.
Essenes, tenets of Confucius and Zoroaster resembled those of the, 264-l.
Essenes, the Eclectic Sect of Philosophers, esteemed Plato, 265-m.
Essenes, the faith of John, so nearly Christianity was that of the, 263-m.
Essenes, the 17th Degree, particularly concerned with the, 259-l.
Essenes were distinguished by simplicity and moral practices, 259-l.
Essenes, Zend Avesta prescribes observances similar to those of the, 260-u.
Essenes, Zoroastrian principles prevailed in the moral practices of the, 260-u.
Essential laws of fixedness and movement, counterbalanced, produce equilibrium, 778-l.
Establishment, for the Christian Mason, represented by Boaz. 641-m.
Eternal Laws which preserve the Universe the expression of God's Thought, 577-u.
Eternal life represented by a Tan cross with a circle over it. 505-u.
Eternal Mover, wholly in act, implied by Aristotle, 679-u.
Eternity enthroned amid Heaven's starry heights, 190-l.
Eternity, openings in the curtains of Time give glimpses of, 199-m.
Eternity symbolized by a serpent with its tail in its mouth, 496-m.
Ether, Electricity, Heat, fill and permeate the Universe, 845-l.
Ether extends everywhere, called the Soul of the World, 748-m.
Ethics of Confucius and the Chinese, 169-l.
Ethiopians changed Hindu Trinity to Creative Power, Goodness, Wisdom, 550-l.
Etruscan gate at Volterra has three heads on it, upon keystone and over side pillars, 551-m.
Etruscan name for the Sun God was Arkaleus or Hercules, 587-u.
Etruscans, a race from the Rhaetian Alps, acknowledged one God, 551-u.
Etruscans had images for the One God's attributes, 551-u.
Eucharist and other Holy Sacraments kept in secrecy, 541-l.
Euclid's forty-seventh, proposition in diagram and described, 789-m.
Euphrates, a stream of the Edenic river, 58-u.
Euresis, or the finding, was the recovery of the body of Osiris by Isis, 377-u.
Euripides concludes that men act wrongly through neglect, 690-l.
Eusebius asserts that God is not separate from the Universe, 667-m.
Eusebius gives names of principal officers of Eleusis, 411-m.
Eusebius' statements concerning Therapeutae and Gospels, 265-m.
"Eva," the generic Oriental name of the Serpent, 494-u.
Evangelic symbols depict the Magi guided by a Star and bearing gift, 730-l.
Evaporation, mighty effects of the slow, invisible process of, 319-m.
Eve, created by Ialdaboth, had children, evil angels, 563-m.
Eve, created by the Demons, seduced Adam and bound him to matter, 567-u.
Eve issues from the chest of Adam, 771-m.
Eve signifies a serpent and life circulating through all Nature, 376-m.
Eve's ternary name, added to Yod, gives Jehovah, Divine Tetragram, 771-m.
Even numbers traced backwards ended in nothing, 618-l.
Evidence of the Templar origin of modern Free Masonry, 820-l.
Evil, a Principle of Evil assumed to account for the existence of, 277-u.
Evil affects Deity's intellectual nature and man's moral responsibility, 684-m.
Evil, all in the world is not, 214-u.
Evil and Darkness synonymous because Darkness despoils man of enjoyments, 660-m.
Evil and Good, as independent existences, explained by theories, 682.
Evil and Good, categorical questions concerning, 648.
Evil and Good, coexisting, not explained, but staved off by theories, 687-u.
Evil and prosperity; light and darkness caused by Jehovah, 687-m.
Evil and Sorrow necessary in Humanity, 847-l.
Evil at first occult and could not be brought forth till Adam sinned, 796-m.
Evil created by Deity, according to the Sohar and Isaiah, 796-m.
Evil created from the fragments of the broken vessels of the Sephiroth, 794-l.
Evil coexistent with the wisdom, goodness, omnipotence of Deity, 684-m.
Evil demon in eternal controversy with God does not exist, 859-l.
Evil did not include the three numerations first emanated, 796-m.
Evil Force, or Devil, personified by - , 102-l.
Evil Genii and Signs were the Balance, Scorpion, Serpent, Dragon, 664-u.
Evil; God does not tempt or constrain men to do, 848-l.
Evil implied by the contemplation of the Good, 681-l.
Evil is temporary and for beneficent purposes, 274-u.
Evil is the shadow of the Good, and inseparable from it, 846-l.
Evil; laws of equilibrium forgotten in the dreams of the end of, 847-l.
Evil, matter at feud with the spirit from Deity is the Genius of, 281-l.
Evil must have preceded man's moral development, 680-m.
Evil, overthrow of, by a Redeemer taught in the 18th Degree, 287-l.
Evil, Persians imagined two Principles to explain the existence of Good and, 300-m.
Evil personified by error continued by the worship of abstractions, 694-u.
Evil principle a necessary existence, a Hindu dogma, 604-m.
Evil principle itself becomes Good, according to the Chaldeans, 549-u.
Evil principle formed from the darkness, 595-m.
Evil principle the motive power of brute matter, 474-l.
Evil principle to be overcome by a Redeemer or Mediator, 277-m.
Evil principle triumphant represented by Second Apartment, 288-m.
Evil principle urges men towards - , 221-m.
Evil results from idol worship, 691-m.
Evil sought to be explained by the Hebrew "Fall" of man, 685-m.
Evil spirits at war with the Pure Intelligences, 286-l.
Evil spirits seduced Man and caused his Fall, 286-l.
Evil symbolized by Winter and Typhon, 447-l.
Evil, the serpent held to be the symbol of malevolence and all, 497-u.
Evil to end and Good reign in eternity but a poet's dream, 847-l.
Evil will be overthrown by an emanation from God, 274-u.
Evil will disappear when Odin kills the great snake, 593-u.
Evil with an independent existence creates a dilemma, 681-l.
Evil would not have been if Deity had not created worlds and then destroyed them, 797-m.
Evil, wrong, suffering, but temporary discords in a great Harmony, 577-u.
Evils came from the fragments of the vessels, the Kings from Binah, 797-u.
Evils created by Deity to afflict men when they sin; blessing to reward the just, 797-l.
Evils foreseen by God are provided for and consistent with his love, 716-u.
Evils occur because God wills them to afford occasion for resignation, 717-u.
Evils to be warred against now as in former days, 578-m.
Evil's worlds created from the shattered numerations from Benignity, 796-m.
Evolution and development followed the Idea of Creation in Deity, 767-u.
Examples are the most lasting lectures, 181-l.
Exceptions to the rule that virtue is rewarded and vice punished, 705-l.
Excommunication of Church of Rome, 74-m.
"Exhalation," definition of term in astrology, 463-l.
"Exhalation" of planets made the occasion of a feast, 463-l.
Existence of God known through the Power communicated to man by the Word, 598-u.
Existence, the Gnostics distinguished three orders of, 560-l.
Existence, the Supreme Being the only Real, 266-l.
Existence without a beginning, self-existence, inconceivable, 570-m.
Existence without consciousness is an abstract being, 706-m.
Existences and Superior Intelligence the basis of doctrines, 553-u.
Exultation at deserved fall shrinks abashed at God's chastisement, 813-u.
Ezekiel directs a Tau cross placed on the people of Jerusalem who - , 503-l.
Ezekiel, symbolism of the number four in the vision of, 58-u.
Ezekiel's prophecy not explained by Christians, 731-u.
Ezekiel's visions are mysterious expressions, 321-l.


Fabrication, matter and bodies, as it were of manufacture, the world of, 768-l.
Fabrications, World, embraces the six members contained in Malakoth, 795-l.
Faith, a great moral Force, is the only true Wisdom, 91-m.
Faith, a necessity, 28-l.
Faith and Reason, domain of each, 28-m.
Faith begins where Reason sinks exhausted, 841-m.
Faith, blind, sets Reason at defiance and leads to - , 304-m.
Faith enables us to see that Evil is consistent with Infinite Goodness and Mercy, 859-l.
Faith has for its bases sentiment and reason, 776-u.
Faith, Hope, Charity, replace the three pillars of the old Temple, 287-u.
Faith, Hope, Charity, the old pillars under new names, 288-u.
Faith, man only responsible for the uprightness of his, 166-u.
Faith must have a foundation in Reason or consciousness, 301-m.
Faith necessary for guidance of man, 197-u.
Faith reared on the foundations of God's justice and the law of merit, 706-u.
Faith, the converse of arrogant confidence, represented by the Sun, 727-l.
Faith, the Light by which the human soul is enabled to see itself, 809-l.
Faith will stumble and sentiment mislead unless knowledge directs, 710-l.
Faithful held meetings in private places at night to avoid persecution, 543-m.
Faithful instructed in the grand mysteries of Christianity, 541-l.
Faithful only were admitted to the Christian Mysteries, 544-u.
Faithful, the second Mass of the Christian Mysteries called that of the, 541-l.
Faithful, the third degree of the Christian mysteries, 541-l.
Faithfulness to family, friends, country, 112-m.
Faithfulness to Masonic vows and pledges, 112-u.
Faiths, excellent moral precepts in all, 167-l.
Fall of Man, cause and remedy for the, 281-m.
Fall of Man, Jewish origin of the, 376-m.
"Fall" of Man necessary to account for the imperfections of work of a Perfect Being, 685-l.
Fall of Man, process of redemption, 287-u.
Fall of Man symbolizes a universal allegory of science, 100-l.
Fall of Man, symbolism and meaning of the, 305-l.
"Fall" of Man, the Hebrew mode of explaining the great moral mystery, 685-m.
Fallacy of general propositions of man's right to this or that, 835-l.
Falsehood a part of campaigns and controversies, 337-m.
Falsehood and Dishonesty, vices of the age, 578-l.
Falsehood is crime in words; Injustice the essence of, 100-l.
Falsehood sowed by the Press, 579-u.
Fan, purification of air and water symbolized by vase and winnowing, 412-m.
Fasting an indication of moral purity, 520-l.
Fatality is the linking together of effects and causes in a given order, 738-u.
"Father," a name for Deity even amongst the rudest nations, 683-u.
Father and Mother were face to face after the state of equilibrium was established, 795-l.
Father as Wisdom, the Mother as Intelligence, are in equilibrium, 800-u.
Father, Hakemah, denoting perfect Love, did not look Binah in the face, 763-u.
Father is Love and Mercy who impregnates the Mother with Benignity, 796-u.
Father of All, the world unanimous in the belief of one King and, 512-u.
Father Principle (the Male or Generative) comprehended in Yod, 763-l.
Father, the Spirit, active principle or generating power, 87-m.
Fathers Benignity, Severity, Beauty, proceed from the Father of Fathers, 794-l.
Father's First and Only begotten is the Word, 849-l.
Faust ascends to Heaven by stepping on the head of Mephistopheles, 822-l.
Faust, John, influence of printing, the invention of, 314-u.
Faust with his types worked great results, 43-u.
Favors must not be forgotten, 123-u.
Fear is always cruel, and Rome feared the heresy of the Templars, 820-m.
Fear of Wisdom that it would ascend to Kether or descend into Binah, 796-m.
Feast Day of Mithras, according to the Roman Calendar, Dec. 25th, 587-m.
Feasts established in honor of each planet at "exhaltation", 463-m.
Feasts fixed by risings, settings, conjunction of the fixed stars, 464-u.
Feasts marked the annual crises, the solstices and equinoxes, 714-u.
Feasts of Passover, Neuroz, of Fire and Light, when Sun was in Aries, 463-l.
Fellow-Craft compass has one point above and one below the Square, 854-l.
Fellow-Craft Degree, the 2nd, 22-u.
Fellow-Craft, Reason, Love, Faith, must guide the studies of a, 28-m.
Fellow-Craft studies the vegetable kingdom, symbolized by Schib, 632-u.
Fellow-Craft taught not to become wise in his own conceit, 38-l.
Fellow-Craft's grip, Philosophy, fails to raise the candidate, 640-l.
Fellow-Crafts in search of assassins, number, reference to Stars, 489.
Fellow-Crafts in search of the body represent the twelve Apostles, 641-l.
Fellowship, points of, first among the ordinances of Masonry, 137-u.
Fellowship symbolized by the five-pointed star or Pentangle, 634-m.
Female and male coupled are the Perfection of all things, 800-u.
Female characteristics given to Malakoth, in the Kabalah, 769-m.
Female is He, is left; male is Yod, is right; Vav is male and female, 763-m.
Female principle in Alchemy represented by Fire and Water, 791-l.
Female represented by the base of a right angle triangle, 789-m.
Female side of Hermetic figure has a Moon; a hand holding a Square, 850-m.
Ferouer, a pre-existing soul, the Idea of Plato, 256-l.
Ferouers, the third order of spirits, Thoughts of Ormuzd, 257-m.
Festival of the Winter Solstice, the Yuletide, became our Christmas, 368-u.
Festivals of the Druidical and Gothic Mysteries, 367-368.
Fidelity of man, everything that exists around us centers upon the, 199-m.
Fidelity to obligation a leading lesson in the 15th Degree, 237-u.
Fifteenth Degree an allegory based on historical truth, 237-u.
Fifth day of Greek Mysteries, procession of torches, 433-l.
Fifth Degree, Perfect Master, 114-u.
Figurative and allegorical language in Oriental books, 818-m.
Figurative language used by the ancients to describe secrets of nature, 659-m.
Finite beings impressed by illusions according to Hindu dogma, 604-l.
Finite man desires to see and talk to Infinity, 530-m.
Finite minds comprehend only by division, 702-l.
Finite minds conceive Truth, Beauty and Good as three essences, 702-l.
Finite minds, God can not infuse infinite conceptions into, 222-u.
Finite, no correct idea of the Infinite can be formed by the, 222-u.
Fire and heat have an analogy with life, 664-l.
Fire and light according to the old Persian idea, 611-m.
Fire and light represent attributes of Divinity in Hebrew writings, 611-u.
Fire animates the stars and circulates in nature and includes all souls, 399-l.
Fire gives the elements and principles of compound movement, 784-m.
Fire invoked as "Son of Ormuzd", 612-m.
Fire, its splendor, light, their relative effects and relations, 741-u.
Fire of the Hermetics, secret, living, philosophical, spoken of reservedly, 775-u.
Fire of the Sun the principle of organization and life of things, 644-l.
Fire, one of the symbols of spiritual regeneration in the Mysteries, 357-l.
Fire, Ptha, the principal agent of the creative and productive, 254-m.
Fire, sacred, representing the soul returned to its origin when - , 385-u.
Fire, soul of the world and universal principle likened to the celestial, 417-m.
Fire the Primal Ether, according to the Chaldean Oracles, 742-m.
Fire used as a test to represent the possible purification of the soul, 397-u.
Fire would not warm if it could not also burn human flesh, 846-l.
First Begotten Son of God was the Word, not the first created, 772-m.
First Born, the Creative Agent emanated from Male and Female Force, 267-m.
First Born, the Primitive Man, Adam Kadmon, Light of Lights, 267-m.
First Cause a necessity; the Intelligent Soul of the Universe, 574-m.
First Causes which flow from the First Cause are resulting and finite. in mode, 760-u.
First day of Greek Mysteries the initiates assemble; time, 433-m.
First Degree, Apprentice, 1-m.
First principles of all existences are unity and duality, 630-l.
First Principle, Plato on the nature of, 99-u.
Fish: early Christian mark shaped like a, 547-l.
Fish painted on monuments to express hatred by Egyptians, 456-m.
Five a mysterious number, compounded of Binary and Ternary, 633-l.
Five circuits in 8th Degree allude to points of fellowship, 137-u.
Five expressed by five-pointed or blazing star, 58-m.
Fire expresses the state of imperfection we see on earth, 633-l.
Five is the Duad added to the Triad; symbolism of numbers, 58-m.
Five, measures the hypothenuse, obtained from the three and four, 861-m.
Five offers the image of the Bad principle, bringing trouble, 633-l.
Five points, or rules, observed by the Scottish Masters, 782-u.
Five primitive powers, elements, recognised by Indians and Chinese, 469-l.
Five, the emblem of marriage; Juno's hieroglyph was five, 634-u.
Five, the number of the Fellow-Craft Degree, from the Hyades, 487-u.
Fixed, applied to everything that tends to central repose and immobility, 778-l.
Flamel made the Rose the sign of accomplishment of the Great Work, 821-l.
Flamel, Nicholas, treats of Hermetic Science, 774-l.
Flamel, the Book of the Jew, Abraham, 821-l.
Flaming Star, a symbol of the Ramsay Degree of Grand Scottish Master, 782-u.
Flaming Star the emblem of the Shekinah or presence of God, 782-l.
Flood, the number seven in connection with accounts of the, 233-m.
Fo, the Chinese name for the Hindu God, Sakya, 551-m.
Fo, the Indian Buddha, the Great Deity himself, 429-m.
Follies of the Alchemists to save them from persecution, 733-u.
Folly to repine because we are not angels, 696-m.
Fomalhaut near Pisces, malignant influence of Sign, 456-m.
Force and strength subordinate to mildness and goodness, 681-l.
Force described in the Hermetic tablets of emerald is the grand agent of the operations, 774-l.
Force, harmony of the world maintained by the Soul of Nature; Divine, 668-m.
Force, Harmony, Wisdom, the Great Attributes of the Essence of Deity, 531-m.
Force, if possessed, enables man to revolutionize the world, 734-u.
Force, Intellect, must regulate the people's blind, 1-m.
Force of God exerted on two invisible gases forms water, 845-l.
Force of the people must be limited, restrained, 4-l.
Force of the people symbolized by the gavel, 5-u.
Force, stronger than rage, represented by Mars, 727-l.
Force, unregulated or ill-regulated, a menace, 1-m.
Force which animates all emanates from the Heavenly eternal fire, 666-l.
Force, the Executing and Creating Power, 531-m.
Force which repels a Planet from the Sun no more evil than the other, 860-u.
Forces analogous and contrary the one to the other produce equilibrium, 727-u.
Forces at man's disposal, his Working Tools, 88-92.
Forces: Faith, Hope, Charity, the greatest moral, 91-m.
Forces, First Born, emanated from generative and conceptive, 267-m.
Forces in action and opposition result in Harmony and movement, 859-l.
Forces mechanical and materiality of agents of Divinity explain nothing, 729-m.
Forces of Divinity, Light, Spirit and Life, Primitive, 267-m.
Forces of nature man's slaves or masters, 734-u.
Forces of the Universe the forces of God, 707-m.
Forces opposing one another in action are not necessarily antagonistic, 860-u.
Forces or Impulses in continual conflict cause Life and Movement, 846-u.
Forces, or "Working Tools"; importance of appreciating the value of, 91-l.
Forces, the centrifugal and centripetal, 671-m.
Forces, the science of the equilibrium or the balancing of, 843-u.
Forgiveness is wiser than Revenge or punishment, 859-u.
Forgiveness more noble than revenge, 76-u.
Form into which Deity conformed himself the likeness of His form, 794-u.
Form is the Light inclosed in the seeds of all species, 783-m.
Form of the human is the form of all above and below and includes it, 794-u.
Formation, the first forms, souls or physical natures, is the world of, 768-l.
Formations, World, embraces the six members contained in Tephareth, 795-l.
Formless Deity present in all forms an idea of the Hindu philosophy, 673-m.
Formula of baptism among the Gnostics, 561-l.
Fortune deified by error continued by the worship of abstraction, 694-u.
Fortunate number is seven; leads to the perfect number, 628-l.
Forty days of mourning for Osiris, then the Vernal Equinox, 486-u.
Forty-seventh Proposition, explanation and numbers of, 87-u.
Forty-seventh Proposition of the first book of Euclid in diagram, 789-m.
Forty-seventh Proposition stated, 86-l.
Foundation of all religions and sciences, the primary and immutable idea of things is - , 769-l.
Four a divine number, the number of letters in the name of Deity, 633-l.
Four devices of the Degree; hear, see, silence, enjoyment, 629-l.
Four expressed by the square; symbolism of the number, 58-u.
Four horses of different colors drew the chariot of the Sun at the games, 464-m.
Four, in the Kabalah, expresses the law of natural phenomena, 732-u.
Four letters in the Hebrew Ineffable name, 632-l.
Four letters of the Tetragram contain everything, 732-m.
Four represented Nature, 209-u.
Four represents the generative power, an emblem of the Infinite, 632-l.
Four symbolizes a man bearing with himself a Divine principle, 633-m.
Four, the number of the Square, the measure of the perpendicular, 861-m.
Fourteenth Degree, Grand Elect Perfect and Sublime Mason, 218-u.
Fourteenth Degree, Perfect Elu, 218-u.
Fourth day of Greek Mysteries, mystic wreath of flowers in procession, 433-l.
Fourth Degree, Secret Master, 106-u.
Fraternity, Christ proclaimed a universal, 309-u.
Fraternity fruitful of good works preserved by Masonry, 137-l.
Fraternity, the protection of each by all, 43-l.
Fraternity with subordination to the Wisest and Best a foundation of Free Government, 860-u.
Frea, Odin, Thor, the Scandinavian Trinity, 552-u.
Frea, wife of Odin, one of the Northern triune Deity, 13-l.
Free agency and our will are forces, 6-l.
Free agency of man, or is he controlled by necessity, 684-m.
Free agency of man to do evil or choose good, 577-u.
Free government by people themselves a hard problem, 33-m.
Free government can not long endure when - , 203-u.
Free government constituted by equilibrium between Authority and Individual Action, 860-u.
Free government grows slowly, 33-m.
Free Government requires foundations of Liberty. Equality, Fraternity, 860-u.
Free governments promoted by disciplines of war, monarchy, priesthood, 92-l.
Free popular power only known in hour of adversity, 33-l.
Free, to be, the same thing as to be - , 180-m.
Free will and election a necessity since good and evil are in the world, 797-l.
Free will and inexorable Law difficult of comprehension, 689-u.
Free Will and Omnipotence in equilibrium gives the Law of right and wrong, 859-m.
Free will, categorical questions concerning man's, 649-u.
Free will consistent with God's Omnipotence and Omniscience, 855-u.
Free will coupled with Chance, or Fatalism coupled With Omniscience, 694-l.
Free will of God can not formulate an effect without a cause, 736-u.
Free will of man influences his life and conversation, 643-u.
Free will the essential attribute of the will itself, 723-m.
Freedom, civil and religious, must go hand in hand, 33-u.
Freedom determined by an agency external to us, 686-m.
Freedom, great need for guides who will not seek to be tyrants, 95-u.
Freedom, human, symbolized by Khurum, the Master, 211-u.
Freedom morally comes when Chance and Necessity give place to law, 695-m.
Freedom of man connected with his freedom of thought, 686-m.
Freedom of man lies in his reason, 94-m.
Freedom sensed when the individual independence develops itself according to its own laws, 695-m.
Freemasonry is the subjugation of the Human that is in man by the Divine, 854-l.
Freres Macons, Brethren Masons, corrupted into Free Masons, 816-m.
Friends and Home more than offset sufferings and desolations, 141-u.
Friendship and sympathy, a Force, 88-l.
Fruit will come in the due season if we plant the seed, 317-u.
Fruit of "Knowledge of good and evil"; Adam forbidden to eat of the, 567-u.
Furniture of a Lodge, 11-m.
Future, a scene for speculation, 139-m.
Future, best preparation for, make best use of Present, 139-l.
Future existence in which injustices will be remedied, 830-l.
Future life and rewards and punishments there taught in the Mysteries, 392-u.
Future life, doctrine of a, clothed in the pomp of mysterious ceremony, 385-u.
Future, light let in on the present by the contemplation of the, 232-l.
Future punishments described in the Mysteries to impose the lesson - , 395-l.
Future punishments in Tartarus depicted, 396-m.
Future punishments were real to the Profane, though allegorical to the Initiate, 396-m.
Future reward and punishments a fundamental principle of the Hindu religion, 604-m.


"G" in the Fellow-Craft Degree represents God and Geometry, 640-m.
"G," represents the Hebrew Jod or Yod, the generative principle, 632-u.
"G" said to signify Geometry, 40-m.
"G," initial letter of the Hebrew word Geparaith, signifying Sulphur, 780-m.
Gabriel, the face of the Ox, on north and left hand, with He, and Fire, 798-m.
Gad, as a warrior, has for device the Ram, domicile of Mars, 461-l.
Gain, necessity of shaking off the love of; effects of, 40-u.
Galen states that differing schools of study were equally important, 711-u.
Gamaliel, the Rabbi, taught Paul the Kabalah, 769-u.
Games of the circus in honor of the Sun, Nature, Planets, Elements, 461-u.
Garment is an interposed medium, 795-u.
Garment nearest His substance is the vacant space of creative acts, 748-u.
Gate of Men through which souls descended was called Cancer, 438-u.
Gate of the Gods through which souls reascended was called Capricorn, 438-u.
Gates at the steps of the ladder, names, material, symbolism, 414-u.
Gates of the Sun, Souls descended from Heaven to earth through the, 438-u.
Gates through which souls descended and reascended used in Mysteries, 412-413.
Gautama, the Hindu God, Sakya, so called by the Ceylonese, 551-m.
Gavel, hieroglyphic picture of a Master's, 80-l.
Gea and Ouranos, Grecian Deities of Earth and Heaven, 850-l.
Geburah, in the Kabalah, is called Judgment, which includes limitation, 764-l.
Geburah, Mother, Severity or Strict Justice, the fifth Sephiroth, 552-m.
Geburah, one of the Sephiroth; Austerity, Rigor or Severity, 753-m.
Geburah represents, or is, the Ox, 798-m.
Geburah, the Sephiroth, conjoined sexually with Gedulah to produce Tepareth, 764-l.
Gaber, an Arab, cultivated the Hermetic Science, 840-l.
Gedulah and Geburah, the two arms of Adam Kadmon, 758-u.
Gedulah, Geburah, Tepareth denoted by Yod, He, Vau, 798-m.
Gedulah, one of the Sephiroth; magnificence or Benignity, 753-m.
Gedulah or Khased, Father, Benignity or Mercy, the fourth Sephiroth, 552-m.
Gedulah represents or is the Lion, 798-m.
Gemini, Castor and Pollux, the Dioscuri, the Cabiri, 454-m.
Generation begins with the vegetable kingdom, hence "G" is displayed, 632-u.
Generation constituted the process of Creation, to the ancients, 771-l.
Generation is the meaning of the letter G, or Jod or Yod, in triangle, 632-u.
Generation of Angels and Worlds the secret of the Occult Sciences, 844-u.
Generation primarily by the action of the Sun, secondarily by the Moon, 657. Generation solely caused by the Sun, Moon and Stars, 469-l.
Generation symbolized by Gemini, the Twins, at remote period, 401-l.
Generation the effect of the union of the Active and Passive, 657. Generation, the Power of, 305-m.
Generative and Productive are always in conjunction, 766-l.
Generative number, the Unit, and two, 628-m.
Generative organs carried in procession; mutilation of, 412-l.
Generative organs venerated by all ancient people as symbols, 656-m.
Generative Power or Spirit and Matter originally in Deity, 700-m.
Generative power seated in the Sun, 669-u.
Generative power symbolized by the Stauros and the Cross, 771-l.
Generative Power to beget intellectual action in Binah, the Intellectual Faculty, 766-m.
Generative principle represented by the letter G, initial of the name of Deity, 632-u.
Generous Mason regrets dissensions and disputes, 123-m.
Genesis assigns the formation of the world to the Alhim, 568-m.
Genesis in a second fragment ascribes; creation to Ihuh-Alhim, 568-m.
Genii dispensed the Good and the Evil, six on each side, 416-u.
Genii intermediaries between Gods and men, the Universal Providence, 416-u.
Genii of Decans had names, characteristics; aid in effects produced, 470-m.
Genii of the Gnostics, 271-l.
Genii or Angels differed in character; some good, some evil, 416-u.
Genii, six, created by Ormuzd, prototypes of Archangels, 256-l.
Genii the media of communication between man and the Gods, 441-m.
Genii were the Intelligences that reside in the planets, 441-m.
Genii were the powers and faculties of nature, part of the science of initiation, 415-l.
Genitals of the Vernal Bull bitten by the Scorpion represents - , 412-l.
Genius gets Power, its lieutenants are Force and Wisdom, 30-m.
Genius, the strenuous application of commonplace faculties, 174-m.
Geometry does not sufficiently express the science of numbers, 34-m.
Germans adored God without daring to name Him, 621-l.
Ghe, the Earth, one of the first divinities, the wife of Ouranos, 658-u.
Gihon, a stream of the Edenic river, 58-u.
Gimli or Vingolf, the Heaven of the Icelanders, 619-m.
Globe, ancients had no idea the earth was a, 442-l.
Globes, celestial and terrestrial, on columns, 17-m.
Gloria Dei est celare verbum. Amen, 861-l.
Glory and ambition in the highest degree is to strive to benefit others, 853-u.
Glory: God does not tempt or constrain men to do evil, and that is the Infinite, 848-l.
Glory is one of the last four Sephiroth of the Kabalah, 848-l.
Glory of Deity displayed in the Universe as a reflection, 673-m.
Gnosis expresses the idea of cognizance by intuition, 771-m.
Gnosis of Carpocrates consists of one Deity and spirits ruling Earth, 562-m.
Gnosis proscribed by Christians; Sanctuary closed against initiation, 840-m.
Gnostic doctrine, rise and explanation of, 248-256.
Gnostic Julian infected with the allegories of Grecian Polytheism, 732-u.
Gnostic Mysteries made known to the heads of the Templars, 817-m.
Gnostic seals and abraxae adopted by Templars, 235-m.
Gnostic sects had Mysteries and an initiation, 542-l.
Gnostic seven Spirits adopted by the Elxaites, 564-m.
Gnostic science rested on a square whose angles were - , 633-u.
Gnostic Simonians had a Priesthood of the Mysteries, 542-m.
Gnostic Stauros an image of generative power, 771-l.
Gnostic theories and ideas of Deity, 554-567. Gnostic Valentinians imitated the Mysteries of Eleusis, 542-l.
Gnosticism developed into heretical forms, 818-u.
Gnosticism imperfectly revealed the disfigured occult science of the Magi, 839-m.
Gnosticism, Jews of Syria and Judea the direct precursors of, 255-m.
Gnostics all agreed on a creation directly out of the Divine Essence, 557-m.
Gnostics agreed that the Demiurge was the framer of this lower world, 557-m.
Gnostics all agreed that the Father was not the framer of this lower world, 557-m.
Gnostics, analogy between the doctrines of Alexandria and those of the, 249-m.
Gnostics and Disciples of Christ held the doctrine of the transmigration of souls, 399-l.
Gnostics and Philo, the Supreme Being was the Light to the, 280-l.
Gnostics born of the Kabalah, 626-u.
Gnostics connected their faith with the Christianity of St. John, 815-m.
Gnostics, derivation of their leading doctrines and ideas, 248-m.
Gnostics, doctrines of Zoroaster borrowed by the, 258-l.
Gnostics, fundamental doctrines of, 248-m.
Gnostics held the universal agent composed the body of the Holy Spirit, 734-m.
Gnostics introduced theosophical speculations, 248-m.
Gnostics made Souls ascend and descend through eight Heavens, 441-u.
Gnostics may have received something from the Chinese; saying of Lao-Tseu, 259-u.
Gnostics received from Platonists the idea that - , 255-m.
Goat's head given to Sulphur by the Hermeticists, 779-l.
God, a Mason's conception of and belief in, 224-l.
God a mystery, as everything surrounding us is, 574-m.
God, a perfect being, an Abyss, the Primitive Father, always has been, 559-l.
God a Perfect Cause, everywhere as Perfect Providence, 716-m.
God, a pure spirit, indivisible, omniscient, all powerful, one, 608-u.
God, a Somewhat with Power, Wisdom, Intelligence, 739-m.
God. According to capacities, so vary the conceptions of, 206-l.
God, afflictions and calamities lead the mind to, 189-m.
God, all names are contained in the Kabalistic name for the Idea of, 98-m.
God an hypothesis imposed by good sense on Human Reason, 738-u.
God, an infinite, eternal Soul or Spirit, 609-m.
God, an undiscoverable Being known only in proportion to the understanding, 516-l.
God and Light before creation; the coexistence of, 739-l.
God and the individual Soul are distinct, 852-u.
God and the Universe were one according to the Kabalistic view, 765-m.
God and Truth are inseparable, 713-u.
God as a mind picture may be as much of an idol as a wooden one, 693-m.
God as an actuality imagined to be a most occult light by the Kabalists, "Aur", 740-m.
God as an Infinite Being comes to us from our consciousness of - , 703-m.
God, as infinite justice, must respect the rights of man, 704-m.
God, as the world develops it outgrows its ancient idea of, 643-m.
God, attributes and ideas of the nature of, 279-286.
God beyond human comprehension, 605-u.
God called Alfadir in the Edda; is the Creator, 619-m.
God can do whatever he wills, being Omnipotent, 705-m.
God can not be known in His work but in his mode of manifesting Himself, 267-l.
God can not do impossibilities, 737-m.
God can will nothing but what is good and just, 705-m.
God, categorical questions concerning, 648.
God caused Himself to shine forth; is his own father; is prior to substance, 615-u.
God, Chance and Intelligence undistinguishable by Menander, 694-m.
God, conception of, varies with man's mental cultivation and powers, 223-l.
God confronted, felt, known when we reverence mighty cosmic force, 707-m.
God confounded with the Demiurge by the mass of the Jews, 558-u.
God created man in the image of Deity, Male and Female, 849-l.
God created the ideal world only, Logos the material, 251-l.
God defined in the Icelandic prose Edda, in a dialog, 619-u.
God defined in Sanscrit stanzas, 741-m.
God does not tempt nor constrain men to do evil, 848-l.
God dying, an inference from a literal interpretation of nature-worship, 588-m.
God, 18th Degree taught the unity of, 287-l.
God embraces tho principles of reality and cognizance, 707-l.
God, existing of Himself, alone, desired to manifest his perfections, 609-l.
God first created a Being he called the Word, 565-u.
God gives things their existence and their intelligibility, 708-u.
God governs by wise and inexorable laws, 228-u.
God has an infinite tenderness for his creatures, 704-m.
God has created things visible through the Logos, 251-m.
God, Hindu dogma of the existence of one, 604-m.
God, Idea of, grandest, most holy, most useful, 98-u.
God in communion with all material things, 710-u.
God in His manifested essence and as Alone has no name, 849-u.
God, in Latin and French, has for an initial the Delta or Greek triangle, 631-l.
God in men, animals, plants, 565-l.
God, in the Masonic creed, is Truth, Beauty, Goodness in Infinity, 706-l.
God incapable of anger, 718-u.
God, incarnate, submits to all conditions of visible existence, 588-m.
God indwelling in matter makes the world a revelation of Him, 710-u.
God is a Father in Heaven, a Monarch, a Human Being to the unlearned, 743-m.
God is a hypothesis; Absolute Reason is not one, 737-u.
God is a Paternal Being as taught by Masonry, 239-u.
God is Good and what he does is right, 240-u.
God is Good, the belief in a Devil proceeds from a conviction that, 324-u.
God Is, if a self-existent Force and its Intelligence are admitted, 100-m.
God is Illimitable Time in the Zend-Avesta, 256-l.
God is inconceivable; to investigate Him is but to perplex ourselves, 650-u.
God is life itself, eternal and perfect, 681-u.
God is not the Universe, though everywhere present in spirit and truth, 707-l.
God is Omnipotent, but effects without causes are impossible, 846-m.
God is one, a part of the Masonic old doctrine, 876-l.
God is One, extending through all the Universe; a single substance, 667-m.
God is our Father and we are brethren, 227-l.
God is silent, consents with Mind and is known to Souls through Mind, 582-m.
God is the reflected image of man as conceived by man himself, 223-m.
God Is, the studies which convince a man that, 226-l.
God keeps watch over the little and the great, producing variety from Unity of Force, 829.
God known only through his attributes, 555-m.
God known to us only by his Attributes, 575-l.
God, laws of, 8-u.
God loves his creatures, 717-l.
God loves us all, so we can look complacently on evils, 715-u.
God made the world and, of necessity, it is good and perfect, 705-m.
God manifested Himself by His Thought; source of His manifestations, 559-l.
God manifested in Binah characterized himself Intelligent, 753-u.
God manifested in the several Sephiroth displayed their characteristics, 753-m.
God manifested in Yod called himself Wise; the vessel of Hakemah, 753-u.
God may be called Ihuh after the conception of Creation, 752-u.
God must be free, if man is, possessing infinite liberty, 703-l.
God must be omnipresent in space and time, 709-l.
God, nature of the Supreme; references to Egyptian Gods, 431-u.
God never reveals himself in the sensible world but through the Demiurge, 558-u.
God not a logical being to be explained by deductions, 703-m.
God not able to perform some miracles, 736-u.
God not an abstract God, but an intelligent, free person, 707-u.
God not an Abstraction, but a real Being, a moral person, 703-l.
God not inert and uncreative during the eternity behind the Universe, 849-u.
God not separated from the Universe, attested by Eusebius, 667-m.
God not to be made into any mode or like to the Sons of Men, 752-u.
God not to be represented by any figure or image or letters He or Yod, 752-u.
God not yet having created, and as alone, has no name, 848-l.
God, nothing can be imagined more excellent than, 224-u.
God now compared to Light deemed unphilosophical, if not Atheistic, 739-m.
God of Good and a God of Evil, each independent, eternal, 565-l.
God of Good must in the end overcome the God of Evil, 565-l.
God of many Christians but the old heathen gods, 296-u.
God of the New Platonists was one simple Original Essence, 284-l.
God only Wise, Man's wisdom but a reflection, 251-l.
God penetrates the man and becomes a living spirit within him, 609-m.
God perfect and infinite in his attributes, 574-l.
God preordained suffering and calamity, 228-l.
God, philosophers taught to but few the true knowledge of, 207-l.
God possesses a secondary Intelligence which descends to matter, 415-m.
God possesses Charity, the supreme virtue of man, 704-m.
God possesses infinite intelligence and infinite liberty, 704-u.
God, prayer to, 6-l.
God, prior even to the first God and King, conceived things by his intellect 614-l.
God produced all things by His Intellect, Will, Free Determination, 759-l.
God, Pythagoras' definition of, 285-l.
God regarded as that from which Light flows by the Sabeans, Kabalists, 739-l.
God regarded by the Masons as a Moral Governor, as well as an Original Creator, 224-l.
God, relations of a Mason to, 227-l.
God, religious requisite of a Mason is a belief in one True, 164-u.
God represented by the Demiurge on the lower stage of existence, 557-l.
God represented by the Gnostics as an unfathomable Abyss, 555-n. God represented by the hieroglyphic of a horned serpent, 495-u.
God, result of a low conception of, 223-l.
God revealed in the True, the Beautiful, the Good, 708-u.
God reveals Himself by His attributes, 267-l.
God reveals Himself in our convictions, conscience, instinct, 324-u.
God reveals Himself to us by His uttered Word, 324-u.
God said to Moses: "I am that which Is, Was and Shall Be", 848-l.
God, single Tau represent one, 503-l.
God, Spirits of, ascent and descend on the ladder, 10-l.
God sums up in himself perfect Beauty, Truth and Good, 703-u.
God Supreme, from whom all other gods emanate or are by Him created, 597-l.
God, Temple of 7-l.
God, that the mass shall lack work and food seems to be a law of, 179-180.
God the Almighty Father and Source of All, 575-u.
God, the author of everything, the Eternal, the Supreme, the Living, 581-m.
God, the believing Mason conscious of being a co-operator with, 228-l.
God, the capacity of the mind to receive positive truth limits man's view of, 221-l.
God, the Cause, by whatever qualities known, 644.
God, the earliest exertion of thought resulted in the idea of, 511-l.
God, the first emanation, was Light, then Ormuzd, 256-l.
God, the First Supreme, Infinite Unity; All and One flowed forth from, 759-l.
God, the formal, efficient and final cause, 680.
God, the highest view we can form is the nearest to a true conception of, 223-l.
God, the Holy of Holies, as author of the moral law, 706-l.
God, the individual good of the Mason is considered by, 228-l.
God, the Infinite Parent, revealed by natural human religion, 715-m.
God, the Light principle from which souls emanate and return, 740-l.
God the Living Soul of the Universe, 574-l.
God, the Logos, dwells in, 251-u.
God, the Master Mason's Word is a knowledge of, 209-u.
God the necessary logical condition of a world; its necessitating cause, 708-l.
God, the Omnipotent Legislator, the source of the moral law, 701-l.
God the only original Existence, the Absolute, Author of all, 701-l.
God the Principle of Liberty, Justice, Charity, 706-l.
God the Principle of Moral Truth and of personal morality, 703-u.
God. The protest of Masonry against belief in a cruel God is Trust in, 196-l.
God, the sole, Self-existing Power, expanded his idea and appeared, 608-m.
God, the Soul of the Universe and coexistent with it, 709-u.
God, to Ancients, manifested by the Sun, 13-u.
God to be loved under the forms of Truth, Justice, Nobility of Soul, 707-u.
God too sublime to be known; displayed by Intelligences, 564-u.
God united to Wisdom communicated the germ of Creation, 251-l.
God was alone, formless, before he formed a conception of Creation, 752-u.
God was the Phos-Nocton, the Light cognizable only by the Intellect, 740-l.
God willed to produce beings, and from that which is produced Brahma, 608-l.
God wills a thing because it is just; it is a necessity for Him to do so, 737-u.
God wills a thing because it is just; it is not just because God wills it, 847-u.
God: Zoroastrians addressed hymns and prayers to the Supreme, 017-l.
Goddesses holding serpents are figures in Egypt and Assyria, 495-l.
God's actualities seem less lofty than our ideal of justice, 832-m.
Gods and Idols of Gods were symbols of truth to the ancient Sages, 302-l.
God's attention imagined to be continually centered on man, 302-l.
God's attributes are man's virtues, 704-u.
God's attributes are not God, 573-u.
God's attributes known only through their manifestations, 739-u.
Gods, Astronomical details and operations of Nature in histories of, 375-m.
God's character makes a difference in the conduct of people, 043-u.
Gods composing the Trinities of the Ancient religions, 576-m.
Gods created by personification of Stars and phenomena were worshipped, 508-m.
God's creations coexisting with Himself, 708-l.
God's Essence includes Wisdom, Justice, Truth, Harmony, Love, Eternity, 582-m.
God's existence and nature one of the highest questions, 642-m.
God's existence as comprehensible as the existence of a Soul, 573-l.
God's existence, every thinking creature must be conscious of, 605-u.
God's existence evidenced by our consciousness of the fact, 709-u.
God's existence ploughed deeply into Nature, 647-l.
God's existence taught by Reason, 743-u.
God's goodness seems to be impugned by disorder in the world, 705-m.
God's goodness the foundation of Truth, 142-l.
God's justice and the law of merit and demerit the foundations of faith, 706-u.
God's Justice, which is Severity, the Female, 846-u.
God's law consistent with His justice whether it corresponds with our notions or not, 830-u.
God's law of justice can not be measured by our standards, 830-l.
God's love governs our acts of charity; His justice governs our justice, 707-u.
God's love not inconsistent with the evils of existence, 718-u.
God's love takes care of all to the end, 240-m.
God's love the same as that in man, but in an infinite degree, 705-u.
God's Mercy, or Benignity, alone reigning, sin would go unpunished, 846-u.
God's mode of action a conception beyond our reach, 832-l.
God's modes of operation are the action of the Universe, 710-u.
God's nature and attributes, 680.
God's nature and attributes in the Zend-Avesta, 258-l.
God's nature, attributes, essence, wholly beyond us, 568-l.
God's nature is not conceivable by the human mind, 743-u.
God's nature, it is impious to assume or explain, 605-u.
Gods of the Veda, their origin and signification, 602-612.
God's Omnipotence the secret of Occult Sciences, 844-n. Gods, one of the bases of initiation was the providence and superintendence of the, 415-l.
God's Perfections produced the intellectual world by development, 559-l.
Gods personified, of secondary rank, falsely credited with Creator's work, 624-u.
God's poetry is man; his prose is nature, 715-l.
God's power provided for all the evils of existence, 716-u.
God's relations to a Mason, 227-l.
God's Thought conceiving the Universe and willing its creation, 575-u.
God's thought confronted when we, in our studies, attain a truth, 707-m.
God's Thought manifested and expressed in the Word, 575-l.
God's Thought uttered in His word created the Universe, 577-u.
God's Universe a mystery incomprehensible by man, 530-m.
God's varied actions are the Forces of Nature, 809-m.
Gods were mortal men who deserved to have their souls elevated after death, 398-m.
God's will controls every happening in the Universe, 859-m.
God's will has no moral authority except as it is just, 726-u.
God's will learned when we learn the right, 707-m.
God's wisdom foresaw all the evils of existence, 716-u.
God's Wisdom foresees what each will do and uses it as an instrument, 848-l.
God's Wisdom the mother of Creation, 251-l.
God's Word uttering His Thought becomes the Creator, 575-u.
God's work, in heaven, is done by angels; on earth, by men, 736-u.
Gold assigned to the Sun, 729-u.
Gold is all Spirit and incorruptible; the emblem of the Sun which presides over light, 788-u.
Gold of the Hermeticists is a true dogma, light, truth, but also material gold, 778-u.
Gold produced from Salt under the combined action of Sulphur and Mercury, 778-m.
Gold, to the eyes of the Initiate is Light condensed, 103-u.
Golden Age longed for when man communed with Deity, 653-u.
Golden calf of Aaron was one of the oxen under the bronze laver, 818-l.
Golden Fleece of Aries guarded by a serpent, 498-m.
"Golden Numbers," "golden verse," "golden Ass", 103-u.
Golden Rule should have the words "under the same circumstances" added, 836-u.
Good actions not always followed by happiness nor evil ones by misery, 705-l.
Good and Evil, belief concerning, 272-u.
Good and Evil, categorical questions concerning, 648.
Good and Evil coexisting, more active question than all others, 684-m.
Good and Evil coexisting, only staved off by inventions of theories, 687-u.
Good and Evil contests personified by the course of the Sun, 594-m.
Good and evil deities among Chaldeans, Greeks, etc, 661-m.
Good and Evil in the world necessitates Free will and election, 797-m.
Good and evil influences of the planets flowed from the Zodiac, 663-m.
Good and Evil principles by their equilibrium produce harmony, 549-u.
Good and Evil principles, ancient thought regarding, 221-m.
Good and Evil problems not solved by a Redeemer who shall end Evil, 847-l.
Good and Evil reconciled or the Universe would be a failure, 767-m.
Good and Evil, Revelations depict the struggle between, 272-l.
Good and Evil, Stars divided into the, 472-m.
Good and Evil symbolized by the contest between Ialdaboth and his mother, 563-m.
Good and Evil, the invisible Intelligences divided into the, 474-l.
Good and Light synonymous because Light multiplied man's enjoyments, 660-m.
Good, belief in a Devil an attempt to explain the existence of Evil and, 324-u.
Good can not cause Evil; it must have had another cause, 661-u.
Good counterbalances Evil; Light in equilibrium with Darkness, 764-l.
Good has as an inseparable shadow the Evil, 846-l.
Good implies its opposite, Evil, 681-l.
Good, in the Absolute, an attribute of the Absolute Being, 702-l.
Good, in the Absolute, is Good itself, superior to all particular duties, 702-l.
Good is beyond man himself; not so God's Good, 680-l.
Good is known by the evil, 797-m.
Good is not a consequence; it is first or nothing, 722-l.
Good men are tending to the realm of Perfection, 538-u.
Good men of every nation superior to popular deities, 562-l.
Good never separated from the evil; the two must mingle, 660-l.
Good, period of the final triumph of, 258-m.
Good principle divided into Creation, Preservation, Renovation, 604-m.
Good Principle identified with the Sun, 594-u.
Good principle represented by Masonry, 221-m.
Good principle urged men towards - , 221-m.
Good realized in nature, according to Plato, 681-m.
Good resigned for the disinterested and universal, 696-m.
Good, the foundation of obligation, 722-m.
Good, the great speculations of antiquity forecast the victory of, 274-m.
Good, the object of the Absolute Thought is the Absolute, 680-l.
Good, the single principle in which centers all moral principles, 702-m.
Good the ultimate end of Nature, according to Aristotle, 681-m.
Good to reign in eternity and Evil to cease is but a poet's dream, 847-l.
Good will prevail and Evil be overthrown by a Redeemer, 274-m.
Goodness the first feature of Charity, 705-u.
Gospel of John, a passage from an older work begins the, 280-u.
Gospel of John, explanation and objects of the, 280-m.
Gospel of St. John a Polemic against, the Gnostics, 559-m.
Gospel of St. John the basis of rites proper to complete the initiation, 821-m.
Gothic Festival of the Winter Solstice, Yuletide, became Christmas, 368-u.
Gothic Mysteries, festivals, initiations, symbols, 368-u.
Gothic Mysteries introduced from the East by Odin, 367-l.
Gothic Mysteries similar to others; description of, 430-m.
Gothic Mysteries taught the destruction of the world and the rising of a new one, 431-m.
Govern In ablest, wisest, best is vested the Divine right to, 203-u.
Government by incapables or merely respectables comes to nought, 31-m.
Government, defects in a Democratic form of, 44-m.
Government, Democratic, and Imperial Rome compared, 47-l.
Government, Free, cannot long endure, when - , 203-u.
Government, free, depends on the virtue and intelligence of common people, 177-u.
Governmental machinery and laws in the interest of justice, 834-m.
Government, Masonry not hostile to civil, 153-m.
Government tends to become a conspiracy against liberty, 805-m.
Government, those who reap the benefits should bear the burdens of, 176-u.
Gracchi replaced by aroused indignation, 48-u.
Grand Arcanum confers great power on the Adept, 101-m.
Grand Master Architect, 12th Degree, duties of, 189-u.
Grand Pontiff, the 19th Degree, 312-u.
Gravitation around the centers of Life, Heat and Light, 843-u.
Great Lights symbolize the Sun, Moon and Mercury, 486-l.
"Great Work" a creation of the human word initiated into the power of the Word of God, 775-u.
"Great Work" assures man of the empire of Azoth and power over the Magical Agent, 773-l.
Great Work benefits the Body by bringing health and wealth, 785-u.
Great Work benefits the Soul by causing it to know God, Nature, ourself, 785-u.
Great Work comprehended and executed brings great knowledge, 786-l.
"Great Work" depends chiefly on the internal Magnet of Paracelsus, 777-m.
Great Work in perfection expressed by a cross over a triangle in alchemy, 790-l.
"Great Work" is the conquest of man over his faculties and future, 773-l.
"Great Work" itself is the work of the Sun, 773-u.
"Great Work" of Hermes is magical and supposes the Absolute in Science and Will, 775-l.
"Great Work" secrets have a threefold significance, 773-u.
"Great Work" symbolized by the Rose in Flamel's book, 821-l.
Great Work, the purification of the Soul has a hidden meaning, 792-m.
Great Work, the universal agent is the elementary matter of the, 734-m.
Greater Mysteries, five years' probation between the Lesser and the, 432-l.
Greatest good of greatest number can legitimately affect ideal justice, 836-l.
Grecian Choruses, the Strophe and Ante-Strophe connected with the Stars, 462-m.
Grecian philosopher, saying of Socrates, the, 170-u.
Grecian Temples destroyed by Persians under Xerxes and fire chapels erected, 610-m.
Greed, commercial, deadens the nerves of sympathy, 298-l.
Greek history shows the One God and then a worship of Nature, 619-l.
Greek name of Deity consists of three letters, I, A, O, 632-l.
Greek Philosophers expounded the loftier ideas and nobler doctrines, 617-m.
Greek Philosophy embraced a belief in an Infinite and - , 617-m.
Greek philosophy preceded by the Mystic Theologers, 683-m.
Greeks consecrated the generative organs as symbols of fruitfulness, 656-m.
Greeks, the scholars of the Egyptians, showed vestiges of an old faith, 617-u.
Gregory Nazianzen, Bishop of Constantinople, speaks of the Christian Mysteries, 545-m.
Grip, hieroglyphic picture of the Lion's, 80-l.
Grip of the Lion of the House of Judah clasps the human race, 641-u.
Grip of the Lion raised Khurum after that of Aquarius and Cancer failed, 461-u.
Grip of a Master raises the candidate, 640-l.
Grip of a Master represented by the figure ten, 638-m.
Gurzsher, the Persian comet, consumes the world, 623-l.
Gymnosophist Priests came from the Euphrates to Ethiopia, 362-m.
Gymnosophists, at the Temple of Amun were celebrated the Mysteries of the, 362-m.


Habit is a Force, a second nature, 90-l.
Hades, Hercules under the guidance of Minerva descended to, 592-l.
Haikal denotes the place in which all things are contained, 799-u.
Haikal, Temple or Palace; the name of Malakoth, 799-u.
Haikal, the Palace of the degree Tephareth, which is concealed in it, 799-u.
Hair of the women at the festival of Isis was flowing; the men shaven and bald, 387-l.
Hakemah and Binah denoted by Yod, He, 798-m.
Hakemah and Binah imperfectly joined with averted faces, 796-l.
Hakemah and Binah in the Head as the two hemispheres of the brain, 768-l.
Hakemah and Binah, the two lobes of the brain of Adam Kadmon, 757-l.
Hakemah and Binah, whom it impregnates, quantitatively equal, 763-u.
Hakemah and Bainah, Wisdom and Intelligence, the second Sephiroth, 552-u.
Hakemah, Binah and Daath illustrated by comparison with pain, 758-l.
Hakemah communicated potency and increase to Binah, 756-l.
Hakemah is a person and termed Abba, or Father, 799-m.
Hakemah is Father, Binah is Mother, the two in equilibrium as male and female. 763-m.
Hakemah is the generative power of producing Thought, yet in Deity, 758-m.
Hakemah is the Generator of all things; he and Binah conjoin, 763-l.
Hakemah proceeded from Kether through the energy of Yod, 756-m.
Hakemah represents, or is, the Man, 798-m.
Hakemah Sapientia, existent in the Corona of the World of Emanation, 758-u.
Hakemah, the Father, the active power or energy of the Deity, 552-m.
Hakemah, Wisdom, Sapientia; wise by means of Binah, 753-u.
Hand open pouring milk from vessel in shape of heart, symbolism, 412-m.
Hand, the left, open and expanded, symbolic meaning of the, 388-u.
Hannibal, results of Faust and Luther's work excelled that of, 43-u.
Hansa (the Sun) dwelling in light; the Truth, 741-m.
Hansavati Rich, a Sanscrit stanza says, "He is Hansa" (the Sun), 741-m.
Happiness and satisfaction greater as ends in view are lofty and noble, 349-u.
Happiness, as an effect of the Good, completes and crowns moral order, 724-u.
Happiness dependent on the relations of the outer world, 686-m.
Happiness in virtue the object of existence in man, 716-l.
Happiness promoted by thought and purpose being in conformity with Divine rule, 713-u.
Happiness will not result from repose unless balanced by a contrary movement, 847-l.
Harmonies of Heaven correspond to those of Earth, 101-l.
Harmony and Beauty should be the result of the equilibrium in man of the - , 855-m.
Harmony and movement the Life of the Universe and Soul alike, 859-l.
Harmony as represented by the three among the Pythagoreans, 632-m.
Harmony consisting of the six parts of Seir Aupin represented by Vau, 799-l.
Harmony finally led up to and it will reign forever, 577-u.
Harmony necessary in Government and natural laws, 306-l.
Harmony of life and action; of virtue and perfection, 765-u.
Harmony of the Universe, 209-l.
Harmony of the Universe, a combination of contraries, 660-m.
Harmony of the Universe belongs to and is a part of it, 665-u.
Harmony of the Universe broken by a single effect without a cause, 735-l.
Harmony of the Universe responds to the unity of God, 707-l.
Harmony of the world maintained by a Divine Force, can Soul of Nature, 668-u.
Harmony only from the analogy of contraries. 848-u.
Harmony or Beauty, the eternal law, a side of the Masonic triangle, 826-m.
Harmony, Power of Deity in equilibrium with his Wisdom, 2-u.
Harmony result of equilibrium of Justice and Mercy of God, 17-u.
Harmony result of equilibrium of the sympathy and opposite action of contraries, Wisdom holding the scales, 8-m.
Harmony resulting from equilibrium of Contraries taught by Ternary, 792-u.
Harmony resulting from the equilibrium of the Spiritual and Material natures, 764-l.
Harmony the result of the equilibrium of contrary forces, 306-u.
Harmony the result of the equipoise of Necessity and Liberty, 848-l.
Harmony, Wisdom, Force, the Great Attributes of the Essence of Deity, 531-m.
Harmony which upholds and preserves, 531-m.
Harmony with Wisdom and Power, one Masonic Triad, 8-u.
Har-oeri, the Creative Word, from the action and reaction of Osiris and Isis, 861-m.
Har-oeri, Son of Osiris and Isis; throne supported by lions, 79-m.
Har-oeris, the elder Horus, Egyptian Sun God, festival of, 79-u.
Hava Maal, The sublime Book of Odin; maxims from, 168-m.
Hawk the symbol of Ra or Phre, 254-l.
He and Yod represent the female and male principles in equilibrium, 323-m.
He, approached by Yod, becomes imbued with a luminous influence, 793-u.
"He" considered to be the agent of Almighty Power, 698-l.
He of the Tetragrammaton in Adam Kadmon as Neschamah, 757-u.
He, impregnated by Vau, produced Microprosopos, or Seir Aupin, 793-u.
He, impregnated by Yod, begets a son, and thus pregnant brings forth, 763-m.
He is Binah and the other He is Malkuth, 758-u.
He, is female and He, is hidden on every side, 763-u.
He is impregnated by Yod and begets a son which she brings forth, 763-l.
He is the wife of Yod, the second He is the wife of Vav, 761-u.
He, the female letter, communicates to Yod her light, 751-m.
"He," the letter expressing the union of Deity with his creatures, 698-l.
He-She, the meaning of the masculine-feminine Hua and Hia, 698-m.
He-She, in Aramtic, Hebrew, Arabic, 700-u.
Head, Kether, the Crown, ring or circlet, first Sephiroth, 768-l.
Heads of Macroprosopos, Adam Kadmon, explained, 758-u.
Health symbolized by the triple triangle, 634-m.
Heathenism had a foundation in Truth, 599-u.
Heaven and Earth, as Divinities, regarded as being male and female, 401-m.
Heaven and earth composed of the two principles, Active and Passive, 656-u.
Heaven and earth gifted with a life and soul, 668-l.
Heaven and Earth, regarded as Divinities, were worshipped, 401-m.
Heaven and Earth the first and most ancient divinities, 658-u Heaven exists in the perception and thought of a glorious mind, 201-l.
Heaven, none for those who desire to go thither alone, 152-u.
Heaven of Dante composed of a series of Kabalistic circles, 822-l.
Heaven rules the condition of the earth by the action of Divine Force, 668-m.
Heaven the birthplace of the Soul; its home, to which it looks, 520-m.
Heaven to the Initiate is the World manifest to the Intelligences, 785-u.
Heaven will, at last, aggrandize Hell is but a poet's dream, 847-l.
Heavenly bodies act only with the activity of the Soul of the Universe, 671-m.
Heavenly Bodies and the ceremonies of initiation closely connected, 507-l.
Heavenly Bodies worshipped by different peoples, 457-l.
Heavenly Hosts and Stars imprisoned for disobedience, 511-u.
Heavenly Host appears as an organized Angelic Army, 509-l.
Heavenly Hosts include not only emissaries of Jehovah, but Stars, 509-u.
Heavenly Host worshipped by Turks, Scythians, Tartars, Persians, 459-m.
Heavens a living existence from which, through earth, existences proceed, 668-m.
Heavens and the Earth personified as Deities even among the Aryans, 850-l.
Heavens and the Sun as Procreative and Generative agents; male, 851-u.
Heavens divided by seven planets and twelve signs, 460-m.
Heavens, the Father, impregnating the earth with its rains, 656-l.
Hebraic doctrine of God and Light expressed by Milton, 739-l.
Hebraic ideas favorable to physical pleasures, 260-u.
Hebrew belief concerning the pre-existence of souls, 440-u.
Hebrew books written in symbols unintelligible to the Profane, 744-l.
Hebrew camp in the desert arranged from Stars, etc, 460-l.
Hebrew conceptions of God varied, 206-m.
Hebrew form of Tetractys, 88-m.
Hebrew forms of the personal pronouns He-She, 700-u.
Hebrew God, Ihuh, superior to Al or the Alohayim, 598-u.
Hebrew God overcomes monstrous Leviathans, 498-l.
Hebrew Law, maxims from, 169-l.
Hebrew Mythology alludes to a feud among the spiritual powers, 510-l.
Hebrew popular notions of Deity, 207-m.
Hebrew religion imbued with Star worship, 509-511.
Hebrew religion placed the government and all knowledge with Priests, 625-u.
Hebrew Theism involved in symbolism and image worship, 514-m.
Hebrew Tribes, characteristics of signs of the Zodiac compared with those of the, 461.
Hebrew writings use light and fire as emblems of the attributes of Divinity, 611-u.
Hebrew word in the East in 12th Degree is Adonai; meaning of, 201-l.
Hebrew word, pronunciation of, not known from its character before - , 205-m.
Hebrews, belief in the existence of One God not accepted by early, 206-u.
Hebrews borrowed from the Persians some religious doctrines, 610-u.
Hebrews devout worshippers of false gods, 206-m.
Hebrews, esoteric knowledge communicated to but few, 207-l.
Hebrews had their good Deity and the Devil, an angel of Darkness, 661-m.
Hebrews held each nation had its own guardian angel and Star, 510-u.
Hebrews held Nakhustan, brazen serpent, as a token of healing power, 497-u.
Hebrews, intellectual, possessed true knowledge of God, 207-m.
Hebrews, Jehovah the national God of the, 206-u.
Hebrews transferred to Satan everything immoral to account for moral evil, 690-m.
Hebrews, True nature of God and His name unknown to the, 206-u.
Hel, the place to which the wicked go first, then to Nifthel, 619-m.
Heliacally, Star seems to be touched by the Sun when it rises or sets, 471-l.
Heliogabalus, reference to the reign of, 471-l - 3-u.
Hell, become useless, will be closed by the aggrandizement of Heaven, 847-l.
Hell is impassable for those only who know not how to turn back, 822-l.
Hell of Dante is but a negative Purgatory, 822-l.
Heptakis, Phoenician God of the seven rays, 58-l.
Heptaktis, God of seven rays, the Supreme God of Phoenecia, Tsadok, 728-m.
Heracles or Arkaleus, the Etruscan, Scythian, Pelasgian name for the Sun God, 587-u.
Heraclitus advocated monotheism, 678-m.
Heraclitus acknowledged the unsatisfactory result of philosophy, 693-l.
Heraclitus believed in a Universal Reason pervading all things, 693-u.
Heraclitus of Pontus held that each Star was a portion of the Universal Soul, 671-m.
Hercules, a descendant of Perseus, the luminous child of darkness, 591-m.
Hercules and Juno, antagonism of good and evil typified by the contest between, 594-l.
Hercules as a God to the Celts, Teutons, Scythians, Etruscans, Lydians, 591-m.
Hercules begets with the Dragon the three ancestors of Scythia, 498-m.
Hercules died, raised from the grave, and is received in heaven, 592-l.
Hercules, Har-acles, worshipped at Tsur, 79-u.
Hercules Ingeniculus, one of the varieties of the declining Sun, 591-l.
Hercules, journey of the Sun the origin of the twelve labors of, 448-u.
Hercules obtained initiation from Triptolemus, 586-u.
Hercules performs his first labor with Nemean lion, 455-m.
Hercules suffered the ills of humanity, according to Maximus Tyrius, 592-l.
Hercules' Temple at Tyre built 2,300 years before Heroditus, 591-m.
Hercules, the patron of navigators, who spread his altars from coast to coast, 591-m.
Hercules well known in Egypt and the East, 591-m.
Here persecuted Dionusos and helped the Titans to kill him, 585-l.
Here, the wanton or irrational power of nature, 682-l.
Hereafter, as we are pure here so we will be just as happy, 216-u.
Heresy of philosophical truth considered the most dangerous by Rome, 820-u.
Hermaphroditic Being, which comprehends all existence, 653-l.
Hermaphroditic figure a symbol of Deity as Generator and Producer, 851-m.
Hermaphroditic figure emerges from the Orphic egg, symbolizing the two causes, 655-l.
Hermaphroditic figure of Valentinus a symbol of the double nature, 851-m.
Hermaphroditic God-World, ancient dogma of philosophy and theology, 653-l.
Hermaphroditistic conceptions from the idea of the Active and Passive principles, 655-l.
Hermes' canonical rolls contain transcendental lore, 614-m.
Hermes communicated secrets in alchemy, astrology, magism, 365-u.
Hermes, in writings of Dionysius is found the dogma of, 731-l.
Hermes instituted hieroglyphics, taught the sciences and arts, revered One God, 364-l.
Hermes, inventor of letters, winged messenger bearing the Caduceus, 586-l.
Hermes represented in our Bodies by the Orator, 586-l.
Hermes taught men arts, science, and ascended to Heaven, 255-u.
Hermes taught the priests and they studied the Hermetic science, 362-l.
Hermes, the creed of the old Buddhists contained in the dying words of, 364-l.
Hermes, the Egyptian Hierophant, summarizes the ancient doctrines, 324-m.
Hermes, the first, was the Intelligence or Word of God, 254-l.
Hermes, the Mercury of the Greeks, Thoth of the Egyptians, Taaut of the Phoenecians, 586-l.
Hermes, the Sacredotal Art was the name given to the secrets of, 365-u.
Hermes the same as Enoch, 363-m.
Hermes, Thoth, the incarnation or repetition of the first, 255-u.
Hermes Trismegistus, a Greek name for the Egyptian Thoth; doings of, 364.
Hermetic Agent is the magical power, spiritual power, Astral Light, 774-l.
Hermetic and Kabalistic Rose Croix, 785-l.
Hermetic Arcanum, 775-u.
Hermetic Art is a religion, a philosophy, a natural science, 774-l.
Hermetic books discuss the Supreme Being, 614-l.
Hermetic disciples used jargon as a living language, 731-u.
Hermetic dogma engraven on a tablet of Emerald, 774-u.
Hermetic Dogma, "What is above is like what is below," etc, 790-m.
Hermetic fables show, in their interpretation, the principal Gods of the ancients, 631-u.
Hermetic operations, spiritual and material, dependent on one another, 774-u.
Hermetic or Alchemical philosophical doctrine, 772-792.
Hermetic Philosophers drew their doctrines from the Kabalah, 772-l.
Hermetic philosophy concealed by the Alchemists under symbols, 772-l.
Hermetic philosophy given consideration in the Kabalah, 741-u.
Hermetic philosophy, that of the schools of Alexandria and Pythagoras, 774-l.
Hermetic Philosophy under the mask of Alchemy, 792-l.
Hermetic religion is that of the Magi and the ancient initiates, 774-l.
Hermetic Science applied to the operating of the Great Work, 785-m.
Hermetic Science cultivated by Arabs and studied by Chief Templars, 840-l.
Hermetic science, like all real science, is mathematically demonstrable, 777-l.
Hermetic science real only for those who understand its religion and philosophy, 774-l.
Hermetic secret is to find the bases of faith, truth, transmutation, 776-l.
Hermetic Symbol from the "Materia Prima" of Valentinus, 850-m.
Hermetic tablet of Emerald contains the Key to their allegories, 777-l.
Hermetic tablet of emerald explained, 776-u.
Hermetic universal medicine for soul, mind, body, 773-m.
Hermetic work symbolized by the Pelican and Phoenix, 774-m.
Hermeticism is the Kabalah in active realization; the Magic of Works, 840-l.
Hermetics speak with reserve of secret fire, living and philosophical, 775-u.
Hero, less noble to describe than be a, 349-l.
Heroditus described Bal's temple at Babylon, 590-l.
Heroditus excuses himself for reticence concerning the Mysteries, 380-m.
Heroditus testifies concerning the doctrines of Zoroaster, 617-l.
Herodotus speaks reservedly of the Mysteries of Isis, 405-m.
Hieroglyphics believed to have been taught the Priests by the deities, 359-l.
Heroic acts performed by the basest and lowest, 201-u.
Heroism the loftiest feature of Charity, 705-u.
Herta, the German name for the earth; adored by them, 658-m.
Hesiod and others declare all virtue is a struggle, 691-u.
Hesiod sings of Heaven and Earth as Ouranus and Gea, 850-l.
Hexagon images a cube, not visible at the first glance, 827-u.
Hia, the feminine form, sometimes means It, 698-m.
Hiddekel, a stream of the Edenic river, 58-u.
Hildebrand referred to, 31-u.
Hierarchical Order, intelligence, figures, 97-m.
Hierocles defines the great work of initiation, 521-m.
Hierocles, one of the zealous disciples of Pythagoras, 622-l.
Hieroglyphic picture of Lion's grip and Master's gavel, 80-l.
Hieroglyphics, Hermes gave the Key to the, 365-u.
Hieroglyphics in one degree had a different meaning in another, 374-u.
Hieroglyphics, meaning of, so carefully guarded that meaning became lost, 374-u.
Hieroglyphics preceded by symbols of Indians, Persians, and Chaldeans, 372-l.
Hierophant of Eleusis, Motive God of nature, veiled on throne, 411-l.
Hierophants in concealing knowledge multiplied symbols, 321-l.
Hierophants of the Gothic Mysteries ruled over the celebrations, 367-l.
Hierophants sought by every means to impress the candidates, 383-m.
High Places, idolaters sacrificed to foreign gods on, 234-u.
High Priest uttered the Tetragrammaton on the 10th of Tisri, 620-u.
High Priest's vestments and furniture described, symbolism, 409-u.
Hillel, the Pharisee, gives summary of the law of Moses, 170-u.
Hindoo divinities, the attributes of the One God, 672-l.
Hindu creed from extracts from their books, 605-m - 606.
Hindu deities, Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, subordinate to Brehm, 597-l.
Hindu Kusch, or Paropismus; Iranian races on Eastern and Southern slopes of the, 601-l.
Hindu Mythology abounds in images of serpents, 500-m.
Hindu Mythology preserves the legend of the fall of Spirits, 623-l.
Hindu name of Deity consists of three letters, A, U, M, 632-l.
Hindu religious dogmas epitomized, 604-m.
Hindu religion embodied as fundamental principles - , 604-u.
Hindus have veneration for the Lingham, a symbol of everproductive nature, 656-u.
Hindus lamented the death of Soura-Parama, slain by Soupra-Muni, 595-u.
Hindus, seed vessels of lotus a sacred symbol to the, 9-u.
Hindus' Trinity became three distinct Deities, 550-m.
Hiram, a type of humanity in its highest phase, 225-m.
Hiram said by Josephus to have built a Temple to Astarte, 410-l.
Hiramic legend represents a murder, restoration, and teaches - , 435-l.
Hiram's murder, burial, etc., symbols of the Redeemer, 640-l.
History not a fortuitous concourse of events, 646-l.
Hoam-ti, third Chinese Emperor, erected a Temple to the Great Architect of the Universe, 615-l.
Hobbes says God is inconceivable, 651-u.
Hod and Netsach, the thighs of Adam Kadmon, 758-u.
Hod, one of the Sephiroth; Glory, 753-m.
Hod, with Netsach, is the Perfection of Deity manifested in his Idea of the Universe, 767-m.
Holland, Masonry in 1735 prescribed by the states of, 50-m.
"Holy Doctrine," the absolute Doctrine of the Hermetics, 840-l.
Holy Empire, Holy Realm, Sanctum Regnum, names for Magism, 842-u.
Holy Empire is the victory of the spiritual over the human in man, 855-u.
Holy Empire of Masonic Brotherhood made possible by the Royal Secret, 861-l.
Holy Empire spoken of in the clavicules of Solomon and symbolized, 727-m.
Holy Ghost of the Christians corresponds to the Wisdom of the Kabalah, 267-l.
Holy House of the Temple, Haikal Kadosh, 816-m.
Holy of Holies formed a cube; symbolic meaning, 209-u.
Holy Spirit composed of the universal agent, 734-m.
Holy Spirit enveloped in silence from the awe of the Mysteries, 849-l.
Holy Spirit, the companion of Christ, produced by the Intelligence, 560-m.
H, O, M, the three-lettered Persian name of Deity, 632-l.
H, O, M, the framer of a new Persian religion; his name was Ineffable, 621-l.
Homer makes Zeus resent the accusation that evil comes from the Gods, 690-l.
Homer's Zeus an array of antitheses, like that of Hesiod, 689-l.
Honor and Duty, a Force; the Polestars of a Mason, 89-l.
Honor given to those who stand up for truth and right, 836-m.
Honor of a Mason's country identified with his own, 156-m.
Hope, a great moral Force, is Strength which ensures success, 91-m.
Hope, enemy of avarice, represented by the Moon, 727-l.
Hope, for the exceptions to the law that attaches happiness to virtue, 725-l.
Hope for the triumph of Good over evil a part of the Masonic creed, 531-u.
Hope, no man can struggle and conquer without, 196-l.
Hope of a Mason, that all men shall form one family, 233-u.
Hope of immortality the aim of ancient wisdom, Mysteries, Masonry, 517-m.
Hope of man overcame the terrors of the grave, 653-u.
Hope of success, not hope of reward, our stimulus, 229-l.
Horace and others declare Zeus ordained evil for beneficent purposes, 691-u.
Horus, buried three days, regenerated, 81-l.
Horus, Master of Life, 13-u.
Horus, one of the Egyptian Triad, was the Son, the Light, 548-l.
Horus, son of Isis, died and was restored to life, 406-m.
Horus, son of Isis, slew Typhon, aided by Isis, 376-u.
Horus, the God of Time, pours ambrosia on the hair of Isis, 379-m.
Horus, the younger, the point in a circle, the hieroglyphic of, 79-u.
Hospitallers and Templars vowed obedience, poverty, chastity, 802-u.
Hospitallers' Houses despoiled by Elizabeth, Queen of England, 802-m.
Hospitallers' Houses were Almshouses, Dispensaries, Inns, 802-m.
House of all things the name for the Principle of all things, 793-u.
House of God may be found everywhere, 241-m.
Houses of the Planets, mythological emblems and fables, 470-u.
Hu, in Druidical mysteries was represented the death of, 429-l.
Hu, the British God, called the Dragon; his car drawn by serpents, 502-u.
Hua and Hia, the personal pronoun He, She, masculine and feminine, 698-m.
Hua, He, the designating personal pronoun of the Most Holy Ancient, 794-m.
Hua, He, the totality of all things; the totality of the Ancient is male, 763-u.
Hua means the Male, Creative Principle or Power, 699-u.
Hua often used by itself to express Deity, "He", 698-l.
Hu-Hi proper for Hua-Hia by omitting the "a", 698-m.
Hu-Hi transposed into Ih-Uh, 698-m.
Hule limits the progression towards Perfection, 555-l.
Hule represented as darkness, a void, shadow, 555-l.
Human action foreseen, but not controlled, 848-l.
Human action not controlled so as to annihilate its freedom, 848-l.
Human and Divine intermingled in every Human being, 853-u.
Human body with male and female heads standing on a dragon, 850-m.
Human Deity an incarnate divinity, 222-l.
Human existence, permanent conditions of; result of, 93-l.
Human form but the analog of the form taken by Deity, 791-u.
Human form is the form of all above and below, 791-u.
Human frailty can not bear to suffer for nought, 199-u.
Human heart beats for beggar and prince alike, 245-u.
Human intellect imposes its own limitations on the Illimitable, 222-l.
Human life is a great and solemn dispensation, 199-m.
Human Light but a reflection of a ray of the Infinite Light, 246-l.
Human mind has no conception of God's nature or modes, 743-u.
Human nature not satisfied with a denial of God, 645-l.
Human nature possesses an inherent loftiness of ideal, 832-l.
Human power, affliction or pain can not be kept out by, 180-l.
Human race one great family, 176-m.
Human Tetragram is Adam; it is Yod of the Kabalah, image of Phallus, 771-u.
Human Thought, Speech, Action, combined, irresistible in results, 320-u.
Human understanding does not vacillate at hazard, 842-m.
Human Unity made complete by the right and left; primitive man of both sexes, 771-u.
Human wisdom intermediate between ignorance and knowledge, 691-l.
Humanity, a beauty and glory in, 214-l.
Humanity afflicted by prosperity, 307-l.
Humanity, as a Unit, existed in Deity, 764-m.
Humanity aspires to God, believes in God, hopes in God, 708-m.
Humanity, duties of a Mason towards, 176-l.
Humanity exalted the highest conception of human thought, 652-u.
Humanity has had but one religion and one worship, 102-u.
Humanity in its highest phase typified by Hiram, 225-m.
Humanity, in the humblest abodes are worked out the problems of, 245-u.
Humanity, no one above the trials and frailties of, 180-l.
Humanity of Christ, more than his Divinity, which brings him worship, 743-m.
Humanity, slow is the advance of, 93-m.
Humanity's material, sensual, baser portion represented by the Square, 851-l.
Humanity's spiritual, intellectual, moral nature represented by the Compass, 851-l.
Humility, patience, self-denial, symbolized by the Cross of Christ, 801-l.
Hungus reigned over the Picts in the ninth century; saw St. Andrew's Cross, 801-m.
Hyades are five stars in the form of a V, 435-l.
Hyperborean regions visited by the Sun Gods, 592-m.
Hypocrisy, the homage paid by vice and wrong to virtue and justice, 73-m.
Hypothenuse of a right angle triangle represents the nature produced by union, 861-m.
Hypothenuse of the right angle triangle is product of Male and Female, 789-m.
Hypothenuse represents that nature which is produced by the union of the Divine and Human, 861-m.
Hypotheses scientifically are the last shadows of knowledge, 841-m.


I, A, O, the three-lettered Greek name of Deity, 632-l.
I am alpha and omega, the omnipotent, 701-u.
I signified unity, 701-u.
Iahaveh, Father, Kabalah ascribes Creation to, 104-m.
Ialdaboth caused the Jews to hate and crucify Jesus, 563-l.
Ialdaboth made the world and man in his own image, 563-m.
Ialdaboth of the Ophites, the Demiourgos, produced an angel, 563-m.
Ialdaboth's Sons, by Eve, had children, angels like themselves, 563-m.
Iamblichus defines the Egyptian idea of existence, 614-u.
Iamblichus taught that the heavens and spheres were part of the Universal Soul, 669-m.
Iao, name of one of the Reflections of the Ophites, 563-m.
Iao, the sacred name of the Supreme Deity, 700-u.
Icelandic Prose Edda, has a dialogue concerning God, 619-m.
Idea of Ancient Art is - , 164-u.
Idea in Deity was the Universe in potence; the sequence was involved, 767-u.
Idea of infinity and spirituality eludes us, 222-u.
Idea of the Universe existing in Deity as real as Deity himself, 764-m.
Ideal justice which men look up to is true, but is not of this world, 835-u.
Ideal world, at first, preferred to the real, 674-m.
Ideas of Plato correspond to the Ferouers of Zoroaster, 256-u.
Idleness is perpetual Despair, 342-u.
Idlers and drones not respected by Masonry, 14-u.
Idol made of a mind picture same as one of wood, 693-m.
Idol of black magic is an Absolute Deity outside of Reason, 737-l.
Idol worship the root of all evil, according to the iconoclasts, 691-m.
Idolaters make Atheism possible, 737-l.
Idolatry did not gain much foothold among the Arabians till - , 616-l.
Idolatry forbidden by the early Scandinavians, 618-m.
Idolatry grew out of the confounding of the symbol with the object symbolized, 600-u.
Idolatry not practiced by Chinese till after Confucius, 615-l.
Idolon means "image", 693-m.
Idra Rabba, Synodus Magna, a book of the Sohar, says the Deity is in Microprosopos, 793-l.
Idra Rabla contains the statement that the left is female; the right, male, 763-u.
Idra Suta contains the statements that God coheres with all and all with Him, 761-l.
Idra Suta says the continuance of things depended on their being male and female, 800-u.
Idra Suta states that the Principle called Father is comprehended in Yod, 792-l.
Ignorance is Darkness, 107-m.
Ignorance of the causes of phenomena of daily occurrence, 526-530.
Ignorance of the essence of Magnetism, heat, light, etc, 570-571.
Ignorance self-abandoned to a power tyrannical, 694-l.
I, H, U, H designates the generative and conceptive Forces, 267-u.
I, H, U, H, The First Born, the Creative Agent, emanated from, 267-u.
Ihuh, Abstract Existence above the Alohayim or Al, for the Hebrews, 598-u.
Ihuh-Alhim is the Absolute Existence, 701-m.
Ihuh-Alhim: the Substance or Very Self, Alohayim, are manifestations, 568-l.
Ihuh, as applied to Deity, represents - , 208-m.
Ih-Uh obtained from Hu-Hi by transposition, 698-m.
Ihuh, Self-existence, one of the names of Deity on the Delta, 531-l.
Ihuh, the name assumed by Deity in his communication with Moses, 697-l.
Ihuh, the name that includes all things, the name of the world of. the garment, 750-u.
Ih-Uh, the Tetragrammaton or Ineffable Name, 698-m.
Ihuh, the Unity in which the many are and out of which all flow, 764-u.
Ills of society would be relieved if the world was peopled with Christs, 718-l.
Illuminati; The Absolute became the reason for the rites of the, 840-m.
Illumination carries its cone of shadow, 847-l.
Illusions satisfying the vulgar were coarse forms of - , 653-u.
Illustrious Elect (Elu) of the Fifteen, 10th Degree, 160-l.
Image successful if it conveys the idea vividly and truthfully, 515-m.
Imagery of Orientals a desire to express the Infinite by symbols, 514-l.
Imma and Aba; Mother and Father, 757-u.
Immortality a natural feeling, an adjunct of self-consciousness, 517-u.
Immortality admitted by the Druids; also man's responsibility, 618-u.
Immortality and happiness symbolized by Spring, Summer, 447-l.
Immortality: categorical questions concerning, 649-m.
Immortality concurrent with a belief in an infinite Spirit, 517-u.
Immortality demonstrated by the law of merit and demerit, 706-l.
Immortality exists in the perception and thought of a mind, 201-l.
Immortality; nature full of phenomena used as evidences of, 517-m.
Immortality not impossible if required by absolute justice, 706-l.
Immortality of the Soul taught in the 18th Degree, 287-l.
Immortality of the Soul a fundamental principle of the Hindu religion, 604-m.
Immortality of the Soul acknowledged by the Vedanta and Myaya philosophers, 607-u.
Immortality of the soul based on the necessary foundation of its spirituality, 706-l.
Immortality of the Soul taught in the 18th Degree, 287-l.
Immortality of the Soul the second Truth of the Sacred Mysteries, 533-m.
Immortality proven by the tendency of the powers of the soul toward the Infinite, etc, 706-l.
Immortality symbolized by a serpent, 496-l.
Immortality symbolized by the sprig of Acacia, 642-u.
Immortality the shadow of God, whose shadow is death, 741-l.
Imperfection not possible if God's Justice alone reigned, 846-u.
Impossibilities can not be done by God, 737-m.
Imposture commonly rules in Republics, 45-l.
Impulse which directs to right conduct the third Truth of Masonry, 533-l.
Incantation developed out of prayer, 685-u.
Incarnations of Vishnu and Buddha represents the journey of the Sun, 448-u.
Indented tessel, should be tessera, or indented border, 818-m.
India claimed Osiris as one of their great gods, 475-l.
India gave Zoroaster much of the Primitive Truth, 617-l.
India, the Patriarchal religion originally practiced by the people of, 360-l.
Indian books, maxims from the, 169-m.
Indian Mysteries, ceremonies and description of the, 428.
Indian or Great Plague claimed to have originated from the English tax on salt, 812-m.
Indian philosophy gave birth to the Egyptian Mysteries, 372-l.
Indian philosophy spread through Persia and Chaldea to Egypt, 372-l.
Indian Sacred Name of the One Deity manifested as - , 205-u.
Individual comfort and convenience can not be consulted, 696-u.
Individuality an illusion according to the Hindu dogma, 604-l.
Indra, Ormuzd, Ahura-Mazda is the bright firmament, 601-l.
Indra, the God of the glittering firmament, Father of the Devas or Powers, 602-m.
Industry never wholly unfruitful, 152-m.
Inertia and immobility of Forces or Impulses cause Death, 846-u.
Ineffable Name, by reversion and division, becomes bi-sexual, 849-m.
Ineffable name embodies the idea of the Absolute Existence, 700-m.
Ineffable name embodies the idea of the Male and Female principle, 700-m.
Ineffable Name given its esoteric or inner meaning, 697-l.
Ineffable Name is not that of the Very Essence, but of the Absolute, 849-m.
Ineffable Name is that of the Absolute manifested as Existence, 849-m.
Ineffable name of Deity represented by the symbol Y, 429-m.
Ineffable Name of Deity upon the Delta known to the Ameth alone, 531-m.
Ineffable Name of God given to the initiate into the Mithraic Mysteries, 425-u.
Ineffable Name or Tetragrammaton is IH-UH, 698-m.
Ineffable name of the manifested Deity, Yod and Ho, two letters of the, 323-m.
Ineffable Name, signifying source of all things, has four letters, 632-l.
Infinite, a change in conditions of our being necessary to conceive the, 222-u.
Infinite as well as Finite present in everything, 764-l.
Infinite Being must of necessity create and preserve the Finite, 708-l.
Infinite combined the points until letters were formed, 749-u.
Infinite divisibility of the triangle teaches the infinity of Deity, 827-m.
Infinite first limits Himself by flowing forth in the shape of Will, 766-u.
Infinite, limitations to man's knowledge of the, 222 - . "Infinite" of Anaximander an ideal chaos, 675-m.
Infinite Power and Wisdom can harmonize Necessity and Liberty, 848-m.
Infinite space and infinite time are two primary ideas, 569-l.
Infinite, the living principle of a living Universe must be, 222-m.
Infinite time and space inconceivable; ends in nothing, 595-u.
Infinite Time, Infinite Space, uncomprehendable to us, 529-l.
Infinite, we are unfolded by the, 190-l.
Infinite was moved within Himself during Creation, 749-u.
Infinity not comprehensible, only indefiniteness, 569-l.
Infinity of God the first Truth of the Sacred Mysteries, 533-m.
Infinity of Space and Time known, but the idea eludes us, 222-u.
Influence and works live after us, 108-u.
Influence of mind over mind; man over man, 31-u.
Influence of the great dead on the present, 312-315.
Influences live and the great Future will obey, 316-m.
Informatio, Binah, "The very Head of Macroprosopos," as applied to Adam Kadmon, 758-u.
Iniquity seems to prosper, but its success is its defeat and shame, 837-l.
Initiate after a year prepared for initiation into the Greater Mysteries, 389-l.
Initiate after instruction forbidden to eat animal food or drink wine, 388-l.
Initiate after ten days was led to the Sanctuary, approached the abode of death and - , 389-m.
Initiate after three days participated in a consummation of ceremonies, 389-m.
Initiate bathed, the Priests implored forgiveness, sprinkled him, 388-l.
Initiate clothed, crowned, and celebrated the next day as his birthday, 389-m.
Initiate invited to see Christ who will shine with greater glory, etc, 521-l.
Initiate of Bakchic Mysteries purified his soul of passion, 420-l.
Initiate of Mithraic Mysteries crowned, purified by fire and water, 425-u.
Initiate of Mithraic Mysteries received on point of sword at left breast, 424-l.
Initiate presented with thirteen robes representing the Heavens, etc, 506-l.
Initiate regarded as the favorite of the Gods, 386-u.
Initiate required to be free from stain, 390-l.
Initiate taught his place in the Universe and dignified him in his own eyes, 416-u.
Initiate to the degree of Scottish Master traverses Heaven and Earth, 785-u.
Initiated, great philosophers and legislators were, 372-l.
Initiates, admonition of Philo, the Greek Jew, to the, 311.
Initiates, after Cambyses, dispersed to Greece and taught enigmatically, 365-l.
Initiates, apostrophe of Euripides and Aristophanes to the, 357-l.
Initiates clothed in linen robes, 387-l.
Initiates of Bakchic Mysteries followed rules of Pythagoras, 420-m.
Initiates of Bakchic Mysteries practiced contemplation and peace, 420-l.
Initiates of Christian Mysteries received three degrees, 541-l.
Initiates of Druidical Mysteries arranged in threes, fives, sevens, 429-l.
Initiates of Druidical Mysteries placed in a boat, referring to Osiris, 430-l.
Initiates of Eleusis believed the Sun blazed with splendor for them, 386-m.
Initiates of Mysteries invested with cord of three times three; our cable tow, 361-u.
Initiates of Mysteries regarded as fortunate men, 353-m.
Initiates of Orpheus were considered as released from evil, 386-m.
Initiates of the Mysteries, ecstatic condition of the, 358-u.
Initiates required to be pure as indicated by fasting, continence, etc, 520-l.
Initiates supposed to be favored by storms and evils, 386-u.
Initiates taught the nature and objects of the Mysteries and - , 421-l.
Initiates, "Teach me to respect Justice and the Gods" the great lesson taught the, 381-m.
Initiates were given few explanations, but left to make inferences, 355-m.
Initiates wrote mysteriously concerning the Mysteries, 365-l.
Initiate's soul lighted by the blaze of the sacred doctrine, 521-l.
Initiation a serious matter; qualifications for, 388-m.
Initiation, according to Clemens, was a real physiology, 401-u.
Initiation an indication of moral purity; intended to effect the same as philosophy, 520-l.
Initiation but introductory to the great change of death, 392-l.
Initiation ceremonies and Heavenly Bodies closely connected, 507-l.
Initiation ceremonies became complicated, pompous, secret, 358-l.
Initiation, ceremonies of the Indian, 361-m.
Initiation changed fellow citizens to brothers closely bound, 386-u.
Initiation compelled the performance of duties and the rules of justice, 391-m.
Initiation dissipated errors and gave hopes at death, 386-l.
Initiation, effects of, requirements, results, 520-522.
Initiation: Hercules applied to Eumolpos for, 592-l.
Initiation: Hierocles defines the great work of, 521-m.
Initiation in Mysteries represents the death and resurrection of the Sun, 408-u.
Initiation into Mysteries at dead of night with appalling ceremonies, 359-l.
Initiation into the Mysteries of Eleusis, 403-m.
Initiation into the Mysteries as necessary as - , 353-m.
Initiation lights up the Soul with rays of Divinity, 522-m.
Initiation probably took place in pyramids, labyrinths, etc, 359-l.
Initiation propounded to science the problem of the Conquest of the Rose, 821-l.
Initiation, signs, tokens, degrees, developed from the original, 359-u.
Initiation, Socrates and Aristides state benefits of, 386-l.
Initiation termed Light, 521-l.
Initiation, the Epopt said to be regenerated after the ceremonies of, 373-l.
Initiation, the first principles of life learned through, 353-l.
Initiation, the increase and decrease of the moon regulated the periods of the, 361-m.
Initiation the Knowledge of Deity who was the Light of the Mysteries, 522-u.
Initiation was a school in which were taught the truths of - , 372-l.
Initiation was, as it were, to suffer death and be born again, 388-m.
Initiation was considered to be a mystical death, 373-l.
Initiations, ancient, objects of the; tended to perfection, 397-l.
Initiations consummated in Temples of Elephanta and Salsette, 361-u.
Initiations into the Mysteries took place generally at night, 383-l.
Initiations, Souls tried in the Sanctuary of, 518-l.
Initiations, the Equinoxes were connected with ancient, 404-l.
Initiations withdrew souls from mortal life and reunited them to the Gods, 520-l.
Injunction to Masons, "Judge not," etc, 135-m.
Injustice, loss results from the gain of, 73-u.
Injustice of England lost her America, 835-m.
Injustice, two kinds of, 127-u.
Injustices and inequalities of this life compensated for in a future one, 830-l.
Injustices, difficulty in finding compensations for seeming, 829-u.
Inquisition, references to the tortures of the, 49-l.
Inquisitorial duties of a member of the 31st Degree, 827-m.
Inri, various meanings of, 291-m.
Inspector Inquisitor, Grand Inspector, Inquisitor Commander, 825.
Inspector Inquisitor, the 31st Degree, 825.
Inspiration given to every faithful child of God, 226-u.
Inspiration not limited by race, or sect; still exists, 225-l.
Inspiration of one age or creed; Philo and Plato inspired, 321-u.
Inspired minds ordered by God, 225-u.
Instinct of animals compared with the Reason of man, 303-l.
Instinct is inspiration, either the animal itself or God in the animal, 304-u.
Instincts and life of animals come from the Universal Soul, 666-l.
Instructors, attempt to reach understanding through the eye by early, 355-m.
Instructors or Masons from the 4th to the 8th Degrees; duties of, 331-m.
Instructors to perfect, explain, expound to the younger Masons, 331-m.
Instrument of the Hermetics to separate the gross from the volatile; Intelligence, 790-l.
Intendant of the Building, 8th Degree, lesson of, 136-u.
Intellect ever struggling to pass the bounds of its limitations, 696-l.
Intellect has always sought to explain the nature of Deity, 738-m.
Intellect, only sure mode of perpetuating Freedom is the franchise of, 31-l.
Intellect placed above and beyond the Universe by the Egyptians, 614-u.
Intellectual force of some persons absorbed by others, 735-u.
Intelligence active as the soul became disengaged from gross matter, 669-l.
Intelligence and Life communicated to man by Supreme Intelligence, 665-u.
Intelligence and Wisdom conjoined and one shines in the other, 800-u.
Intelligence: categorical questions concerning, 648.
Intelligence complete as the world and accurate as mathematics, 790-l.
Intelligence corresponds to the Holy Ghost of the Christian Faith, 267-l.
Intelligent Deities necessary for worship, 665-m.
Intelligence directing Strength and Force is true meaning of necessity, 696-m.
Intelligence enveloped in the soul in which it reposed, 669-m.
Intelligence existed wherever the Divine soul acted as a cause, 669-m.
Intelligence filled the Universe, emanations from the Universal, 669-m.
Intelligence, God, Chance, undistinguishable, according to Menander, 694-m.
Intelligence great as the soul directs the movements of the Universe, 415-u.
Intelligence impossible without a soul, 669-m.
Intelligence of God perceives where the Good is and his liberty accomplishes it, 704-u.
Intelligence of man an emanation from the soul of nature, 670-u.
Intelligence overruling the principle of necessity, 681-l.
Intelligence produced Christ and the Spirit to restore the Eons to - ,560-m.
Intelligence source of the oil of anointing, 267-l.
Intelligence supreme is necessarily rational, 733-u.
Intelligence, Supreme, type of that manifested in man, 254-m.
Intelligence symbolized by the Pentagram or five-pointed Star, 790-l.
Intelligence, Tabunah, represented by the Hebrew letters, 800-m.
Intelligence, the commencement, revelation cf Divinity, the first Eon, 560-u.
Intelligence the Supreme Being of Plato, 678-u.
Intelligences emanated from a Primary Intelligence, 249-u.
Intelligences: God displays Himself by, 564-u.
Intelligences: God's Spirit emanating from His bosom the first of the, 564-u.
Intelligences, like the Stars, divided into the Good and the Evil, 474-l.
Intelligences: Logos, the Word, Creative Utterances, the second of the, 564-u.
Intelligences of the Stars have dominion over all Nature, 474-u.
Intendant of the Building, 8th Degree, lessons of the, 136-u.
Interests, all men have common, 221-u.
Interests conflict and passions clash in a world of action, 696-u.
Interests of the many requiring the sacrifice of others may be just, 833-l.
Intermediary powers between Gods and men accorded to Genii or angels, 416-m.
Intimate Secretary, 6th Degree, special duties of, 119-u.
Intolerance of religious belief, a great evil; effect of - , 166-l.
Inundation of the Nile affected by Aquarius as well as Sirius, 468-m.
Inventions to account for moral evil, 690-m.
Invisible becomes the Visible at the will of God, 845-l.
Invisible God, visible in Eden, Sinai, Burning Bush, no incongruity, 514-u.
Invisible measured by the visible, 222-u.
Invisible only cognizable through the visible, 267-l.
Invocation to Ormuzd to combat Evil and make men pure and holy, 613-m.
I, O, W, the three-lettered Scandinavian name of Deity, 632-l.
Ionic order of architecture represents degrees of the Second Temple, 202-u.
Iranian objects of worship those of nature, especially fire and light, 601-l.
Iranian races seem to have originated nature worship, 601-l.
Ireland and Scotland; Cross on ancient Buddhist ruins of, 505-m.
Ireland, serpents carved on Buddhist crosses in, 496-m.
Ireland, the Buddhists supposed to have erected the round towers of, 278-u.
Irira, Abraham Cohen, author of Pneumatica Kabalistica, or Beth Alohim, 772-l.
Isaiah quoted in reference to the creation of evil by God, 796-m.
Isiac Mysteries required tomb, pillars, and lake, 405-m.
Isiac tablet is charged with serpents, 501-m.
"Iside et Osiride," by Plutarch, speaks mysteriously of the Holy Doctrines, 841-u.
Isin Abla, a Mohammedan Mystery teaching the name of God, 621-l.
Isis accompanied on her journey by animals representing Constellations, 506-m.
Isis addressed by Lucius according to Apuleius, 387-u.
Isis addresses Lucius and promises her favor, 387-m.
Isis aided in her search for Osiris by Anubis in the shape of a dog, 376-l.
Isis and Osiris gave civilization, laws, etc., to men, 475-l.
Isis appears to Lucius as a beautiful female with graceful ringlets, 387-u.
Isis, as the Moon, seeks Osiris; her allegorical wanderings, 480-483.
Isis collected all parts of the body of Osiris except generative organs, 475-l.
Isis compared to Knowledge by Plutarch, 521-l.
Isis, declaration concerning herself on columns at Nysa in Arabia, 378-m.
Isis; description of a procession of the initiates of, 412-u.
Isis, doctrines of the Mysteries judged by the prayer to, 389-l.
Isis extracted the body of Osiris from a column of the palace, 379-u.
Isis found the body of Osiris at Byblos marked by a shrub of tamarisk, 376-l.
Isis in her search had with her Anubis and Nepthe, sisters of Osiris, 378-l.
Isis in the procession was attended by women combing her hair, 387-l.
Isis is Nature, the Queen, 279-u.
Isis of Gaul, called Hertha or Wertha, Virgin to bear a child, 104-u.
Isis, sister before she was the wife, of Osiris, 849-l.
Isis: the Egyptians deemed it unlawful to utter the name, 620-u.
Isis the Goddess of Sais, the Feast of Lights in her honor celebrated there, 380-u.
Isis, the personification of the Moon, 447-l.
Isis, was engaged as nurse to the child of Queen Astarte, 379-u.
Isis was the daughter of Saturn, the most ancient of Gods, 378-m.
Isis, weeping at a fountain, dressed the hair of the women of the court, 378-l.
Israel, allegory of Jacob concerning the twelve Tribes of, 460-l.
Iraelite, by nature a servant to the Stars, relieved by Law, 509-l.
Israelites in Desert worshipped a Star God, according to Amos, 509-l.
Israel's daughters looked to the north for the return of Thammuz, 592-u.
Issachar, compared to an ass, has for a device Cancer, 461-l.
Ivy over East window of old churches is the Hedera Helix of Bakchos, 483-m.
Izeds, created by Ormuzd, offices of the twenty-eight, 257-u.


Jachin and Boaz explain the mysteries of political and religious antagonisms, 772-u.
Jachin and Boaz, parallel lines, point in circle, represent Solstices, 506-u.
Jachin and Boaz symbols of the bi-sexuality of the Ineffable Name, 849-m.
Jachin has set on it the celestial globe symbol of the spiritual part of man, 860-m.
Jachin is Binary; Boaz is Unity, 772-u.
Jachin, name of the column on the right of the entrance; meaning of, 9-l.
Jachin, one of the columns of the Temple of Wisdom, represents the Active Principle, 860-m.
Jachin referred to symbolically, 202-l.
Jachin represents Victory, one of the Sephiroth, 267-l.
Jachin, the seventh Sephiroth, is unlimited Power, 736-l.
Jacob saw the souls descending a seven-stepped ladder, 851-l.
Jacob's dream, the ladder in, 234-u.
Jainas, a sect in India, say the ancient religion consisted in a belief in - , 608-u.
James the Second, silly song helped to unseat, 43-u.
Jargon of a rude chemistry utilized by the Alchemists to conceal their philosophy, 772-l.
Jargon of alchemy created to deceive the vulgar herd, 731-u.
Japanese believe in a Supreme Invisible Being not to be represented by images or - , 616-u.
Japanese had seven ancient gods and five added, 460-m.
Japanese Mysteries; twenty years probation for highest degree, 429-m.
Japanese Supreme Being styled Amida or Omith, 616-u.
Jay and Marshall revered for their justice as judges, 836-l.
Jealousy of Deity instanced, 688-u.
Jefferies, as Judge, to be opposed by Masonry, 20-l.
Jefferies, reference to trials before, 49-l.
Jehovah, anthropomorphism of, 207-u.
Jehovah at the outset in the character of the Sun, 510-m.
Jehovah conquers the Dragons, 499-m.
Jehovah had a distinct astrological character, 509-l.
Jehovah leads forth the Hosts of Heaven, naming them, 509-l.
Jehovah more powerful than the Gods of other nations, 206-l.
"Jehovah" of the Hebrews expresses abstract existence, 651-l.
Jehovah the Author of all things, prosperity and evil, 687-u.
Jehovah, the direct author of evil, commissions evil spirits, 687-l.
Jehovah, the Divine Tetragram, formed by adding the ternary name of Eve to Yod, 771-m.
Jehovah, the name by which all things are redeemed, 561-l.
Jehovah the national God of the Hebrews, 206-l.
Jehovah transfixes the Crooked Serpent, 498-u.
Jehovah's jealousy against the infringement of autocratic laws, 688-u.
Jemsheed, one of the Persian Sun Heroes, cut off by Zohak, 589-m.
Jemsheed sawn asunder by a fish bone, 589-l.
Jericho, Rose of, grows in Arabian desert; propagation of, 96-m.
Jerusalem often prostituted to the gods of Syria and Babylon, 840-u.
Jerusalem, prophesy by Isaiah concerning, 13-m.
Jerusalem, the 16th Degree; emblems of the Prince of, 241-m.
Jesus caused to be born of a Virgin by Ialdaboth, 563-l.
Jesus Christ, the living Spirit, assists Adam Kadmon against the Evil Principle, 566-m.
Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Saviour, inscribed on Christian Mark, 547-l.
Jesus, born of a virgin, united to Christos, with Sophia redeemed the world, 560-m.
Jesus, in person, having disappeared, a cross of Light appeared in His place, 567-m.
Jesus received from Wisdom the perfect knowledge, Gnosis, 563-l.
Jesus restored to life and given an etherial body by Christos and Wisdom, 563-l.
Jesus, son of Joseph and Mary, to whom the Wisdom of God had united itself, 564-l.
Jesus takes from Ialdaboth the Souls of Light, 564-u.
Jewel of the Kabalistic pantacle commands the spirits of the elements, 787-u.
Jewels of the Order, six in number, movable and immovable, 16-u.
Jewish intimate relations with the Oriental doctrines, 255-m.
Jewish Scriptures allegories concealing profound meanings, 250-l.
Jewish Teachers of Alexandria; writings of, 253-u.
Jews borrowed the idea of God in the form of fire from the Persians, 424-m.
Jews confounded Satan with Ahriman and the Dragon, 258-u.
Jews considered the True Name of God lost and its pronunciation a mystery, 621-m.
Jews enunciated the policy of exclusion, but yielded to the Greeks, 247-l.
Jews familiar with the doctrine of Zoroaster, 256-l.
Jews fixed the New Year in the month Nisan, Vernon Equinox, 466-m.
Jews, great many remained in Babylon, established school, 256-u.
Jews influenced by long residence in Assyria and Persia, 255-m.
Jews lost the Holy Word, the veil of the Temple rent asunder, 840-u.
Jews of Egypt, difference between the Jews of Palestine and the, 260-m.
Jews of Egypt jealous of those of Palestine, 253-u.
Jews of Egypt made doctrines harmonize with the traditions of Greece, 260-m.
Jews of Palestine imbibed the Oriental doctrines, 260-m.
Jews, reason of Lodges for the exclusion of, 11-m.
Jezirah and Sohar, our knowledge of the Kabalistic doctrines in the books of, 266-l.
Jizchak Lorja says all things consist in Binah, 753-l.
Joab strikes Abner under the fifth rib; application, 36-u.
Jod, or Yod, as an initial of Yod, He, is placed in center of a triangle, 632-u.
Johannism of the Adepts, the Kabalah of the earlier Gnostics, 818-u.
Johannite Christians claimed to be the only true initiates, 816-l.
Johannite Pontiffs assumed the title Christos, Anointed, Consecrated, 817-u.
Johannites claimed uninterrupted succession of pontifical powers, 816-u.
John declares concerning the Gnostic doctrines, 559-m.
John gives the key to the allegories of the Evangel, 816-l.
John, Solstices appropriated to the Two Saints, 595-m.
John the Baptist, 261.
John the Baptist adopted by Masonry to avoid the suspicions of Rome, 818-u.
John the Baptist; parents of; teachings of, 260-l.
John the Baptist preached in the desert near where the Essenes lived, 201-u.
John the Baptist, religious systems approximating each other in the time of, 247-m.
John the Baptist, religious thought at the time of, 259-m.
John the Baptist taught some creed older than Christianity, 261-l.
John's declaration concerning Christ, the Word, 559-m.
Joseph and Mary, parents of Jesus, to whom Wisdom had united itself, 564-l.
Joseph initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries, 368-m.
Joseph interpreted Pharaoh's dream of the seven ears of corn, 729-u.
Josephus describes the vestments of the High Priest, etc, 409-u.
Journalism, slander and calumny of modern, 334-m.
Journalistic spying is dishonorable, 336-l.
Judah has Leo for a device whose grip after others failed raised Khurum, 461-u.
Judas Iscariot, "Brother," playing the part of, 36-u.
Judge, a member of the 31st Degree alluded to as a, 825-l.
Judge cautiously and charitably, 132-u.
Judge's duties are to hear patiently, weigh deliberately, decide impartially, 825-m.
Judgment hereafter as you judge here below, 825-m.
Judgment of God infallible, because all things and motives are known, 825-l.
Judgment of God seen in the Indian plague, 812-m.
Judgment of the world by Vishnu, Osiris, Sosiosch, 623.
Judgment on the acts, faults or crimes of others, 130-135.
Judgment proceeded from the Mother towards whom the Father did not turn, 793-u.
Judgments too rigorous prevent the process of creation from being carried on, 798-u.
Julian an Illuminatus and initiate of the first order, 731-l.
Julian believed in one God and the Trinity; was no Pagan, but a Gnostic, 731-l.
Julian, Emperor, discovery during the rebuilding of the Temple by, 280-m.
Julian gives reasons why the Mysteries were celebrated in the Autumn, 491-u.
Julian; why Mysteries were celebrated at the Equinox, opinion of, 404-l.
Junior Warden's column represents Tephareth, Beauty, 800-u.
Juno holds in her right hand the head of a serpent, 499-l.
Jupiter Ammon represents the Sun in Aries, 452-l.
Jupiter, meaning and emblem of, 202-m.
Jupiter represents Justice, 727-l.
Jupiter, the name of the third gate of the ladder, material, brass, 414-u.
Jurors, attitude and duty of, 126-m.
Juror, position to be taken by a Masonic, 155-u.
Just things are beautiful; everything beautiful ought to be just, 845-u.
Just thoughts have on their side Power, Wisdom and Justice of God, 838-m.
Justice a universal human debt, a universal human claim, 833-m.
Justice and equity characteristics of a Prince of Jerusalem, 241-l.
Justice and Love in equilibrium in Deity, 769-l.
Justice and Mercy in equilibrium give Infinite Equity or Harmony, 859-u.
Justice as between man and man is that which it is right to do, 831-m.
Justice as the law paramount; all affairs must be subject to, 830-u.
Justice divorced from sympathy is selfish indifference, 70-71-l.
Justice has a law as universal as that of attraction, 829-u.
Justice, ideal and absolute, may be affected for the greater good of the greatest number, 836-l.
Justice indispensable to nations, 72-l.
Justice instinctively understood better than it can be depicted, 835-l.
Justice is the Angel of God flying from East to West, 838-u.
Justice is the constitution or fundamental law of the moral Universe, 829-l.
Justice is the object of the conscience, 833-u.
Justice keeps just relations between men, 833-u.
Justice, Masonry seeks to enforce the laws of, 127-m.
Justice may require self sacrifice, 833-l.
Justice not a consequence; there is no principle above it, 723-u.
Justice not departed from though an ideal rule of justice may be, 836-m.
Justice of a thing decides whether or not God wills it, 847-u.
Justice of God alone reigning the creation of man would have been impossible, 846-u.
Justice of God and the law of merit and demerit the foundations of human faith, 706-u.
Justice of God, in human affairs, must work by human hands, 838-m.
Justice of God not to be impeached because we do not understand, 829-m.
Justice of God not to be measured by our standard of justice, 829-m.
Justice, Power and Wisdom of God are on the side of every just thought, 838-m.
Justice, the opposite of envy, represented by Jupiter, 727-l.
Justice the rule of right, a rule of conduct for man in his moral relations, 830-u.
Justice, the well informed Mason is a votary of, 156-u.
Justice; to human nature, and a part of it, belongs a sense of, 833-u.
Justice to oneself is fidelity to our faculties and trust in their convictions, 837-l.
Justice toward men is a life in obedience to our faculties and their convictions, 837-l.
Justice, uncertainty of human, 131-m.
Justice, which is God, 847-l.
Justice will not fail, though wickedness seems strong, 838-u.
Justin Martyr quotes Pythagoras as declaring "God is One", 667-u Juvenal held no office, 47-l.
Juvenal under the Caesars, 48-u.


Kabala consecrates the alliance of the Universal Reason and Divine Word, 744-l.
Kabala contains a doctrine logical, simple, absolute, 745-u.
Kabala contains a source of many doctrines, 741-u.
Kabala establishes by the counterpoises of opposite forces the balance of being, 744-l.
Kabala furnished the material for the Roman de la Rose, 733-u.
Kabala gives to Masonry secrets and symbols, 744-n. Kabala struggles hard to understand and explain process of creation, 758-n. Kabalah, an entire, perfect, unique Theology in the Secret Traditions of the, 843-l.
Kabalah; Creation effected by the omnific letter of the, 14-u.
Kabalah designates Leniency as Light and Whiteness, 769-u.
Kabalah, doctrines of Persians, Gnostics, and in the Zend Avesta, similar to the, 266-l.
Kabalah, doctrines of the, 267-269.
Kabalah ignored by the scholastic theology of Aristotle and Lombard, 847-u.
Kabalah in active realization, the Magic of Works, is Hermeticism, 840-l.
Kabalah is the primitive tradition and rests on a dogma of Magism, 759-l.
Kabalah minus the principle of the Hierarch forms Swedenborgianism, 823-m.
Kabalah, origin and development of the Holy (See also Cabala), 97-m.
Kabalah, representation of the mysterious pantacles of the, 104-m.
Kabalah states, in reference to the Justice and Mercy or Benignity of God - , 846-u.
Kabalah, study of, aided by the Tetractys, 88-m.
Kabalah, symbolism of lights according to the, 202-l.
Kabalah taught the unity of God and embodied a pure philosophy, 625-l.
Kalabah teaches the emanation of all from Infinite Light, 266-l.
Kabalah, the Ancient of Days existed before everything in the, 266-l.
Kabalah, the Hebrew traditional philosophy, 552-u.
Kabalah the heritage of Israel and the secret of its priests, 839-l.
Kabalah the key of the occult sciences and gave birth to the Gnostics, 626-u.
Kabalah, the primary tradition of the single revelation, 841-l.
Kabalah, the Supreme Being is the "Unknown Father" in the, 266-l.
Kabalah, visions of Ezekiel veiled by enigmatic dogmas of the, 321-l.
Kabalist doctrines known to the Templars, 815-m.
Kabalist is a man who has learned the Sacredotal and Royal Art, 627-u.
Kabalist pantacle, the Cross of the East, made by the plates of the. Templar trowel, 816-m.
Kabalistic alphabet in the Tarot indicates the order to be followed, 777-l Kabalistic and Hermetic Rose Croix, 785-l.
Kabalistic book of the Apocalypse closed by seven seals, 727-l.
Kabalistic books furnished the doctrines of the Hermetic Philosophers, 772-l.
Kabalistic Commentaries contain the meaning of the Rose Symbol, 821-l.
Kabalistic doctrine based on Deity without limitation or conformation, 765-l.
Kabalistic doctrine concealed under its emblems in the Apocalypse, 727-l.
Kabalistic Doctrine contained in the Sepher Yetsairah, Sohar, Talmud, 841-l.
Kabalistic doctrine, like Masonry, tends toward spiritual perfection, 625-l Kabalistic doctrine lost by the Pharisees at the advent of Christ, 727-l.
Kabalistic Doctrine, the dogma of the Magi and Hermes, 841-l.
Kabalistic doctrine the religion of the Sage and Savant, 625-l.
Kabalistic doctrines of emanations, the origin of the Christian Trinity, 552-u.
Kabalistic doctrines; sources of our knowledge of the, 266-l.
Kabalistic four Worlds alluded to in the four elements of the Ritual, 784-m.
Kabalistic Gnosticism: in the chiefs of the Templars was vested the Apostolate of, 817-m.
Kabalistic idea of the Infinite Deity and His emanations, 552-u.
Kabalistic ideas concerning the Sephiroth, 765-u.
Kabalistic interpretation of the Seven Sephiroth is Atik Yomin, 727-m.
Kabalistic number four furnished the mysteries of the Tetragram of the Hebrews, 732-u.
Kabalistic process of creation, 766-769 Kabalistic secrets contained in the ternarys of the Evangelic Symbols, 730-l.
Kabalistic significance of Yod, type of the human Tetragram, 771-m.
Kabalistic statement in regard to the Infinite Light, 742-u.
Kabalistic "Taro" corresponds to the Hebrew Tetragram, 732-m.
Kabalistic theory of the four worlds, Emanation, Creation, Formation, Fabrication, 768-l.
Kabalistic triangle. Necessity, Liberty, Reason, 738-u.
Kabalists consider God as the Intelligent, Animating, Living, Infinite, 97-l.
Kabalists have chiefly studied the questions of the Nature of Deity and the beginning of the Universe, 738-l.
Kabalists' opinion concerning Souls is Platonism and came from the Chaldeans, 440-l.
Kabalists regarded Deity as the Primordial Ether-Ocean from which light flows, 739-l.
Kabalists wrote the "unspeakable word, Ihuh," translated by Ararita, 728-u.
Karobim on the Propitiatory was misunderstood, 818-l.
Kether Ailah synonymous with the Supreme Crown; Cause of Causes, 751-l.
Kether, Corona, existent in the Corona of the World of Emanation, 758-u.
Kether, Crown, has no configuration nor can there be any cognizance of it, 753-u.
Kether denoted by Yod, according to the Pneumatica Kabalistica, 798-m.
Kether is the Will of Deity, or Deity as Will, 758-m.
Kether, Kabalistic meaning of, 202-l.
Kether, the cranium of Adam Kadmon, 757-l.
Kether, the Crown, is treated of as a person composed of the ten numerations, 799-m.
Kether, the Crown, the Divine Will or Potency, the first Sephiroth, 552-u.
Kether, the will, remains in Macroprosopos, the first Universal, 793-l.
Kether was the aggregate of the ten Sephiroth, 755-u.
Kether's sphere opened and thereout proceeded Hakemah, 756-m.
Key of the Holy Books is the Sohar which opens all the depths and lights, 843-l.
Key to the pantacles of the Apocalypse are three, four, seven, twelve, 728-u.
Khairum, or Khur-um, misrendered into Hiram, 816-m.
Khaled, "The sword of God," at the battle of Damascus, exhorts soldiers, 53-m.
Khur, correspondence to Egyptian Har, 78-m.
Khur from the Zend word, Huare, the Sun, 602-u.
Khur-om Abi, meaning of, 81-m.
Khur-om, personification of Light and the Sun, Saviour, 79-l.
Khur-om, Phoenician artificer, meaning of the name of, 81-u.
Khur-om, similarity in the Mysteries to the death of the Master, 405-m.
Khurum assailed at the three gates by Capricornus, Aquarius, Pices, 448-u.
Khurum assaulted at the East, West and South Gates, 488-u.
Khurum, improperly called Hiram, is Khur-om, 79-l.
Khur-um, King of Tsur, first performed annual ceremony, 25th Dec, 78-l.
Khurum laid several days in the grave and was raised by the powerful attraction of Leo, 488-m.
Khurum legend connected with more ancient ones; variants of them, 435-m.
Khurum, name of Evil God, Bal, found in name of each murderer of, 80-u.
Khurum obtained true ideas of Deity in the Mysteries, 208-m.
Khurum, or Khairum, derivation and meaning of, 78-u.
Khurum raised by the Lion's grip after that of Aquarius and Cancer had failed, 461-u.
Khurum represents the Sun killed by the three Winter Signs, 448-u.
Khurum, The Master, received no wages not his due, 114-u.
Khurum, the Master, the symbol of human freedom, 211-u.
Khurum, the Tyrian artist of the columns Jachin and Boaz, 9-m.
Khurum's assassins, origin of names, relation to Stars, 488-u.
Khurum's body searched for by the other nine signs of the Zodiac, 448-u.
Kingdom of Christ, which, though not of this world, would govern all its grandeurs, 815-m.
Kings: not successively, but altogether, Binah produced the seven, 796-l.
Kings; shattered into fragments were the first six, 796-l.
Kings of the World are those knowing the incontestable verity, 842-m.
Kings, when they died, had no root in Adam Kadmon, nor was Wisdom their root, 798-u.
Kneph or Agathodaemon, the Good Spirit, represented by Osiris, 587-l.
Kneph, the Serpent God of the Egyptians, 495-u.
Knight Commander of the Temple, first Chivalric Degree, 578-u.
Knight Commander of the Temple, the 27th Degree, 578-u.
Knight Kadosh Degree, the 30th, 814.
Knight must be ardent in the practice of the virtues he has professed, 807-l.
Knight of the Brazen Serpent, the 25th Degree, 435.
Knight of the Brazen Serpent, the 25th Degree, explains symbols, 435-m.
Knight of the East and West, 17th Degree, philosophical, 246-l.
Knight of the East or of the Sword, 15th Degree, lessons of, 237-u.
Knight of the Royal Axe, Prince of Libanus, the 22nd Degree, 340-u.
Knight of the Sun, or Prince Adept, the 28th Degree, 581.
Knight Templarism originated in the East in 1118, 815-l.
Knight worthy of being called so if true to vows and possessing Virtue, Truth, Honor, 808-u.
Knighthood's crosses are symbols of the nine qualities of a Knight of St. Andrew, 801-l.
Knightly attributes and qualities found in men in those days, 805-u.
Knightly character requires mercy, clemency, a forgiving temper, 813-l.
Knightly plumage, dress, gaudy habiliments incompatible with Order, 807-m.
Knightly professions and duties, 808-m.
Knightly qualities of Generosity, Clemency, Charity, are more essential, 803-u.
Knightly qualities of Humility, Patience, Self-denial, essential qualities, 801-l.
Knightly qualities of Virtue, Truth, Honor, are most essential qualities, 803-m.
Knightly spirit revived by the 27th Degree, 579-m.
Knights Crusaders, nine in number, consecrated themselves Templars, 815-l.
Knights incited to imitate the old Knights and Bayard, Sydney, S. Louis, 804-l.
Knights incited to look to the ancient days for examples of Virtue, Truth, Honor, 804-l.
Knights of St. Andrew vowed to defend the innocent and bring the oppressors to justice, 802-l.
Knights of the East and of the East and West successors of Templars, 816-m.
Knights of the East and West so called because - , 275-m.
Knights of the 15th and 16th Degrees, duties of the, 332-u.
Knight's boast to be consistent with our profession as Masons; retain our dignity and - , 804-m.
Knowledge alone not sufficient to fit men to be free, 26-m.
Knowledge convertible into power, 25-l.
Knowledge convertible into power and axioms into rules of utility and duty, 711-l.
Knowledge imparted to initiates of Mithraic Mysteries, 425-m.
Knowledge: in the Ancient Symbolism may be rediscovered the Mysteries of, 842-l.
Knowledge is Light, the development of the soul, 107-l.
Knowledge is profitable, moral, and will be religious, 713-u.
Knowledge of Deity and Soul because we feel their existence, 674-u.
Knowledge of God's existence through the Power communicated to man by the Word, 598.
Knowledge of good and evil commenced, 630-m.
Knowledge of Life limited to its developments, 572-m.
Knowledge, Masonic, little use unless it adds to our Wisdom and Charity, 26-u.
Knowledge of natural things through our senses, 738-l.
Knowledge of the Absolute itself possible only through his manifestations, 738-l.
Knowledge of the effects of things, the attributes, possible, 570-571-572.
Knowledge of the essence of things impossible, 570-571-572.
Knowledge of Truth and of the Nature of the Gods the most precious gift, 521-l.
Knowledge of the value of many things comes when we lose them, 190-u.
Knowledge, the forerunner of liberty and toleration, 171-m.
Kosmos, a word signifying Beauty and Order; Universe, 87-l.
Krishna, called Heri, Shepherd and Saviour, 81-l.
Krishna, Hindu Sun God, 78-u.
Kronos and Ouranos were above Zeus, 597-l.


L, P, D on Cagliostro's seal were the initials of "Tread under foot the Lilies", 823-m.
Labor a blessing, not a curse, 691-u.
Labor has produced all that is glorious in the world, 346-m.
Labor is a more beneficent ministration than man admits, 344-m.
Labor is Heaven's great ordinance for human improvement, 343-l.
Labor is man's great function, distinction, privilege, 344-l.
Labor is noble and ennobling, not a disgrace nor a misfortune, 242-m.
Labor necessary to develop the energies, 243-u.
Labor not a curse or a doom, but a blessing, 342-l.
Labor, the lessons of the 22d Degree inculcate respect for, 340-u.
Labor, three kinds of, manual, in arms, intellectual, 331-u.
Labor, wide as Earth, has its summit in Heaven, 342-l.
Labor yet to be the King of Earth is the noblest emblem of God, 341-m.
Laborers alone survive in the solitudes of Time, 343-u.
Laboring man, condition of the, 179.
Labors of Hercules depict the varying fortunes of the Solar Power, 591-l.
Labors of Hercules, Peter the Great, Cromwell, Napoleon, 341-l.
Labyrinth built in honor of the Sun, its twelve palaces consecrated to - , 459-l.
Lactantius believed soul existed before the body, 440-m.
Lactantius ridiculed the earth's revolution around the Sun, 843-u.
Ladder, Faith, Hope, Charity, the three principal rounds of the, 10-u.
Ladder in Jacob's dream; translation of the word, 234-u.
Ladder, nine rounds, 10-u.
Ladder of seven steps a symbol of the passage of souls through Stars, 414-u.
Ladder of the Mithraic Initiations, with its seven steps, a symbol, 851-l.
Ladder reached from Heaven to Earth, each step had a gate, 414-u.
Ladder, seven rounds; symbolism, 10-u.
Ladder, symbolism of Mithraic, 233-l.
Ladder, theological, which Jacob saw, 10-u.
Lamaism teaches final judgment before Eslik Khan and punishment, 624-u.
Lamb, and two Knights on one horse taught humility and self-denial, 802-l.
Lamb eaten by Israelites at Vernal Equinox, 466-m.
Lamb or Ram adored when he opened the Equinox, 448-m.
Lamb of Vernal Equinox marks defeat of Serpent, 407-m.
Lamb sacrificed by initiates of Heliopolis and its flesh eaten, 431-l.
Lamb used instead of Ram by Persians, 465-m.
Landseer's theory concerning the legend of Osiris, 483-487. Language fell into confusion after man's connection with the Creator ceased, 600-u.
Language inadequate to express idea of Deity, hence personification, 672-l.
Language inadequate to express the origination of matter from spirit, 673-m.
Language not adequate to express our ideas, 569-u.
Latitude and Longitude of Egyptian cities, 442-u.
Laurel wreaths for the Greek and Romans who fought for the love of Liberty, 157-m.
Law as applied to the Universe means - , 695-m.
Law displacing Chance and Necessity permits man to be morally free, 695-m.
Law Eternal by which all the operations of Nature proceed without clash, 826-m.
Law, fundamental, the keystone of the Temple of Liberty, 211-u.
Law, obedience to, 110 - . Law of attraction and radiation, the principle of Creation and cause of Life, 843-u.
Law of Attraction has no exceptions; attraction is the common bond, 828-m.
Law of God a part of the law of Harmony dictated by Infinite Wisdom, 240-u.
Law of God relating to our conduct, 240-u.
Law of justice claimed to be our notions of right adopted by God, 830-u.
Law of matter, law of mind, law of morals, the mode in which those forces act, 827-l.
Law of matter, learned only by experience, is imperative, 828-u.
Law of natural phenomena expressed in the Kabala by the number four, 732-u.
Law of natural phenomena furnished the Hebrews with the mysteries of the Tetragram, 732-u.
Law or principle of chemical attraction; destruction would follow the repeal of the, 846-m.
Law of Retribution, 216-217. Law of sympathy and harmony inflexible as the law of gravitation, 244-u.
Law of the Divine an analogical inference of human law, 694-m.
Law perceived, but not understood, becomes Necessity, 694-m.
Law superior over capricious interference, 696-m.
Law, that mind gives character to all is one impartial, 192-m.
Law unacknowledged goes under the name of Chance, 694-m.
Law unknown is not obligatory, 695-m.
Laws and Constitution in a free government above incapables, 49-l.
Laws and principles as a spiritual being, 197-m.
Laws governing the Universe by necessity, 831-l.
Laws governing the Universe changed by prayer questionable, 684-l.
Laws of God obligatory on us because they express His infinite Wisdom, 8-u.
Laws of God produce wrong and injustice according to our standards, 830-l.
Laws of movement and life known to the priests of Egypt, 842-l.
Laws of nature not known to ancients to be immutable, 447-m.
Law of natural phenomena represented by a cube, 732-u.
Laws of our own nature unchangeable, 239-l.
Laws of Solon, the best his countrymen were capable of receiving, 37-u.
Laws, the Mason should not attempt to change God's inflexible, 338-l.
Laws, the Universe preserved by eternal, 577-u.
Laws which seem harsh may be beneficial if looked on from a broader view, 695-l.
Le Verrier, painstaking methods of, 174-m.
Leaders of men, not the acutest thinkers, 55-l.
Legislators should be thinkers, not gabblers, 55-m.
Legend of Hiram Abif but a variant of an universal one, 435-m.
Legend of the Master, Khurom, differently interpreted, 267-m.
Legend of the Mysteries practically the same in all countries, 377-u.
Legends of the Degrees considered as allegories, not taught as truths, 329-m.
Legislators whose laws we obey now long dead, 313-u.
Leniency designated as Light and Whiteness, the Substance of Deity symbolized, 769-u.
Leniency of the Kabalah coincides with Paul's ideas as to Law and Grace, 769-u.
Leniency the essence of the Stability of Creation and part of the nature of Deity, 769-u.
Leo named because the Lion came to the Nile athirst, 446-m.
Leo the device of Judah by whose grip Khurum was raised, 461-u.
Leo the first sign into which the Sun passed below the Summer Solstice, 455-m.
Leo the Third, Kabalistic pantacle contained in the Enchiridion of, 104-m.
Leslie, John, Bishop of Ross, tells of those who saw St. Andrew's Cross, 801-l.
Lesser Mysteries a preparation for the Greater, 432-u.
Lessons learned in the school of life, 182-l.
Letter He, resolved into Daleth and Vau, 794-l.
Letters and names constitute the worlds, 749-m.
Letters fashioned from points by the Infinite at Creation, 749-m.
Letters (the Sephiroth) changed from the spherical form into the form of a person, 757-m.
Letters Yod, He, Vav-He, dwelt in the Shekinah, 750-u.
Level inverted marked on the breast of the Indian initiate, 428-m.
Levy and Simeon had for device the two fishes of Pisces, 462-u.
Liberality teaches that possibly a contrary opinion may be true, 160-m.
Liberties of the people guaranteed by - , 211-m.
Liberty a curse to the ignorant and brutal, 26-m.
Liberty and Necessity apparently antagonistic, 848-m.
Liberty and Necessity, the columns of the Universe, symbolized by the Temple, 848-m.
Liberty and Necessity, the essence of Deity, counterbalanced, produce equilibrium, 778-l.
Liberty, Angels commissioned to aid man to exercise his, 252-m.
Liberty can not exist without perfect equilibrium, 736-l.
Liberty, chief foes of human, 148-m.
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, foundations of Free Government, 860-u.
Liberty, imagined, may be the worst of slavery, when - , 177-m.
Liberty of the people must not be entrusted to any one man, 211-u.
Liberty of Thought proclaimed by Christ, 309-u.
Liberty, or the free will of God's creatures, 848-m.
Liberty, the basis of our existence, we assign to God as His nature, 704-u.
. Liberty, the keystone of the Arch of the Temple of, is - , 211-u.
Liberty; the sovereignty of one's self over one's self is called, 43-l.
Liberty, the wise Mason is a votary of, 156-u.
Liberty with obedience to Law an immutable foundation of Free Government, 860-u.
Libra named because of the balance of the length of day and night, 446-u.
Life, a social state ordained by God, 197-l.
Life, an imploring call for revelation from visible, 191-l.
Life analogous to fire and heat, 664-l.
Life and Light abiding in the First Born or Creative Agency, 267-m.
Life and Light considered by the Persians as one, 572-m.
Life and Light in the Creator or Demiourgos, 575-u.
Life and movement result from a continual conflict of Forces or Impulses, 846-u.
Life, as air and fire, was associated with the material machinery, 675-m.
Life belongs to nature as much as matter does, 664-l.
Life comes from Death; reconstruction out of dissolution, 768-u.
Life given for moral and spiritual training, 182-u.
Life, Heat, Light, centers of gravitation, 843-u.
Life in its relationships is like - , 198-m.
Life is a battle, to fight which well is the purpose of man's existence, 853-l.
Life is a blessing, 142-l.
Life is a school; comparison to a school, 182-u.
Life is real and full of duties to be performed, 231-m.
Life is the beginning of immortality, 231-m.
Life, Light, Soul, from the inherent Light of the Emanative principle, 755-l.
Life made worthy and glorious by - , 143-l.
Life, more than life are the duties of, 151-l.
Life of a community depends on - , 197-l.
Life of Humanity is the Word, the Light, 849-l.
Life of the embryo maintained by the activity of the mother's life, 668-l.
Life of the Universe and Soul alike the result of Harmony and movement, 859-l.
Life of things from the vital fire that blazes in the Sun, 664-l.
. Life perpetually caused by the double law of fixedness and movement, 843-u.
Life principle familiar to the ancients and Alchemists, 734-l.
Life principle is the universal agent, 734-l.
Life-principle of the world a universal agent, two natures, a double current, 734-l.
Life principle penetrates everything; a ray detached from the Sun, 734-l.
Life Principle that moves the world, compared to that which moves Man, 667-l.
Life proceeding from the hidden Deity, 555-m.
Life represented by a simple Tau; eternal life when circle was added, 505-u.
Life rises out of the grave; the soul can not be held by the fettering flesh, 714-m.
Life rising out of death an important doctrine of the Mysteries, 395-m.
Life, teachings of the dread realities of, 199-l.
Life, the blessings of life proceed often from the trials of, 307-l.
Life, the creation of God, 143-l.
Life well regulated results from the equilibrium between our appetites and Moral Sense, 860-l.
Life what we make it by character and adaptation, 193.
Life's length measured by what we have done for others,158-l.
Light, a name applied to Ainsoph, because unable to express it by any other, 740-m.
Light a pure emblem of and first emanation from the Etenal God, 617-l.
Light a symbol of Hope to the candidate, 639-m.
Light, Ahriman second born of the Primitive, 257-m.
Light, all things caused by an emanation of a ray of, 286-u.
Light an example of the emanation doctrine of the Gnostics, 248-l.
Light, ancient symbols of, meaning, 77-m.
Light and Darkness a marked feature of the Eleusinian Mysteries, 403-m.
Light and Darkness, a prominent feature in the Mysteries, 402-l.
Light and Darkness are the world's eternal ways, 581-m.
Light and Darkness contesting for possession of the lunar disk, 468-l.
Light and Darkness proceed from the idea of the Active and Passive, 659-l.
Light and Darkness, the basis of Ancient Theology according to Plutarch, 402-l.
Light and Fire; references to, 285-l.
Light and Life emanations from Deity, the archetype of light, 572-m.
Light and Whiteness a designation of Leniency, 769-u.
Light as applied to Deity is the Substance from which Light flows, 740-m.
Light became the first Divinity of the ancients, 443-l.
Light coexistent with God; questions concerning, 739-l.
Light comes from the etherial substances that compose the active cause, 659-l.
Light defined in the book, Omschim, or Introduction to the Kabala, 740-u.
Light, Fire, Flame, the Aor of the Deity, manifested in flame, out of the fire, 740-l.
Light, Pire, Flame, the sons of the Phoenician Kronos, 740-l.
Light, Pire, Flame, the Trinity of the Chaldean oracles, 740-l.
Light, Fire not a pure, 251-u.
Light for which all Masonic journeys are a search, 252-l.
Light forthshone from Deity not severed or diverse from Him, 748-m.
Light from above constituted three brains for Microprosopos when the letter He was born, 794-l.
Light from the shattered vessels reascended to Binah then flowed down, 797-u.
Light has no characteristics of matter, 744-u.
Light, Human but a reflection of a ray of the Divine Light, 246-l.
Light in excess, being veiled, may be received by those below, 795-l.
Light inclosed in the seeds of species has its home in Universal Spirit, 783-m.
Light initiates in Bacchian Mysteries cry Hail new-born, 522-u.
Light is the creative power of Deity, 267-l.
Light is the equilibrium of Shadow and Lucidity, 845-u.
Light is the Father and Mother of all, 267-u.
Light, modern and ancient conception of, 76-l.
Light not Spirit, but the instrument of the Spirit, 98-l.
Light not the body of the Protoplastes, but first physical manifestation, 98-l.
Light of Ainsoph inheres in the Vessel as their Life, Light, Soul, 755-l.
Light of Fire the symbol of the Divine Essence, 742-l.
Light of the Countenance of God, the inmost Covering, Aur Penial, 749-m.
Light of the Lodge a symbol of - , 240-l.
Light of the Substance and that of the Garment in the Primal Ether, 750-m.
Light of the Substance of the Infinite a Kabalistic expression, 743-l.
Light of the Sun at midnight revealed to the Initiate, 389-m.
Light of the Vessels is the Soul of the vessel and is active in them, 755-m.
Light of the vestige of garment different from that of the Substance, 750-m.
Light of the vestige of the Garment termed a point, Yod, a point in the center of Light, 750-m.
Light (or knowledge) of God's existence came from the Power communicated to man by the Word, 598-u.
Light, Ormuzd existed in the beginning in the primitive, 256-l.
Light, perception of, is the Dawn of the Eternal Life, in Being, 100-l.
Light, period of termination of the struggle between Darkness and, 257-l.
Light Principle did its work, but the Evil Principle caused Him to be crucified, 567-m.
Light-principle one of the ancient conceptions of Deity, 739-m.
Light Principle put on the appearance of a human body, 567-m.
Light Principle suffered in appearance only, 567-m.
Light Principle took the name of Christ in the Messiah, 567-m.
Light referred to in the Kabalah, 286-u.
Light represented Ormuzd or Ahura Mazda, 612-u.
Light seems an emanation from the Creator unfolding all things, 660-u.
Light Substance in the Deity, 741-l.
Light, symbol of truth and knowledge, 76-m.
Light, symbolism of being brought to, 252-l.
Light synonymous with Good, 660-m.
Light that is the visible manifestation of God active throughout the Universe, 845-m.
Light, the cause and principle of all that exists is a Divine Ray of, 267-u.
Light the creature of the Unseen God who taught the True religion, 582-u.
Light, the final revelation in the Eleusinean Mysteries was, 394-l.
Light, the first divinity worshipped because it made known the Universe, 660-u.
Light, the head of the universal organism, called Pooroosha, 673-u.
Light the Life of the Universe, 575-u.
Light, the object of Masonic search, brings us to the Kabala, 741-u.
Light the principle of the real existence of primitive men, 443-m.
Light the reason of being of the Shadow, 307-l.
Light the symbol of most of the Indian and Persian Deities, 601-l.
Light, to the Ancients, was the cause of life; flowed from God, 13-u.
Light towards which all Masons travel, 256-l.
Light, visible, is attended by a shadow proportional to that light, 847-l.
Light wanted by the candidate wandering in darkness, 361-u.
Light was divine to the Chaldeans and Phoenicians, 582-u.
Light was the life of men, said St. John, 743-l.
Light was the Life of the Universe, the substance of God and the Soul, 443-l.
Light will return into the Plenitude when redemption is accomplished, 564-u.
Light worshipped by Sabaeans, 13-u.
Lighting and lights of Temples, meaning and reference, 411-u.
Lights, Great, 11-m.
Lights, Lesser, 12-u.
Lights not seen in the North of a Lodge room because - , 592-u.
Lights represent Sun, Moon and Mercury, 411-u.
Lights, symbols in 12th Degree of the three great, 202-l.
Lights: the initiate became an Epopt when admitted to the see the Divine, 521-l.
Lights, the three great, represent in the lodge - , 210-u.
Lily, a Masonic medal had upon it a sword cutting off the stalk of a, 823-m.
Limitation modified by grace, which relaxes it, 764-l.
Line being but the extension of a point, an emblem of Unity, 487-u.
Line, duality or evil represented by the broken or divided, 487-u.
Line, the first principle of Geometry is the straight line, 487-u.
Lingham revered in Indian Temples; an emblem of the sexes, 656-u.
Lingham, the union of Active and Passive principles, 401-l.
Lion holding key in his mouth represents - , 210-m.
Lion of the House of Judah furnishes the strong grip, 641-u.
Lion, the symbol of Athom-Re, God of Upper Egypt, 254-l.
Lions of different colors a symbol of metals in ebullition, 774-m.
Lips of a King impressed by a Tau cross at initiation, 505-u.
Literal reading of Oriental writings leads into gross errors, 818-m.
Live, not all of life to, 191-l.
Lodge, a symbolic Temple modeled from the Universe, 7-u.
Lodge ceiling, border, brazen sea, symbolism of, 209-m.
Lodge, Christian, must have Christian bible, 11-m.
Lodge, definition of a, 7-m.
Lodge, dimensions of a, 9-l.
Lodge, East of American and English, 15-m.
Lodge, Hebrew letter Yod in triangle in the East of a; symbolism, 15-m.
Lodge, Hebrew, must have Pentateuch, 11-m.
Lodge inaugurated by Rousseau became the revolutionary center, 823-l.
Lodge, Mohammedan, must have Koran, 11-m.
Lodge represents the Universe, 209-l.
Lodge supported by three great columns, 7-l.
Lodge supported by Wisdom, Strength and Beauty, 7-l.
Lodge, symbolism of lights of the, 209-l.
Lodge, symbolism of the triangle in the, 209-l.
Lodges extend to Heaven from practice of having Temples without roofs, 366-l.
Logic of Cicero proving the divinity of the Stars, 670-l.
Logos, a name for the Wisdom of the Kabalah, 267-l.
Logos dwells in God; is the vehicle by which God acts, 251-u.
Logos may be compared to the speech of man, 251-u.
Logos personified by Simon Magus and Gnostics, 323-m.
Logos produced by the words of the Supreme Deity, 560-m.
Logos, the material world created by the, 251-l.
Logos; the powers and attributes of God act through the, 251-l.
Logos, the word; Mysteries taught incarnation, death, etc., of, 415-u.
Logos, the Word through which God acts upon the Universe, 552-l.
Logos, the World of ideas; Chief of Intelligence; Adam Kadmon, 251-m.
Long Parliament, in periods of convulsion, 30-l.
Lord, Rev. W.W., writes concerning present-day materialism, 808-813.
Lorja, Jitz-chak, author of the Treatise De Revolutionibus Animarum, 772-l.
Lorris, Guillaume de, did not complete the Roman de Rose, 822-l.
Lost meaning of the name of Deity the True Word of a Mason, 697-m.
Loss of the meaning of the True Word considered loss of the Word itself, 701-l.
Louis the Fifteenth, condition of society under, 27-m.
Louis the Fifteenth forbade Masonic Lodges in 1737, 50-m.
Love, a mythologic image of the grand secret and the grand agent, 732-m.
Love a power between the human and the divine, 692-m.
Love and Mercy impregnating Rigor and Severity by Benignity, 796-u.
Love and Rigor must temper each other to produce creation, 798-l.
Love at the bottom of Christianity, 730-l.
Love became the universal parent when - , 684-u.
Love carries to the gods the prayers of men and brings down the gifts, 692-m.
Love, Christ the expounder of the new Law of, 309-m.
Love emerging from the Bacchic egg, with Night, organizes Chaos, 663-l.
Love, interest in the virtue of those we, 198-m.
Love is the attribute of Compassion or Mercy, 796-l.
Love of God according to Plato and Christianity, 704-l.
Love one another the whole law enunciated by Christianity, 705-u.
Love, perfect, denoted by the Father, male, 795-l.
Love received scanty homage before the birth of philosophy, 691-l.
Love scarcely recognized in the old days of ignorance, 692-u.
Love the best pilot, supporter, saviour of all things, 692-u.
Love, the highest and most beneficent of the Gods, according to Plato, 682-l.
Love, the physician of the Universe, the first born of Nature, 683-u.
Love the solution of the problems of the contradictions of existence, 683-l.
Loving better than hating, even by Deity Himself, 859-u.
Loving Kindness is greater than Hope or Faith; the only thing God requires, 808-m.
Loving kindness of the Father enfolds and blesses everything, 715-l.
Lowly and uninfluential, importance of the work of the; instances, 41-m.
Loyola referred to, 31-u.
Lucanus, Ocellus, after Pythagoras, opened a school in Italy, 653-l.
Lucanus recognized the eternity of the Universe and the Active and Passive, 653-l.
Lucifer, the Evil Force or Devil represented by the false, 102-l.
Lucifer, the Lightbearer, Son of the Morning, Spirit of Darkness, 321-u.
Lukewarmness to be anathematized, 138-m.
Lulle defines mercury, meaning either electricity or astral light, 775-m.
Lulle, Raymond, says to make gold must first have gold, 777-l.
Lulle, Raymond, treats on Hermetic Science, 774-l.
Luther referred to, 31-u.
Luther with his sermons worked great results, 43-u.
Luxury, extravagance, ostentation, the peril of nations and men, 348-m.


Macrobius in the Sacred Fables explains theory of the Two Principles, 404-l.
Macrobious taught that the heavens and spheres were part of the Universal Soul, 669-m.
Macrocosmos, the universal organism called Pooroosha, 673-u.
Macroprosopos, Arik Aupin, a person composed of ten Numerations, 799-m.
Macroprosopos is called in the third person, Hua, He, 793-l.
Macroprosopos is the Idea of the Universe when yet Deity was unmanifested in the Absolute, 758-m.
Macroprosopos, or Adam Kadmon, constituted with three heads, 758-u.
Macroprosopos, the first prototype or Universal, 793-l.
Magdol, the sacred Babylonian tower, description of, 234-m.
Magi advised by Star of Knowledge when Truth comes into the World, 843-m.
Magi came from the East, guided by a Star, to adore the Saviour, 841-l.
Magi, Daniel the Chief of the College of the, 255-l.
Magi guided to Jerusalem by the Star; the Blazing Star, 842-u.
Magi led to a knowledge of the New Name by a study of the Pentagram, 842-u.
Magi, many ideas of the Jewish sects were obtained from the, 256-u.
Magi: Mysteries concealed the occult science of the, 839-m.
Magi of Babylon were expounders, astronomers, divines, 256-u.
Magi of the Persians similar to the Druids of Britain, 617-l.
Magi received the title of Kings, and Magism is called the "Royal Art", 842-u.
Magi saluted Christ in his cradle as hierartic ambassadors, 731-m.
Magian dogma the basis of the Kabalah, or primitive tradition, 769-l.
Magian Mysteries have a religious, philosophical and natural signification, 773-u.
Magian traditions symbolized the law of the equilibrium by Columns, 843-u.
Magic: an Absolute Deity independent of Reason is the Idol of Black, 737-l.
Magic and occult philosophy of the ancients synonymous, 730-l.
Magic at the base was science, 730-l.
Magic, High, in Egypt, Greece and Rome, 98-l.
Magic, High, styled the "Sacredotal" and the "Royal" Art, 98-l.
Magic is that which it is; it is by itself, like the mathematics, 841-l.
Magic is the exact and absolute science of nature and its laws, 841-l.
Magic is the science of the Ancient Magi, 841-l.
Magic, or Magism, reconciles faith and reason, authority and liberty, 842-m.
Magic reconciles what are seemingly opposed to each other, 842-m.
Magic unites in one science what of Philosophy and Religion is certain, 842-m.
Magical agent makes possible the transmutation of metals and the universal medicine, 773-l.
Magical Agent of the Hermetics disguised under the name of "Prima Materia", 773-l.
Magical ternary which, in human things, corresponds with the Divine Triangle, 738-u.
Magism known as the Holy Empire, Realm, or Sanctum Regnum, 842-u.
Magism, the science of Abraham, Orpheus, Confucius, Zoroaster, Moses, 839-l.
Magism under a new veil in the Holy Kabalah, 839-l.
Magnet of Paracelsus the chief dependence of the Great Work, 777-m.
Magnum-Opus, the Great Work of the Sages, to find the Absolute, 776-l.
Mahaatma, the Great Soul; One God; Universal Element; Mind, 673-u.
Mahomet adopted the primeval faith and taught the one God idea, 616-l.
Mahomet not recognized as an inspired prophet by the Templars, 818-l.
Mahomet still governs one-fourth of the human race, 313-l.
Mahomet the Second broke a triple-headed serpent of brass at Constantinople, 502-u.
Mahometan, in the Orient, more trustworthy than the Christian, 35-l.
Maia, Nature's loveliness, the germ of passion, source of worlds, 683-l.
Maimonides explains the origin of the worship of Stars, 435-l.
Majestic number is Three, denoting the triple divine essence, 628-m.
Majority of men have an ideal justice, juster than the law, 834-l.
Malakoth gives ten Sephiroth to each of the four Worlds, 784-l.
Malakoth is a person, the wife of Microprosopos, 799-l.
Malakoth is female and the matrix out of which all creation is born, 769-m.
Malakoth is Perpetuity and Continuity without solution, 768-u.
Malakoth, one of the Sephiroth; Rule, Reign, Royalty, Dominion, Power, 753-m.
Malakoth, Regnum, a separate person behind and in conjunction with Microprosopos, 794-l.
Malakoth represents the field wherein are to be sown the seeds of the Secret Minerals, 799-u.
Malakoth represents the metallic woman and Morn of the Sages, 799-u.
Malakoth (says the Apparatus) is called Haikal, Temple or Palace, 799-u.
Malakoth unites with her husband, Microprosopos, when face is turned to face, 799-l.
Male agents: Heavens and Sun have been regarded as the, 851-m.
Male and Female; all things are constituted, 763-m.
Male and Female are in equilibrium as Hakemah and Binah, 763-m.
Male and Female are the Active and the Passive symbols, 784-l.
Male and Female created he them, 698-l.
Male and Female created He them; in the image of Deity, 849-l.
Male and Female formed; the anterior and posterior adhering to one another, 749-l.
Male and Female Force designated by I.H.U.H.; First Born of - , 267-u.
Male and female God created things that they might continue, 800-u.
Male and Female mutually tempering each other are Benignity and Severity, 768-l.
Male and Female principles; most profound idea of the, 700-m.
Male and Female was the form of the Universe, 763-m.
Male and female was the person into the form of which the Circles were changed, 757-m.
Male and female were the prominent Deities of the Mysteries, 377-u.
Male and Female, within the occult Wisdom the Supreme Crown is fashioned, 762-l.
Male, in the Idra Rabla, is right; female is left, 763-u.
Male is Yod, He is female, Vav is both, 763-m.
Male on one side, female on the other; the Supreme Will holding the Balance, 769-l.
Male principle of the Alchemists represented by Air and the Earth, 791-l.
Male represented by the perpendicular of a right angle triangle, 789-m.
Male side of Hermetic figure has a Sun; the hand holding a Compass, 850-m.
Malkarth, symbol of the Sun, 77-m.
Malkarth, Temple of, in the city of Tyre, 9-m.
Malkuth, the female organ of generation of Adam Kadmon, 758-m.
Man, a free agent, responsible and punishable for his sins, 577-u.
Man, a thing to be thankful for is to be a, 140-m.
Man an effect of the world and eternal like it, 654-l.
Man an intelligent and free being, the fifth Truth of Masonry, 534-l.
Man and the World created in the image of Ialdaboth, 563-m.
Man assumes his rank as a moral agent with consciousness of freedom, 668-m.
Man attains the purposes of his being when his two natures are in equilibrium, 861-l.
Man becomes a part of God when disengaged from his senses, 610-u.
Man becomes immortal in the influences that survive him, 312-m.
Man but an animal until God's immaterial spark penetrated his brain, 582-l.
Man but an intelligent animal if there he nothing Divine in him, 857-l.
Man by taking thought can enlarge his soul, 813-m.
Man called a "macrocosm" because possessing in miniature the qualities of the Universe, 667-l.
Man can bend circumstances to the purposes of his nature, 192-l.
Man can not always find work and food, 179.
Man capable of a higher Love which lifts him beyond himself, 692-m.
Man capable of respect and love for others: justice and charity, 703-u.
Man: categorical questions concerning, 649-u.
Man: characteristics of a generous, 121-l.
Man communing with God, his vision eternity, abode infinity, 245-u.
Man compared to the World or Universe; called a "microcosm", 667-l.
Man created by God, Male and Female created he them, 849-l.
Man created for the sake of man, 120-m.
Man creates God in the heaven of human conceptions, 736-u.
Man created in the image of Alhim, Male and Female, 698-l.
Man created pure and received Truth and Light from God, 582-u.
Man dependent on the heavens and the genii that there inhabit, 474-u.
Man descended from the elemental forces or Titans commemorates - , 393-l.
Man disappointed when he realizes he has fallen, 652-l.
Man disputes with and kills his neighbor in matters of opinion, 530-m.
Man distinguished from animals by the use of Thought, 738-m.
Man, effects of generosity in a, 122-u.
Man, evil thoughts and occasions come to the corrupt, 194-m.
Man formed of the dust of the earth by Yehouah, who breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, 851-l.
Man, free and subject to obligation, is a moral person with rights, 725-m.
Man had the Word in the beginning, and the Word was from God, 581-l.
Man has a noble work to perform in himself, 349-m.
Man has fallen; may be raised by following the directions of Wisdom, 252-u.
Man has natural empire over all institutions, 23-l.
Man has power to commune with God, 199-m.
Man in the 17th Degree, symbolism of, 256-l.
Man is a moral person, one endowed with reason and liberty, 703-u.
Man is both human and divine, the antagonisms of his nature are - , 765-u.
Man is one, though of a double nature, 861-l.
Man is Free because he can modify nature's laws in regard to himself, 696-m.
Man is by nature cruel, like the tigers, 49-m.
Man lost a knowledge of God, the Absolute Existence, 583-m.
Man made in the image of God and placed in Asia, cradle of the race, 598-m.
Man makes Deity in his own image, 652-u.
Man makes God in his own image and thinks God created them in His, 736-u.
Man must be a worker; the Earth and Air his laboratory, 344-l.
Man most dogmatizes on the inconceivable, 222-l.
Man most nearly approaches the Divine perfections, 610-u.
Man not a spiritual, but a composite being, 232-u.
Man not a terrestrial plant; his roots are in Heaven, 520-m.
Man not the central point of the Universe, 711-m.
Man, on earth, performs God's work, 736-u.
Man or the animal dying the Universe withdraws its eternal spirit, 666-u.
Man partakes of the Divine nature as well as elementary nature, 667-l.
Man, relative unimportance of; effect on the Soul, 303-m.
Man requires something tangible to exalt his mind to a due conception of Deity, 617-l.
Man sees evidences of design and God in Nature, 647-l.
Man should not be angry at animal characteristics in men, 76-u.
Man struggles to place himself in communion with Deity, 652-653.
Man successively under the influence of the Stars, Sun and Moon, 255-m.
Man, the Divine, is the beginning of all creation, 760-m.
Man, the Divine, is the principle of Direct Light, 760-m.
Man, the Divine, supplies all things to all, 760-m.
Man, the Material, is the end and completion of all creation, 760-m.
Man, the Material, is the principle of reflected light, 760-m.
Man, the Material, receives all things from all, 760-m.
Man, the name for Malakoth, Regnum and Microprosopos jointly, 794-l.
Man, the present condition not the same as that of primitive, 252-u.
Man the result of the Creative Thought of God, 582-l.
Man, the unit of Humanity, is a microcosm, 760-m.
Man, though insignificant, seeks to know God and His methods, 530-m.
Man unites the Divine and the Human, 858-m.
Man venerable or formidable but to a small part of his fellow creatures, 120-u.
Man-Woman, crowned with flames, on a cube, winged, bearded symbol of Mercury, 774-m.
Man, worldly, covetous, sensual, must change before being a good Mason, 122-m.
Man's desire to do something that will live after him, 312-u.
Man's destruction comes not from the Gods, but from himself, 690-l.
Man's domain is corporeal nature, visible on earth, 736-m.
Man's existence in the infinite being of God, 707-m.
Man's faculties change not the Divine nature, 652-m.
Man's life a success when it is a harmony and beautiful, 861-l.
Man's life should be like the Great Harmony of God and the Universe, 861-l.
Man's material and mortal portion comes from the earth, 851-l.
Man's moral responsibility affected by the question of Evil 684-m.
Man's morality is the instrument of God's justice, 838-m.
Man's normal condition is progress, 691-l.
Man's soul a part of the intelligent Soul of the Universe, therefore intelligent, 670-u.
Man's Soul breathed into him by God is immortal as God's Thoughts are, 577-u.
Man's soul is immortal, but its mode of existence Masonry does not settle, 525-u.
Man's soul is man himself, 668-l.
Man's spiritual and immortal portion comes from the Heavens, 851-l.
Man's supreme object, the Good; his law, Virtue, 725-l.
Man's true unhappiness is that he can not get his destiny fulfilled, 341-u.
Man's union with Deity the aspiration of the religious sentiment, 652-m.
Man's Very Self is his Soul, which is not subject to decay, 852-l.
Man's virtues are God's attributes, 704-u.
Mandaites recognized 365,000 emanations, 568-u.
Manes claimed to be the Parakletos or Comforter, organ of the Deity, 565-m.
Manes derived his doctrine from Zoroasterism, Christianity, Gnosticism, 565-m.
Manes' dominant idea was Pantheism from India and China, 565-m.
Manes, founder of the Manicheans, lived among the Persian Magi, 565-m.
Manes, two Principles symbolized by white and black in juxtaposition, 818-m.
Manifestation is the same as occultation, 795-l.
Manifestation theory of the Gnostics, 555-l.
Manifestations of God as Father, Son, Holy Ghost, how considered, 270-m.
Manifestations of God fill all so-called empty space and void, 845-l.
Manifestations of God received the germ of His creations, 559-l.
Manifestations of Man and the Church were twelve, 560-u.
Manifestations of the Eons were the Word and Life, 560-u.
Manifestations of the numerations potentially in Kether, 756-u.
Manifestations of the Word and Life were Man and the Church, 560-u.
Manifold and particulars evolved from the One General source, 765-m.
Manilius sings of the invisible and potent Soul of Nature, 668-u.
Mankind flowed into India, China, Persia, Arabia, Phoenicia, 598-m.
Mankind held in pledge by the principle of Evil until ransomed, 567-l.
Mantras' idea asserted and developed in the Upanischadas, 672-l.
Marats in period of convulsion, 30-l.
Marcion, the Gnostic, says concerning the Soul - , 287-m.
Marcosians taught that Deity produced by His words the Logos, 560-m.
Marcus, the disciple of Valentinus, spun the idea of a Word into subtile details, 56l-m.
Marius in period of convulsion, 30-l.
Mark, in the shape of a fish, used by early Christians as a pledge of friendship, 547-l.
Marriage of heaven and earth sung by Virgil and Columella, 658-l.
Marriage of man and woman an image of the union of Nature with herself, 656-l.
Marriage represented by the number five, which reproduces itself, 634-u.
Mars gives the Soul valor, enterprise, impetuosity, as it passes through - , 439-m.
Mars represents Force, 727-l.
Mars the name of the fifth gate of the ladder; material, copper, 414-m.
Mars: the religious Mysteries of the Gauls were called the School of, 625-u.
"Marseillaise," value of, to revolutionary France, 92-m.
Martin Luther: anti-papal doctrines written previous to, 95-l.
Mary and Joseph, parents of Jesus, to whom the Word had united itself, 564-l.
Masaniello's fall referred to, 33-m.
Mason a votary of Liberty and Justice, 156-u.
Mason at first entrance assumes new duties, 176-l.
Mason deceived who thinks there is nothing to be done in Masonry, 185-l.
Mason, definition of, 219-l.
Mason, duties of, 219-l.
Mason, duties of, if he wishes to imitate the Master Khurum, 116-m.
Mason entitled to be called a perfect Elu; when - , 228-l.
Mason, good, does good naturally and because he longs to, 163-m.
Mason has not lived in vain, when - , 155-m.
Mason held by his promises to a purer life, to toleration, charity, generosity, 726-l.
Mason, honest business dealings of a, 116-118.
Mason, moral courage of a, fostered and encouraged, 154-u.
Mason must be convinced that he has a soul capable of progressive development, 855-u.
Mason not only a moralist and philosopher, but a soldier, 578-u.
Mason of nobler mould reaches a reward through pain and work, 229-m.
Mason, precepts to be followed by, 185-m.
Mason required to kneel only in prayer or to receive Knighthood, 326-l.
Mason should assume the title of a "lover of wisdom", 691-l.
Mason should be - , 113-m.
Mason should be humble and modest before God, 338-u.
Mason should be satisfied there is a real God, infinitely wise, 338-l.
Mason should have no alliance with impractical theorists, 338-m.
Mason should live while he lives and enjoy life, 345-l.
Mason should steer away from vain philosophies, 338-u.
Mason should treat his brother who goes astray with charity, 133-m.
Mason, sympathy is the great distinguishing characteristic of a, 176-m.
Mason, that all men shall form one family is the hope of the, 233-u.
Mason: the only good Mason is - , 162-u.
Mason, the true, 27-l.
Mason, the True, is a Philosopher; his aims as such, 325-u.
Mason, thoughtful, looks on fallen beings and offenses as solemn things, 132-m.
Mason to look beyond calamity to the end that rises bright, 181-m.
Mason, to sow that others may reap is the true office of a, 317-m.
Masonic belief in - , 220-l.
Masonic beliefs, effects of, 195-l.
Masonic Brotherhood made possible by the Royal Secret, 861-l.
Masonic burial, eulogies at, 187-m.
Masonic citizenship creates a new bond, 220-m.
Masonic Creed, Believe, Hope, be Charitable, 531-u.
Masonic culture, to find sublime devotion a part of, 192-u.
Masonic Degrees cheapened, overdone pomp and display due to Anti-Masons, 814-m.
Masonic doctrine in religious Truths, 576-l.
Masonic doctrine that God is One; that His Thought - , 576-l.
Masonic duties, first of, 137-u.
Masonic idea of God and his creations and acts, 524-l.
Masonic ideas in some measure analogous to those of Plato and the Gnostics, 250-m.
Masonic implements used symbolically, 787-m.
Masonic juror, position to be taken by the, 135-u.
Masonic Knight must devote himself to the worship of Truth, 579-m.
Masonic Light, meaning of, 287-m.
Masonic Lodge should resemble a bee hive, 138-m.
Masonic lodge, teachings inculcated in a, 213-l.
Masonic Lodge, what it can do, 173-m.
Masonic Lodges, ceremonies explained in, 186-m.
Masonic Lodges, great problems and useful instruction in, 186-m.
Masonic lodges should be temples of knowledge, 170-l.
Masonic moral code more extensive than that developed by philosophy, 726-m.
Masonic morality that of the primitive religions, 541-m.
Masonic obligations a contract with every other brother, 726-m.
Masonic obligations; mature and effect of, 726-m.
Masonic obligations taken upon the Compass, Square, Books, 854-m.
Masonic Order, name of, titles and degrees, not known in the past, 207-l.
Masonic philosophical Cross an image of generative power, 771-l.
Masonic philosophy and morality; the True Word of a Master, 727-u.
Masonic secret manifests itself without speech, 218-l.
Masonic secret partially revealed in Apprentice Degree, 219-u.
Masonic sense, religious tendency in the, 212-l.
Masonic studies, true objects of, 25-u.
Masonic symbolism of the three great lights, 202-u.
Masonic symbols become lessons of wisdom when understood, 597-m.
Masonic teachings concerning a life of action, 243-m.
Masonic Titles, qualified to enlighten should be the wearers of, 186-l.
Masonic Trinity: the Universal Soul; Thought in the Soul; the Word, 575-l.
Masonic True Word finds a meaning in the ineffable name of Deity, 697-m.
Masonic unbeliefs, effects of, 196-u.
Masonic work along charitable and educational lines, 186-u.
Masonic work yet to be done, 187-l.
Masonry, a Sphinx nearly buried in the sands, 819-m.
Masonry a struggle toward the Light of Virtue, Manliness, Liberty, Intelligence, 32-u.
Masonry, a succession of allegories and lessons in morality and philosophy, 106-u.
Masonry acknowledges the good and true in all creeds, 718-l.
Masonry adopted St. John, the Evangelist, and John the Baptist, 818-u.
Masonry an imperfect image of the Ancient Mysteries, 624-l.
Masonry and Hermetic philosophy contain the Ternary, 791-l.
Masonry and philosophy have the same object, 325-u.
Masonry and the French Revolution, 24-m.
Masonry apart from all sects and creeds, same everywhere, 153-m.
Masonry approves or disapproves of - , 161.
Masonry assumes the mask of Stone Masonry, 24-m.
Masonry believes Evil will be overcome finally, but does not determine how, 525-m.
Masonry believes that ills and suffering are means to purify the heart, 718-m.
Masonry believes the Truth in every creed, 525-l.
Masonry belongs to no one creed or school, 311-l.
Masonry, Blue, as at present, not traceable earlier than 1700 A.D, 208-u.
Masonry but qualifiedly identical with the Mysteries, 624-l.
Masonry can do much if each Mason does his share, 175-m.
Masonry can not cease laboring for social progress, 188-u.
Masonry, chief object of, 137-u.
Masonry, chief obstacles to the success of, 237-m.
Masonry constantly warring against the evil principle, 221-m.
Masonry: De Molai said to have instituted an occult, Hermetic, Scottish, 820-l.
Masonry declines to dogmatize in the details of faith or religion, 576-u.
Masonry, degeneration of; simplicity of former organization, 325-m.
Masonry defined; its purposes, essence, spirit, stated, 854-m.
Masonry denies the right of any man to assume the prerogative of Deity, 161-u.
Masonry, device of; motto of, 220-l.
Masonry, devotees of all religions accepted by, 226-u.
Masonry does not exist where there is strife and hatred, 124-u.
Masonry does not meddle with the subtleties of philosophy, 525-u.
Masonry, dogma of, 220-l.
Masonry enforces the lessons of Him who died on the Cross, 221-m.
Masonry engaged in a crusade against - , 237-m.
Masonry forced by despotism and superstition to invent symbols, 221-l.
Masonry, forms, as at present not the same as in past ages of, 207-l.
Masonry, foundation and superstructure, 23-m.
Masonry founded on the philosophy known and practiced by Solomon, 785-l.
Masonry gathers the Truths of the old religions and philosophies, 275.
Masonry, Great Apostle of Peace, Harmony, Good Will, Liberty,. Equality, Fraternity, 112-l.
Masonry grows through the wreck of empires, 315-l.
Masonry has appropriated the Solstices and Sts. John, 595-m.
Masonry has become a science, 540-m.
Masonry has developed the advantages to be reaped from Mysteries, 540-m.
Masonry has eternal duties, 20-l.
Masonry has helped cast down some idols from their pedestals, 95-l.
Masonry has her mission to perform, 311-l.
Masonry has preserved the Divine Truth given to the first men, 136-m.
Masonry hopes and longs for the elevation of mankind, 154-m.
Masonry in England "purged" from revolutionary ideas, 50-u.
Masonry in France gave as its secret Equality and Liberty, 50-u.
Masonry in heart traceable centuries previous to Solomon, 208-u.
Masonry, in the higher degrees, contains the Hermetic science, in. certain symbols, 840-l.
Masonry, inactivity and superficiality of, 150 - . Masonry invites all men of all religions to war against wrong, 311-l.
Masonry is a continual struggle toward the light, 223-u.
Masonry is a Worship in which all civilized men may unite, 526-u.
Masonry is continual effort to exalt the nobler nature over the ignoble, 813-m.
Masonry is not a religion, 161-m.
Masonry is philanthropic, 221-u.
Masonry is philosophical because - , 221-m.
Masonry is the apotheosis of Work, 340-u.
Masonry is the great Peace Society of the world, 124-m.
Masonry is the subjugation of the Human that is in Man by the Divine, 854-l.
Masonry is the universal morality suitable to every man, 161-l.
Masonry is work and the laboring man the peer of any, 242-m.
Masonry is Worship; declaration in Apprentice Degree, 219-u.
Masonry, labors of, that excite zeal, 138-m.
Masonry labors to equilibrate in us the Human and the Divine, 860-l.
Masonry labors to improve the social order by - , 219-u.
Masonry leaves each to the practice of his own religion, 226-m.
Masonry leaves to others the inquiry into methods and creeds, 524-525.
Masonry: Man is an intelligent and free being, the fifth Truth of, 534-l.
Masonry marches on towards the day when Evil is overcome, 287-l.
Masonry, morality and virtue the bases of, 185-u.
Masonry, multiplication of Degrees and additional ceremonials in, 326-u.
Masonry must do all in its power to inform and protect the people, 180-m.
Masonry, need for activity in its labors, 93-m.
Masonry neither a political nor a religious sect, 220-l.
Masonry not a cold metaphysical proposition, 331-u Masonry not for cold souls and narrow minds, 138-m.
Masonry not infallible; should not dictate what others should believe, 642-m.
Masonry not "speculative," but experimental, 149-m.
Masonry now retains its ancient symbols, 221-l.
Masonry, object of, 220-l.
Masonry: Occult science of the Magi found in the enigmas of the high degrees of, 839-m.
Masonry, or Free or Frank-Masonry, 207-l.
Masonry ordained to bestow manhood, science, philosophy, 25-u.
Masonry, orders of architecture representing divisions of, 202-u.
Masonry perpetuates a Truth in imparting the True Word, 642-l.
Masonry philanthropic, philosophical, progressive, 220-l.
Masonry prescribed, dates, and by whom, 50-m.
Masonry properly expounded is the interpretation of nature, philosophy and - , 625-m.
Masonry, questions concerning doings in, 185-l.
Masonry recognizes the important position of necessity, 154-u.
Masonry reiterates the maxims of the philosophers, 221-m.
Masonry reiterates the moral precepts of all religions, 718-l.
Masonry rejects no religious belief; is of no one religion, 524.
Masonry, religion and philosophy of, 275.
Masonry represents the Good principle and its prototypes, 221-m.
Masonry requires every man to do something, 173-u.
Masonry requires nothing impracticable, 172-l.
Masonry resorted to by the Alchemists who invented Degrees, 731-u.
Masonry reverences all reformers, but does not define their Divinity, 525-l.
Masonry reveres the character of the Great Master, 718-721.
Masonry same today as at the birth of the race, 153-m.
Masonry seeks to be the beneficent guide in the Progress towards. Freedom, 95-m.
Masonry seeks to ennoble common life, 350-l.
Masonry stands for the nobility of Labor, 343-l.
Masonry, study and reflection necessary for an understanding of, 107-m.
Masonry, successor of the Mysteries, teaches by symbols, 22-l.
Masonry symbolized and taught by the Compass and Square, 854-m.
Masonry, sympathies of, are with a people striving to be free, 154-m.
Masonry sympathises and inculcates respect for labor, 340-u.
Masonry taught by the Balance, the symbol of all Equilibrium, 854-m.
Masonry taught by the Cross, symbol of devotedness and self-sacrifice, 854-m.
Masonry taught to the Knight by the Swords, symbols of Honor and Duty, 854-m.
Masonry, traditions and symbols of, antedates Egypt, 311-l.
Masonry, teachings of, eminently practical, 138-l.
Masonry, teachings of; where learned, 316-u.
Masonry teaches Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, 23-m.
Masonry teaches that all actions are foreseen by God, 239-m.
Masonry teaches that all Power is delegated for the good of the people, 155-l.
Masonry teaches that every idler should engage in some labor, 343-l.
Masonry teaches that God is a Paternal Being, 239-u.
Masonry teaches that God is, of necessity, good, 717-l.
Masonry teaches that it is better to love than to hate, 813-u.
Masonry teaches that the Present is our scene of action, 139-m.
Masonry teaches that the pursuits of this life tend to - , 211-l.
Masonry teaches that the soul of man is an emanation, 239-l.
Masonry teaches the old primitive Truths, 161-l.
Masonry teaches the rights, duties and interests of men, 25-u.
Masonry teaches the soul of man is made for virtue, 239-l.
Masonry teaches the wisdom of Plato and Socrates, 221-m.
Masonry teaches Toleration and rebukes abuse of power, 74-l.
Masonry teaches truths written by the finger of God on the heart, 139-u.
Masonry teaches us to appreciate this life and world, 142-u.
Masonry teaches we are not all mortal; that the Spirit is our Very Self, 852-l.
Masonry: that good men are tending to the realm of Perfection is the one great Truth of, 538-u.
Masonry: that the Justice, Wisdom and Mercy of God are infinite is the ninth Truth of, 537-u.
Masonry: that the laws of the Universe are those of motion, etc., is the eighth Truth of, 536-m.
Masonry: the absoluteness of moral truth, the fourth Truth of, 534-u.
Masonry the actual Worker, the Toiler, 346-l.
Masonry the child of the Kabalah and Essenism together, 818-u.
Masonry: the history of Philosophy is the history of, 540-m.
Masonry: the impulse which directs to right conduct, third Truth of, 533-m.
Masonry the interpreter of the true knowledge of God, 209-u.
Masonry the lineal descendant of the higher science of Egypt, 253-l.
Masonry: the necessity of practicing the moral truths, the sixth Truth of, 535-m.
Masonry, the practical object of, 218-m.
Masonry, the primitive Christianity organized into, 325-l.
Masonry, the universal character of, 276-l.
Masonry the universal, eternal, immutable religion, 219-m.
Masonry: to be charitable in the broadest sense, the seventh Truth of, 536-u.
Masonry to exert itself in the cause of humanity, 27-l.
Masonry, to live happily we must embrace the great truths of, 196-m.
Masonry took the place of the school of Pythagoras, 625-u.
Masonry Trusts, Believes, Waits, 526-u.
Masonry under the banner of Charity preserves religious feeling, 138-u.
Masonry, usefulness of, 113-u.
Masonry, what constitutes, 207-l.
Masonry within must be Morality without, 162-l.
Masonry, work and mission, 152-155.
Masonry, work is the duty of 185-l.
Masonry writes on its banners its principles displayed in every country, 221-l.
Masonry's best friends and worst enemies were the Anti-Masons, 814-m.
Masonry's creed that taught by nature and reason, 718-l.
Masonry's examples and teachings neglected outside the Lodge, 151-m.
Masonry's obligations little regarded; political elections; empty pomp, 807-m.
Masons accept the views of religion and duty that are - , 226-m.
Masons and Masonry true to their mission bring great results, 175-l.
Mason's belief tends to the highest eminence in virtue, 228-l.
Mason's belief that his individual good is in God's consideration, 228-l.
Mason's belief that pain is ordained for his chastening, 228-m.
Masons' belief that sorrows are the result of the operation of laws, 228-m.
Masons believe in great minds in all ages speaking by inspiration, 225-u.
Masons believe that God has arranged this world with a plan, 225-m.
Mason's business is to read the book of Nature, 216-u.
Mason's conception and belief in God, 224-l.
Masons form uncharitable opinions of Masons, 186-u.
Masons ignorant of the Clavicles and their contents and the Pantacle of Solomon, 789-u.
Masons, in all religions and countries are found good, 162-l.
Masons, knowledge made known to Perfect, 207-l.
Masons may help deepen the channel in which God's justice runs, 838-l.
Masons may lawfully and earnestly desire a fortune when - , 346-u.
Masons-Militant of Zorobabel the model of the Templars, 816-m.
Masons, not tolerant of religious and political opinions of Masons, 186-u.
Masons of old concealed important points of their Art under hieroglyphic characters, 785-l.
Masons' relations to God, 227-l.
Mason's rule is to speak of the virtues and be silent as to the vices, 337-l.
Masons should do what is possible and practicable and enforce justice, 838-l.
Masons still go to Law, unnecessarily, with Masons, 185-l.
Masons taught square of wisdom, level of humility, plumb of justice, 641-l.
Masons taught to - , 221-u.
Masons venerate in the triangle, the mystery of the Sacred Triad, 631-m.
Masons who comprehend it are ministers of the universal religion, 219-m.
Mason's Word, the true knowledge of God, 209-u.
Masoretic points invented after beginning of our era, 205-m.
Mass of the Catechumens and that of the Faithful parts of Christian Mysteries, 541-l.
Mass: the celebration of the Mysteries of Mithras, 541-l.
Master a symbol of the Redeemer when bringing candidate to light, 639-m.
Master, Masonry reveres the character of the Great, 718-721.
Master Mason studies the animal kingdom, symbolized by Maeh, 632-u.
"Master of Life," to the ancients, was the Supreme Deity, 13-u.
Master of Light and Life, Sun and Moon, symbols of, 13-m.
Master of the Lodge and Wardens, duty of, 13-m.
Master of the Lodge substituted for Mercury as one of the Lights, 411-u.
Master of the Royal Secret, Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, 32d Degree, 839.
Master of the Symbolic Lodge, 20th Degree, duty of a, 325-333.
Master, place of Light where the name of Deity hangs over the, 287-l.
Master, Third Degree, 62-u.
Master works with Chalk, Charcoal and a vessel of Clay, 548-m.
Master's Compass has both the points above; symbolizing the rule of the spiritual, 854-l.
"Materia Prima" of Valentinus contains an Hermetic symbol, 850-m.
Maternal agency, the subjective world, generally a phantasm, 673-m.
Material and Spiritual natures in equilibrium; Light and Darkness, 764-l.
Material existence evolved from the Pythagorean Monad, 675-l.
Material, result of seeking the mere, 12-m.
Material the element of communion between man and God, 714-u.
Materialism and Pantheism avoided by an independent mind, 677-m.
Matter and mind dual from the idea of an independent mind, 677-l.
Matter and Spirit originally were in Deity, 700-m.
Matter: categorical questions concerning, 648.
Matter created by God by a thought; after matter, worlds and man, 609-m.
Matter dead to the world revivified by vegetation of the Tree of Life, 786-l.
Matter deemed the female amongst the ancients, 700-m.
Matter existed eternal like the Spiritual Principle, 563-u.
Matter is not eternal; God the only original Existence, 701-l.
Matter makes no encroachment on the Divine Life, 556-u Matter not coexistent with Deity, 700-m Matter: one of the two eternal principles is Darkness and Primitive, 567-l.
Matter opposed to the beneficent force which gives it organization, 664-u.
Matter possesses virtues, qualities and powers, 414-l.
Matter represented by nine, or three times three; symbolism of nine to four, 633-m.
Matter, the Mother, the receptacle and place of generation, one of a Triad, 548-l.
Matter the origin of Satan and his demons, 567-l.
Matter, the passive principle, reproductive power, one of the Egyptian Triads, 548-l.
Matter, the principle of all the passions, etc, 520-m.
Matter, when operated on by the Word, became the Universe, 607-l.
Maximin, horrors of despotism under, 27-u.
Maxims of ancient philosophers and religions, 167-170.
Maximus Taurinus defines the tessera as a sign and symbol, 548-u.
Maya, Mother of All, sprung from Brahm, the Source of All, 849-l.
Meaning and pronunciation of Ineffable Name lost to all but a few, 700-l.
Meaning of the Active and Passive powers of male and female principles, 701-l.
Meaning of the True Word of a Mason involves its proper pronunciation, 697-m.
Media which manifest the First Cause are the Sephiroth, 761-u.
Mediaeval occult associations brought into disrepute by the symbol of Baphomet, 779-l.
Mediator, a name given by the Persians to the Sun, Archimagus, 612-m.
Medical science has made great strides, but plague and pestilence destroy yet, 811.. Melampus introduced the veneration of the generative organs from Egypt, 656-m.
Meliton, Bishop of Sardis, says that the mind is God's likeness, 857-l.
Men are ever on the side of justice and humanity, 834-l.
Men are the instruments of God's principles, 838-m.
Men, as a mass, are looking for what is just, 834-u.
Men converted from the worship of Ahriman by prophets, 613-u.
Men, different effects of the business of the world on, 194-l.
Men do not perceive the worth of their minds, 200-m.
Men, good in general, but bad in particular, 151-l.
Men, good, prone to pass by fallen brother with lofty step, 133-u.
Men, greatest, not acceptable to the mass of mankind, 37-m.
Men in every country of the old heroic strain and stamp, 805-l.
Men, in literature, look for practical justice, 834-l.
Men often gloat and exult over the faults of neighbors, 133-m.
Men, Temples not built with hands the meeting place of primitive, 277-u.
Men tend to become distinguished for other than heroic, knightly deeds, 805-m.
Men, the automata of Providence, used to effect that they do not dream of, 814-m.
Men, the great works of man due to individual, 238-u.
Men's difference in faculty of communication, 200-m.
Men's respect for themselves, measure of, 200-m.
Menander speaks of God, Chance, Intelligence, as undistinguishable, 694-m.
Mendes: the universal agent represented by hermaphroditic goat of, 734-u.
Menou, the Hindu lawgiver, adored the divine light and, 609-m.
Mental principle instead of a physical one deified by man, 652-u.
Mercury fecundated by Sulphur becoming the Master and regenerator of Salt, explained, 778-u.
Mercury gives the Soul the faculty of expressing and enunciating, 439-m.
Mercury in philosophy represents personal aptitude and labor, 790-u.
Mercury, one of the great symbols of the Alchemists, 57-u.
Mercury, personified as Hermanubis in Egypt, given a dog's head, 779-l.
Mercury represents Prudence, 727-l.
Mercury, Salt, Sulphur, but accessories of the Great Work, 777-m.
Mercury the constant companion and counsellor of Isis or Virgo, 507-m.
Mercury, the name of the fourth gate of the ladder; material iron, 414-m.
Mercury, with the Hermetics, corresponds with the Air and Water, 773-l.
Mercy conjoined with Judgment and the Divine Mercies sustain the Universe, 800-u.
Mercy or Compassion mediating between Benignity and Judicial Rigor, 799-u.
Merit and demerit law absolute, 706-u.
Merit is the natural right which we have to be rewarded, 723-l.
Meru, pyramids and artificial hills were imitations of the mountain, 234-u.
Mesmer's partial guess at the great force known to the ancients, 734-u.
Metals were deemed to be seven in number and assigned to a planet, 728-l.
Metals which contain the principles of the great work are six, 788-u.
Metaphysical ideas of the Mysteries represented by symbols, 385-u.
Metaphysical name of Deity not understood by common people, 700-l.
Metatron, the Cherub, one of the Chiefs of the Kabalistic Angels, 784-l.
Meung, Jean de, completed Lorris' Roman de Rose, 823-u.
Mexican legends probably carried by the Phoenician voyagers, 594-l.
Michael and his Angels fought against the Dragon, 501-u.
Michael, the face of the Lion, on the South and right hand with Yod and Water, 798-m.
Microcosm, a little world, a Pythagorean name for man, 667-l.
Microprosopos afterwards raised to the Aziluthic sphere, 793-m.
Microprosopos and Malakoth, Regnum, are jointly called man, 794-l.
Microprosopos composed of the six Numerations, 793-m.
Microprosopos configured in the form of the Most Holy, 794-u.
Microprosopos first occupied the place afterwards filled by the world, Briah, 793-m.
Microprosopos formed like Macroprosopos, but without Kether, the will, 793-l.
Microprosopos given three brains by Light from above when the letter He was born, 794-l.
Microprosopos has for wife Malakoth, who is behind him; explanation, 799-l.
Microprosopos invested with a portion of the Divine Intellectual Power, 793-l.
Microprosopos is called Alohim, 795-u.
Microprosopos is second garment with respect to the Elder Most Holy, 795-u.
Microprosopos issued forth back to back and yet cohering, 795-l.
Microprosopos issued from the Father and was intermingled with the Mother, 794-l.
Microprosopos, like the letter Vau in the letter He; without a head, 794-l.
Microprosopos, or Seir Aupin, produced by conjunction of Vau and He, 793-u.
Microprosopos represented under the form of man, 793-m.
Microprosopos, the second Universal, speaks in the first person, Ani, I, 793-l.
Microprosopos was the beginning, the numerations proceeding to act, 795-u.
Middle ground between Atheism and Pantheism, 672-u.
Midgard Serpent sunk beneath the sea by Odin, 499-u.
Military power, independent of the Rule, an armed tyranny, 3-l.
Milky Way or Galaxy crosses the Zodiac at tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, 437-l.
Milky Way, the pathway of souls, passes near the Equinoxes, 413-l.
Milton expresses the Hebraic doctrine concerning Light and God, 739-l.
Mimansa interprets the meaning of the Manthras, 672-l.
Mimansa proclaims "Nothing was but Mind", 672-l.
Mind: all things directed, known, seen by the Supreme External, 677-u.
Mind and matter dual from the idea of an independent mind, 677-l.
Mind early conceived the Unity of Nature and a pervading Spiritual Essence, 687-m.
Mind happy in proportion to its fidelity and wisdom, 195-u.
Mind has supreme empire over all things, 677-u.
Mind, in metaphysics, can not advance beyond self-deification, 678-u.
Mind is all which man permanently is, 200-u.
Mind is God's likeness, according to Meliton, 857-l.
Mind may believe and know that which is unexplainable, 569-u.
Mind picture of God, if false, as much an idol as a wooden one, 693-m.
Mind the Macrocosmos, the Universal Organism, Pooroosha, 673-u.
Mind the material as well as the efficient cause, 673-u.
Mind the self conscious power of thought extended to the Universe, 677-u.
Mind the Universal Element; One God; Great Soul; Mahaatma, 673-u.
Mind the web and the weaver of the world, 673-u.
Mind, Virtue, Heaven, Immortality, exist in the thought of a, 201-l.
Mind's misery principally its own fault, 195-u.
Mind's universal medicine is mathematical and practical Truth, 773-m.
Mineral Kingdom symbolized by Tub, studied by the Apprentice, 632-u.
Minerva, a woman in armor, born of the brain of Jove, 849-l.
"Minerva Munde," attributed to Hermes' Trismegistus, 790-m.
Minerva of the Greeks was the Isis of Egypt, 380-m.
Minucius Felix, a lawyer of Rome, defends the secrecy of Christianity, 547-m.
Miracles are the natural effects of exceptional causes, 735-l.
Miracles effected by the absolute in reason and will, 736-m.
Miracles in the phenomena of the Universe, 526-527. Miracles of Moses performed in virtue of the name engraved on his rod, 621-m.
Miracles wrongly regarded as effects without causes, 735-l.
Misery, principle of, not an evil one, 181-u.
Mithraic cave displayed the Zodiacal and other constellations and - , 413-l.
Mithraic feast day the 25th of December, 587-m.
Mithraic initiations practiced in caves; a ladder erected, 233-l.
Mithraic initiations required the death of a human victim, 424-u.
Mithraic Initiations used a seven-step ladder, 851-l.
Mithraic ladder, Faber's opinion of the, 234-l.
Mithraic Mysteries, 10-m.
Mithraic Mysteries belonged to Persia; description, 424-u.
Mithraic Mysteries connected with the Heavenly Bodies, 507-l.
Mithraic Mysteries flourished in the Roman Empire, 424-u.
Mithraic Mysteries, gates marked at points of the Zodiac, 10-l.
Mithraic Mysteries, ladder in the ceremony of initiation, 11-u.
Mithras a symbol of the Sun, the Archimagus, 612-m.
Mithras, a Tau cross inscribed on the forehead of the initiate of, 505-u.
Mithras adored under different names by different peoples, 587-l.
Mithras bearing a sword, seated on a Bull presides over the Equinoxes, 413-l.
Mithras by reason of his death and sufferings secured salvation, 406-l.
Mithras: celebration and ceremonies of the Mysteries of, 541-l.
Mithras created and at the end will bring all before God as a sacrifice, 613-l.
Mithras dispels darkness and conquers death, 613-u.
Mithras, Mystic Egg appears in the Mysteries of, 403-u.
Mithras not only light, but intelligence, 613-u.
Mithras, on 25th December was celebrated the birth of, 406-l.
Mithras, symbol of the Sun, 77-m.
Mithras, the "eye of Ormuzd," strikes down the dragon foe, 612-l.
Mithras, the rock-born hero, heralded the Sun's return in Spring, 592-m.
Mithras, the Sun God, eclipsed Ormuzd himself, 257-m.
Mithras, the Sun God of the Persians, born in a cave at Winter, 587-m.
Mithras, the Sun of Spring and God of Generation, seated on the Bull, 478-l.
Mitra and Uschas are Medic as well as Zend Deities, 602-u.
Mitra, the Friend, a Vedic Sun God, 602-l.
Mohammed, doctrines of, the best the Arabs were fitted to receive, 38-u.
Mohammedans believe in a secret name of Deity, 621-l.
Molai, de, said to have created four Metropolitan Lodges, 820-l.
Molai, de, said to have organized an occult, Hermetic, Scottish Masonry, 820-l.
Molai, Jacques de, the last Grand Master of the Templars, burned, 820-l.
Moral rules to be beneficial must be practical, 830-m.
Moloch or Malek, as applied to Deity, represents - , 208-m.
Moloch, significance of passing children, through the fires of, 205-l.
Monad or unit, a figure of the cube, 5-l.
Monad of Pythagoras the source of material existence, 675-l.
Monad was male and represented the creative energy, 631-u.
Monastery, fraternity and equality, but no liberty in a, 23-m.
Monotheism declaims; against the making of gods in human form, 678-m.
Monotheism with Pantheistic tendencies the spirit of the Indian Vedas, 672-l.
Monuments built to the world's patriots, 836-m.
Moon a mass of softer light than the Sun, 444-u.
Moon, ancients observed the regularity of the, 444-u.
Moon and Sun emblems of the two Divine sexes, 305-l.
Moon and Sun impress a fecundating force, 469-m.
Moon appeared in Heavens principally visible at night, 443-u.
Moon becomes Isis, the wife of Osiris, 447-l.
Moon believed to have fertilized the Nile by reason of her communication with the Sun, 477-l.
Moon communicates the force of generation and growth, 439-m.
Moon considered to have great influence on vegetation and animals, 469-u.
Moon, Egyptians assigned the demiourgic or creative force to the, 469-u.
Moon gave activity to universal vegetation, 476-m.
Moon originally masculine and the Sun feminine, 700-u.
Moon, once in 18 years and a fraction the new Sun coincides with the first New, 453-m.
Moon represents Hope, 727-l.
Moon, symbolism of the, 13-u.
Moon, the cone of shadow which produces night ends above the, 468-l.
Moon the name of the sixth gate of the ladder; material, silver, 414-m.
Moon the passive cause relatively with Osiris; the active with earth, 477-m.
Moon, the passive portion of nature, offered by the female, 656-u.
Moon united with Osiris in the spring and received the principle of generation, 469-u.
Moon when Sun and Moon opened the year in Taurus, the Festival of the New, 451-u.
Moon with its silvery lustre follows the Sun, 787-u.
Moral, all the relations of life are, 243-l.
Moral and Inexorable, combined, personified separately in Zeus, 689-u.
Moral bonds, result to society of severing, 196-l.
Moral choice would not exist unless its preferences were determined, 695-m.
Moral convictions of the mind could not deceive if rightly interpreted, 693-u.
Moral existence included in the words; Duty and Hope, 717-m.
Moral law: categorical questions concerning the, 649-m.
Moral law has God for its first principle, 725-l.
Moral law is the obligatory good, 725-u.
Moral law is universal and necessary, 702-m.
Moral law of necessity has as an author a being composed of justice and charity, 702-m.
Moral law springs from God's Wisdom and Essential Justice, 701-l.
Moral laws are the decisions of Absolute Wisdom and Reason, 737-m.
Moral laws are the decisions of Wisdom and the Revelations of the Divine, 737-m.
Moral laws are the enactments of the Divine Will, 737-m.
Moral maladies of man and society, treatment of, 218-l.
Moral principles center in a single principle, which is the Good, 702-m.
Moral sense given as for wise and beneficent purposes, 832-l.
Moral truth supposes a Being that conceives and constitutes it, 702-u.
Moral truths necessary to be practiced, the sixth Truth of Masonry, 535-m.
Moral truths are absolute; the fourth Truth of Masonry, 534-u.
Moral truths as certain as mathematical truths, 721-l.
Moral truths, as soon as perceived, appear to us the rule of our conduct, 722-u.
Moral Universe not understandable, 838-u.
Moral will, new faculty in the development of a child, 192-l.
Morality a Force; the magnetic attraction of the heart pointing towards Truth and Virtue, 89-m.
Morality, absolute or divine, comprehended by faith rather than speculation, 695-l.
Morality as a basis of all religions, 311-l.
Morality influenced by Sentiment which warms and incites to action, 725-m.
Morality is the recognition of duty, as duty, 717-m.
Morality of all peoples appear in modern Degrees, 625-m.
Morality of Masonry similar to that of every pure creed of antiquity, 541-m.
Morality, the Apprentice's grip, fails to raise the candidate, 640-l.
Morality touches religion, 725-l.
Mordecai Prime Minister at Babylon, 256-u.
Morning Star, name and emblematic meaning of, 202-m.
Moses an initiate in the mysteries of Egypt, 253-m.
Moses assisted in shaping the destinies of the World, 313-u.
Moses carried Orthodoxy out of Egypt, 843-m.
Moses closely imitated Egyptian Institutions among the Hebrews, 369-m.
Moses, effects of the Egyptian education on, 253-l.
Moses heard God revealed as I Am that which Is, Was, Shall Be, 848-l.
Moses initiated in the Egyptian Mysteries, 368-l.
Moses obtained true ideas of Deity in the Mysteries, 208-m.
Moses purified and re-veiled the dogmas of Magism, 839-l.
Moses received the name of Deity from God, Ihuh, 697-l.
Moses received the Name of God in the wilderness; lost through wickedness 621-m.
Moses received the Law while Aaron made false gods, 206-m.
Moses recognized the Active and Passive, the Active residing in the Mind 657-l.
Moses sought for the Cause of All outside that All, 667-m.
Moses the adopted son of the daughter of Sesostris-Rameses, 253-m.
Moses, the first dogma of, 443-l.
Mother, Binah, denoting perfect Rigor, averted her face from Hakemah, 763-u.
Mother is rigor and severity, impregnated by the Father, produces the brain of Microprosopos, 796-u.
Mother, Matter, passive principle, conceptive power, 87-m.
Mother-night, name given by Goths to Festival of the Winter Solstice, 368-u.
Mother: the first emanation of the Eternal Being was a Universal, 602-l Motives the special jurisdiction of morality, 244-u.
Motto of Masonry is - , 220-l.
Mountain of Meru with three peaks a symbol of the Trimurti, 234-m.
Mountain tops chosen as places for sacrifices, 617-l.
Mourning for Osiris extends over forty days, 486-u.
Movement and Harmony the life of the Universe and Soul alike, 859-l.
Movement in absolute repose would be a cessation of life, 847-l.
Movement is the equilibrium of Inertia and Activity, 845-u.
Multiplying number is eleven because of the possession of two units, 629-u.
Murderers of Khir-Om symbolizes Pilate, Caiaphas, Judas, 641-l.
Music of the spheres the image of the harmony of creation, 250-u.
"Music of the Spheres," understanding of meaning aided by Tetractys, 88-m.
Musical notes of the octave correspond to the seven Sephiroth, 727-m.
Mysteries a Sacred Drama, subjects of, 64-m.
Mysteries a series of symbols, 371-l.
Mysteries, aids of gloom, secrecy, mystery taken advantage of in the, 383-m.
Mysteries, all persons were initiated into the lesser, 359-m.
Mysteries, Aristotle, Socrates and others accused of violations of laws of the, 384-l.
Mysteries at first moral and political, but became more religious, 624-l.
Mysteries, beneficent modification in religion due to the, 373-u.
Mysteries carried to every country; non-interference with local beliefs, 624-m.
Mysteries celebrated at Autumnal Equinox, why, 404-l.
Mysteries celebrated at the Temple of Osiris at Philae, on the Nile, 360-u.
Mysteries celebrated in the Spring, Vernal Equinox, 419-m.
Mysteries change from religious to moral and political, 354-m.
Mysteries changed by the religious systems of the several countries, 625-u.
Mysteries civilized savage hordes; was greatest of benefits, 380-l.
Mysteries closed against Nero and Constantine for grave crimes, 397-m.
Mysteries connected with astronomy and physics, 414-l.
Mysteries contained lessons calculated to elevate and improve. 355-l.
Mysteries continued pure for ages, but ultimately became degraded, 358-l.
Mysteries, decline of the Roman Empire attributed to a neglect of the, 360-m.
Mysteries degenerated owing to the arrogance of the Priests, 360-m.
Mysteries develop the origin of the Soul, condition, destination, fate, 418-u.
Mysteries, development and growth of the, 354-m.
Mysteries, Dionusos one with Hermes and heroes of other, 357-u.
Mysteries, distinction between Greater and Lesser, 432-u.
Mysteries, doctrine of One God, theory of death and eternity, etc., taught in the, 359-m.
Mysteries, doctrines and representations of the, 374-m.
Mysteries, doctrines of immortality and retribution taught in the, 392-u.
Mysteries, Egyptian, depicted Osiris, Good, and Typhon, Evil, in conflict, 375-m.
Mysteries, esoteric were the teachings of the Greater, 207-l.
Mysteries explain the descent of Intelligence into matter and return, 415-m.
Mysteries forbidden to bastards, slaves, materialists and - , 390-m.
Mysteries, from the Egyptians the Hebrews received their knowledge of the, 375-u.
Mysteries gave Egyptian priests much of their influence, 374-m.
Mysteries' great object was a grand and truly politic one, 382-m.
Mysteries, Grecian, originated by Orpheus, brought from Egypt, 400-m.
Mysteries have same general features and show Egyptian origin, 418.
Mysteries, Heroditus gives reasons for reticence concerning the, 380-m.
Mysteries in many cases derived from the Egyptians, 352-u.
Mysteries in symbolic forms exhibited the One, 357-m.
Mysteries in the lapse of time degenerated and the symbols were misunderstood, 382-l.
Mysteries inculcated a great moral truth veiled with fable, 395-l.
Mysteries, instructions in morals and as to future life given in the, 382-u.
Mysteries kept man from lapsing into barbarism, 373-u.
Mysteries, knowledge of hieroglyphics and other information only obtained in the Greater, 359-m.
Mysteries, like Socrates, seek to awaken the ideas already in the mind, 356-m.
Mysteries, like the Symbols of Masonry, are eloquent analogies of Nature, 356-l.
Mysteries, life to the Greeks would be insupportable if deprived of the, 373-m.
Mysteries, male and female were the prominent Deities in the, 377-u.
Mysteries meant to strengthen religion and console men in their sorrows, 378-u.
Mysteries, mode of death varied with the nationality of the different, 375-u.
Mysteries modified after leaving Egypt by the habits of the different nations, 624-l.
Mysteries modified by habits of the different nations, 23-u.
Mysteries, morals, sciences, traditions, taught in the, 373-u.
Mysteries, names of the prominent Deities in the different, 377-m.
Mysteries, nature-gods were the Powers revered in the, 354-l.
Mysteries, Nero, after murdering his mother, dared not be present at, 353-m.
Mysteries, no arrests, no suits brought, no rival displays during the, 434-m.
Mysteries, object of, 382-l.
Mysteries, objects of, were to lead men to piety and - , 381-l.
Mysteries of Apollo celebrated at Delos, provided with a lake, 405-m.
Mysteries of Bakchos described, 420-421.
Mysteries of Bakchos of Oriental origin; worshipped in India, 419-l.
Mysteries of Ceres and Proserpine celebrated at Autumn, 491-m.
Mysteries of Dionusos proscribed impurity, 381-u.
Mysteries of Dionusos taught the Doctrine of Divine Unity, and - , 585-m.
Mysteries of Eleusis, description, officers, symbolism, 411-412.
Mysteries of Eleusis established at Athens in 1423 B.C., 418-u.
Mysteries of Eleusis exhibited the generative organs as symbols, 656-m.
Mysteries of Eleusis, spread of and opinions concerning the, 352-m.
Mysteries of Eleusis swallowed most of the others, 352-m.
Mysteries of God and the Universe are hidden in the Ternary, 791-l.
Mysteries of Greece established by Pythagoras with three degrees, 366-u.
Mysteries of Greece taught that matter existed from all eternity, and - , 400-l.
Mysteries of Isis, processions, description, symbolism, 412.
Mysteries of Isis, similarity to the death of Khur-om, 405-m.
Mysteries of India were divided into four degrees, 361-m.
Mysteries of Ism Abla instruct in the secret name of Deity, 621-l.
Mysteries of Magism have a religious, philosophical and natural signification, 773-u.
Mysteries of Mithra, a cave represented the arrangement of the World, 413-m.
Mysteries of Mithras, a corpse restored to life a part of the ceremony of the, 406-l.
Mysteries of Mithras celebrated in Greece under the name of Bakchos, 406-l.
Mysteries of Osiris sought by the most eminent men, 363-u.
Mysteries of Samothrace adored heaven and earth as male and female, 659-u.
Mysteries of the Ancients concealed the occult science of the Ancient Magi, 839-m.
Mysteries of the Christian Gnostics; their secret doctrine, 542-l.
Mysteries of the Christians, 541-547. Mysteries of the Divine nature are beyond finite comprehension, 306-u.
Mysteries of the Druids conform to those of other nations, 367-u.
Mysteries of the early Christians divided into two Masses, 541-l.
Mysteries of the Goths carried North from the East by Odin, 367-l.
Mysteries of the Indians celebrated in caves and grottos, 361-u.
Mysteries of the Kabala open to those who seek, 772-m.
Mysteries of the Universe are all around us and common, 526-u.
Mysteries, opinions of Cicero and Aristophanes in respect to the, 353-m.
Mysteries, opinions of Pausanias and Aristotle concerning the, 379-m.
Mysteries, opinions of Plato and Epictetus as to the objects of the, 353-u.
Mysteries, origin unknown; suppositions concerning, 353-l.
Mysteries originally the beginning of a new life of reason and virtue, 359-m.
Mysteries, penalties for violations of the laws and usages of the, 374-l.
Mysteries, pain and sorrow as consequences of sin shadowed forth in, 397-u.
Mysteries, Phallus and Cteis as emblems of generation appear in the, 401-l.
Mysteries, Plato into philosophy translated the language of the symbols of the, 398-m.
Mysteries possessed a language known only to the initiates, 373-l.
Mysteries practiced in all ancient nations; many claim invention, 353-l.
Mysteries practiced in Athens until the 8th century; in Wales to the 12th century, 360-l.
Mysteries, prescription of those not initiated into the, 359-m.
Mysteries preserved their purity up to the time of Cicero, 374-l.
Mysteries, privileges and advantages of Initiates into the, 352-l.
Mysteries probably originated in India teaching primitive Truths, 360-l.
Mysteries, purposes of the ceremonies of the, 383-m.
Mysteries represented by symbols the invisible forces of the Universe, 414-l.
Mysteries required purity and elevation of soul in its Initiates, 353-u.
Mysteries revealed by Dante in the Divine Comedy, 822-m.
Mysteries, statements of Cicero, Socrates, Aristides, regarding the, 379-l.
Mysteries taught a division of the Universal Cause into an Active and a Passive, 401-m.
Mysteries taught candidates in Druidical initiations, 429-l.
Mysteries taught concerning the Universe and - , 352-l.
Mysteries taught doctrine of the nature of the soul and its longings to return, 436-l.
Mysteries taught how to enfeeble the action of matter on the Soul, 520-l.
Mysteries taught initiates in Indian ceremonies, 428-429.
Mysteries taught the existence of One Great Being, 624-m.
Mysteries taught the incarnation, death, resurrection, etc., of Logos, 415-u.
Mysteries taught the study of the perfection of the soul, 520-u.
Mysteries taught true ideas in respect to Deity, 208-m.
Mysteries, teachings and essence of the, 354-l.
Mysteries, the first magistrate of Athens superintended the, 380-u.
Mysteries, the Greater of Eleusinia, ceremonies of initiation into the, 394-m.
Mysteries: the invisibility, oneness, infinity of God, the first Truth of the, 533-m.
Mysteries, the legend of the Master's degree a form of that of the, 375-u.
Mysteries, the mythical person uniting the Divine and Human found in all, 356-l.
Mysteries: the Soul of Man is immortal, the second Truth of the, 533-m.
Mysteries, the true spirit and secret doctrines were hidden in Greater, 359-m.
Mysteries, those who came short of their duties as men were excluded from the, 391-l.
Mysteries, to inspire men and console them in their misery the object of the, 379-l.
Mysteries, to prove his innocence Antony sought Initiation into the, 353-m.
Mysteries treated of God, Man and Nature; Ancient Theosophy, 357-u.
Mysteries, true knowledge of Deity taught by the Greater, 207-l.
Mysteries used by the Priests to extend their power, 360-u.
Mysteries went from Egypt to Phoenicia, thence elsewhere, 363-m.
Mysteries were a Sacred Drama exhibiting - , 355-m.
Mysteries were funereal in character, celebrating the death, etc., of some hero, 375-u.
Mysteries were not closed in the year 364, notwithstanding a law to that effect, 360-u.
Mysteries were the private worships of ancient nations, 352-u.
Mysteries, while slight offenses could be expiated, grave crimes were mortal sins in the, 397-m.
Mysteries widely disseminated; names of some, 352-u.
Mysterii or books of occultation sum up the Sephiroth, 758-u.
Mysterious number is four; it contains the mysteries of nature, 628-m.
Mystery and secrecy used to attract and impress the people, 384-u.
Mystery, Demetrius Phalereus gives definition of the word, 383-l.
Mystery of the Balance, the equilibrium of opposites, 552-m.
Mystery of the Ineffable Name and arrangement of its letters, 700-l.
Mystery of the phenomena of nature are unexplainable to us, 526-530.
Mystery of the world remains, but sufficiently cleared up to inspire confidence, 696-m.
Mythical beings presiding over nature developed into Saints, etc, 653-u.
Mystical religion succeeded mystical philosophy, but in name only, 694-u.
Mythological references to the number seven, 728-l.
Mythologies: Sohar clears up the obscurities of the Ancient, 843-l.


Name, all ancient nations held the sanctity of the Sacred, 204-l.
Name, Divine, or Creative Word, 204-l.
Name, in exorcising priests the Jews used the Sacred, 262-l.
Name not applied to the Very God in His unmanifested Essence, 849-u.
Name of Deity a sign and confession of our ignorance, 651-l.
Name of Deity communicated by God to Moses, 697-m.
Name of Deity conceals the True Word of a Mason, 697-m.
Name of Deity contained a meaning which was lost, 697-m.
Name of Deity engraven on the triangular plate on the cube teaches - , 209-u.
Name of Deity has four letters, three different ones, 761-u.
Name of Deity, Tetractys in the Cabala composed of the letters of the, 60-l.
Name of God and God alone existed before the world of vacant space, 750-u.
Name of God forgotten when - , 205-l.
Name of God, in the Kabalah, only expresses the human ideal of his divinity, 97-l.
Name of God lost when - , 205-l.
Name of God written in Samaritan characters in Hebrew books, 621-m.
Name of Great God not to be uttered, an article of general belief, 619-621-l.
Name of Jehovah given credit for the redemption of the souls, 561-l.
Name of the Kabalists' Idea of God contains all others and all things, 98-m.
"Name of Truth" appears in the formula of pneumatical baptism, 561-l.
Name of Yod, He, Vau, He, applied to Deity as manifested in the act of Creation, 849-u.
Name, signification and meaning of the Ineffable, 104-m.
Name: study of the Pentagram led the Magi to a knowledge of the New, 842-u.
Name, the summary of all things is the Holy, 793-u.
Name, two Hebrew words appended to the Ineffable, 104-m.
Names have a natural potency and sanctity according to origin, 620-m.
Names of Deity met with in all Degrees, 137-u.
Names of Deity on the Delta are Syrian, Phoenician, Hebrew, 531-l.
Names of the Hebrew and Greek Deity express abstract existence, 651-l.
Napoleon reigns because the ablest, 49-u.
Napoleons follow period of convulsion, 30-l.
Napoleon's influence on the destinies of France, 313-m.
Napoleon's injustice exiled him to a rock, a warning to bid men be just, 835-m.

Napthali, the eloquent and agile, has for device Virgo in the domicile of Mercury, 462-u.
National Gods' history describes the Sun's career through the seasons, 591-m.
Nationalizing of creeds and peoples a tendency of Masonry, 625-l.
Nations, commercialism and territorial aggrandizement of, 69.
Nations, luxury, extravagance, ostentation, the peril of, 348-m.
Nations, sanctity of the Name held by the ancient, 204-l.
Natural Forces in action and opposition result in movement and Harmony, 859-l.
Natural law, a constant mode of action, seems to belong to the nature of things, 827-l.
Natural objects surrounded the initiate in the Mysteries, 414-l.
Natural phenomena and things appeal to men, 714-u.
Natural phenomena depends on a single immutable law, 732-u.
Natural religion reveals to us God as the Infinite parent of all, 714-m.
Nature and discord dwelt below the Moon, according to Lucanus, 654-m.
Nature as free from dogmatism as from tyranny, 355-u.
Nature divided between the Good and Evil principles, 664-u.
Nature enslaved to common notions and notions to words, 693-l.
Nature gives evidences of immortality, found everywhere, 517-m.
Nature God's prose; man his poetry, 715-l.
Nature Gods represented by Amun, worshipped in Egypt, 584-l.
Nature Gods secondary to a higher Deity, incomprehensible, supreme, 597-l.
Nature in its pure and simple forms the foundation of the Persian religion, 610-l.
Nature is all movement, and Thought all repose, 680-l.
Nature itself is the soul of the world which acts through the spheres, 668-l.
Nature itself the secret of the Occult Sciences, 844-u.
Nature mastered by applying to matter the light of life, 779-u.
Nature not a fortuitous concourse of atoms, 646-l.
Nature not deified in the primitive religion, 610-l.
Nature of Deity and the beginning of the Universe are questions Man has always studied, 738-l.
Nature of man is double, though he is one, 861-l.
Nature possessed a soul and intelligence and divinity belonged to this soul, 670-u.
Nature reveals a mighty wisdom and points to God, 713-l.
Nature revives as surely as it declines, 592-m.
Nature, the mythologies a leaf in the book of, 216-u.
Nature the Revelation of God; symbolism of, 64-m.
Nature, visible on earth, is man's domain, 736-m.
Nature worship akin to that of a universal Soul, but not instinctive, 598-u.
Nature worship combining conceptions of a Universal Presence and action, 602-u.
Nature worship usurped that of God, 600-m-601-m.
Nature's Forces little known; man controlled and governed by them, 733-l.
Nature's great book interpreted in the doctrines of Masonry, 625-m.
Nature's immutable Law, the Eternal Will of the Justice which is God, 847-l.
Nature's magnificences are an algebra of graces and splendors, 845-u.
Nature's problems unanswered; the problems unsolved, 647-l.
Nature's regularity suggested by common appearances very early, 699-m.
Nature's single and absolute law, the equipoise of contrary forces, 848-u.
Nature's Soul released at the end for a brighter existence, 614-u.
Naya philosophers declare the individual Soul and God are distinct, 852-u.
Necessity and Chance giving way to Law permits the moral Freedom of Man, 695-m.
Necessity and Fatality a consequence of Stability and Permanence, 768-u.
Necessity and Liberty possible for Infinite Power and Wisdom, 848-m.
Necessity and Liberty seemingly antagonistic, 848-m.
Necessity and Liberty, the essence of Deity, counterbalanced, produce equilibrium, 778-l.
Necessity and Liberty the two columns of the Universe, 848-m.
Necessity can not be unjust, or the Great lawgiver would be unjust, 831-l.
Necessity: Deity contains the incorruptible and unwearying force of, 658-m.
Necessity environs the laws that govern the Universe, 831-l.
Necessity in its true meaning is not arbitrary Power, 696-m.
Necessity in its true meaning is Strength and Force in the service of Intelligence, 696-m.
Necessity is Law perceived, but not understood, 691-m.
Necessity neglected in striving for the right is the folly of a dreamer, 835-u.
Necessity of man, his own necessity, made often a plea for injustice, 832-u.
Necessity of the physicists more oppressive than fables of tradition, 691-m.
Necessity, or the omnipotent Will of God, which nothing can disobey, 818-m.
Necessity rules in all the affairs of men, requiring the sacrifice of life, 833-l.
Necessity, the Director of the atoms, external to themselves, 676-m.
Negative notion of God the only way to apprehend him, 651-m.
Nephesch, from the world Asiah, one letter, He, of the Tetragrammaton, 757-u.
Nephesch, Psyche, the lowest spiritual part of man, Soul, 757-u.
Nero, reference to the reign of, 47-l.
Neschamah, from the world Briah, the other letter He, 757-u.
Nescamah, Leneschamah, from the world Atsiluth, the Yod of the Tetragrammaton, 757-u.
Neschamah, the highest spiritual part, anima superior, 757-u.
Netsach and Hod, the thighs of Adam Kadmon, 758-u.
Netsakh, one of the Sephiroth; Victory, 753-m.
Netsach, the seventh Sephiroth, is perfect Success, same as Hod, 767-u.
Neuroz, a Persian Feast, celebrated when the Sun was in Aries, 463-l.
New Heaven and Earth after the burning of the present Universe, 623.
New Year's Day fixed on one of four periods; reason - , 464-468.
Newton, painstaking methods of, 174-m.
Nifthel, which is below in the ninth world, the final place for the wicked, 619-m.
Night the time fixed for the celebration of the Mysteries, 383-l.
Nile held to be fertilized from the connection of the Sun and Moon in Taurus, 477-l.
Nile overflows in the sign of Leo, 455-m.
Nile, Sirius deemed to cause the rising of the waters of the, 450-m.
Nile, Sirius heralded the inundation of the, 15-u.
Nile, source, inundations, formation of land, 442-m.
Nile waters experienced its earliest movement at the Vernal Equinox when - , 477-l.
Nile waters measured by the representation of a cross with a circle over it, 503-m.
Nile's annual inundation the cause of the fertility of Egypt, 589-u.
Nine, consecrated to the Spheres and the Muses, 636-m.
Nine considered by the ancients as a bad presage, 636-l.
Nine external points of the Tetractys form the Masonic triangle, 826-m Nine found in the three Fates, Centimanes, Cyclopes, 728-l.
Nine: singular properties of the number, 637-l.
Nine, square of three, represented by the triple triangle, 60-l.
Nine symbolized the earth under the influence of the Evil principle, 636-l.
Nine symbolizes the generative egg, 636-l.
Nine, the first square of unequal numbers, the Ennead, 636-l.
Nineteenth Degree, Grand Pontiff, 312-u.
Ninth day of Greek Mysteries, the libation for departed souls, 434-m.
Ninth Degree, Elu of the Nine, purpose and lessons of the, 149-u.
Ninth Degree is devoted to - , 159-u.
Ninth envelope, a term given to matter, 636-u.
Nisan, at the Vernal Equinox, the beginning of the year, 466-m.
Noachite or Prussian Knight, the 21st Degree, lessons of the, 334-u.
Noble actions, in ordinary paths of life are occasions for, 245-m.
Noetius termed the Son of the first Utterance of the Father, light. from the Light, 564-m.
North of a Lodge devoid of Lights because - , 592-u.
North Pole: Merak and Dubhe always point to the, 456-m.
North Pole: the Great Bear or Seven Stars, circle around the, 456-m.
North Star represents the point in the circle; symbol of duty and faith, 202-m.
North the goal and commencement of the Sun's career, 592-u.
North the region of gloom and darkness, 592-u.
Northern Gods more virile than the effeminate Southern ones, 591-u.
Northern nation had a Senate of twelve gods, Odin the chief, 460-m.
Nous of Platonism corresponds to The Word, 271-l.
Nous synonymous with Logos, representing a manifestation, 555-l.
Novary, or triple ternary, celebrated amongst the ancient sages, 636-u.
Number sacred in all theologies is Seven, 727-m.
Numbers an example of the Gnostic emanation doctrine, 249-u.
Numbers an important part of Pythagorean science, 34-l.
Numbers contained in the Primitive Word, 249-u.
Numbers had significance to the Druids in a religious sense, 618-l.
Numbers having reference to Deity especially employed, 208-l.
Numbers held sacred among the Etruscans, Jews, Egyptians, Hindus, 632-m.
Numbers, many philosophies and religions preserve the doctrine of, 235-m.
Numbers, Mysteries connected with the system of, 208-l.
Numbers of Stars possessed peculiar and divine powers, 487-u.
Numbers of the degrees had their origin in the Stars, 487-u.
Numbers of the Pythagoreans, signification and meaning, 626-638.
Numbers regarded as sacred being expressions of - , 209-u.
Numbers represent all grandeur, all proportions, the Absolute, 626-u.
Numbers symbolic, 87-l, 88-m, 618-m.
One, 5-l, 87-l, 88-m, 789, 861.
Two, 5-l, 57-l, 87-l, 88, 410, 429, 632-m, 664-m, 789, 860.
Three, 5-l, 10-u, 57-l, 87-l, 88, 97-l, 209, 233-m, 234-m, 321-u, 322-m.
361-u, 364-m, 409-m, 410, 429, 431, 448-u, 487-u, 489-m, 548-554, 631-u, 632, 728-u, 728-l, 780-m, 782-m, 786, 788, 789, 796, 861.
Four, 57-l, 87-l, 88, 209-u, 322-m, 409-m, 410, 462-m, 560-m, 632-m, 728-u, 732-m, 783-m, 786, 788, 789, 861.
Five, 5-l, 87-l, 88, 429, 462-m, 487-u, 782-u, 789, 790, 861.
Six, 5-l, 87-l, 409-m, 489-u, 611-l, 786-u, 796.
Seven, 5-l, 10-m, 11-u, 58-l, 87-l, 88-m, 233-m, 234-m, 257-l, 321-u, 322, 364-l, 409-m, 410, 429, 431, 460-m, 462-m, 474-u, 487-u, 489-m, 506-l, 563, 602-u, 611-l, 668-u, 727-9, 728-u, 752-l, 780-l, 781-m, 782-m, 797, 798.
Eight, 5-l, 60-l, 87-l, 507-l.
Nine, 5-l, 10-u, 60-l, 87-l, 88-m, 209-u, 429, 448-u, 489-u, 631-u, 728-l, 789, 861.
Ten, 60-l, 87-l, 88-m, 233-m, 506-u, 560-m, 632-m, 752-l, 786.
Eleven, 87-l.
Twelve, 5-l, 58-l, 60-l, 209-m, 233-m, 235-l, 409-m, 410-m, 448-u, 459-l, 460-m, 462-u, 462-m, 474-u, 485-u, 489-u, 506-l, 560-m, 566-u, 619-u, 632-m, 728-u, 786.
Fourteen, 484-l, 485-m.
Sixteen, 861.
Twenty-five, 789, 861.
Twenty-six, 484-l, 485-m.
Twenty-seven, 631-u.
Thirty, 257-u, 462-m, 560-m.
Thirty-six, 486-u.
Forty, 486-u.
Three hundred and sixty, 462-m.
Three hundred and sixty-five, 354, 613-l.
Numbers: the Pythagoreans held a connection between the gods and, 633-u.
Numbers, the Septenary is the Crown of, 321-l.
Numbers, three, four, seven, twelve, unlock the Apocalypse, 728-u.
Numerations from Khased or Gedulah to Yesod included in Tephareth, 799-m.
Numerations, or six members of Microprosopos, denoted by Vau, 793-l.
Numerations proceed from potence into act with the first Adam, 795-u.
Numerations, six, are Geburah; Gedulah; Tephareth; Netsach; Hod; Yesod, 793-m.
Numerations, six, represented by interlaced triangle, Seal of Solomon, 799-m.
Numerations, ten, compose the person termed Arik Aupin, 799-m.
Nyaya and Vedanta philosophy regarding God and the Soul, 607-m.
Nyaya philosophers differ in some matters from the Vedantic, 607-m.


O, I, W expressed the Druids' name of Deity, 622-u.
O, I. W, the Druidic symbol of Deity, 618-u.
Oath of Secrecy a requisite to admission to the Christian Mysteries, 544-u.
Oath of the original nine Templars taken between the hands of the Patriarch, 815-l.
Oaths of Pythagoreans sworn on the Tetractys. 633-l.
Obedience to law, 111-m.
Obelisk at the tomb of the buried deity as a symbol of resurrection, 393-l.
Obelisks and Pyramids erected to the Sun and Fire. 460-u.
Object of the ceremonies of the ancient Mysteries. 407-l.
Object of Masonry is - , 218-m.
Object of Masonry is - , 220-l.
Object, our inspiring thought should not be ourselves, but our, 229-l.
Object symbolized mistaken for the symbol and idolatry followed, 600-u.
Objection sufficient to exclude man from society of Masons, 121-m.
Obligation founded on the Good, 722-m.
Obligation of morals are absolute, 722-u.
Obligation taken on a naked sword and sealed by drinking from a skull, 430-l.
Obligation taken on the sacred books of the religion of the candidate, 11-m.
Obligation the foundation of liberty: involves free will, 723-u.
Obligations and vows to be well considered and kept, 111-l.
Oblong square formed by Stars, 487-m.
Occult manifestations coincide with period of the Fall of the Templars, 823-u.
Occult Mysteries revealed under the form of levity by the Roman de la Rose, 823-u.
Occult number is five, enclosed in the center of the series, 628-m.
Occult philosophy controlled nations, ruled the minds, knows everything, 730-u.
Occult philosophy reigned in Persia with the Magi, 730-u.
Occult philosophy synonymous with Magic, 730.
Occult philosophy the godmother of religions, the key of obscurities, 729-l.
Occult philosophy, the Universal Synthesis, ought to explain the phenomena of being, 821-l.
Occult science of the Magi found in the Mysteries and doctrines of the Templars and Masonry, 839-m.
Occult science of the Magi imperfectly revealed by the Gnostics, 839-m.
Occult sciences explain the cabalistic clavicles, Ezekiel and the Apocalypse, 731-u.
Occult sciences explained by the Kabalah, 626-u.
Occupation the same as manifestation, 795-l.
Occultism embodied in Sephar Yezirah, Sohar, Apocalypse, 321-m.
Ocean a symbol of Deity or the Universe for the Egyptians, 665-m.
Ocean as a conception of God, called Binah, Understanding, 752-m.
Octateuch, a book written in the time of the Emperor Justin, 671-l.
Od, according to the Hebrews, the grand agent of Hermetic science, 774-l.
Odd numbers traced backward ended in Unity or Deity, 618-l.
Odin destined to kill the snake when all nature will be destroyed, 593-u.
Odin, Frea, Thor, the Scandinavian Trinity, 552-u.
Odin, maxims from the Hava Maal, the Sublime Book of, 168-m.
Odin sunk the Midgard Serpent beneath the sea, encircling the earth, 499-u.
Odin, the Almighty Father, one of the Northern Triune Deity, 13-l.
Odin, the Scandinavian name for the Sun God, 587-u.
Odin was the Apollo of the Scandinavians, 593-u.
Office, Mason not over-anxious for, 39-u.
Officers of Isiac Mysteries practically the same as the Eleusinian. Official mediocrity, development of, 66-75.
Officials of the Mysteries of Eleusis, functions and clothing, 411-412.
Olen: one of the earliest symbols of Grecian religion was the Hyperborean, 683-u.
Olive brought by Hercules from the Hyperboreans to Olympia, 592-m.
Om, in India it was forbidden to pronounce the Sacred Name, 205-u.
Om, the Sacred Name of the One Deity, manifested as - , 205-u.
Omega and Alpha are the last and first letters of the Greek alphabet, 701-u.
Omith, or Amida, the Japanese God, without beginning or ending, 616-u.
Omnific letter of the Kabalah: Creation effected by the, 14-u.
Omnipotence is the most absolute liberty, 736-l.
Omniscience symbolized by the Blazing Star and All Seeing Eye, 506-u.
Omschim, a book giving the arrangements of the Sephiroth, 757-m.
Omschim, the Kabalistic book, meaning "Introduction to the Kabalah", 740-u.
One Absolute Being embodying Truth, Beauty, Good, 702-l.
One Being only, a fundamental principle of the Hindu religion, 604-m.
One designated Harmony, the Good Principle, 630-m.
One Father: the many gods are His Children, says Tyrius, 687-m.
One First Cause of the existence of the Universe, 626-m.
One God the primitive idea, 687-m.
"One in Many," a mystery of the Vedanta philosophy, 673-u.
One is the Principle, Two is the Word, 771-l.
One is three and three are one in each triangle of Perfection, 861-l.
One signifies the living man standing upright, 630-u.
One Supreme God whose name it was unlawful to utter a general belief, 619-l.
One: though of a double nature, man is, 861-l.
One True God, and a moral and virtuous life the only religious requisite, 164-u.
One, with the Chinese, signified unity, harmony, God, 630-l.
Onias, the High Priest, erected the sanctuary at Leontopolis, 253-u.
Ophites, a Gnostic sect, Spirits of the, 271-l.
Ophites: development of the system of the, 552-l-553.
Ophites' system predicated an unknown Supreme Being, 552-l.
Opinion, difficulty in obtaining agreement in matters of mere, 38-m.
Opinions of ancients concerning the earth and heavens, 442.
Opinion, public, rarely right on any point, 218-m.
Opposing principles in nature, by their contrariety, produce good and evil, 661-u.
Orai, name of one of the seven Reflections of the Ophites, 563-m.
Oral tradition transmitted by generations of initiates, 259-l.
Orator in our Bodies represents Hermes, 586-l.
Orators of the Bodies, qualifications and duties of, 332-m.
Orders of Chivalry displayed lofty virtues and noble heroism, 579-m.
Organs of generation symbols of the generative and productive powers, 656-m.
Origin, all men are of the same, 221-u.
Origen declares some names have a natural sanctity and potency, 620-m.
Origen defends the Christian concealed doctrine, 544.
Origen gives information concerning the Mysteries of the Ophites, 542-l.
Origen held that in each Star was an immortal Soul, 671-m.
Origen held that the Gospels were not to be taken literally, 266-m.
Origin of things according to Anaxagoras, 495-m.
Origin of the Truth taught by Deity to the first men, 687-l.
Origination of matter from spirit incapable of expression, 673-m.
Orion killed by the sting of the Scorpion, 454-m.
Ormuzd and Ahriman: antagonism of Good and Evil typified by the contest between, 594-l.
Ormuzd and Ahriman each created twenty-four Deities, 662-l.
Ormuzd and Ahriman each gave six emanations, 662-l.
Ormuzd and Ahriman ever at war; Light and Darkness contest, 662-l.
Ormuzd and Ahriman represented by two serpents contending for the mundane egg, 500-u.
Ormuzd conceived thoughts before creating things, 257-m.
Ormuzd concurred with Ahriman in the creation of Man, 258-u.
Ormuzd created Spirits, Genii, Izeds, 257-u.
Ormuzd created the World pure by the "Word", 256-l.
Ormuzd eclipsed by Mithras, 257-m.
Ormuzd, final triumph and reign of, 258-m.
Ormuzd, King of Light from Light, the first emanation, 256-l.
Ormuzd, nature and attributes of; the "Word" of Masonry, 256-l.
Ormuzd, or Ahura Mazda, claims to have created all things, 612-u.
Ormuzd or Osiris the beneficent principle personified by the Sun, 479-u.
Ormuzd placed in Man a pure principle from the Supreme Being, 258-u.
Ormuzd represented the primal light, 612-u.
Ormuzd, the Persian God of Good, of the nature of light, 661-m.
Ormuzd, the Persian Light God, to conquer Darkness and - , 466-u.
Ormuzd was Light adored by the Persians, 443-l.
Ornaments of a Lodge, 14-u.
Orpheus founded the Grecian Mysteries bringing them from Egypt, 400-l.
Orpheus in his hymn taught the Unity of God, 415-u.
Orpheus initiated in the Egyptian Theology and Physics; carried the fables into Greece, 365.
Orpheus: Magism was the science of, 839-l.
Orpheus received Mysteries of Samothrace while visiting there, 427-u.
Orpheus studied in Egypt and borrowed ideas regarding nature, 655-l.
Orpheus: the first dogma of, 443-l.
Orphic Triads, 549-m.
Orthodox Church accepted the doctrines of the Egyptians and Greeks, 625-l.
Orthodox traditions carried from Chaldea by Abraham, 843-l.
Orthodoxy carried out of Egypt by Moses, 843-l.
Osirian fable of his history the basis of Egyptian religion, 589-m.
Osirian legend adopted to symbolize the destruction of the Templars, 820-l.
Osirian legend advanced by Landseer in his Sabean Researches, 483-487. Osiris as Hades, Serapis, Rhadamanthus, the Monarch of the Dead, 588-u.
Osiris and Isis gave civilization, law, arts, to men, 475-l.
Osiris and Isis: Har-oeri, Master of Light and Life, from, 861-u.
Osiris and Isis, inscriptions on the columns at Nysa, near the tombs of, 378-u.
Osiris and Typhon: antagonism of Good and Evil typified by the contest between, 594-l.
Osiris' body went ashore sixty miles above Tsur, at Byblos, 80-u.
Osiris, Christians adopted as a sign the staff of, 292-m.
Osiris claimed by India as one of their great gods, 475-l.
Osiris conquers Typhon at the Vernal Equinox, 664-m.
Osiris cut into fourteen pieces according to Plutarch, 484-l - 485-m.
Osiris cut into twenty-six pieces, the number of visible stars in Bootes, 484-l.
Osiris, declaration of Osiris concerning himself, 378-m.
Osiris died at the Autumnal Equinox and rose in the Spring, 478-u.
Osiris: everything good in nature comes from, 476-m.
Osiris, in figurative style is depicted the annual journey of the Sun in the history of, 375-l.
Osiris is the personification of the Sun, 447-l.
Osiris, killed by Typhon, found by Isis in a coffin and buried at Philae, 375-l.
Osiris killed by Typhon when the Sun was in the Constellation Scorpion, 479-m.
Osiris known as Bacchus, Dionusos, Seraphis, 477-m.
Osiris, legend concerning the body of, 80-m.
Osiris married his sister, Isis, and labored with her for the public benefit, 377-l.
Osiris mutilated by Typhon and parts thrown into the River Nile, 412-l.
Osiris mutilated by Typhon signified that drouth caused the Nile to retire, 477-l.
Osiris: Mysteries of Isis included a statue, tomb and a representation of the sufferings of, 405-l.
Osiris, Mysteries of, the model of all subsequent Initiations, 377-m.
Osiris; Night and Day were two Gods adored in the Mysteries of, 404-m.
Osiris put to death by Typhon, restored to life, 405-m.
Osiris, representative of the Sun, becomes Adonai, Dionusos, Bacchus, 363-m.
Osiris resurrected when the Solstitial Sun brings the inundation, 589-m.
Osiris said to be the inventor of agriculture, 588-u.
Osiris: Seth, Babys, Typhon, powers set up as adversaries of, 588-u.
Osiris slain by Typhon sought by Isis; story of the search, 480-483.
Osiris supposed to be dead or absent fifty days each year, 451-l.
Osiris, symbol of the Sun, 77-m.
Osiris: the conception of a Being purely good developed in, 588-u.
Osiris, the Egyptian name for the Sun God, 587-u.
Osiris the image of generative power, 476-l.
Osiris, the image of the Supreme Being; Source of Good, 281-l.
Osiris, the name of the Sun, gives earthly blessings, 475-m.
Osiris the name of the Sun to his adorers at Memphis, 587-l.
Osiris, the Saviour, perished in the twenty-eighth year of his life, 589-m.
Osiris, the son of Helios (Phra), an incarnation of the Good Spirit, 587-l.
Osiris, the Sun, communicated generative principles to the Moon, 476-m.
Osiris to judge the world, according to the Egyptians, 623-l.
Osiris was the eldest son of Saturn, his substance the same nature as that which composes light, 378-m.
Ouranos and Gea sung as Deities by Hesiod, 850-l.
Ouranos and Ghi by their union had many children, the later Deities, 658-u.
Ouranos and Kronos were before Zeus, 597-l.
Ouranos, or Heaven, one of the first divinities, the husband of Ghi, 658-u.
Oviparous the type of all animal production, 771-l.
Ox a symbol of purification by earth, 412-m.


Pagodas of Tanjore and Deogur, construction of the, 234-m.
Pain and suffering a part of the scheme of the Universe, 229-m.
Pain used to illustrate the relation of Hakemah, Binah, Daath, 758-l.
Palestine and the ancient empires are wrecks, but Masonry survives, 315-l.
Pan represented by the horned form of the Evil Force or Devil, 102-l.
Pangenitor, the Father of all things, a name given to Heaven, 658-m.
Pantacle expressing the esoteric part of Science is a Rose of light, 822-m.
Pantacle of the Kabalists commands the spirits of the elements, 787-u.
Pantacle of the Kabalists formed by the triangular plates of the Templar trowel, 816-m.
Pantacles invented to disguise the meanings of magical science, 732-l.
Pantheism and Atheism reduced to simplest terms seem the same, 672-u.
Pantheism and Materialism avoided by a separate ruling power, 677-m.
Pantheism, or that all is God, and God is all and in all, 672-u.
Pantheism teaches that God is in all and all in God, 565-m.
Pantheism, the dominant idea of the doctrine of Manes, 565-m.
Pantheism under the Ionian revival was materialistic, 675-m.
Pantheistic monotheism marks the spirit of the Indian Vedas, 672-l.
Pantheon an allegory of phenomena and Heavenly Bodies, 508-u.
Papal hostility against the Templars which flourished in spite of it, 815-u.
Paracelsus advocated strongly the initiation into the magic of the ancients, 791-u.
Parcelsus discovered magnetism before Mesmer, 791-u.
Parcelsus treats of Hermetic Science, 774-l.
Parallel lines enclosing a circle a symbol of the equilibrium of nature, 548-m.
Parallel lines, point in a circle, two columns represent the Solstices, 506-u.
Parallel lines supporting the circle in our Lodges; origin of, 429-m.
Paranatellons or stars outside of Zodiac, 471-u.
Parakletos, the Comforter, claimed by Manes, 565-m.
Parmenides compared Deity to a sphere, heat, a continuity, an aggregate, 676-u.
Paropismus or Hindukusch inhabited by Irania races, 601-l.
Parsees' definition of God in their catechism, 620-u.
Pashan, the Nourisher, a Vedic Sun God, 602-l.
Passions clash and interests conflict in a world of action, 696-u.
Passion's germ in Maia, Nature's loveliness, 683-l.
Passive Principle analogous to Darkness or Shadow, 305-l.
Passive Principle, by nature, collects and makes fruitful; the Active diffuses, 772-u.
Passive Stability of the Will of the Past expressed in constitutions of government, 860-u.
Passover celebrated when the Sun was in Aries, 463-l.
Passover of the Magi, the annual sacrifice of Mithras, 613-l.
Paternalism, in free States there is a tendency towards, 51-53.
Patient, Good Knight and True enjoined to work and be, 320-l.
Patriarch of Constantinople administered the first Templar oath, 815-l.
Patriarchal worship of Deity common to Arabians and Hebrews, 616-l.
Patriarchs, primitive religion as taught by the, 540-l.
Patriarchs taught the true religion by God, 582-u.
Patriotism a Force, 91-u.
Patrons of Masonry are St. John the Evangelist and St. John the Baptist, 818-u.
Paul of Samosata taught that Jesus was the son of Joseph and Mary, 564-l.
Paul, St., similarity of the doctrines of Philo to the Epistles of, 252-m.
Paul's idea of Law and Grace agrees with Kabalistic idea of Leniency, 769-u.
Paul's opinion on the second coming of Christ, 263-l.
Pauperism and misery in the world, 297-u.
Pausanias claimed that those showing contempt for the Mysteries. were punished, 381-l.
Pausanias' opinion concerning the Mysteries, 379-m.
Pavement, description and symbolism of the Mosaic, 14-u.
Payens, Hugh de, one of the founders of the Templars, 816-l.
Peace, campaign of, 177. Pedestal, symbolism of the luminous, 210-u.
Pelican an emblem of the beneficence of Nature, 291-u.
Pelican and Phoenix symbols of the Great work, 774-m.
Pelasgi, ancient Grecians, settled Samothrace, 407-m.
Pelasgi had a Deity whose name it was not permitted to pronounce, 621-u.
Pelasgian name for the Sun God was Arkaleus or Hercules, 587-u.
Pen and printing press a power against the Demagogue and Tyrant, 47-l.
Pendragon. Uther, serpents referred to in elegy of, 592-u.
Pentagram or Star with five points symbolizes human intelligence, 790-l.
Pentagram: the Blazing Star symbolized, to the Kabalists, the Sacred, 842-u.
Pentalpha of Pythagoras, the origin cf the five-pointed star, 634-m.
Pentangle of Solomon, the emblem of Fellowship, 634-m.
People in error who think it a wise policy to - , 178-u.
People to be governed for the common weal, a striking feature of the will of the, 141-l.
Perfect Elu, essential belief of a, 233-u.
Perfect Master, 5th Degree; virtues belonging to the, 114-u.
Perfect number is ten because it includes Unity and - , 628-l.
Perfection Degrees urge the subjugation of our material nature, 855-l.
Perfection of all things is Wisdom and Intelligence coupled, 800-u.
Perfection of God implies creation, and the preservation of the created, 708-l.
Perfection of the Soul and knowledge of its origin and destiny objects of the Mysteries, 415-l.
Perfection, step by step is advancement made toward, 136-l.
Perfection symbolized by the number eight, 635-l.
Perfections of God produced the intellectual world, 559-l.
Peripatetic School retained a secondary divinity in the eternal Spheres, 678-m.
Perkoun, Pikollos, Potrimpos, the Trinity of the Pruczi, or Prussians, 551-l.
Perpendicular of a right angle triangle represents Earth, the Human, 861-m.
Perpendicular of the right angle triangle is Male, 789-m.
Persecute, for his belief no man has a right to, 166-m.
Persecution, better any error or any opinion than, 161-u.
Persecutions for religion's sake, 164 - . Persecutions warded from the early scientists by alleged folly, 733-u.
Perseus brought down fire consecrated in Persian Temple, taught - , 466-u.
Persian conquests familiarized them with China, Egypt, Judae, 610-u.
Persian deities subordinate to Zeruane-Akherene, 598-u.
Persian ideas of God and Religion resembled that of the Hebrews, 610-u.
Persian legend concerning the end of the World, 623-l.
Persian name for the Sun God was Mithras, 586-l.
Persian name of Deity consists of three letters, H, O, M, 632-l.
Persian philosopher, sayings of Zoroaster, the, 170-u.
Persian religion framed by H, O, M, 621-l.
Persian religion spiritual, fire and sacrifice being emblems, 610-m.
Persian religious ideas and doctrines, 610-613.
Persian Supreme Being is Time without limit, 281-l.
Persian triad, the Lords of Light, of Fire, of Splendor, 549-m.
Persian triad was Bahman, Ardibehest, Shariver, 549-m.
Persians abhorred Egyptian idolatry and sought to extirpate it, 610-m.
Persians among earliest emigrants from Northern India, 204-l.
Persians began the new year when the Constellation Perseus rose, 466-u.
Persians built no temples, but worshipped on hills in stone enclosures, 424-m.
Persians burned incense to the seven Planets on Pyrea, 459-m.
Persians changed Hindu doctrines to a struggle between the Good and the Evil, 550-m.
Persians held that the utterance of Hom created the Word, 205-u.
Persians lamented the death of Zohak, conquered by the Pheridoun, 594-l.
Persians regard the Sun as the Soul of the Universe and adore Fire, 424-u.
Persians resembled the Hindus in language and poetic legends, 610-u.
Persians under Xerxes destroyed Grecian Temples and erected fire chapels, 610-m.
Persians worshipped the Sun as Mithras; also the Moon, etc, 459-m.
Persians worshipped the Heavenly Host, 459-m.
Person, none so debased but they have something of sacredness, 191-m.
Personal Divinity remains a mystery; personification but a symbol, 672-m.
Personal God seemingly leaned to by Aristotle, 679-l.
Personal God suited to human sympathies and free from mystifications, 672-m.
Personification assumed to supply deficiencies of language, 672-l.
Personification of Absolute Reason determines the Divine Ideal, 738-u.
Personification of the attributes of God, 270-m.
Personification of Deity infinitely inadequate, 672-m.
Personification of Evil through error continued by the worship of abstractions, 694-u.
Personification of God's attributes that man might commune with Him, 652-l.
Personification of Man long recognized as Deity, 697-l.
Personification of Stars into gods brought worship of them, 508-m.
Personification of the attributes of God by the Hindus, 605-u.
Personification of the great Cause, 674-m.
Personification of the operations of nature worshipped, 601-m.
Peruvians: old-world legends of the Sun found among the, 594-l.
Peter, the Hermit, held no office, but accomplished much, 43-m.
Peter, the Hermit, referred to, 31-u.
Phallic symbols, consisting of stone pillars, at Mysteries of Isis, 405-m.
Phallus and Cteis conveyed no idea of indecency, 401-l.
Phallus and Cteis symbolized the Active and Passive Principles of the Universe, 401-l.
Phallus and Cteis worn by innocent and virtuous women, 402-m.
Phallus appears on monuments a symbol of life-giving power, 427-m.
Phallus consecrated in the Mysteries of Osiris and Isis in Egypt, 656-m.
Phallus of the Kabalah represented by Yod, type of human Tetragram, 771-m.
Phallus, probable origin of the symbol of the, 402-l.
Phallus, the symbol of the creative and generative Power, 402-u.
Pharaoh's dream, interpreted by Joseph, referred to the number seven, 729-u.
Pharisaic Jews, doctrines of Zoroaster borrowed by the, 258-l.
Pharisee, Hillel, gives summary of the law of Moses, 170-m.
Pharisees' belief, system, costumes, were all foreign, 259-l.
Pharisees' doctrine similar to that of the Persians, 259-m.
Pharisees lost the doctrine of the Kabalah at the advent of Christ, 727-l.
Pharisees styled themselves Interpreters of the Holy Writings, 259-m.
Pharisees the dominant Jewish system after the captivity, 259-u.
Phenomena connected with the will little understood, 733-m.
Phenomena of nature are unexplained mysteries to us, 526-530.
Phenomena of nature, beauty and sublimity of the, 244-l.
Phenomena of nature but symbols of greater things, 244-l.
Phenomena perpetually folded back on themselves, 42-u.
Phenomena of the physical and astronomical nature explained in Masonry, 625-m.
Philanthropic, Masonry is, 221-u.
Philip le Bel and Pope Clement the Fifth destroyers of Templarism, 820-m.
Philo, a Jew, one of the chiefs of the School of Alexandria, 250-m.
Philo, Apostle Saint John read the language of, 100-u.
Philo, declarations of, concerning the Hebrew writings, 250-l.
Philo, doctrines of, 252-l.
Philo Judaeus on the symbolism of the seven lamps, 10-m.
Philo of Alexandria borrows his doctrine from Plato, 552-l.
Philo the contemporary of Christ; doctrines similar to Epistles, 252-m.
Philo, the Greek Jew, admonition to Initiates, 311.
Philo, the Greek Jew, initiated in the Mysteries; sayings of, 311.
Philo's conception of the Supreme Being, 251-u.
Philosophal gold, in philosophy, is Truth, 773-u.
Philosophal gold, in religion, is the Absolute and Supreme Reason, 773-u.
Philosophal gold, in visible nature, is the Sun; in the subterranean world, pure gold, 773-u.
Philosophal Stone found indicates the discovery of the Absolute, 776-l.
Philosophal Stone must be concealed; the key carried on the person, 777-u.
Philosophal stone symbolized by a cube, 732-u.
Philosopher, work of, 7-m.
Philosophers chose allegory as vehicles for theological ideas, 678-u.
Philosophers, maxims of ancient, 167-170.
Philosophers of Egypt and Phoenicia the authors of old cosmogonies, 667-m.
Philosophers of Greece, except the Epicureans favored Platonism, 247-l.
Philosophers, true knowledge of Deity possessed by the ancient, 207-l.
Philosophic sentiment under the name of Love, 691-l.
Philosophical Degrees urge the dominion of our spiritual nature, 856-u.
Philosophical false gods or "idols" are theories and notions. indiscriminately formed, 693-u.
Philosophical ideas in Alchemy reduced to the Absolute; the Fixed; the Volatile, 791-l.
Philosophical, Masonry is, 221-u.
Philosophical realization of Hermeticism is the establishment of the Holy Doctrine, 840-l.
Philosophical truth considered most dangerous of heresies by Rome, 820-m.
Philosophies, the Mason should avoid vain, 388-u.
Philosophy, a journey never arriving at the ideal of truth, 691-l.
Philosophy acknowledged its utter incapacity through Xenophanes, Heraclitus, Socrates, 693-l.
Philosophy becomes Religion when - , 20-l.
Philosophy bowed down before a reflection of the Divine in inquirer's mind, 693-l.
Philosophy coincides with true religion, 710-m.
Philosophy compared to Initiation by Seneca, 384-l.
Philosophy connected with humanity by religion, 708-m.
Philosophy contains the basis of all religious beliefs, 708-m.
Philosophy, Death is the consummation of all, 393-u.
Philosophy, definition of, 25-u.
Philosophy directed by metaphysics ends in visionary extravagance, 693-m.
Philosophy, end of, 23-l.
Philosophy from Aristotle to Hegel ends with a difficulty, 708-l.
Philosophy given a definite aim and method by Bacon, 710-l.
Philosophy in its purest forms expounded in the doctrines of Masonry, 625-m.
Philosophy of Lucanus regarding the Grand Whole, 653-l-654.
Philosophy of Plato changed the nature of Deity, 692-u.
Philosophy of St. John, Philo and Plato from the same source, 99-l.
Philosophy of the Hermetics that of the schools of Alexandria and the theories of Pythagoras, 774-l.
Philosophy of the Hindus materialistic only in appearance, 673-m.
Philosophy of the Indians gave birth to the Egyptian Mysteries, 372-l.
Philosophy of the Kabala simple, profound, infinite as the Word, 745-m.
Philosophy of the occult crushed by the anathemas of Christianity, 730-l.
Philosophy of the occult godmother of religions; the key of obscurities, 729-l.
Philosophy of the Rite, Light and Truth sit enthroned on the heights of the, 136-l.
Philosophy of the Rite, when prepared to receive its instructions, 136-l.
Philosophy reasserted the Unity which poetry had lost, 675-u.
Philosophy: religion became arrogant and fantastical when separated from, 650-m.
Philosophy restored the Divine Activity as an external Intelligence, 675-m.
Philosophy, Templars connected with the Oriental, 235-m.
Philosophy that is certain and religion of the infallible united in Magic, 842-m.
Philosophy, the analogy of contraries solves problems of modern, 306-u.
Philosophy, the grip of a Fellowcraft, fails to raise the candidate, 640-l.
Philosophy's object is the divine order of the Universe, 710-m.
Philosophy's task was to fill the chasm separating Deity from man, 652-l.
Phoenecian Cosmogony of interest to Masons, 278-m.
Phoenician creed, principles and doctrines, 268-m.
Phoenician Deity called Heptakis, God of seven rays, 58-l.
Phoenician faith, emanation from the worship of the Stars, 268-m.
Phoenician Mysteries in honor of death and resurrection of Adonis, 406-m.
Phoenician Mysteries passed into Greece, 406-m.
Phoenician name for the Sun God was Adonai or Adon, 587-u.
Phoenician Nature-God, the principle of Light, called Al, 727-u.
Phoenician Trinity was Ulomos, Chusoros and the Egg of the Universe, 549-u.
Phoenicians considered Light divine, and thought it a God, 582-u.
Phoenicians held that Light, Fire, Flame, were the sons of Kronos, 740-l.
Phoenicians probably carried Sun legends to the New World, 594-l.
Phoenicians regarded Sun, Moon and Stars as the cause of generation, 469-l.
Phoenix and Pelican symbols of the Great Work, 774-m.
Phoenix, Dove, Raven, are symbols of Good, Evil and Beauty, 792-m.
Phosphor, or Light Bearer, represents the Evil Force or Devil, 102-l.
Phrygia suffered famine while Sun God was with the Hyperboreans, 592-u.
Physical realization of Hermeticism is the discovery of the creative law, 841-u.
Pices, a malignant sign; Syrians abstained from eating fish, 456-m.
Pillars of a Lodge for a Christian symbolize Faith, Hope, Charity, 641-l.
Pillars of temples, mystical; representative of - , 235-l.
Pillars, Triple Tau represents the three Masonic, 503-l.
Pindar and others declare sufferings proceed from a beneficent object, 691-u.
Pisces the device of Simeon and Levy, 462-u.
Pison, a stream of the Edenic river, 58-u.
Plague from remote India sweeps over Asia and Europe unchecked, 811-812.
Plan of the Universe emanated from Deity, was of Himself, though not His Very Self, 764-m.
Planetary motive force a mechanical law, so considered now, 671-m.
Planetary spheres represented by the seven steps of the Mystic Ladder, 851-l.
Planets distinguished by a cross and solar or lunar symbols, 505-l.
Planets, numbers and motions of the, 233-m.
Planets, seven, 10-m.
Plato, commentator of Timaeus, wrote of the Soul of the World, 667-u.
Plato's Deity the essence of Goodness, "The Good" itself, 682-l.
Plato declares absolute truth is in God; it is God under one of His phases, 707-l.
Plato developed beautifully the higher Greek religious ideas, 617-m.
Plato discourses on the disfigurement of the Soul, 858-m.
Plato drew his doctrines from the East and the Mysteries, 398-m.
Plato expresses his idea of the love of God, 704-l.
Plato, greatest of human Revealers, 100-u.
Plato, in part, conceived the progressive mediation between ignorance and wisdom, 711-u.
Plato in the Alexandrian School helps bring Christianity and Magic together, 731-l.
Plato installed the creations of his own mind among the gods, 678-u.
Plato, Masonry revives the Academy of, 221-m.
Plato on the nature of the First Principle, 99-u.
Plato recognizes Love as the highest and most beneficent of the Gods, 682-l.
Plato taught the distinction between the initiated and profane, 249-l.
Plato terms unity and duality the first principles of all existence, 630-l.
Platonic doctrine of Hule recognized by Alexandrian Gnostics, 555-l.
Platonic doctrines favored by philosophers of Greece, 247-l.
Platonic triads, Thought, Matter, Kosmos, 549-l.
Platonism, doctrines of, 249-l.
Platonism, in Gnosticism were found the doctrines of, 249-l.
Platonism, in Symbolic degrees are found the doctrines of, 250-u.
Platonists borrowed the idea from Egypt or Persia that - , 255-m.
Platonists, the Absolute substituted for the Supreme Essence by the new, 284-u.
Plato's doctrine concerning the return of the Soul to Heaven, 440-u.
Plato's observation on the origin of the conception of a general Cause, 674-m.
Plato's philosophy a mediation of Love, 692-u.
Plato's science consummated in the contemplation of the Divine, 692-l.
Plato's theory concerning Deity, Soul, Force, Good, 681-m.
Pleiades signifies to sail; names of stars, 453-m.
Pleiades were for eight centuries the leading stars of the Sabean year, 451-l.
Plenitude of Yod, the name of the letter spelled is Yod, Vau, Daleth, 792-l.
Pleroma, Plenitude, Fullness, a favorite term of the Gnostics, 559-l.
Pleroma, the storehouse of the endless circle of phenomenal change, 675-l.
Pliny advises his friend Maximus, to revere the ancient glory and old age, 804-l.
Pliny's character of Domitian, 47-l.
Plutarch admits the Two Principles as the basis of the Mysteries, 404-m.
Plutarch claims the Mysteries were established to - , 378-u.
Plutarch says "the better and diviner nature consists of three", 549-m.
Plutarch speaks mysteriously of Holy Doctrines in "Iside et Osiride", 841-u.
Pneumatica Kabalistica, the Beth Alohim or Domus Dei, a Kabalistic book, 772-l.
Pneumatica Kabalistica states that in the world Yezirah Yod denotes Kether, 798-m.
Poetical personifications of Deity neither wholly moral or purely beneficent, 690-u.
Poetry continued a veneration for Sun, Stars, Fire, or Ether, 678-u.
Poetry obscured by symbolism the idea of Divine unity, 674-l.
Poetry personified Deity as man, 693-m.
Poetry's task was to fill the chasm separating man from Deity, 652-l.
Point in a circle parallel lines, two columns, represent the Solstices, 506-m.
Point in the center of a circle a symbol of a point in the center of the Great Light, 748-u.
Point in the center of a circle represents the Light of the Vestige of the Garment, Yod, 750-m.
Point in the center of the Great Light is called Auir, Ether, Space, 750-m.
Point within a circle expresses the union of the two great Causes, 401-l.
Point within a circle a symbol of the Sun, 486-l.
Point within a Circle; symbolism of the, 14-l.
Point within a circle, two parallel lines and single Tau Cross gives the Triple Tau, 503-m.
Point within a circle symbolizes the union of the Active and Passive Principles, 401-l.
Point within the circle represented by Unity, 629-l.
Point within the circle, symbolism of the, 401-l.
Points of the Scottish Master's Degree relating to the transmutation of metals, 780-782.
Poisons are sovereign remedies given in due proportions, 846-l.
Pole star in Egyptian times was Alpha Draconis, not Cynosura, 485-m.
Political degeneration, 66-75.
Political point of view, but a single principle of Liberty, 43-l.
Political science, 51-56.
Political theories, state brutalized by false and slavish, 50-l.
Pompadour reigns in the name of Louis the Fifteenth, 49-m.
Pontiff of the Johannites initiated de Payens into Gnostic Mysteries, 817-l.
Poor man, school of life teaches lessons to the, 182-l.
Poor men, almost all the noblest things have been achieved by, 347-m.
Pooroosha, the universal organism; Fire, Air, Sun, the chief members, 673-u.
Pope Clement the Fifth and Philip le Bel the accusers of the Templars, 820-m.
Populace has two Stepmothers, Ignorance and Misery, 2-l.
Popular heart detests the greedy, the selfish, the cruel, even if successful, 838-m.
Porta Coelorum, a book which gives information concerning the Sephiroth, 759-m.
Porta Coelorum defines Yod as the first among numbers and before all bodies, 792-l.
Porphyry says the ancients represented God by images, 283-l.
Porphyry says the soul must flee from sensuality to live with God, 521-m.
Porphyry states Egyptians recognize as Gods the Stars of the Zodiac, 458-m.
Possibility of the actual not to be neglected for the impossible ideal, 835-u.
Potentiality of the Universe had to exist before it was evolved, 704-m.
Power begotten by Genius, 30-m.
Power delegated for the good of the people, 155-l.
Power, never satisfied is the thirst for; examples of, 74-m.
Power of God has no bounds, 581-m.
Power, the wise use of the will which makes fatality its servant, 736-m.
Powers of Nature, in the Mysteries were personified the Active and Passive, 435-l.
Powers proceeding from Deity are perfectly submissive to His will, 768-u.
Practicability of a moral rule necessary to its being beneficial, 831-m.
Prayer an essential part of our ceremonies, 6-m.
Prayer as a means of changing the laws of the Universe, 684-l.
Prayer is a Force; is sublime, 6-l.
Prayer promotes the magnetic sympathy of spirit with spirit, 685-u.
Prayer seeks some outward beneficial result, 685-u.
Prayer takes the form of incantation as we ascend in antiquity, 684-l.
Prayer, the aspiration of the Soul toward the Infinite Intelligence, 6-m.
Prayers are vain things, according to a learned archbishop, 695-u.
Precession of the Equinoxes, a little over fifty seconds, 449-l.
Precession of the Equinoxes is 30, or a Sign, in 2,155.6 years, 499-l.
Preparation to receive the lessons of the Mysteries, 431-m.
Present my only care if I am to perish utterly, 714-l.
Present, our scene of action, a part of immortality, 139-m.
Press is a sower of falsehood, 579-u.
Preston, explanations and improvements of, 105-m.
Pride not the heritage of man, 39-u.
Priesthood and Royalty, naturally identical are the interests of, 98-l.
Priesthood, the King of Egypt often exercised the functions of the, 380-u.
Priests change the altar to a throne where they seek to reign, 360-u.
Priests honest and sincere before the time of Christianity, 102-m.
Priests in the festival of Isis were clothed in white linen and bore - , 388-u.
Priests invented display of rites and exhibitions, 22-m.
Priests not willing to invest common people with philosophical Truth, 23-u.
Priests, powers of government and all knowledge in hands of Hebrew, 625-u.
Prima Materia of the Great Work defined, 773-l.
"Prima Materia," the magical agent of the Hermetic philosophers, 773-l.
Primal Ether extends everywhere, but is not perceptible to the senses, 750-l.
Primal Ether of the Chaldean Oracles was Fire, 742-m.
Primeval times recognized in modern Degrees, 625-m.
Primitive happy condition remembered and preserved by the poets and legends, 599-l.
Primitive Man, Adam Kadmon, perfected by the Supreme God, 562-l.
Primitive man received the pure religion from God, 598-m Primitive man recognized the Deity under a variety of appearances, 513-l.
Primitive man recognized the invisible God without losing faith, 514-u.
Primitive people feared the non-return of the Sun when - , 447-m.
Primitive people lamented when Sun seemed to be dragged down, 447-m.
Primitive people personified the Moon as Isis, 447-l.
Primitive people personified the Sun as Osiris, 447-l.
Primitive people personified Winter as Typhon, 447-l.
Primitive people rejoiced when the Sun reascended - , 447-m.
Primitive philosophy of the Indians the basis of that of Pythagoras, 372-l.
Primitive religion a veneration, pure and simple, of nature, 610-l.
Primitive religion as taught by Christ and the Patriarchs, 540-l.
Primitive religion not a deification of nature or denial of the sovereignty of God, 610-l.
Primitive Religion the glorious images of Divinity, 508-m.
Primitive revelation of God gives place to nature worship among - , 600-m.
Primitive revelation seen through the idolatry of nature worship, 601-m.
Primitive simplicity of revelation overlaid with poetic ornament, 600-m.
Primitive Truth faded from men's Souls as time went on, 583-u.
Primitive Truth falsified and confused during the ages, 599-u.
Primitive Truths passed from the Egyptians to the Jews, preserved by the Essenes, 369-l.
Primitive Truth taught Pythagoras by Zoroaster, 617-l.
Prince of Jerusalem, 16th Degree; characteristics of, 241-u.
Prince of Libanus, Knight of the Royal Axe, 22d Degree, 340-u.
Prince of Mercy or Scottish Trinitarian, the 26th Degree, 524.
Prince of the Tabernacle, 24th Degree, 371-u.
Principle called Father is comprehended in Yod, according to the Idra Suta, 792-l.
Principle is One; the Word is Two, 772-u.
Principle, man is possessed of an irrational principle origin, 252-u.
Principle of Active and Passive very important in ancient philosophy, 653-664.
Principle of all things is called the House of all things, 793-u.
Principle of Existence made Himself Creator, 772-u.
Principle of Light manifested himself in Man to deliver the Soul, 567-m.
Principles, adherence to political, 85-l.
Principles and attributes personified, 270.
Principles and laws fixed for man as a spiritual being, 197-m.
Principles, Being is Being; Being is Real; Being is Logic were the three, 322-u.
Principles, but One are the Three Absolute, 322-u.
Principles, Father, Son or Word, Holy Spirit, are the three, 322-u.
Principles in Alchemy represented by Air, Earth, Fire, Water, 791-l.
Principles, Mercury, Salt, Sulphur, given a philosophical meaning, 783-l.
Principles of Divinity and of Primitive Matter and Darkness each eternal, 567-l.
Principles of generation, Active and Passive, basis of the Mysteries, 404-m.
Principles of Good and Evil each triumphed for three thousand years, 663-m.
Principles of Light and Darkness proceed from the Active and Passive, 659-l.
Principles of Male and Female in highest and most profound sense, 700-m.
Principles of Manes adopted by the Gnostics in some numbers, 818-u.
Principles of the justness of God and the law of merit and demerit necessary to faith, 706-u.
Principles of the Universe; organs of generation symbols of the Active and Passive, 401-l.
Principles of the Universe, the Active and Passive symbolized by - , 401-l.
Principles, the generative parts of man and woman symbolized the, 401-l.
Principles, three result from the four qualities of the four Elements, 783-l.
Printing, power and art of, 54-m.
Priscillianists believed in two principles, Divinity and Matter and Darkness, 567-l.
Prismatic separation of seven colors correspond to the Sephiroth, 727-m.
Problem of the Hermetics to transmute metals and possess the elixir of life, 772-l.
Problems, most important, are social, 180-u.
Problems of populous and wealthy country, 178-179.
Problems solved by the ancient poetic and philosophic mind, 653-m.
Proclus held that each Star contained an immortal Soul and Intelligence, 671-m.
Proclus states Deity changed himself into the form of Love in the work of creation, 683-m.
Production, capacity of, 305-m.
Productive capacity of the Letter He left behind when Yod reascended, 751-l.
Profane applied to strangers to the early Christians, 544-m.
Progress of man must be accompanied by doubt, 712-l.
Progress the normal condition of man, 691-l.
Projection accomplished by the understanding of a single word, 777-m.
Prometheus chained in his cavern betokened the continuance of Winter, 592-m.
Pronunciation and meaning of Ineffable Name lost to all but a few, 700-l.
Pronunciation of the name of Deity involves the secret of its meaning, 697-m.
Prophet of the Jews announced to the Magi by the Star of Initiation, 840-u.
Proposition, Forty-seventh, 85-l.
Proserpina represents the seed decaying and destroyed, 395-u.
Proserpine and Adonis in wanderings represent - , 404-m.
Proserpine overcome by Pluto in the form of a Serpent, 492-m.
Providence of God enfolds the whole Universe, 715-l.
Providence of God rules directly in all the affairs and changes of material things, 809-l.
Providence: several Mysteries taught the administration of the Universe by Intermediaries of, 416-l.
Provost and Judge, 7th Degree; lessons inculcated, 126-u.
Pruczi, or Prussians, typified the Trinity by the tri-une God, 551-l.
Prudence symbolized by the Blazing Star, 506-u.
Prudence, the opposite of indolence, represented by Mercury, 727-l.
Prussian Knight or Noachite, the 21st Degree, lessons of the, 334-u.
Psalms of David indicate a loftier knowledge of Deity than the common, 617-u.
Psyche represented the Soul; her suitor was Dionusos, who awakened her, 586-l.
Psyche, representing the Soul, had an earthly and an immortal lover, 519-l.
Public not a vague abstraction, 198-u.
Public Opinion a Force; in free governments omnipotent, 90-l.
Public service only justly entered through door of merit, 47-u.
Punishment and reward are the satisfaction of demerit and merit, 724-u.
Punishment for sins a part of the Masonic Doctrine, 577-u.
Punishment of Vice in this life, 101-u.
Punishment of wrongdoers without anger or revenge, 75-m.
Punishment the occurrence of an effect, 127-m.
Purity of heart security for purity of life, 227-m.
Purity of no religion continues long after it casts off simplicity, 360-u.
Purity of the Initiate indicated by fasting, continence, initiation, 520-l.
Purification by air, water and earth; symbols of, 412-m.
Purification preparatory to initiation, 431-l.
Pyramid, no Hebrew word to designate a, 234-u.
Pyramid of Borsippa, near Babylon; seven stages of the, 11-u.
Pyramid, the universal symbol of immortality, 633-u.
Pyramids and Obelisks consecrated to the Sun and Fire, 460-u.
Pyramids built to the four cardinal points, 366-l.
Pyramids, firm and unshaken, figured to Masonic judges by a triangle, 826-l.
Pyramids of Bal had seven stages of different colors, 234-m.
Pyramids represented metaphysics founded on a knowledge of nature, 321-l.
Pythagoras a pupil of Zoroaster, 424-l.
Pythagoras attached importance to the Science of Numbers, 34-l.
Pythagoras became an Egyptian initiate, 365-m.
Pythagoras borrowed the Tetractys, 88-m.
Pythagoras chose philosopher as a title rather than sage, 626-m.
Pythagoras, conception of God by, 285-u.
Pythagoras declares "God is One," the Soul of all Beings, the Father, 667-u.
Pythagoras, definitions of, 97-u.
Pythagoras did not ascribe to numbers any special virtue, 626-l.
Pythagoras dwelt twelve years at Babylon studying with the Magi, 662-u.
Pythagoras enveloped doctrine with symbols, 97-m.
Pythagoras established the Grecian Mysteries with three degrees, 366-u.
Pythagoras explained the transmigration of Souls, 622-l.
Pythagoras expounded the higher Greek religious ideas, 617-m.
Pythagoras, Fellowcraft Degree a reproduction of the teachings of, 366-l.
Pythagoras, 47th proposition older than, 86-l.
Pythagoras: Heirocles and Timaeus of Loeri disciples of, 623-u.
Pythagoras' idea regarding numbers, 88-m.
Pythagoras journeyed to learn the secrets of ancient Initiations, 96-l.
Pythagoras learned from a Magus at Babylon the two principles, 662-u.
Pythagoras learned from the Egyptians the idea of the Universal Soul, 666-m.
Pythagoras learned from Zoroaster, who was taught in India, 617-m.
Pythagoras learned in Egypt that the earth revolved around the Sun, 843-u.
Pythagoras learned much from the Egyptian priests, 362-l.
Pythagoras made the Universe an intelligent Being, 667-l.
Pythagoras, Masonry reiterates the maxims of, 221-m.
Pythagoras, mysterious Pentalpha of, 58-l.
Pythagoras, mystic numbers of, 233-m.
Pythagoras nor Thales made generally known the revolution of earth, 843-u.
Pythagoras obtained true knowledge of Deity in the Mysteries, 208-m.
Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, mentioned with Christ, 562-l.
Pythagoras, Plato developed the philosophy of, 366-l.
Pythagoras recognized two principles of all things, in equal proportion, 662-u.
Pythagoras represented the world by the right angled triangle, 631-m.
Pythagoras taught the esoteric doctrine, 249-m.
Pythagoras taught the transmigration of souls as an allegory, 398-m.
Pythagoras, teachings of, 366-m.
Pythagoras tried by Egyptian Priests before communicating secrets, 385-l.
Pythagore de Crotone corrupted into Peter Gower of Groton in England, 816-m.
Pythagorean doctrine of numbers preserved by - , 235-m.
Pythagorean ideas as to particular numbers, 626-630.
Pythagorean ideas on Unity, 626-m.
Pythagorean opinions in the creeds of the Essenes and Therapeuts, 259-l.
Pythagorean "Sons of Apollo" took up the service of Dionusos when dispersed, 586-u.
Pythagorean symbol of Tetractys revered by the Essenes, 264-l.
Pythagorean triad was Idea, Matter and the Demiourgos, 549-l.
Python the Serpent Deity esteemed oracular, 496-m.


Quadrature of the circle indicates the knowledge of the four vulgar elements, 629-m.
Quadrature of the circle produced by movements of four equal angles, 771-l.
Qualities we call God, not the name of the sum total is the essential, 644-u.
Quarternary formed by the Ternary acting with Unity, 771-m.
Quarternary, the Key of all numbers, movements, forms, 771-m.
Quaternary a symbol of the Eternal and Creative Principle, 632-l.
Quaternary the first solid figure, the pyramid, a symbol of immortality, 633-u.
Quaternary the most perfect number and the root of all things, 632-l.
Questions concerning God, the Universe, Man, his destiny, 648-649.
Questions which are presumed to be solved by the "Fall" of man, 685-l.
Questions which have produced all the religions, philosophy, 649-l.
Quintessence, a combination of light and gold, in Alchemical work, 773-m.
Quintessence symbolized to the Alchemists by the Blazing Star, 842-u.
Quintessence: the number five designated the universal, 634-u.
Quintessence, the universal medicine of the Hermetic for the body, 773-m.


Rab Banaim, Chief of the Architects in 12th Degree, 202-l.
Rahab means a sea monster; smitten by God, 510-l.
Rainbow, three principal, seven by mixture, are the colors of the, 57-l.
Raising of Khurum a symbol of the spiritual regeneration of man, 519-l.
Raising of Khurum symbolical of the attraction of the constellation Leo, 488-m.
Ram, device of Gad, characterized by Jacob as a warrior, 461-l.
Rama, one of the impersonations of Vishnu, the Epic Hero, 603-m.
Ramayan defines what the word Aum represents, 620-l.
Ramsay's fourth Degree, Scottish Elder Master Knight of St. Andrew, 779-l.
Raphael, the face of a Man on the West and backward, with He and Earth, 798-m.
Raven, Dove, Phoenix, are symbols of Good, Evil and Beauty, 792-m.
Re, the son of Phtha, and his wife, Tiphe, the celestial firmament, 254-m.
Re, the Sun, whose symbol was the point within the circle, 254-m.
Reabsorbtion of the Soul into the Infinite, 686-u.
Real and unreal relative terms, 673-m.
Reality, what is; reality of dreams while they last, 572-l.
Reason and experience the bases of Science, 776-u.
Reason and sentiment the bases of Faith, 776-u.
Reason and the Moral Sense keep appetites and passions for our benefit, 860-l.
Reason at fault when it deals with the infinite, 28-m.
Reason, Infinite, the Soul of Nature, immortal, 280-u.
Reason is because it is; reason is by means of itself, 737-l.
Reason is necessity, Law, the direction of every initiative, 737-l.
Reason is powerless before Authority, 315-m.
Reason is the Absolute; it is not an hypothesis; it is essential to existence, 737-u.
Reason is where nothing exists; nothing could exist without it, 737-l.
Reason leads us away from Truth under certain conditions - , 301-l.
"Reason leaps into the throne of God and waves her torch over the ruins of the Universe", 810-u.
Reason, light of; symbolized by - , 210-u.
Reason must have company of loving kindness in morals or political science, 29-l.
Reason: Necessity, Liberty, are synonyms of the Absolute; the Fixed; the Volatile, 791-l.
Reason of man compared with the Instinct of animals, 304-u.
Reason of man possesses something of the Absolute by participation in the Divine reason, 708-u.
Reason proves the existence and attributes of God, 226-l.
Reason reconciled with Faith in the Kabala, 744-l.
Reason sinking exhausted gives place to Faith, 841-m.
Reason: Socrates believed in a Universal, 693-u.
Reason Supreme and Absolute Justice, the Hermetic universal medicine for the soul, 773-m.
Reason, Supreme and unalterable, is the Philosophal Stone of the Hermetics, 775-l.
Reason, the designation of the Supreme Being, by Lao-Tseu, 278-l.
Reason: the Divine Reason is beyond the human, 841-m.
Reason: the great Absurdity to our feebleness is the Divine, 841-m.
Reason, unalterable, the touchstone of Truth, 776-u.
Reason's great aim is to generalize, to discover unity in multiplicity, 673-m.
Reasoning principle comes from God through the Word, 252-u.
Rebuilding of the Temple of the Eternal advocated by Cagliostro to Masons, 823-m.
Reconciliation of faith and reason, science and creed by Magic, 842-m.
Reconciliation of Good and Evil through the plan of Equilibrium, 767-u.
Reconciliation of Light and Darkness; Free Will and Necessity and the harmonious result of all, 767-m.
Redeemer placed in the region of the Sun and Moon to attract the Light or Soul, 566-l.
Redeemer, theory of and necessity for a, 274-m.
Redeemer to end the reign of evil is The Word, 274-m.
Redeemer to overcome the Principle of Evil; names of the, 277-m.
Redemption of mankind through the death of a Mediator believed by the Druids, 618-u.
Redemption will be accomplished, and end of the world occur when - , 564-u.
Reflections inhabited seven different regions and were named - , 563-m.
Reflections: the Angels proceeding from Ialdaboth were called, 563-m.
Reformation, a monk wrote anti-papal doctrines previous to the, 95-l.
Reformation and repentance necessary to obtain forgiveness, 435-m.
Reformers who are impatient generally fail to reclaim the erring, 133-l.
Regeneration, air, fire, water, the symbols of, 357-l.
Regnum has more nearly perfect knowledge when she turns face to face, 799.
Regnum is given the name of the Word of the Lord and superinvests Heaven, 795-m.
Regnum, or Malakoth, the wife of Seir Aupin, Microprosopos, 799-l.
Regnum, the cornerstone, crushed into a formless mass, 796-l.
Regnum, the last Numeration, was empty and inane; needed Love, 798-u.
Regnum, the seventh King, produced by Binah, is called a stone, 796-l.
Reign of Evil ends when Fallen Angels are restored to God, 686-u.
Religion and duty, which are accepted by Masons, 226-m.
Religion and science, when progressive, are identical in aims, 710-m.
Religion, as a physiological fact, is the revelation of a necessity of souls, 822-u.
Religion, connected with philosophy was the ancient Oriental, 22-u.
Religion connects philosophy with humanity, 708-m.
Religion, every Masonic lodge a temple of, 213-l.
Religion for the mass of mankind must contain some errors, 224-u.
Religion gives man a Father, a Witness, a Consoler, a Judge, 708-m.
Religion, humanity has but one, 102-u.
Religion in Egypt and the East more or less a mystery, 354-u.
Religion is a recognition of duty in harmony with goodness, 717-m.
Religion labored to establish the universal triumph of the Cross, 821-l.
Religion, Masonry is the universal, eternal, 219-m.
Religion may be founded on an intellectual basis, 710-l.
Religion: men figuratively saw God face to face in the Primitive, 508-m.
Religion natural to man; he turns to God instinctively, 647-l.
Religion not in inaction, but in activity and exertion, 342-m.
Religion of Christianity imposed silence on lying oracles, 841-l.
Religion of Christianity put an end to the prestiges of the false Gods, 841-l.
Religion of each age suited to its capacity, 105-u.
Religion of Love a Religion of Hate for seventeen centuries, 294-m.
Religion of Moses borrowed from all creeds with which it came in contact, 247-m.
Religion of the ancient Orientals was more or less a Mystery, 22-u.
Religion of the Ancient Patriarchs taught by God, 582-u.
Religion of the Hermetics that of the Magi and ancient Initiates, 774-l.
Religion of the infallible and the certainty of Philosophy united in Magic, 842-m.
Religion of the Patriarchs as practiced by the early Christians, 540-l.
Religion of toil, Masonry, society, 212-213.
Religion originally an attempt to interpret the unknown by mind, 650-m.
Religion revealed by God to the primitive man, 598-m.
Religion revealed to the patriarchs taught by Masonry, 214-u.
Religion separated from philosophy became arrogant and fantastical, 650-m.
Religion, sole purpose an Ethic, 35-u.
Religion, the crown of Morality, 726-u.
Religion, the truest, would not be comprehended by the ignorant, 224-m.
Religions, a basis of Truth and Morality in all, 311-l.
Religions, ancient, which once ruled the minds of men, 247-u.
Religions and Faiths antagonized by Science, 809-l.
Religions and sciences based on the idea of equilibrium, 769-l.
Religions based on the doctrine of the two Principles, 661-l.
Religion's existence is a scientific fact, 822-u.
Religion's history that of the human mind, 651-m.
Religions, maxims of ancient, 167-170.
Religions, Mysteries arose from the insufficiency of the ancient, 354-u.
Religions of antiquity all based on the worship of the Sun, 593-l.
Religions of the North partook of the manly character of the people, 591-u.
Religions owe their life to the proposition of the direct Providence of God, 809-l.
Religion's task is to fill the chasm separating man from Deity, 652-l.
Religious belief a matter of birth, place and education, 165-m.
Religious belief not acceptable to all men on same evidence, 165-l.
Religious belief, sure foundation for, 226-l.
Religious belief, the deductions of intellect and convictions of the heart furnish a foundation for, 226-l.
Religious conceptions concerning the Trinity by the Ancients, 576-m.
Religious convictions as a result of the study of - , 226-l.
Religious doctrine of India and Persia at first a veneration of Nature, 610-l.
Religious dramas exhibited to the initiates as initiations, 383-m.
Religious expression is symbolism; objects of religion unseen, 512-l.
Religious Faiths of ancients could not have been believed if they knew as we do, 302-u.
Religious feeling evaporated with the stripping away of symbolism, 678-m.
Religious history that of the human mind, 651-m.
Religious ideas may be the same, but their expressions are various, 512-l.
Religious lessons taught to a thoughtful man by nature, 714-m.
Religious metaphysics discussed by Hebrews after Persian captivity, 617-u.
Religious Orders desired to make Kings and Pontiffs, 815-m.
Religious realization of Hermeticism is the foundation of the true Empire and - , 840-l.
Religious requisites are - , 164-u.
Religious systems approximating towards each other; when - , 247-m.
Religious teachings conveyed through "exhibition", 355-m.
Religious Truths inculcated by Masonry, 576-l.
Repining because we are not angels in a world of no changes is folly, 696-m.
Repose unbalanced by an analogous movement will not be happiness, 847-l.
Republic, danger of government by party, 83-u.
Republic, for services to be rendered in the future is one entitled to office in a, 81-u.
Republic governed by agitators, 82-l.
Republic, hollow, heartless and shallow politicians in a, 84-l.
Republic, only in consideration of public services is one entitled to office in a, 83-l.
Republic saved by principle, "The tools to the workmen", 47-m.
Republic, the world but one; each nation a family, 220-m.
Republic, those competent to serve refuse to enter into struggle, 85-u.
Republic will be immortal, when - , 21-l.
Republics, decay of, 86-m.
Republics of old perished by the conflicts of liberties and franchises, 815-m.
Republics, rule of Speech and Imposture, 45-l.
Republics, to the unworthy often go offices in, 46-m.
Requisites, religious, are - , 164-u.
Resignation more noble in proportion as it is less passive, 39-m.
Responsibility of Man for his acts a part of the Masonic Doctrine, 577-u.
Results, an aggregate of many exertions produces great, 175-u.
Results commanded by selection, 695-l.
Results, great, if Masonry and Masons are true to their missions, 175-l.
Results of the actions of certain women on their country, 312-l.
Results of universal law may be beneficial, though limitedly prejudicial, 695-l.
Results, the product of constant assiduity, 174-m.
Resurrected; after being held by the chains of the grave, Hercules was, 593-u.
Resurrection, death, passion of Bakchos at Thrace, 411-u.
Resurrection of a God who associates Souls with Him, 408-m.
Resurrection or revival of the Sun Gods continuous, 590-m.
Retirement, morbid selfishness, 39-m.
Retribution bars retaliation, even in words, 813-u.
Retribution, law of, 216-217. Reuben answers, to Aquarius, his ensign a man, 461-u.
Revelation of God by his attributes, 267-m.
Revelation: Infinite Being worshipped without superstition by primitive, 624-m.
Revelation of primitive times forms the basis of all religions and Masonry, 625-m.
Revelation of the Creative Agency in the ten emanations or Sephiroth, 267-m.
Revelation of the primitive religion made to the Hebrews in fragments, 616-l.
Revelation of the Primitive Word of Divine Truth to mankind, 598-m.
Revelations and Inspirations in traditions, 321-u.
Revelations, Doctrines of all creeds found in the book of, 272-l.
Revelations: men united astronomy and religion, forgetting the Original, 508-l.
Revelations paints the struggle between Good and Evil, 272-l.
Reverence for ourselves as immortal Souls, 861-u.
Reverence for the organs of generation came from the ancient idea, 771-l.
Reversion of letters of a word to form a new name was common, 699-m.
Revision of the thirty degrees by the Supreme Council, So. Jur, 328-m.
Revivification of dead matter from its ashes the great work, 786-l.
Revolutionibus Animarum, of Rabbi Jitz-chak Lorja, a Kabalistic book, 772-l.
Revolutions have long roots in the past, 90-u.
Reward and assistance of humble workers in life's progress, 158-m.
Reward comes rarely to those who prepare the way, 230-u.
Reward, for eminent services ingratitude is often the only, 316-m.
Reward for good work rarely obtained in lifetime, 316-m.
Reward of those who assail hoary abuses or vested wrongs, 157-m.
Reward, who entitled in the future to, 172-m.
Rewards and punishment, merit of righteousness follow from the presence of evil, 797-m.
Rig Veda Sanhita contains Hymns addressed to the Heavens and Earth, 850-l.
Right agrees with justice and stands, 830-u.
Right and left completes human Unity; primitive man of both sexes, 771-u.
Right angle triangle has its angles indicated by the columns, 861-m.
Right angle triangle in diagram and described, 789-m.
Right angle triangle represents man as a union of the spiritual and material, 861-m.
Right angled triangle of Pythagoras represented the world, 631-m.
Right angled triangle, the G. Master's square; the 47th problem, in the Stars, 487-m.
Right doing better than right thinking, 35-m.
Right has a continual and progressive march of triumph, 835-l.
Right to be done because it is right, 219-l.
Right to dictate what shall be believed belongs to no man or men, 29-m.
"Right to govern" vested in the ablest, wisest, best, 203-l.
Right, under Necessity, to slay; no right to torture, because not necessary, 832-u.
Righteous shall dwell in Gimli or Vingolf with God, according to the Edda, 619-m.
Rightfulness of many actions difficult to prove from our standpoint, 830-m.
Rights, inalienable, 24-u.
Rights of man must be respected by God, the essence of justice, 704-m.
Rigor impregnated by Love through Benignity produced the brain of Microprosopos, 796-u.
Rigor, perfect, denoted by the Mother, female. 795-l.
Ring given as a symbol of Divine protection and an emblem of Perfection. 431-u.
Rings and Globes encircled by serpents common on ancient monuments, 500-m.
Rishis: Patriarchs of the primitive world known as the seven great, 623-l.
Rites and ceremonies of Mysteries invented by the Priests, 354-m.
Robe; candidate in the Indian Mysteries invested in a white, 428-m.
Robes of white are symbols of candor, purity, truth, 539-u.
Robes presented to candidates alluded to the Heavens and starry signs, 506-l.
Robes, the initiates were clothed in linen, 387-l.
Robespierres in period of convulsion, 30-l.
Rod of Bakchos cast on the ground becomes a serpent, 422-u.
Rod of Bakchos divided the waters of rivers and he crossed dry, 422-u.
Roman de la Rose and Dante's Commedia are two opposite forms of the one work, 823-u.
Roman de la Rose borrowed from the High Kabalah, 733-u.
Roman de la Rose completed by Chopinel, begun by de Lorris, 823-u.
Roman de la Rose expresses the mysterious meaning of Dante's poem, 733-u.
Roman de la Rose is the Epic of Old France; a profound book, 823-u.
Roman de la Rose: the accomplishment of the Great Work the Key of the, 821-l.
Roman Games represented the course of the Sun, from East to West, seven of them, 464-m.
Roman, words of the great, 171-l.
Roman year began at the Vernal Equinox; also that of the Persians, 466-u.
Rome: early Christians fled from persecution to the Catacombs of, 542-u.
Rome more intolerant of heresy than of vice and crime, 820-m.
Root above is represented by the needle of the Balance, 798-m.
Rose anciently sacred to Aurora and the Sun, symbol of Dawn, 291-u.
Rose, as a symbol, explained in Kabalistic Commentaries on the Canticles, 821-l.
Rose conquered by Science; the Cross established by Religion, 821-l.
Rose Croix Adepts respected the dominant and revealed religion, 822-u.
Rose Croix Adepts united with Templars and founded a Mystic Sect, 821-m.
Rose Croix associations; the Absolute became the reason for the rites of the, 840-m.
Rose Croix Degree, meaning of the symbols of the, 308-u.
Rose Croix Degree not closed to any good man of any faith, 290-u.
Rose Croix Degree, opinion of Christ as propounded in the, 308-m.
Rose Croix Degree symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, 307-l.
Rose Croix Degree teaches belief in no particular creed, 308-m.
Rose Croix Degree teaches that notwithstanding Evil all is right, 307-l.
Rose Croix Degree, the 18th; application of the symbols of the, 276-m.
Rose Croix, lamentations and doubts expressed in the Degree of, 292-299.
Rose Croix, obligations, rules, philosophy of the ancient, 289-m.
Rose Croix, of no importance are differences of opinion regarding the Degree of, 290-u.
Rose Croix of the Hermetics and Kabalists, 785-790.
Rose Croix, only those instructed in Symbolic Degrees admitted to the Degree of, 290-u.
Rose Croix secrets in allegory in the Roman de la Rose and Divine Commedia, 823-u.
Rose Croix symbol first publicly expounded by Dante, 822-l.
Rose Croix, symbolism of the Degree of, 290-292.
Rose Croix, various interpretations, and ceremonies of the degree of, 289-l.
Rose Cross established by Science and Religion, 821-l.
Rose of Flamel, that of Jean de Meung, that of Dante, grew on the same stem, 823-u.
Rose of Jericho, propagation of the, 96-m.
Rose of light in the center of which a human form extends its arm in the form of a cross, 822-m.
Rose, the emblem of beauty, life, love, pleasure; the sign of the accomplishment of the Great Work, 821-l.
Rose, the living symbol of the revelation of the harmonies of being, 821-l.
Rose united to the Cross the problem proposed by High Initiation, 821-l.
Rouge-Croix vows demanded giving aid, support, succor, 802-l.
Rough Ashlar prepared by aid of the Square, Level, Plumb, Balance, 787-m.
Rousseau, through the ages will ring the words of, 43-u.
Royal Arch Degree, symbolism of veils, colors, banners of the, 409-l.
Royal Arch figures, Lion, Ox, Man, Eagle; origin of, 461-m.
Royal Arch Masonry, explanation of the figures on the banner of, 448-m.
Royal Arch of Solomon, 13th Degree, allegory or history of, 204-u.
"Royal Art," a name given by the Adapts to Magism, 842-u.
Royal Secret makes possible the Holy Empire of Masonic Brotherhood, 861-l.
Ruach, from the world Yezirah, the Vav of the Tetragrammaton, 757-u.
Ruach, the next higher spiritual part, or Spirit, 757-u.
Rule, Law and Order symbolized by the 24-inch, 5-u.
Ruler of the Universe found by attention to the world of self, 508-l.


Sabaoth, one of the seven Reflections of the Ophites, 563-m.
Sabbat, brother of the Serpent, represents the Evil Force or Devil, 102-l.
Sabean Researches by Landseer suggests an Osirian theory, 483-487. Sabeans recognized the Sun as the outshining, but not as the type of power, 740-l.
Sabeans taught that the heavens and spheres were part of the Universal soul, 669-m.
Sabeans, worshippers of Stars, held a great feast at the Vernal Equinox, 458-u.
Saduceeism arose from opposition to foreign teachings of the Pharisees, 259-l.
Sacrament of three Degrees, purification, initiation, perfection, 543-l.
Sacramental observances commemorate - , 393-l.
Sacraments of the Catholic church found in Mysteries of Mithra, 541-l.
Sacred Name, Hebrews forbidden to pronounce; substitute, 201-m.
Sacred name represented by the triple tau with circle and triangle, 503-m.
Sacred Name, true pronunciation of the, 204-m.
Sacred number three called the perfect number, 5-l.
Sacred Numbers always appear together in the Heavens, 487-u.
Sacred numbers among the Etruscans, Jews, Egyptians, Hindus, 632-m.
Sacred numbers contained in the nine Sephiroth, 323-m.
Sacred numbers included in the faces and lines of a cube, 5-l.
Sacred traditions flowed through the most ancient nations, 599-l.
Sacred Triad represented by the triple tau with circle and triangle, 503-m.
Sacrifice of self may be an act of justice, 833-l.
Sacrifice of self not implied by self restraint, 696-m.
Sacrifices accounted for by preponderance of God's sternness over mercy, 687-l.
Sacrifices made, skins of victims trampled on, 432-m.
Sage, work of the, 7-m.
Sages, barbarian and Greek, conveyed their meanings in visible symbols, 371-m.
Sages of Alexandria had an "unspeakable word" pronounced Ararita, 728-u.
Sagitarius chasing the Wolf, the emblem of Benjamin, the hunter, 461-l.
Saint Bartholomew, Eve of, 49-l.
Saint John, Apostle, read the language of Philo, 100-u.
Saint John said Christ was the Light that was the life of men, 743-l.
Saint John the father of the Gnostics, 817-m.
Saint Thomas declares in reference to the moral laws, 737-m.
Saints and martyrs developed out of previous mythical beings, 653-u.
Sakya of the Hindus called Gautama, Somonkodom, Chy-Kia or Fo, 551-m.
Salam, meaning of word; similarity to Salaa, a rock, 234-u.
Sallust defines and explains the objects of the Mysteries, 415-l.
Sallust, the philosopher, remarks on the relation of the soul to the Mysteries, 404-l.
Salsette, Initiations consummated in the three hundred apartments of, 361-u.
Salt and Sulphur serve in Hermetic work only to prepare the mercury, 775-m.
Salt and water used for purification, 431-l.
Salt expressed by the letter M, the initial letter of the Hebrew word, Malakh, 780-m.
Salt of Philosophy is Wisdom, 790-u.
Salt, one of the great symbols of the Alchemists, 57-l.
Salt, Sulphur, Mercury, separated from the rough Ashlar by Masonic implements, 787-m.
Salt, Sulphur, Spirit, produce Solidity; Softness, spiritual, vaporous particles, 780-u.
Salt represented by the Hermetics under the form of a cubical stone, 775-l.
Salt represents to Hermeticists Absolute Matter, regenerated by Azoth, 778-m.
Salt, with the Hermetics, corresponds with the Earth, 773-l.
Salutary number is six, contains the source of our happiness, 628-m.
Samaneans, a Society of Buddhist Prophets, belief of, 277-l.
Samaritan invented the accusation of Christians worshipping an ass, 103-u.
Samothrace, Mysteries of Cabiri celebrated at, 407-u.
Samothrace settled by ancient Pelasgi, Asiatic Colonists, 426-u.
Samothrace the location of celebrated Mysteries, 426-427. Sandalphon, one of the Chiefs of the Kabalistic Angels, 784-l.
Sanscrit stanzas in reference to the nature of God, 741-m.
Sapientia, Hakemah, "The Head of that which is non-existent" as applied to Kadmon, 758-u.
Satan, by consent, made Adam, his soul of Divine Light, his body of matter, 567-u.
Satan confounded by the Jews with Ahriman and the Dragon, 258-u.
Satan created and governs the visible world, 567-l.
Satan means in Hebrew simply "The Adversity", 661-m.
Satan of Gnosticism confounded with Matter, 255-u.
Satan, the Evil God, the Genius of matter alone, 565-l.
Satan, the negation of God; true name of, Yahveh, reversed, 102-l.
Satan the result of the reflection of Ialdaboth on matter, 563-m.
Satan, the son and lord of matter; demons the children of matter, 567-l.
Satan, Yahveh reversed the true name of, 102-l.
Satan's Eons, or Demons, were divided among themselves, 566-u.
Saturn gives the Soul the logical and contemplative faculty as it passes through, 439-m.
Saturn represents Temperance, 727-l.
Saturn, the name of the first gate of the ladder; material, lead, 414-m.
Saviour died upon the cross of expiation to redeem man in pledge, 567-l.
Saviour is the Logos made man, 848-u.
Saviour of the Soul represented by Dionusos, 519-u.
Saviour symbolized by the Word of a Master, 642-u.
Saviour, the first of creatures, created by the direct will of God, 564-l.
Saviour united with his Sister, Wisdom, descended through the regions of the seven angels, 563-l.
Saviour with Wisdom entered into Jesus at his baptism, 563-l.
Savitri, the Progenitor, a Vedic Sun God, 602-l.
Scandinavian deities, Thor and Odin, subordinate to Alfader, 598-u.
Scandinavian name for the Sun was Arkaleus or Hercules, 587-u.
Scandinavian three-lettered name of Deity, I, O, W, 632-l.
Scandinavians believed in the Author of everything that existed, 618-m.
Scandinavians lamented the death of Balder torn in pieces, 595-u.
Scandinavians typified the Trinity by Odin, Frea, Thor, 552-u.
Schimeon Ben Jochai, Rabbi, describes the mysterious chariot, 798-l.
School of life, hard lessons in; be faithful in, 184-u.
Science a progressive mediation between ignorance and wisdom with happiness as the object, 711-u.
Science and Religion, when progressive, are identical in interests and aims, 710-m.
Science at the bottom of Magic, 730-l.
Science became concealed under Christian disguises after Hypatia, 732-l.
Science concealed itself to avoid the aggressions of a blind love, 730-l.
Science consists of - , 25-m.
Science consists of matured inferences from confirmed experience, 711-u.
Science deals only with phenomena and does not know what light or sound is, 810-u.
Science has its New Testament and Philosophy its beatitudes, 714-m.
Science is moral as well as intellectual, 711-l.
Science, Masonry the lineal descendant of the higher, 253-l.
Science, Moses, High Priests, Solomon, Prophets, in possession of the higher, 253-l.
Science, object of political, 26-l.
Science of Magism engraved on stone by Enoch and Trismegistus, 839-l.
Science of the discovery of Truth the most sublime to which mortal can aspire, 785-l.
Science of the Hermetics given by Paracelsus, Flamel, Raymond Lulle, 774-l.
Science overcome in Alexandria by the fanaticism of Christians, 732-l.
Science powerless against the forces of nature, 810-812.
Science rests on reason and experience, 776-u.
Science substitutes Forces for God's supervision of the Universe, 809-m.
Science teaches the magnitude of the Universe, 711-m.
Science teaches that man is not the central point of the Universe, 711-m.
Science, the higher, known as the Knowledge of the Word, 253-l.
Science, which is the reflection of God's glory, receives the Seal of His Eternity, 842-l.
Sciences: Astrology generally practiced and deemed the mother of, 463-u.
Sciences originally concealed in Sanctuaries opened up by the Sohar, 843-l.
Scientific footprints discovered in the Symbolism of the Ancients, 842-l.
Sclavono-Vendes typified the Trinity by the three heads of Trigtav, 551-l.
Scorpio named because hot winds were venomous like reptiles, 446-m.
Scorpio, Osiris loses his life and virility under the sign, 478-l.
Scorpio: red Antares, one of the Stars marking Solstitial points, etc, 456-u.
Scorpio, the reign of Typhon began when the Sun entered, 456-u.
Scorpion bites the Equinoxial Bull on which sits Mithras, 478-l.
Scorpion or Serpent stings the Bull and Orion at Autumnal Equinox, 466-l.
Scorpion represented by a Snake, generally, a Scorpion, a sign accursed, 456-u.
Scottish Elder Master and Knight of St. Andrew, the 4th Degree of Ramsay, 779-l.
Scottish Knight of St. Andrew, the 29th Degree, 801.
Scottish Rite a teacher of great Truths, 328-l.
Scottish Rite Degrees, meanings of pompous titles, 327-u.
Scottish Rite Degrees were insignificant and merely communicated, 326-m.
Scottish Rite, in any country, under any opinion, are conferred the degrees of the, 329-l.
Scottish Rite intended to be a Teacher of Mankind, 332-l.
Scottish Rite philosophy, teachings in reference to the soul and Deity, 855-u.
Scottish Rite teaches humanity where domestic slavery exists, 330-u.
Scottish Rite teaches to its initiates in all its degrees - , 329-l.
Scottish Rite teachings concerning the employed and employer, 330-m.
Scottish Rite, the five principal divisions of the, 202-u.
Scottish Rite the Preacher of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, 329-l.
Scriptures, first written by God on the Earth and Heavens, 25-l.
Scriptures have an inner and an outer meaning, 266-u.
Scriptures, the Essenes believed in the Esoteric and Exoteric meaning of the, 265-l.
Scriptures, the literal meaning for the vulgar only, 250-l.
Scythia: Hercules begets with a Dragon the three ancestors of, 498-m.
Scythian name for the Sun was Arcaleus or Hercules, 587-u.
Scythians lamented the death of Acmon, 594-l.
Scythians made the earth the wife of Jupiter, 658-m.
Seal of the Templars, originally two Knights on a single horse, changed to the device of a Lamb, 802-u.
Seals, coins, medals impressed with Zodiac and signs, 462-l.
Second day of Greek Mysteries initiates were purified in the sea, 433-m.
Second day of the second month dedicated to the manes of the dead, 630-m.
Second Degree, Fellow-Craft, 22-u.
Second month in the year dedicated to Pluto, God of Hell, 630-m.
Secrecy enjoined on the Initiates very strict; penalties for violation, 384-u.
Secrecy indispensable in a Mason of whatever Degree, 109-m.
Secrecy of the Christian Mysteries, 544-547. Secrecy required to be pledged before giving dogmas, 432-m.
Secret Discipline traced to the commencement of the Christian Era, 547-u.
Secret Doctrine superior to that of the Gospels claimed by the Gnostics, 542-l.
Secret knowledge of the Grand Scottish Master relates to the transmutation of substances, 780-u.
Secret, Masonic, revealed as Degrees are taken, 219-u.
Secret Master, 4th Degree, 106-u.
Secret of Masonry discovered in its symbols and work, 218-.u Secret of the Grand Arcanum, Royalty of Sages, Crown of Initiate, 101-l.
Secret of the great work sought by the aspirants, 733-u.
Secret of the Occult Sciences is that of Nature itself, 844-u.
Secret of the Sohar necessary to enable one to make use of it, 843-l.
Secret of the Stone is the extraction of salt from all matter, 779-u.
Secret of the Universal Equilibrium is the Royal Secret, 859-u.
Secret Orders and Associations had two doctrines, one concealed, 817-l.
Secret: the Mystery of the Balance is the Royal, 858-l.
Secret traditions of the Kabalah contain a perfect Theology, 843-l.
Secret, Triple, of the Great Work represented by - , 104-l.
Secrets of a brother to be kept if Law warrants, 109-l.
Secrets of Ancient Masons concealed under enigmas and parables, 785-l.
Secrets of Masonry; Religions, Mysteries, Hermeticism, concealed, 104-l.
Secrets of the Kabala contained in the ternarys of the Evangelic Symbols, 730-l.
Secrets of the Temple, the revolution of the earth around the Sun one of the, 843-u.
Sect, Masonry neither a political nor a religious, 220-l.
Sects, Masonry embraces all parties and sects to form - , 220-l.
Seers living in the hope of being crowned, rend crowns and tread on them, 844-l.
Seeva, with Bramah and Vishnu, manifestations of the One Deity, 205-u.
Seir Aupin or Microprosopos, Arik Aupin, or Macroprosopos, 799-m.
Self consciousness leads to consciousness of God, 709-m.
Self-denial, patience, humility, essential qualities of a Knight of St. Andrew, 801-l.
Self limitation the first passing of a hidden Deity to manifestation, 555-m.
Self preservation may, in cases, be the just and right thing to do, 836-u.
Self restraint does not imply self sacrifice, 696-m.
Selfishness the great stumbling block in the way of doing good, 720.
Senary applied to the physical man; the septenary to his spirit, 634-l.
Seneca compared Philosophy to Initiation, 384-l.
Senses and appetites incite to great deeds, give strength, are useful servants, 860-l.
Senses are mysteries to us, 528.
Senses are not the witnesses that bear testimony to the loftiest Truths, 569-u.
Sentence written against the unjust in the nature of the Universe, 837-l.
Sentiment, deficiencies and inefficiency of mere, 148-149.
Sentiment warms and inclines to action; truth enlightens and illumines, 725-m.
Sentiments play an important part in morality, 725-m.
Sephar Yezirah, one of the completest embodiments of Occultism, 321-m.
Sephiroth, according to the Kabalistic idea, 765-u.
Sephiroth are a triple triangle and a circle, 769-l.
Sephiroth are Attributes of God by which He reveals Himself, 267-l.
Sephiroth are Ideas and Rays of the Infinite not separated from It, 759-m.
Sephiroth are the cause of existence of everything through certain media, 759-m.
Sephiroth arranged in three columns according to the book Omschim, 757-m.
Sephiroth changed from the spherical form to the form of a person, 757-m.
Sephiroth described and their modes and actions explained, 761-m.
Sephiroth diagrammatically arranged, 770.
Sephiroth emanate from the First Cause, and are the media which manifest It, 761-u.
Sephiroth emanating from Deity were the rays of His Splendor, 742-u.
Sephiroth, explanation of the last nine, 323-m.
Sephiroth figured as constituting a human form, 322-l.
Sephiroth from whose equilibrium results eternal permanency and Stability, 736-l.
Sephiroth of the Kabala constituted the Ancient of Days, 727-m.
Sephiroth of the Kabalah, significance and numbers of the, 322-323.
Sephiroth or Emanations, names of the ten, 267-m.
Sephiroth or Emanations of Deity symbolized by lights, 202-l.
Sephiroth or rays the emanations or outflowings of Deity, names, 552-m.
Sephiroth: seven metals represented by the seven lower, 798-l.
Sephiroth so constituted that it was not necessary to frame worlds from the first nine of them, 754-u.
Sephiroth, sometimes called the Persons of the Deity, are His Rays, 748-m.
Sephiroth: Splendor or Perfection of Deity represented by the eighth, 736-l.
Sephiroth, ten, proceed from Malakoth of the several worlds, 784-l.
Sephiroth, the means through which Deity is the Single Cause of All, 759-m.
Sephiroth, Theology of the, 99-m.
Sephiroth: unlimited Power represented by the seventh, 736-l.
Sephiroth: Victory, Glory, Stability, Dominion, are the last four, 848-l.
Sephirothic tables contain a numeration called Daath, cognition, 757-l.
Sephiroths, seven and eight, in equilibrium, cause the ninth and. tenth, 736-l.
Septenaries, there is silence in Heaven after each of the, 321-u.
Septenary philosophy of Initiation may be summed up as - , 322-u.
Septenary unites the triangle of Idea to the square of Form, becoming the Crown, 321-l.
Septenary universally in repute, 635-u.
Serapis represented with a human head and serpentine tail, 500-m.
Serapis, the name of the Sun to his adorers on the Nile, 587-l.
Serpent an emblem of eternity and immortality, 496-l.
Serpents and Dragons have something divine in their nature, 494-m.
Serpent and the bull used as symbols in Bakchian Mysteries, 420-u.
Serpent, brazen, erected by Moses, a good genius, 278-l.
Serpent called Agathodemon, the good Spirit, 495-u.
Serpent, considered a good genius; symbolism of the, 278-l.
Serpent devouring its own tail a symbol of the Life principle, 734-m.
Serpent engenders the Bull and the Bull the Serpent; explanation, 493-494-u.
Serpents entwined around and suspended from winged Globe, 492-m.
Serpents fed in Temples and were immortal, 494-m.
Serpents figure in Mysteries and at Feasts, 494-m.
Serpent form assumed by Typhon, Ahriman, Satan, 661-l.
Serpents held by goddesses in Egypt and Assyria, 495-l.
Serpent in connection with astronomical observations, 492-l.
Serpent known to Orientals under generic name of "Eva", 494-u.
Serpent legends and references, general, 492-502.
Serpent represents Typhon; it is also a symbol of winter, 376-m.
Serpent the author of the fate of Souls; Hebrews and Gnostics, 492-m.
Serpent the peculiar symbol of the 25th Degree, 492-m.
Serpent was Oesculapius, God of Healing; Feast of - , 493-m - 496.
Serpent with a globe or circle found on all ancients' monuments, 492-l.
Servius states that when beings die life returns to the Universal Soul, 666-l.
Seth, a power set up as an adversary of Osiris, 588-u.
Seth's descendants preserved the primitive religion, 599-m.
Seven a peculiarly sacred number; symbolism of, 58-l.
Seven Archangels assigned to the government of the Seven Planets, 727-u.
Seven as a symbolic number in the Kabalah, 322.
Seven as composed of three and four in a word of four letters, symbolic meaning of, 728-m.
Seven circular walls of the palace of Deioces in Ecbatana, each colored, 729-u.
Seven composed of six and unity, 635-u.
Seven composed of three and four; the magical power in full force, 727-m.
Seven concentric spheres the residence of the Universal Soul, 668-u.
Seven connected with the number of the Planets, 635-u.
Seven ears of wheat in Pharaoh's dream interpreted by Joseph, 729-u.
Seven expresses all the elements of the Magical Mystery symbolized by the Sphinx, 728-u.
Seven Genii of the Ancient Mythologies, 727-l.
Seven golden candlesticks, symbol in Revelations, 53-l.
Seven great nations prayed three times a day turning toward the North Pole, 457-l.
Seven immersions alluded to the seven spheres a soul plunged through, 506-l.
Seven jewels on neck and limbs of woman who died during famine, 729-m.
Seven metals, one each assigned to the planets; Gold to the Sun, Silver to the Moon, 728-l.
Seven, mysteries, difficulties, trumpets, cups in the Apocalypse, 321-u.
Seven notes in the musical octave corresponded with the Sephiroth, 727-m.
Seven planets designated by the seven vowels of the Greek language, 728-m.
Seven, references to the number, 233-m.
Seven rivers of the Punjaub gave the Veda, 602-m.
Seven seals on the Kabalistic book of the Apocalypse, 727-l.
Seven Secondary Causes governed the World; the universal forces, 727-u.
Seven Sephiroth constituted Atik Yomin and corresponded with the seven colors, 727-m.
Seven Sephiroth projected from Binah by the energy of Hakemah, 756-l.
Seven spheres of Borsippa or pyramid of Bel, at Babylon, each colored, 729-u.
Seven stages of the Babylonish pyramid represents - , 234-m.
Seven stars, symbol in Revelations, 53-l.
"Seven Stars" the familiar name of the Pleiades, connected with Orion, 489-l.
Seven Stars the prison of the disobedient Stars and Heavenly Host, 511-u.
Seven Stars, Ursa Major, Great Bear, circle around the North Pole, 456-m.
Seven steps of Solomon's Temple symbolize the sevenfold purification of the Masters, 780-l.
Seven steps of the Mithraic ladder, 233-l.
Seven symbolized life for the Egyptians, 635-m.
Seven, the Holy Empire of the clavicules of Solomon, 727-m.
Seven, the number of the Master's Degree, from the Pleiades, 487-u.
Seven, the sacred number in all theogonies and symbols, 727-m.
Seven, the Spirit assisted by the elemental powers, 727-m.
Seven, the Soul served by Nature, 727-m.
Seven vices and seven virtues, 727-l.
Seven virtues symbolized by the then known planets, 727-l.
Seven vowels in the Greek language designated the seven planets, 728-m.
Seven Wonders of the World; seven lines that composed the Pyramids; seven gates of Thebes, 322-u.
Sevenfold light symbolized by the seven steps leading to the Outer Court of the Temple, 782-m.
Sevenfold manipulation and purification in the transmutation of metals, 780-l.
Seven-stepped ladder represents the seven planetary spheres, 851-l.
Seventeenth Degree, doctrines and teachings of the, 274-l.
Seventeenth Degree, Knight of the East and West, first of the Philosophical Degrees, 246-l.
Seventh day of Greek Mysteries gymnastic exercises, etc, 434-u.
Seventh letter of the Egyptian alphabet, a serpent standing on its tail, 500-m.
Severities of Microprosopos are the Evil, 795-m.
Severity the mystery of pleasure and warmth of generative appetite, 797-m.
Sex form of primitive man was that of both; "right and left" refers to it, 771-u.
Sexes assigned to the causes of nature, 655-m.
Sexual characteristics are not assigned to Deity by the Kabalah, 765-m.
Sexual characteristics symbolically assigned to some of the Emanations, 766-u.
Sexual: meaning of obscure language of the Kabalah, revealed by the Name being bi-, 849-m.
Shadai, Supreme Power, one of the names of Deity on the Delta, 532-u.
Shadow carried with every planet or sphere not a center of Light, 845-m.
Shadow follows from visible light in direct proportion, 847-l.
Shadow of God is immortality: "Whose shadow is death," Sanscrit stanza, 741-m.
Shadow, the absence of Divine Light in a soul causes the awful, 300-u.
Shadow which accompanies the light representing Hule, 556-u.
Shadow, without Light there can be no, 307-l.
Shadows effaced the Light is annulled, 848-u.
She and He in Aramtic, Hebrew and Arabic, 700-u.
Shekinah, God in-dwelling, the place where Yod He, Vav-He, dwelt, 750-u.
Shekinah, the garment which by the third retraction was left empty of the light, 750-u.
Shepherd Kings had Crux Ansata for a symbol of royalty, 502-l.
Shew Bread, the twelve months represented by the 12 loaves of, 409-m.
Ship, in Hebrew, is Ani; the same word means I, Me or Myself, 781-m.
Ship: in the transmutation of metals a vessel is used having the form of a, 781-u.
Sicilian Mysteries known as the Academy of Sciences, 625-u.
Sicilian Vespers referred to, 49-l.
Sign of the 8th Degree expressive of - , 137-m.
Significance of words not known till things are taken away, 190-u.
Signs, symbols, watchwords used by early Christians, 544-m.
Silence regarding the Holy Spirit due to the awe of the Highest Mysteries, 849-l.
Silence, otherwise the Thought of God, produced the Spirit, 563-u.
Silenus, "The preceptor of the Soul," a characteristic Bacchic Sage, 392-l.
Silver assigned to the Moon, 729-u.
Simeon and Levy had for device the two fishes of Pices, 462-u.
Simon Magus advanced the theory of Existences to solve the origin of things, 553-u.
Simon Magus, founder of the Gnostics, on the manifestations of God, 270-m.
Simon Magus taught that the Supreme Being produced three couples of - , 552-l.
Simon of Cyrene crucified instead of Christ, 554-u.
Simple life of our ancestors preferable to the showy, loud, of today, 806-l.
Simplicius held that in each Star there is an immortal Soul, 671-m.
Sin and evil reconciled with the wisdom and beneficence of God, 686-u.
Sin being congenital with Humanity, God's Justice would have annihilated man, 846-u.
Siphra de Zeniutha contains reference to the Book of the Abstruse, 762-m.
Siphra de Zeniutha states that Yod is the symbol of Wisdom, 792-l.
Siphra de Zeniutha, the Commentary of Rabbi Chajun Vital, 794-m.
Sipra de Zeniutha states that the Active and Passive are always in conjunction, 766-l.
Sirius made sentinel of the heavens by Ormuzd, 662-l.
Sirius or the Dog Star, the friend of Osiris was - , 376-l.
Sirius rose before the Sun previous to the swelling of the Nile, 454-l.
Sirius, the Dog Star, named because it gave warning of the overflow, 446-m.
Sisyphus, Pausanias claimed that contempt for the Mysteries caused the punishment of, 381-l.
Siva, the Destroying or Renovating power of the Hindu Trinity, 550-m.
Six a symbol of the terrestrial globe animated by a divine spirit, 636-l.
Six, an emblem of nature, presenting the six dimensions, 634-l.
Six chief Spirits the progeny of the Supreme God in many theogonys, 728-l.
Six good and six evil spirits typify the months, 635-u.
Six superior and six inferior signs, references to Stars, 490-m.
Six the first perfect number and a symbol of justice, 634-l.
Sixteenth Degree, Prince of Jerusalem; characteristics of the, 241-u.
Sixth day of Greek Mysteries, procession of lakchos, 434-u.
Sixth Degree, Intimate Secretary (Confidential Secretary), 119-u.
Skull, initiate in Druidical Mysteries seals obligation by drinking out of a, 430-l.
Sky a solid, concave arch, along which journeyed the Sun, etc., 443-l.
Slander and calumny of modern journalism, 334.
Slavery, domestic, considered by the Scottish Rite, 330-u.
Snake; a new world will emerge from the waters when Odin kills the great, 593-u.
Social problems, most important of all, 180-u.
Social state, God has ordained that life shall be a, 197-l.
Societies and ancient theogonies have a common concealed doctrine, 729-l.
Society a creation of Heaven, 196-l.
Society and social state, teachings of, 183-m.
Society, minuteness of regulation required by refined, 44-l.
Society, religion of, 213-u.
Society, the unobserved and invisible the most beautiful in, 141-m.
Socrates accused of Atheism, 384-l.
Socrates assumed the title of a "lover of truth", 691-l.
Socrates believed in a Universal Reason pervading all things, 693-u.
Socrates claimed that the Initiates had glorious hopes of eternity, 379-l.
Socrates confessed to the failure of philosophy, 693-l.
Socrates expounded the higher Greek religious ideas, 617-m.
Socrates, Masonry revives the wise teachings of, 221-m.
Socrates prostrated himself before the rising Sun, 678-m.
Socrates, the Grecian philosopher, saying of, 170-u.
Socrates writes: "The initiated will attain the company of the Gods", 373-m.
Sohar and Jezirah, knowledge of the Kabalistic doctrines in the books, 266-l.
Sohar declares the mystery of the "Balance" or Equilibrium, 305-u.
Sohar expresses Ainsoph as Light because unable to express it by any other word, 740-m.
Sohar incomprehensible and almost illegible without the Secret Key, 843-l.
Sohar's Introduction states that Deity determined to create Good and Evil, 796-u.
Sohar one of the completest embodiments of Occultism, 321-m.
Sohar, references concerning Creation in the Introduction to the, 748-l.
Sohar says "Everything proceeds according to the Mystery of the Balance", 552-m.
Sohar says the Ten Sephiroth have their root with the Substance of Him, 754-u.
Sohar terms the Royal Secret the Mystery of the Balance, 858-l.
Sohar, the Key of the Holy Books, opens up the Sciences of the Sanctuary, 843-l.
Sol derived from Solus, the One, Only God, 630-m.
Solid number is twelve; the foundation of our happiness, 629-u.
Solomon, Lodge represents the Temple of King, 7-m.
Solomon represented by a Lion, 210-m.
Solomon's clavicules refer to the Holy Empire; symbolized, 727-m.
Solomon's double triangle explained by St. John, 792-u.
Solomon's philosophy the basis on which Masonry is founded, 785-l.
Solomon's Star formed by the meeting of the lines of the Compass of Science with those of the triangle, 841-u.
Solomon's Temple a symbol of the ninth and tenth Sephiroth, 736-l.
Solomon's Temple, after the model of Ezekiel, to be rebuilt by the Templars, 816-u.
Solomon's Temple, ground floor of, 14-u.
Solomon's Temple rebuilt, the secret dream of Patriarchs of the Orient, 816-u.
Solomon's Temple rebuilt would give Constantinople the Romish power, 816-u.
Solomon's throne like that of the Egyptian Har-oeri, 79-m.
Solon declares man's destruction comes from himself, 690-l.
Solon quoted, 37-u.
Solstice, Winter, Mother-night, the longest night in the year, festival of the, 368-u.
Solstices, Cancer and Capricorn, the Pillars of Hercules, in a Lodge, 506-u.
Solstices celebrated by all civilized nations, 595-m.
Solstices represented by Jachin, Boaz, parallel lines, point in a circle, 506-u.
Solstices: tables giving entrances of the Sun into the Solstices, 450-u.
Solstices, the Essenes observed the festivals of the, 265-l.
Soma of nature's offertory imitated by the Priests from simples, 602-m.
Son, Issue or products; Universe proceeding from the two principles, 87-m.
Son of Man, Soul of the World, enters into darkness and softens its savage nature, 566-m.
Son: the first Utterance of the Father, a perfect Only begotten, 564-m.
Sons of God and the Stars are identified in Job, 509-m.
Sophia-Achamoth an inferior wisdom, produces Ialdaboth, 563-m.
Sophia-Achamoth caused the Spiritual Principle to pass into man, 563-m.
Sophia-Achamoth communicated movements to Chaos, 563-u.
Sophia-Achamoth in contest with Ialdaboth, 563-m.
Sophia-Achamoth the companion of Christos, 560-m.
Sophia or Demiourgos of the Gnostics corresponds to The Word, 271-l.
Sorrow, no tongue utters thoughts that come in, 189-m.
Sorrow, Sin, Evil, Suffering, is consistent with Infinite Goodness and Wisdom, 859-l.
Sorrow, the dog of the shepherd who guides the flock of men, 101-m.
Sosiosch, the Persian Redeemer, to annihilate evil and judge the. world, 623-l.
Sosiosch, the principal of the Three Prophets, to regenerate the. earth, 258-m.
Sothis, the Dog Star, fixed the beginning of the Egyptian New Year, 467-m.
Souciet, a Chinese book, describes palace; Emperor sacrifices a lamb, 462-m.
Soul a fragment of the Universal Mind, lapse and reunion, 685-l.
Soul a number containing the quaternary, 633-u.
Soul, a ray of perfect wisdom, the inextinguishable light, 606-l.
Soul, a simple substance struggling to return to the Great Soul, 417-m.
Soul, all, is part of the Universal Soul whose totality is Dionusos, 393-m.
Soul alone gives value to the things of this world, 201-m.
Soul an emanation from the Supreme Being, but distinguished from Him, 607-l.
Soul an external and independent existence, yet omnipresent, 672-u.
Soul, an immaterial spark of God's Infinite Being, 582-l.
Soul and God are distinct, according to the Naya philosophers, 852-u.
Soul ascends to its Infinite Source through seven spheres, 10-m.
Soul attaining unto the place of the Eternal retains its individuality, 852-l.
Soul, being imperfect, must be purified before rejoining its source, 622-m.
Soul, by comparison with Fire and Light the ancients explained the nature of the, 65-u.
Soul, by study, attains unto the place of the Eternal, 852-u.
Soul can not know its creation nor comprehend its own individuality, 852-m.
Soul can reascend only after purification and freedom from the body, 521-u.
Soul capable of improvements, of becoming wiser and better, 852-l.
Soul capable of seeing more clearly as it draws nearer to Deity, the Light, 855-l.
Soul; categorical questions concerning the, 649-u.
Soul claimed to be considered a part of the Divine, 684-l.
Soul compared to Heat and Light, which neither lessens nor divides its own essence, 852-m.
Soul considered by Plato as a principle of movement, 681-m.
Soul contains, potentially, that which becomes the body of the child, 755-l.
Soul descends to matter, by doing and suffering it frees itself and reascends, 417-l.
Soul desiring to animate a body, descended and was imprisoned in matter, 436-m.
Soul differs essentially from the body, 706-m.
Soul does not lose the sense of the Eternal and Infinite, 190-l.
Soul, doubts and despair torture the human, 292-299.
Soul emancipated by reabsorbtion into the infinite, 686-u.
Soul exiled on earth; birthplace in Heaven, 520-m.
Soul, fired by Love, uniting with Nature and itself engendering new productions, 658-l.
Soul forgetful of celestial origin in material fascinations, 518-m.
Soul freed from its debasements will be seen again in its true glory, 858-l.
Soul freed from the body by deeds and suffering reascends to source, 439-l.
Soul gives back to each sphere through which it passes in returning - , 440-u.
Soul had its origin in Heaven, according to the Ancient Philosophers, 436-m.
Soul, human, is itself God within the mind, 393-m.
Soul illumined by Truth, the shadow of which is Error, 845-m.
Soul in descent receives new material and faculties from each sphere, 439-m.
Soul in nature, yet not a part of it, but its Cause and Creator, 672-u.
Soul in progress changes from monad to duad; results, 438-m.
Soul in the beginning had a thought to create and the worlds were created, 609-u.
Soul incessantly turns its eyes to Heaven and longs to return, 520-m.
Soul inherent in the Universe thought out by the ancients, 672-u.
Soul, interest in speculations concerning the fate of the soul, 232-m.
Soul is capable of remorse, 199-u.
Soul is divine, an emanation of the Spirit of God, but not a portion of that Spirit, 852-m.
Soul is of Divine nature; emanation from Deity, 76-l.
Soul is the image of God and existed before the body, 252-l.
Soul is the One emanation from Deity to return to Him, 539-l.
Soul likened to exhalations or vapor, 518-l.
Soul loses its felicity by means of the Balance; regains it by the Lamb, 490-m.
Soul, Masonry teaches the existence and immortality of the, 221-m.
Soul must pass through a series of trials and migrations, 518-l.
Soul, no obsequies for the lost, 200-u.
Soul not a mere abstraction, but a reality including in itself life and thought, 397-l.
Soul not condemned to eternal banishment because imprisoned in the body, 392-l.
Soul of everything that breathes a fraction of the universal soul, 610-u.
Soul or Intelligence pre-existing given by God to the Body, 251-l.
Soul of Macroprosopos, the internal part, is the Ancient of Days, 758-u.
Soul of man an emanation from God's spirit, 239-l.
Soul of man, breathed into him by God, is immortal as God's Thoughts are, 577-u.
Soul of man compared to the Soul of the World, 667-l.
Soul of man emanated from God, of the same substance with God, 567-l.
Soul of man immortal, according to the Edda, 619-m.
Soul of Nature everywhere inherent in the Universe, 668-u.
Soul of nature possessed intelligence and to this soul divinity belonged, 670-u.
Soul of the Universe does not act equally or in the same manner, 667-l.
Soul of the Universe entered man through a separation of the suture of the cranium, 609-m.
Soul of the Universe idea sprung from the two Principles doctrine, 664-m.
Soul of the Universe supposed to be intelligent; source of intelligence, 669-m.
Soul of the Universe, the Supreme Being is the, 251-u.
Soul of the World exercises its creative energy through the medium of the Sun, 473-m.
Soul of the World produced the first man, Adam Kadmon, 566-m.
Soul of the World, the Primal Ether, 748-m.
Soul only existed in the beginning, 609-u.
Soul, opinions concerning pre-existence, descent and return of the, 438-441.
Soul, or Spirit, in different degrees contained in Adam Kadmon, 757-u.
Soul, origin, fall of and return to place of its origin taught by mysterious ceremonies, 385-u.
Soul part of the Universal Soul whose totality is Dionusos, 586-m.
Soul parted from its source lapsed from its preeminence, 685-l.
Soul passes through various states till, purified, it rises to God, 567-l.
Soul pervades and is within the body, 755-l.
Soul plunges through seven spheres to take up its abode in the body, 506-l.
Soul recollects its source and longs to return, but must do and suffer, 436-l.
Soul, relations of the march of light and darkness to the, 404-l.
Soul represented by Psyche had an earthly and an immortal lover, 519-l.
Soul, represented by Psyche, of whom Dionusos was the suitor, 586-l.
Soul sent into the embryo, which is to become an infant, at conception, 755-l.
Soul separated from the Universe the next step in philosophy, 672-u.
Soul, Spirit, Intellect, the immaterial threefold part of man, 781-m.
Soul survives the body and is capable of immortality, 852-l.
Soul that is impure can not reunite with God until purified, 582-u.
Soul the envelope of the intelligence that attached itself to it, 669-m.
Soul: the minds or intellect of all are portions of the Universal, 604-l.
Soul the motionless center from which motion radiates, 681-m.
Soul to advance towards perfection and see Deity more clearly, 855-u.
Soul to attain its prior condition, its individuality must cease, 686-u.
Soul, to disengage itself from the body is the object of the earthly life of the, 252-l.
Soul to return to the Supreme Soul the body of the dust, 605-l.
Soul, to satisfy itself of its immortality is a characteristic of a, 301-u.
Soul vexed itself with spiritual problems, 583-m.
Souls which contemplate the Higher Unity superior to deities and religions, 562-l.
Soul, while embodied in matter, is in a state of imprisonment, etc, 852-u.
Soul will ascend to Heaven whenever purified, 253-u.
Soul will rise from the material through the seven spheres, 858-l.
Soul would reascend when extricated from matter, 520-m.
Souls and nature of men are great or small as it pleases themselves, 813-m.
Souls are all equal, 565-l.
Souls are the sparks of the Influence of the shattered vases descending through the elements and - , 797-u.
Souls at death return to the Universal Soul, 664-m.
Souls at their birth receive an emanation from the Universal Soul, 664-m Soul's attributes not the Soul, 573-u.
Souls: by fire, water, air was accomplished the purification of; symbolism of, 400-u.
Souls change their forms by passing successively into different bodies, 610-u.
Soul's disfigurement commented on by Plato, 858-m.
Souls emanate from the Light principle and return to it, 740-l.
Souls emanating from God descended a ladder to their bodies, 851-l.
Soul's emancipation completed by the transformation of death, 686-u.
Soul's existence and nature one of the highest questions, 642-m.
. Soul's existence proved by our consciousness of being a thinking soul, 674-u.
Souls, fragments or sparks of the Universal Intelligence, 518-m.
Soul's immortality a doctrine considered certain among old nations, 622 - ? Soul's immortality defined by Chrishna as never being non-existent, 518-u.
Soul's immortality proven, 706-l.
Soul's immortality the essence and consummation of all imagination, 517-m.
Souls influenced by the Sun, 492-u.
Souls, intelligence, life, emanate from the Universal Soul, 666-m.
Souls know God only through Mind, 582-m.
Soul's life the result of Harmony and movement, 859-l.
Souls, men-accepted literally Pythagoras' allegory of the transmigration of, 398-m.
Souls must reascend through the seven planetary spheres to God, 851-l.
Souls of men formed from a substance divine, active, luminous, 398-u.
Soul's origin and home the bosom of Deity, 851-l.
Souls pass into terrestrial frames; process; reascension, 518-m.
Souls passed into animals, plants, other human bodies, the Sun, 399-l.
Soul's perfection necessitated perfection of morals and society, 520-m.
Soul's perfection the object of the Mysteries, 520-m.
Soul's personification as Jupiter, Bakchos, etc., explainable by the - , 473-m.
Souls pre-existed in eternal fire from whence they emanated, 399-l.
Soul's progress from Heaven to association with an earthly body, 437. Souls purified by ascending through Seven Spheres, 781-m.
Souls reascend after purification in forms of life, 518-m.
Soul's relations with the rest of nature the chief object of Mysteries, 400-u.
Souls: Religion is the revelation of a necessity of, 822-u.
Soul's spirituality the necessary foundation of immortality, 706-l.
Soul's striving for Light and Knowledge of itself, 583-u.
Souls, the Supreme Being the Source of the rays which illuminate, 251-u.
Souls, ultimate disposition of, 252-m.
Soul's universal medicine is the Supreme Reason and Absolute Justice, 773-m.
Souls, when purified, become a part of the Universal Soul, 623-m.
Soura-Parama slain by Soupra-Muni, lamented by the Hindus, 595-u.
Souras, the particular devotees of Surya, 587-u.
Source of the Spring called Kether, Corona, Crown, 752-l.
Source of worlds in Maia, Nature's loveliness, 683-l.
Sovereign Power to whom belongs the maintenance of the order of the Universe, 512-m.
Space formed for Worlds by the recession of the Primal Light, 747-750.
Space in which worlds were created surrounded by an interspace, 748-u.
Space made for the creation of worlds called Aor Penai-Al, 747. Spain, ambitions and attempts of, 74-m.
Spark of fire, on the left hand, issued from the sphere of Severity, 795-m.
Sparks of the great Influence of the shattered vases eventually became Souls, 797-u.
Special Providences as a result of prayer, 684-l.
Speculations of Philosophers, etc.; object of teaching the, 329-m.
Speculations of today reproduce the ancient thought, 697-u.
Speech enchained is speech terrible, 48-u.
Speech, shallowness of much; abused in Republics, 45-m.
Speusippus taught that the heavens and spheres were part of the Universal Soul, 669-m.
Sphere constituted by the productive light of the letter He, called Kether Ailah, 751-l.
Sphere constituted within the sphere of Splendor by the light of the letter He, 751-l.
Sphere the emblem of Athom-Re, worshipped at Thebes, 584-l.
Sphere used as an expression for Deity by Xenophanes and Parmenides, 676-u.
Spheres of Borsippa, represented by seven stories of different colors, 729-u.
Sphinx, armed, represents the Magical Mystery expressed in the number seven, 728-u.
Sphinx the symbolic Key to a Knowledge of Nature, 321-l.
Sphinxes, white and black, symbolized the Holy Empire, 727-m.
Sphynx, great enigmas of the, 8-l.
Sphynx was a symbol, 148-l.
Spinoza's Infinity of Infinite Attributes of God, 566-u.
Spirit, as applied to God, synonymous with nothing, 739-m.
Spirit assisted by the elemental powers; Soul served by Nature, represented by Seven, 727-m.
Spirit can only be defined by some sublimized species of matter, 513-m.
Spirit, Mother of the Living and Wisdom of God, 563-u.
Spirit of life breathed into Man by God, 572-m.
Spirit, or Generative Power, and Matter originally were in Deity, 700-m.
Spirit personified by the Goddess of Neith, conceived by Power, the Divine Intelligence, 254-m.
Spirit represented by the quaternary; symbolism of four to nine, 633-m.
Spirit, the active principle, generative power, one of the Egyptian Triad, 548-l.
Spirit: the number five symbolizes the vital essence, the animating, 634-m.
Spirit the same in kind with the Supreme Spirit, a ray of it, 605-l.
Spirit Universal, the home of the Light inclosed in the seeds of species, 783-m.
Spirit within man a spark of God himself, 609-m.
Spirits of Carpocrates originate the different religions, 562-m.
Spirit's relations with the material Universe one of the highest questions, 642-m.
Spiritual, affections, hopes, interests of life center in the, 195-m Spiritual and material natures in equilibrium; Good and Evil, 784-l.
Spiritual beings possess limited divine will power, 684-l.
Spiritual forces of man act according to ideal modes of action, 829-u.
Spiritual instincts infuse into the mind - , 226-l.
Spiritual life touched by every phenomenon, 242-l.
Spiritual meditation or self mortification promotes reabsorbtion, 686-u.
Spiritual nature in conflict with our material where the greatest glory is won, 854-u.
Spiritual Principle passed from Demiourgos into Man, 563-m.
Spiritual purity shown through the efficaciousness of the will, 684-l.
Spiritual victory over the earthly nature symbolized by the Master's Compass, 854-l.
Spiritual world, the world of human consciousness, has a law, 828-l.
Spiritualist doctrine denied by Pythagoras, 667-m.
Spiritualistic doctrine separated God from the Universe, 667-m.
Spirituality of the person its identity, indivisibility, absolute unity, 706-m.
Splendor Excelsus in contradistinction to Simple Splendor, 748-u.
Splendor, termed Teheru in the Sohar, is styled The First Matter, 751-u.
Splendor, the eighth Sephiroth, is Boaz, one of columns of the Temple, 736-l.
Splendor, the sphere in the centre of the space Malakoth; First' Adam, 754-m.
Spring Equinox a period of general joy, 588-l.
Spring Equinox, Mysteries celebrated the triumph of light at the, 405-u.
Spring's return heralded by Mithras, the rock-born hero, 592-m.
Spy, dishonorable is the occupation of a, 336-l.
Square, a Hermetic symbol of the productive Earth or Universe, 851-m.
Square, a symbol of the Earth and the things that belong to it, 850-m.
Square, an instrument adapted for plane surfaces only, 850-u.
Square and Compass; unsuccessful work follows a departure from the center of the, 786-l.
Square, being the second perfection, does not represent God, 631-l.
Square, Compass, Plumb, Level, have peculiar meanings to a Judge, 826-u.
Square containing an equilateral triangle a symbol of the Divine and Human, 858-m.
Square, definition of; belongs to plane trigonometry, 11-l.
Square held in the hand on the male side of the Hermetic figure, 850-m.
Square is the symbol of the four elements of the triangle, 629-m.
Square, Level, Plumb, Balance used to prepare the rough Ashlar, 787-m.
Square of the Form united to the Triangle of the Idea becomes the Crown of Numbers, 321-l.
Square represents the four elements into which Chaos was resolved, 783-u.
Square represents the material, sensual, baser portion of Humanity, 851-l.
Square, symbol of what concerns earth and the body, 11-l.
Square turning upon itself produces the circle equal to itself, 771-m.
St. George of England fights the Dragon, a form of Mithras, 499-m.
St. John assigns the Creation to the Word, and asserts Christ was that Word, 568-m.
St. John avers Christ was the Word by which everything was made, 559-m.
St. John explains the double triangle of Solomon, 792-u.
St. Louis, Falkland, Tancred, Castiglione would give their friendship to a true Knight, 808-m.
St. Paul discourses concerning the flesh, spirit, good, evil, 853-u.
St. Paul quoted as writing to the Christians at Rome, 853-u.
Stability is the Intellectual Capacity to produce, or female, 305-m.
Stability of the Universe a result of the equilibrium between Wisdom and Power, 859-u.
Stability, one of the last four Sephiroth of the Kabalah, 848-l.
Stability symbolized by the rough stone, 776-m.
Standards depicting a serpent borne by Assyrians, Danes, etc, 500-u.
Star guided the Magi from the East to adore the Saviour in his cradle, 841-l.
Star, magical adored under name of Remphan, 103-u Star of five points originated from the Pentalpha of Pythagoras, 634-m.
Star of Knowledge advises the Magi of the birth of Truth, 843-m.
Star of Solomon formed the lines of the Celestial triangle meeting those of the Compass, 841-u.
Star worship a middle point between Heathen and Christian, 511-m.
Star worship: certain ordinances of the Christian religion related to, 511-m.
Star worship looked on with indulgence by Jewish and Christian writers, 511-m.
Star worship; Maimonides explains origin of, 435-l.
Star worshippers established feasts for planets at their "exhaltation", 463-m.
Stars and Sun, magnitude and extent of the, 303-u.
Stars animated by a living principle a part of the universal intelligence, 473-l.
Stars are divine as animated beings, by the logic of Cicero, 670-l.
Stars are Gods, active Causes, sharing the universal divinity, 671-u.
Stars considered intelligent beings causing effects on the earth, 473-l.
Stars directed by an intelligence, an emanation of the Universal Intelligence, 670-u.
Stars distinguished by terrestrial phenomena with which they seemed to be connected, 445-m.
Stars divided into good and bad, beneficent and malevolent, 472-m.
Stars, emblematic meaning of the North and Morning, 202-m.
Stars in the hand disappeared three days during the search for Osiris, 485-l.
Stars moved of themselves, directed by their own special intelligence, 671-m.
Stars' movements supposed to be voluntary by the ancients, 597-u.
Stars named by the Ethiopians of Thebes, 446.
Stars observed by primitive people to be more regular than the Sun, 445-m.
Stars part of the Universal Soul and Intelligence, the opinion of many Christian philosophers, 671-m.
Stars possess an immortal Soul and Intelligence, held by many philosophers, 671-m.
Stars preceding event mistaken for cause, 450-m.
Stars rise and set cosmically, achronically, heliacally with the Sun, 471-m.
Stars seen in Taurus at new-born year, 453-u Stars, signs of the Zodiac, reference to in Royal Arch Degree, 409-l.
Stars, so many animated and intelligent beings, the cause of effects, 669-l.
State, making and executing laws interests the citizens of a free, 51-m.
State, sovereignty of the Individual in the, 43-l.
State, tendency towards centralization in a Democratic, 51-l.
State, three departments of, 6-u.
States, creation of caste the tendency of free, 51-m.
Stature of men is great or small as it pleases God, 813-m.
Stauros of the Gnostics the image of generative power, 771-l.
Steps of the Master Mason Degree; origin of the, 428-u.
Stoic School retained a secondary divinity in the eternal spheres, 678-m.
Stoics' ascetic fatalism proceeds from a little knowledge, 694-l.
Stoics held that each Star contained an immortal Soul and Intelligence, 671-m.
Stoics' wisdom a dogged submission to the arbitrary behests of one, 694-m.
Stone, colored black, adored a white stone promised the Faithful, 775-l.
Stone, in the rough, the symbol of Stability, 776-m.
Stone of philosophy the foundation of Absolute philosophy, the Supreme Reason. 775-l.
Stone of the Philosophers explained and analyzed, 779-m.
Stone, say the Alchemists, is the true Salt of the Philosophers, 775-l.
Strabo says the one Supreme Essence embraces us all, 283-u.
Strength and Force in the service of Intelligence the true meaning of Necessity, 696-m.
Strength is the Intellectual Energy or Activity, or male, 305-m.
Strength of the Christian Mason represented by the column Jachin, 641-m.
Strength or Force represented by the Senior Warden in a Lodge, 7-l.
Strength or Power, the Infinite Divine Will, a side of the Masonic triangle, 826-m.
Struggle between the Divine and the natural will, 599-m.
Stuart dynasty runs out, 49-u.
Sublunary bodies received nourishment and increase from Sun and Moon, 475-m.
Sublimation the important operation in the Great Work, 777-m.
Sublime Elect (Elu) of the Twelve, 11th Degree, duties of, 176-u.
Sublime number is nine; religion and nature are exalted by it, 628-l.
Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, Master of the Royal Secret, 32d Degree, 839.
Sublimity of natural phenomena, 244-l.
Substance known only by its attributes, 572-l.
Substance of the Soul of Man same as that of God, 567-l.
Success attends the plan of Equilibrium adopted everywhere by Deity, 767-u.
Success, the accumulation of many small efforts, 174-l.
Suffering a condition of virtue in this world, 716-l.
Suffering appointed by Zeus to be the parent of instruction, 691-u.
Suffering, evil, wrong, are but temporary and discords, 577-u.
Suffering is good because favorable to virtue and moral development, 717-u.
Suffering is not the worst condition of man on earth, 717-u.
Suffering is the discipline of virtue, 181-m.
Suffering necessary to virtue and morality, 716-l.
Sulla in a period of convulsion, 80-l.
Sulla, reference to the Dictatorship of, 3-m.
Sulphur and Salt prepares the Mercury for assimilation with the magnetic agent, 775-m.
Sulphur corresponds, with the Alchemists, with the elementary form of the Fire, 773-l.
Sulphur expressed by the letter G, the initial letter of the Hebrew word Geparaith, 780-m.
Sulphur, Mercury, Salt, volatilized and fixed, compose the Azoth, 773-l.
Sulphur of philosophy represents the vital energy and ardor of the will, 790-u.
Sulphur, one of the great symbols of the Alchemists, 57-l.
Sulphur, resin and the laurel served for purification, 431-l.
Sulphur, the Baphomet of the Temple, given a goat's head, 779-l.
Summary of all the doctrines of the Old World by Hermes, 324-m.
Summer and Winter, in equal proportion, produce Spring and Autumn, 662-m.
Summer: good angels ruled by a King controlled the hemisphere of, 449-u.
Summer Solstice beginning of Egyptian New Year, 467-m.
Summer Solstice brought heat and exhaustion, 444-l.
Summer Solstice marked the rising cf the Nile, 467-u.
Sun a great globe of fire to the ancients, 443-l.
Sun and Moon and Horus form the Equilateral Triangle, 14-u.
Sun and Moon, Blazing Star or Horus the offspring of the, 14-u.
Sun and Moon considered the cause of the generations of earth, 475-m.
Sun and Moon correspond to the columns of the Temple, Jachin and Boaz. 776-m.
Sun and Moon emblems of the two Divine sexes, 305-l.
Sun and Moon impress a force by which generation is effected, 469-m.
Sun and Moon in lodge emblems of - , 252-l.
Sun and Moon, King and Queen, symbolized by the Hermetics as gold and silver, 774-m.
Sun and Moon of Alchemists give stability to the Philosophal Stone, 776-m.
Sun and Moon, represent the principles of all generation, 13-l.
Sun and Moon the eyes of the Universal organism, 673-u.
Sun and Stars rising and sinking typify the Soul's movement, 518-m.
Sun appeared under the image of the Sign at the commencement of the season, 465-u.
Sun, Archimagus, worshipped as Mithras, the Mediator, the Invincible, 612-m.
Sun at the Vernal Equinox communicates to the earth his warmth, 475-u.
Sun, at Vernal Equinox, enters triumphant into the beneficent Sign, 664-m.
Sun, by his beneficent influences identified with the Principle of Good, 594-u.
Sun called Heliogabalus and adored under the form of a black stone, 775-l.
Sun called Osiris, husband of Isis, God of Cultivation, 475-u.
Sun called Sura or Surya, the Heavenly, or Khur, 602-u.
Sun, center of the Active principle, offered by the male of the Indian Statue, 656-u.
Sun changes his place in the Zodiac at each vernal equinox, 449-m.
Sun dragged down to his death by the scorpion, Archer, He Goat, 447-m.
Sun enters Taurus at the Vernal Equinox 2,455 years B.C., 446-l.
Sun entering his twelve houses should be received by the four elements, 786-m.
Sun gives the Soul the senses and imagination as it passes through, 439-m.
Sun God finally victorious over the Serpent, 496-l.
Sun God rides on the winged horse, but the Serpent bites the horse's heels, 499-u.
Sun Gods of the Veda, Adityas, Savitri, Pashan, Mitra, 602-l.
Sun Gods were mostly carried off in their strength and beauty, 589-l.
Sun hesitates at Winter Solstice whether to descend or retrace, 445-u.
Sun: in all religions linger traces of the worship of the. 483-m.
Sun in Taurus personified in Dionusos, 585-u.
Sun, in the region of Light is the sphere of the, 76-m.
Sun, Moon and Mercury represented by officers of Mysteries of Eleusis, 411-m.
Sun, Moon and Mercury symbolized in the three great lights, 486-l.
Sun now in constellation Pisces when he is in the sign Aries, 449-m.
Sun, observations of the ancients regarding the movement of the, 444-m.
Sun originally feminine and Moon masculine, 700-u.
Sun personified as Brahma, Mithras, Osiris, Bel, Adonai, Apollo, etc, 594-u.
Sun personified by - , 77-m.
Sun personified in connection with the ancient worships, 583-l.
Sun, Planets and Zodiac represented in the Mithraic cave of initiation, 424-l.
Sun remained stationary three days, then began to rise, 447-l.
Sun represents Faith, 727-l.
Sun reverenced by the Essenes as a symbol of light and fire, 265-l.
Sun said to die and be born again at the Winter Solstice, 464-l.
Sun said to have been slain at the Winter Solstice, 447-l.
Sun, symbolism of the; manifestation and visible image of God, 13-u.
Sun symbolized by the point within the circle, 486-l.
Sun termed by an inscription on an obelisk as "Apollo," etc, 460-u.
Sun, the festival of May day of Druidical origin and in honor of the, 367-l.
Sun, the great symbol of the Mysteries, purified Souls, 408.
Sun, the moderator in the celestial harmony; fourth in musical scale, 410-m.
Sun the name of the seventh gate of the ladder; material, gold, 414-m.
Sun, the source of light, the hieroglyphic sign of Truth, 776-m.
Sun, to the ancients, the all-sufficient Cause of all, Author of all, 594-u.
Sun typified by Mithras; the Parent of the Universe, the Mediator, 424-m.
Sun variously named by different peoples, 586-l.
Sun, with names beginning with Kur many places are sacred to the, 78-m.
Sun worship not the Primitive religion, 584-u.
Sun, worship of the, 77-m.
Sun worship the basis of all the religions of antiquity, 593-l.
Sun worshipped as the manifestation, but not as the type of dominion, 740-l.
Sun worshipped by Egyptians under the name of Osiris, 406-u.
Sun worshipped by the Persians; light an emanation from Deity, 572-m.
Sun's course made to typify the contest between Good and Evil, 594-m.
Sun's "exhaltation" was in Aries, hence feasts of the Lamb; reason, 463-l.
Sun's image changed with the precession of the equinoxes, 465-m.
Sun's journey across the sky, 442-l.
Sun's journey through the twelve Signs gives rise to legends, 448-u.
Sun's journey through the twelve Signs origin of murder of Khurum, 448-u.
Sun's journeys supposed to be voluntary by the ancients, 597-u.
Sun's movements watched anxiously by primitive people, 447. Sun's path through the constellations called Ecliptic, 447-u.
Sun's primary metal holds within itself the Principle of the germ, 788-u.
Superior Intelligence of eight Eons, a Gnostic modification, 553-u.
Super-naturalists mix free action with the service of petition, 695-u.
Superstitions and fables used as symbols and allegories, 508-l.
Supper of bread a symbol of man's redemption and regeneration, 539-u.
Supper of bread and wine symbolic of Passover or the Lord's Supper, 540-u.
Supper of bread and wine; theory and teachings of the, 539-u.
Supreme Being a center of light, 252-m.
Supreme Being, at the intercession of Wisdom, sent Christ to redeem Man, 563-l.
Supreme Being discussed in Hermetic books quoted by Iamblichus, 614-l.
Supreme Being, Kabalistic idea of the attributes of the, 266-l.
Supreme Being, Philo's conception of the, 251-u.
Supreme Being, Primitive Light, Archetype of Light, 552-l.
Supreme Being represented by the number three, 209-u.
Supreme Being, the Soul of the Universe, 251-u.
Supreme Being the source of the rays which illuminate Souls, 251-u.
Supreme Being, the Word, Logos, is the image of the, 251-m.
Supreme Being, the Word occupies the place of the, 251-l.
Supreme Being uniting with Wisdom acts upon the Universe through. the Word, 552-l.
Supreme Being uniting with Wisdom forms in himself the type of. all things, 552-l.
Supreme Council, So. Jur., revised its thirty degrees, 328-m.
Supreme Entity of the New Platonists known only by the Spirit, 284-u.
Supreme God created the Universe through agents or manifestations, 568-m.
Supreme Intelligence of the Universe the source of all Intelligences, 665-u.
Supreme Lord or Being of the old Chinese creed is Chang-ti, 615-u.
Supreme Ruler of the Universe beyond human comprehension, 605-u.
Sura or Surya, the Heavenly, a name of the Sun, 602-u.
Surya descended upon earth in human form and left a race of renown, 587-m.
Surya is preceded by Arun, the Dawn, and he has twelve powers, 587-u.
Surya styled King of the Stars and Planets, 587-m.
Surya the Hindu name for the Sun, 586-l.
Surya's car drawn by seven green horses, or one horse with twelve heads, 587-u.
Swedenborgianism explained somewhat through the Kabala, 741-u.
Swedenborg's system is the Kabalah minus the Hierarchy, 823-m.
Swedenborg's system the Temple without Keystone and foundation, 823-m.
Sword; initiate in Druidical Mysteries obligated on a naked, 430-l.
Sword of persecuted Templars, after being broken became a poniard, 820-l.
Sword piercing the heart represents the sting of conscience, 639-m.
Sword, symbol of speech in the Bible, 53-l.
Sword, symbol of war and of the soldier, 57-u.
Sword, symbolism of the, 54-u.
Swords, symbols of Honor and Duty, taught you Masonry as a Knight, 854-m.
Sydyc, or Tsadok, the Supreme God in Phoenicia, was the Heptaktis, 728-m.
Syene, exile of, 48-u.
Symbol a more efficacious instrument of instruction than didactic language, 355-m.
Symbol and allegory a method of indirect suggestion, 355-m.
Symbol confounded with the thing symbolized is idolatry, 516-m.
Symbol of a principle confounded with object symbolized, 600-u.
Symbol of an object unknown the most abstract expression for Deity, 513-u.
Symbol of Deity appropriate only in a relative or moral sense, 513-m.
Symbol of the disc and crescent on the Bull and Ram, 452.
Symbol of the Hermetics from a Frankfurt treatise dated 1613, 850-m.
Symbol of the right angle triangle found in the Apprentice Degree, 861-m.
Symbol of the 31st Degree is the Tetractys of Pythagoras, 826-m.
Symbol, pronunciation of the Word a, 205-l.
Symbol: to bring the idea before the mental eye vividly and truthfully the task of the, 515-m.
Symbolic and philosophic systems intimately allied, 372-u.
Symbolic character of the Hebrew Bible and writings, 745-u.
Symbolic figures to represent the essence and operations of the Deity, 625-l.
Symbolic imagery may give ideas as adequate as words, 515-l.
Symbolic imagery of Deity defended by Maximus Tyrius, 515-m.
Symbolic instruction recommended by the uniform usage of antiquity, 372-m.
Symbolic meaning of Pyramids unknown, 148-m.
Symbolic meaning of the left hand with palm opened and expanded, 388-u.
Symbolic meaning of the Rose to be looked for in Kabalistic Commentaries, 821-l.
Symbolic reference of air, fire, water, 357-l.
Symbolic Triad of Salt, Sulphur, Mercury, or Body, Soul, Spirit, 792-m.
Symbolism becomes complicated and can not be explained, 514-m.
Symbolism, earliest instruments of education, 62-m.
Symbolism expounded by philosophy, 356-u.
Symbolism is nature's method of instruction, 355-m.
Symbolism, misinterpretation of, 64-u.
Symbolism of ceiling, border, brazen sea in lodge, 209-m.
Symbolism of Masonry, 250-l.
Symbolism of Nature, 64-m.
Symbolism of number Seven with several references, 233-m.
Symbolism of numbers, 626-638.
Symbolism of Solomon's Temple in its stately symmetry, 736-l.
Symbolism of Temples and Mithraic cave, 234-l.
Symbolism of the Alchemists only understood by children of Science, 792-u.
Symbolism of the Ancients bears the footprints of Science, 842-l.
Symbolism of the Apartments of the 18th Degree, 288-u.
Symbolism of the Blue Degrees according to the Christian interpretation, 639-642.
Symbolism of the Cherubim according to Clemens and Philo, 409-l.
Symbolism of the circle in the Druidical Mysteries, 367-m.
Symbolism of the Clasped Hands, 88-m.
Symbolism of the colors, white and black, in juxtaposition, 818-m.
Symbolism of the columns Jachin and Boaz, 270-l.
Symbolism of the Compass and Square to guide the Knight, 808-u.
Symbolism of the double sex of the Universe and Orphic egg, 655-l.
Symbolism of the egg; borrowed from the Egyptians; found in Japan, 400.
Symbolism of the Fellow-Craft obligation, 639-l.
Symbolism of the figure four, 633-m.
Symbolism of the Hermaphroditic figure, square, compass, Sun, Moon, 851-m.
Symbolism of the Hermetic Rose Croix and the decorations, 786-u.
Symbolism of the luminous pedestal, 210-u.
Symbolism of the ladder of Mithraic initiations, 233-l.
Symbolism of the language of the Hermetics and Alchemists, 774-m.
Symbolism of the Lion, the Hawk, the Eagle, the Bull, 254-l.
Symbolism of the Mountain of Meru, 234-m.
Symbolism of the Mysteries to aid explanation, 434-l.
Symbolism of the number four, 209-u.
Symbolism of the number three, 209.
Symbolism of the number twelve, 209-m.
Symbolism of the Ocean and its sources or springs, 752-m.
Symbolism of the point within the circle in the Mysteries, 401-l.
Symbolism of the "Recovery of the Word", 252-l.
Symbolism of the Rose Croix Degree, 290-292.
Symbolism of the sacred vessels in Solomon's Temple, 409-m.
Symbolism of the Scriptures, 250-l.
Symbolism of the serpent, 278-l.
Symbolism of the serpent, 376-m.
Symbolism of the Sphinx or Bull with a blazing sword at the gate of Eden, 728-u.
Symbolism of the Square, Compass, Plumb, Level, for a Judge. 826-u.
Symbolism of the Sun; origin of his mediation, 519-u.
Symbolism of the Templars misunderstood and deemed pantheistical, 818-l.
Symbolism of the tests of water, air and fire, 397-u.
Symbolism of the three divisions of the Temple; sevenfold light; Brazen Sea, 782-m.
Symbolism of the tower, the fire, the basin of purification, 787-l.
Symbolism of the triangle, 87 - . Symbolism of the triangle, 826-827. Symbolism of the two columns and parallel lines, 252-l.
Symbolism of the two columns at the entrance of the Temple, 305-m.
Symbolism of the weeping woman at the broken column and Time, 379-u.
Symbolism of two edged sword in Revelations, 53-l.
Symbolism of washing hands by Initiates of Eleusinian Mysteries, 357-l.
Symbolism of words, example of, in "I hail", 63-m.
Symbolism originated in the efforts of the mind to communicate with Nature, 650-m.
Symbolism: religious feeling evaporated with the stripping away of, 678-m.
Symbolism, results obtained notwithstanding the vagueness of, 22-u.
Symbolism tends to complication, 63-l.
Symbolism: the mistaking of names for the things named a danger in, 516-u.
Symbols attempted to be explained by words generally lose their meaning, 513-u.
Symbols conceal from the Profane and preserve to the Elect the Truth, 840-u.
Symbols constituted, chiefly, the first learning, 436-u.
Symbols conveyed in the Mysteries what is now given in books, 354-m.
Symbols derived from Pythagoras, 366-l.
Symbols eloquent to Adepts are meaningless to the mass of Initiates, 819-m.
Symbols: epithets applied to God either visible or intellectual, 516-m.
Symbols explained according to the capacity of the multitude, 37-l.
Symbols given a broad interpretation, 329-m.
Symbols have wider meaning, 24-m.
Symbols in the Mysteries to represent life rising out of death, 395-m.
Symbols in time mistaken for the thing symbolized, 516-u.
Symbols, medium of conveying knowledge, 22-m.
Symbols, misunderstood, 62-l.
Symbols, more than one interpretation have the ancient, 205-l.
Symbols, motions of stars and the passage of the Soul represented by, 233-l.
Symbols multiplied by the Hierophants to conceal absolute science, 321-l.
Symbols necessary to express ideas above and beyond the senses, 512-m.
Symbols none the less impressive because known to be symbols, 396-l.
Symbols of a Masonic lodge of astronomical origin, 486-l.
Symbols of ancients wore encircled by imagination, reason, religion, 593-m.
Symbols of Degrees used to conceal, not reveal, 106-m.
Symbols of Good and Evil, Light and Darkness and resultant Beauty, 792-m.
Symbols of Masonry appear in the Kabalah, 267-l.
Symbols of Masonry are its instructions; lectures an explanation, 356-m.
Symbols of Masonry date beyond the monuments of Egypt, 311-l.
Symbols of Masonry displayed in the outer court of the Temple to mislead, 819-u.
Symbols of Masonry have more than one meaning; they conceal the Truth, 148-l.
Symbols of Masonry: only to the adepts are known the real meanings of the, 819-u.
Symbols of Masonry reveal no new secret to those incapable of interpreting them, 356-l.
Symbols of Mysteries not always explained, meanings lost, 423-l.
Symbols of purification, redemption and regeneration, 538-l - 539.
Symbols of purity mistaken for the causes, 520-l.
Symbols of religion mistaken for realities, 22-u.
Symbols of 17th Degree refer to the ancient doctrines, 254-l.
Symbols of the Active and Passive, the Male and Female, 784-m.
Symbols of the end and perfection of the Great Work, 790-l.
Symbols of the Kabalah, Apocalypse, Ezekiel's visions, are little. understood, 321-l.
Symbols of the old world and its images lost, 731-l.
Symbols of the wise became the idols of the ignorant multitude, 818-l.
Symbols represented the metaphysical ideas of the Mysteries, 385-u.
Symbols, signs, doctrines of ancients should not be disparaged by us, 522-m.
Symbols the almost universal language of ancient theology, 371.
Symbols the earliest, instruments of education, 512-l.
Symbols: the Incarnate Word adored by three Magi depicted in the Evangelic, 730-l.
Symbols transmuted into realities, 674-m.
Symbols used in the Mysteries; ceremonies referred to agriculture and astronomy, 382-u.
Symbols with material things made the imagination teach the Intellect, 397-u.
Sympathy a force analogous to that of electricity, 89-l.
Sympathy for suffering and misery exists, 214-m.
Synesius, Bishop, held the doctrine of the transmigration of souls, 399-l.
Synesius, Bishop of Ptolemais, a Kabalist, saying of, 103-m.
Synesius composed hymns fitted for the liturgy of Swedenborg's church, 731-l.
Synosius concealed Science under a Christian disguise, 732-l.
Syrians abstain from fish out of dread and abhorrence, 456-m.


Taaut of the Phoenicians the same as Hermes, 586-l.
Taaut the author of serpent worship among the Phoenicians, 501-u.
Taaut the first to represent the Stars by symbols, 501-u.
Tabernacle and Temple; seven lamps in the great candlestick of the, 59-m.
Tabernacles, Feast of, lasted seven days, 59-l.
Tabernaculum, the Zodiac, the Great Tent, symbolism of the, 409-l.
"Tablet of Emerald," words engraven by Hermes on the, 324-m.
Tabunah, Intelligence represented by the Hebrew letters, 800-m.
Tacitus held no office, 47-l.
Tacitus, writings of, 27-u.
Tages, the Etruscan Tamet or Thoth, the giver of laws, 551-m.
Talismans given to candidates for the Mysteries of the Basilideans, 542-m.
Talmud, personification of the elements in the, 270-l.
Talmudists transpose letters to conceal secret meanings, 699-u.
Tamerlane's conquest less important than the invention of Faust, 314-u.
Tarot contains the Kabalistic alphabet, 777-l.
Taro, of the Kabalists, corresponds to the Hebrew Tetragram, 732-m.
Tartarus, allegorical to the Initiates, the ceremonies depicted horrors of, 396-m.
Tartarus, physical tortures of, were but a symbol of the consequences of sin, 383-u.
Tartarus, Virgil describes the punishments of the wicked in, 381-m.
Tatian adopted the theory of the Emanation of Eons, 564-u.
Tatius, Achilles, held that each Star is an immortal Soul, 671-m.
Tau cross in various forms and applications, 503-505.
Tau, the last letter of the Sacred Alphabet, signifies the end of the Great Work, 790-l.
Taurus and Scorpio figure in history of Osiris, being the two equinoxes, 478-m.
Taurus opening the new year was the Creative Bull, 448-u.
Taurus or Bull: after Sun advanced to Aries reverence was paid to, 450-m.
Taurus, the Bull, a symbol in the Mithraic case of initiation, 424-l.
Taurus, the Bull, named because it was time to plow, 446-m.
Teacher, Death is the great, 183-l.
Teachings of Gnosticism, 248-l.
Teachings of Masonry are - , 221-u.
Teen is the universal principle and prolific source of all things, 616-m.
Tehiru, Splendor, the First Matter, a Vestige of the Sublime Brilliance, 751-u.
Temperance, the antipodes of Gluttony, represented by Saturn, 727-l.
Templar ambitions and aims were to be rulers over the Masters of the World, 817-l.
Templar Chiefs: hints in the degrees and symbols indicate the real beliefs of the, 819-u.
Templar Chiefs studied the Hermetic science, 840-l.
Templar doctrines were two - Johannism for the Masters, and Roman Catholics, 817-l.
Templar efforts all directed against the Pope after the execution of the King, 824-u.
Templar fall coincided with the period of manifestations of Occultism, 823-u.
Templar Order professed orthodoxy, but the chiefs only knew the aim of the Order, 817-m.
Templar secret object the rebuilding of the Temple on the model of Ezekiel, 816-u.
Templar Secret Order had princes as Grand Masters, 823-l.
Templarism lived under other names, governed by unknown chiefs, 821-u.
Templars accused of impiety, obscenity and the worship of Baphomet, 820-m.
Templars and Hospitallers took vows of obedience, chastity, poverty, 802-u.
Templars arrested and imprisoned by Clement the Fifth and Philip le Bel, 820-m.
Templars, at the origin, were opposed to the tiara of Rome and the crown of kings, 817-m.
Templars' avowed object was to protect pilgrims visiting Holy places, 815-l.
Templars became a menace to Church and Society, 815-l.
Templars concealed themselves under the name of Brethren Masons, 816-m.
Templars, dead long ago, haunt the Vatican and disturb the Papacy, 814-l.
Templars' decay due to inherent weakness, haughty ambition, ignorance, 819-m.
Templars disappeared at once and their wealth confiscated, 821-u.
Templars' dogma connected with Oriental philosophy by symbols used, 235-m.
Templars encouraged new worship, promising liberty of conscience, 818-l.
Templars initiated in the mysterious doctrines of the Kabalah, 815-l.
Templars: occult science of the Magi guessed at under the obscurities of the, 839-m.
Templars of modern days have no right to the title, 821-m.
Templars, or Poor Fellow-Soldiery of the Holy House of the Temple, 816-m.
Templars perished in their fatal victory, 824-u.
Templars preserved or profaned the remembrance of the Absolute, 840-m.
Templars saved the French King, to afterwards, ensure the scaffold, 823-l.
Templars succeeded by the Knights of the East and of the East and West. 816-m.
Templars the dream of sects of Gnostics or Illuminati, 815-l.
Templars' trowel has triangular plates arranged in the form of a cross, 816-m.
Templars united with Rose Croix Adepts and formed a Mystic Sect, 821-m.
Templars, when rich, became insolent and overbearing, 820-u.
Temple an abridged image of the world, furniture, symbolism, 410.
Temple built by Wisdom has at its portal Jachin and Boaz, 860-m.
Temple built painfully slowly, destroyed very quickly, 320-m.
Temple gates opened but once a year for ceremonies of initiation, 421-u.
Temple of Jerusalem a symbol, 241-u.
Temple of Mecca an Iona surrounded by 330 stones, 236-u.
Temple of Paestum had fourteen pillars on each side, 235-l.
Temple of Saba Zeus at Thrace, on mount Zelmisso, form, 410-l.
Temple of Solomon a symbolic image of the Universe, resembled - , 208-l.
Temple of Solomon and ornaments referred to the order of the World, 408-l.
Temple of Solomon represented World, Sea, Earth, Heaven, 409-m.
Temple of Solomon symbolic of the Universe, 304-l.
Temple of Solomon, symbolism of the, 235-m.
Temple, one object of the early Christians was the building of the Symbolic, 369-l.
Temple represented the world in miniature, 234-l.
Temple, spirit of the Divine law at the rebuilding of the, 241-l.
Temple, the whole world one grand; Plato Macrobius, 235-u.
Temples everywhere, 241-u.
Temples have for roofs the starred vault of Heaven, 235-l.
Temples in the shape of a cross built by the Druids, 337-m.
Temples of Chilminar, Baalbeck, Tartary, had forty pillars, 235-l.
Temples of Hindus and Druids built in the form of a cross, 504-m.
Temples, Persians, Celts, Scythians, disliked roofed, 235-u.
Temples, reason for burning the Grecian, 235-u.
Temples surrounded by pillars a representation of - , 235-l.
Temples, the most ancient, were roofless, 235-u.
Temples, thick groves were planted to produce gloom in the, 383-l.
Temptation, evils of yielding, even in slight matters, to, 217. Temptation, reason for not falling may be freedom from, 130-l.
Ten Commandments, Masonic, 17-l.
Ten, concludes the Abacus or Table of Pythagoras, 638-m.
Ten, in its relation to the Ocean, as a conception of God, 752-l.
Ten includes all the other numbers; represented by - , 60-l.
Ten numerations or Sephiroth contained in each other, 753-l.
Ten represented God, Man, the Universe, 638-m.
Ten the number of Perfection, 60-l.
Ten, the Perfect number, corresponds with the Tetractys, 323-m.
Ten, the perfect number of the Cabalists, denotes Heaven, etc, 505-u.
Ten written as Unity in the center of Zero; a symbol of Deity, 638-m.
Tenth Degree, Illustrious Elect (Elu) of the Fifteen, devoted to - , 160-l.
Tenth Degree members should lead in enlightening, 171-l.
Tenets of Mason's profession, 21-u.
Tepharet, Harmony and Beauty, produced by Geburah and Gedulah, 764-l.
Tepharet, one of the Sephiroth; Beauty, 753-m.
Tephareth degree concealed and contained in Malakoth, Haikal, 799-m.
Tephareth including numerations from Khased or Gedulah to Yesod, is a person, 799-m.
Tephareth is a person called Seir Aupin, or Microprosopos, 799-m.
Tephareth represented by Vau, Beauty, the column which supports the world, 799-l.
Territorial extension, injustice of, 73-l.
Ternaries form a part of the Evangelic Symbols, 730-l.
Ternary conceals the great Mysteries of God and the Universe, 791-l.
Ternary explained by the balance and multiplied by itself, 769-l.
Ternary formed by the relation of equality between Above and Below, 771-m.
Ternary hidden in Masonry and the Hermetic Philosophy, 791-l.
Ternary is the bringing back of duality to unity, 760-l.
Ternary is the first odd number having in itself the beginning, middle, end, 760-l.
Ternary teaches the equilibrium of Contraries and resultant Harmony, 792-u.
Ternary the first of the unequal numbers, 631-m.
Tertullian states that none were admitted to the Mysteries without an oath, 544-u.
Tessel, description and symbolism of the Indented, 14-u.
Tessellated pavement and bicolored handle of the dagger a reminder of the two principles, 818-u.
Tessera, a square piece of metal or wood; meanings and application, 547-m.
Tessera, a symbol to distinguish between the Faithful and Profane, 548-u.
Tessera Hospitalis, a piece of wood cut in two as a pledge of friendship, 547-m.
Tessera in the shape of a fish used as a mark by early Christians, 547-l.
Tessera inscribed with a Greek word, the initials signifying - , 547-l.
Tesserated, not tessellated, floor of white and black lozenges, denticulated, 818-m.
Testament: human nature is the new, 715-m.
Testament: material nature is the old, 715-m.
Tests of water, air and fire, symbolism of the, 397-u.
Tetractys composed of three times three smaller triangles, 826-l.
Tetractys, Hebrew formation of: cut of, 88-m.
Tetractys leads to study of numbers, Kabalah, True Word, 88-m.
Tetractys of Pythagoras corresponds to the ten Sephiroth, 323-m.
Tetractys of Pythagoras, how composed, 60-l.
Tetractys of Pythagoras represents the ten, 638-m.
Tetractys of round dots revered by the Essenes, 264-l.
Tetractys of the Pythagoreans by which they swore their oaths, 633-l.
Tetractys should be replaced among symbols of Master's Degree, 88-m.
Tetractys, suspended in the East in the 31st Degree, represents Deity, 826-m.
Tetractys, symbol borrowed by Pythagoras from Egyptians, 88-m.
Tetractys the symbol of the generative power of the Universe, 826-l.
Tetrad expresses the first mathematical power, 632-l.
Tetragram of the Hebrews is Azot, Thot, Taro; it contains everything, 732-m.
Tetragram, signification of the four letters of the Sacred, 104-l.
Tetragram the last word of Science and the key of Divine Power, 732-m.
Tetragram understood only by those who know the necessity of secrecy, 732-m.
Tetragrammaton expressed triangularly a symbol of Creation, 698-l.
Tetragrammaton forbidden to be pronounced except once each year, 620-u.
Tetragrammaton in Adam Kadmon by its letters, 757-u.
Tetragrammaton of the Hebrews the four-lettered word, 633-l.
Tetragrammaton of three Hebrew letters, one repeated, 323-m.
Tetragrammaton or the Ineffable Name is I, H, U, H, 698-m.
Tetragrammaton sometimes expressed triangularly, 698-l.
Tetragrammaton: the Elder Most Holy is the name, 795-u.
Tetragrammaton's meaning and pronunciation concealed, 700-l.
Thales learned that the Earth revolved around the Sun in Egypt, 843-u.
Thartae, a god with the head of an ass, Christianity said to be the reign of, 103-u.
Theater of Scaurus surrounded by 360 columns, 236-u.
Thebes, seven gates of, 233-m.
Theism of Anaxagoras subversive of the religion of outward nature, 679-u.
Theism of the Hebrews involved in symbols and image worship, 514-m.
Theoclet, Johannite Pontiff, initiated de Payens into the Gnostic Mysteries, 817-u.
Theodoret, Bishop of Cyropolis, speaks of the secrecy of Christian Mysteries, 547-u.
Theodorus gives Iabe as the Samaritan name of Deity, 700-l.
Theologers preceded Greek Philosophy, 683-m.
Theological ideas expressed by allegory by philosophers, 678-u.
Theological system formed on the doctrine of the two principles, 661-l.
Theology, at first an abstract idea, grows into all our relations, 643-m.
Theology based on writings of Aristotle and Lombard purely scholastic, 847-u.
Theology of the Kabalah like that which is best explained by the Fathers, 843-l.
Theology of the Kabalah is consistent and harmonious, 843-l.
Theopmatus held that each Star is a part of the Universal Soul, 671-m.
Theopompus declares the two principles shall alternate in victory, 663-u.
Theoretical principles of right may work practical injustice, 834-l.
Theories advanced to explain the independent existence of Good and Evil, 682-u.
Theorists, the Mason should have no alliance with impracticable, 338-m.
Theosophy, in Greek traditions were found the mysteries of, 250-u.
Therapeutae were Christians, their writings our Gospels, 265-m.
Therapeuts, Persian and Pythagorean opinions in the creed of the, 259-l.
Therapeuts reside in Egypt in the vicinity of Alexandria, 260-u.
Thibet, Pythagorean doctrine of numbers preserved by monks of, 235-m.
Thibet: the great Chinese dragon ornamented the Temples of, 500-l.
Things and beings, marvelous relations between; instances - , 41-m.
Things material and things of the intellect, 41-l.
Things the progeny of one fire; the Soul a bright fire, is immortal, 611-m.
Think as the Old Lords of Thought command us, 315-m.
Third day of Greek Mysteries devoted to sacrifices, religious rites, etc, 433-l.
Third Degree, Master, 62-u.
Thirteen robes presented to initiates represent Heavens and signs, 506-l.
Thirteenth Degree, legend of; an allegory representing - , 208-l.
Thirteenth Degree, Royal Arch of Solomon; legend and history of, 204-u.
Thirty-second Degree, Master of the Royal Secret, Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, 839.
Thomas, Christian General at the battle of Damascus, 53-m.
Thor and Odin fight with Dragons, 499-m.
Thor, Odin, Frea, the Scandinavian Trinity, 552-u.
Thor, son of Odin and Frea, one of the Northern triune Deity, 13-l.
Thor was the Sun, a counterpart of Osiris and Bel, 368-u.
Thot, of the Bohemians, corresponds to the Hebrew Tetragram, 732-m.
Thoth named by other nations Taaut, Hermes, Trismegistus and Adris; doings of, 364.
Thoth of the Egyptians the same as Hermes, 586-l.
Thoth or Phtha, an Egyptian skilled in the Mysteries of India, Persia, Ethiopia, 364-u.
Thoth, the Egyptian God of Healing, leans on a stick with coiled snake, 501-m.
Thoth the terrestrial repetition of the first Hermes, 255-u.
Thought, a Force, 2-u.
Thought in the Soul: the second in the Masonic Trinity, 575-l.
Thought is a Power; not matter or spirit; lives after a man, 573-m.
Thought is all repose and Nature all movement, 680-l.
Thought is eternal, is an actual existence, a Force and Power, 573-l.
Thought: nothing can compare with the grandeur of a, 201-m.
Thought of God a Power, 573-u.
Thought of God, Being of his Being, manifested in Intelligence, 560-u.
Thought of God, immortal as Himself, uttered itself in the Word, 575-u.
Thought personified by the Goddess Neith, a divinity of Light, 254-u.
Thought the only reality, 676-u.
Thought unlocks all the treasures of the Universe, 201-l.
Thoughts are the scintillations and rays of Intellect, 845-u.
Thoughts of dead legislators govern our present deeds, 315-l.
Thrace, passion, death and resurrection of Bakchos represented at, 411-u.
Three appears in all the ancient Philosophies, 548-m - 552.
Three degrees of generation, Birth, Life, Death; beginning, middle, end, 631-u.
Three essential degrees in Masonry because of the sacred Triad, 631-m.
Three figures constantly in Masonry; instances - , 548-m.
Three in One of a Trinitarian Ecossais, 575-l.
Three lights at the Altar represented the Sun, Moon, Mercury, etc, 548-m.
Three means Father, Son, Spirit; the triangle within the square, 629-l.
Three, or Triad, expressed by a triangle, 57-l.
Three, peculiar to Apprentices, from the three Kings of Orion, 487-u.
Three, Pythagoras on the number, 97-m.
Three represented by the Supreme Being, 209-u.
Three revered by all antiquity and consecrated in the Mysteries, 631-m.
Three, symbolism of the number, 209.
Three symbolizes the Earth; it is a figure of the terrestrial bodies, 632-m.
Three, the number of the triangle, measures the base, 861-m.
Three times three in a symbolic sense, 827-u.
Three was called perfect harmony by the Pythagoreans, 632-m.
Three worlds of the Philosophy of the Sephiroth, 99-m.
Threefold alliance of day and night; the luminous image of the dogma, 848-u.
Threes form the triple progression, Past, Present, Future, 631-u.
Throne and Church mutually sustain each other, 33-u.
Throne of France to be overthrown upon the tomb of de Molai, 824-u.
Throne of Solomon, bulls on arms, lions supporting, symbolism, 410-l.
Tiara of Rome opposed by the Templars at their origin, 817-m.
Tiberius as Emperor to be opposed by Masonry, 20-l.
Tiberius, reference to the reign of, 47-l.
Timaeus explains the symbolism of the pyramid, 460-u.
Timacus, of Locria, wrote of the Pythagorean doctrine, Soul of the World, 667-u.
Timacus regarded the Universe as an intelligent being, 670-u.
Time; evolution of the ancient division of, 445-m.
Time; seeking a revelation from the busy ant-hill of, 191-u.
Time symbolized by a serpent ring, 497-l.
Time, waste of, 115-m.
Tipharet, the Son, or issue, Beauty or Harmony, the sixth Sephiroth, 552-m.
Tiphe, wife of Re, clad in blue and gold, the type of Wisdom, 254-l.
Titans tore Dionusos in pieces, assisted by Heri, 585-l.
Toil, a part of the spiritual instrumentality is every implement of, 243-l.
Toil is worship - the noblest thing beneath the Stars, 342-l.
Toil of brain or hand or heart the only true manhood, 344-u.
Toil, religion of, 212-u.
Toleration a component part of Charity, 166-l.
Toleration enemy of that fanaticism which persecutes for opinion's sake, 160-l.
Toleration holds that every other man has the same right of faith as ourselves, 160-m.
Toleration, in early Christianity were evidences of the spirit of, 247-l.
Toleration, Masonic creed and view of, 167-m.
Toleration taught as one of the chief duties of a Mason, 166-l.
Tomb a part of the paraphernalia of the Mysteries of Isis at Sais, 405-m.
Tools and implements of Masonry are symbols, 330-l.
Tower, Temple of Bal at Babylon was a, 234-m.
Towers surmounting Pagodas, 234-m.
Towers symbolize the two furnaces for the fire, 783-u.
Tracingboard displays a luminous triangle with a Yod in the center,782-l.
Transcendental philosophy reposed on comparatively shallow bases, 674-l.
Transcendental philosophy, that of a Deity both eminent and transcendent, 614-m.
Transmigration of souls a doctrine of the Hindu religion, 604-m.
Transmigration of souls according to Pythagoras and disciples, 622-623.
Transmigration of souls, explanation of the doctrine of the, 398-m - 399.
Transmigration of souls held by the Druids, 618-u.
Transmigration of souls involved a noble element of truth, 622-m.
Transmigration of souls taught by Pythagoras as an allegory was accepted literally, 398-m.
Transmigration of souls, the early Christians held the doctrine of the, 399-l.
Transposition of the letters of a word common amongst Talmudists, 698-m.
Transposition used to conceal secret meanings, 699-u.
Tree of Knowledge became the Tree of Death, 844-u.
Tree of Life represented by the branch of Acacia, 786-l.
Tree under which Atys died was a pins and held sacred to him, 423-l.
Triad includes in itself the properties of the first two numbers, 631-m.
Triad of the Druids inscribed on a cruciform tree, 504-u.
Triad of Plato, explanation and symbolism of the, 87-l.
Triad plays an important part in the philosophy of Plato; the image of Deity, 631-m.
Triad produced by the union of the Monad and Duad, 631-m.
Triad signifies the world formed by a creative principle out of matter, 631-m.
Triad venerated by Masons in the symbol of the triangle, 631-m.
Triads, Egyptian deities arranged in, 87-m.
Triads formed of the old Gods, often called a Trinity, 548-549.
Triads of ancient religions, 548-m - 552.
Triads of the Egyptians, of Thebes. Philae, the Cataracts, 548 m. Trials of candidates during Initiations were very severe, 385-m.
Triangle consecrated whose sides are emblems of the three Kingdoms, or God, 632-u.
Triangle: Deity symbolized by the double equilateral, 634-l.
Triangle, description and symbolism of Kabalistic, 104-m.
Triangle, Divine, the Trinity, the Triliteral Name, composed of - , 323-m.
Triangle, equilateral, one of the symbols of Chinese Mysteries, 429-m.
Triangle, equilateral, reversed, inscribed in double circle, Kabalistic, 104-m.
Triangle figures to the Masonic, Judge the Pyramids, firm and unshaken, 826-l.
Triangle has for its center the Hebrew Jod, the generative principle, 632-u.
Triangle in connection with the Compass forms the Star of Solomon, 841-u.
Triangle in a Lodge indicates - , 209-l.
Triangle, infinite, above equaling what is below, 34-l.
Triangle, mystic and interlaced, found in India, 292-m.
Triangle of Perfection: One is three and three are one in each, 861-l.
Triangle of Solomon explained by St. John, 792-u.
Triangle of the Greeks the initial of the Latin or French word for God, 631-l.
Triangle of the Idea united to the Square of the Form becomes the Septenary, 321-l.
Triangle represents one God in three persons; the Yod the initial of the last word, 782-l.
Triangle represents the eternal because it is the first perfect figure, 631-l.
Triangle surmounted by a cross symbolizes the perfection of the Great Work, 790-l.
Triangle, symbolism of a right-angled, 87 - . Triangle symbolizes action and reaction and the result, 861-u.
Triangle, the chief symbol in Masonry, formed by the points of the Tetractys, 826-m.
Triangle, three great words names of the three sides of the Kabalistic, 104-m.
Triangle to all the Sages the symbol of Deity, 861-u.
Triangle upon a square within a circle part of an Hermetic symbol, 850-m.
Triangle with right angles in a diagram and described, 789-m.
Triangles, Kabalistic and Divine, 738-u.
Triangles represented in the Stars, 487-m.
Triangle's sides offered for the study of the Apprentice, Fellow-Craft, Master, 632-u.
Triangle's sides represent Wisdom, Strength, Beauty or Harmony, 826-m.
Triangular plate sunk in cube; teachings of the name of Deity engraved on a, 209-u.
Triangulation, measurement by, 34-m.
Triglav, the three-headed God of the Sclavo-Vendes, 551-m.
Triliteral A, U, M gives initiate of the Indian Mysteries, 428-m.
Triliteral Iao was the sacred name of the Supreme Deity, 701-u.
Trimalcion as Legislator to be opposed by Masonry, 20-l.
Trimurti or Brahmin Trinity, Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, 550-m.
Trinitarian, Scottish, or Prince of Mercy, the 26th Degree, 524.
Trinities of the Ancient Religions, 576-m.
Trinities of the Kabalists the origin of the Christian Trinity, 552-m.
Trinity, article in all creeds, 57-l.
Trinity believed in by Julian; also one God, 731-l.
Trinity of attributes of Deity, Justice, Wisdom, Mercy, the ninth Truth of Masonry, 537-u.
Trinity of attributes of God, Wisdom, Strength, Harmony, 525-u.
Trinity of God's attributes are Perfect and do not conflict, 537-u.
Trinity of God's attributes represented by the Triple Tau, 503-l.
Trinity of Power, Wisdom and Harmony, 209-l.
Trinity of the Chaldean oracles, Light, Fire, Flame, 740-l.
Trinity of the Christians; origin of the, 552-m.
Trinity of the Druids, significance of names of the, 103-l.
Trinity of the Father, the Spirit, the Word, 564-m.
Trinity, philosophical dissertation on the, 99-m.
Trinity represented by the three sides of the Delta, 531-m.
Trinity, the three principles of the, 210-u.
Tripartite division of the Good principle, a dogma of the Hindus, 604-m.
Triple progression of threes has foundation in the three ages of nature, 631-u.
Triple progression, three; three times three; three times nine; three times twenty-seven, 631-u.
Triple Tau cross in center of a circle and triangle typifies the Sacred Name, 503-m.
Triple Tau represents the creating, preserving, destroying powers, 503-m.
Triple Tau represents the three great lights of Masonry, 503-m.
Triple triangle, a Pythagorean emblem of Health, 634-m.
Triple triangle, a symbol of the Triple Covenant and - , 533-m.
Triple triangle among all nations a symbol of Deity, 826-l.
Triple triangle and a circle are the Sephiroth, 769-l.
Triple triangle found in the number of the offspring of Heaven and Earth, 728-l.
Tripod of Pythian Priestess embodied a triple-headed serpent, 501-l.
Triptolemus gave initiation to Hercules, 586-u.
Trismegistus engraved on stone the dogmas of the science of Magism, 839-l.
Trismegistus, Hermes, supposed to have written "Minerva Mundi", 790-m.
Triune Deity represented by the cord of the initiate, our cable tow, 361-u.
Triune Deity symbolized by the three officers, lights, jewels, pillars, 361-u.
Triune God of Chinese alluded to by the symbol Y, 429-m.
Trowel an emblem of the Degrees of Prince of Jerusalem, 242-m.
Trowel and Sword the emblem of the Templars, 816-m.
Trowels of the proscribed Templars built tombs for its persecutors, 821-u.
Trowel of the Templars is quadruple, making the Kabalist pantacle, 816-m.
True God, only religious requisite is a virtuous life and belief in one, 164-u.
"True Mason" styled the twenty-third or the twelfth of the fifth class, 782-l.
True name of God to be revealed at the coming of the Messiah, 621-m.
True Royal Secret which makes possible the Holy Empire, 861-l.
True, the Beautiful, the Good, are but revelations of one and the same Being, 708-u.
True things refer themselves to a Unity which is Absolute Truth, 702-m.
True Word discovered by the aid of the Tetractys, 88-m.
True Word found, without naming, in Hu of the Druids, and Fo-Hi, 702-u.
True Word of a Mason finds a meaning in the Ineffable Name of Deity, 697-m.
True Word of a Master Mason, 727-u.
True Word of a Master Mason, 861-l.
True Word said to be lost because its meaning was lost, 701-l.
Truth a divine attribute, the foundation of virtue, 184-l.
Truth and Intelligence are attributes of God, but not of the individual Soul, 607-l.
Truth and Intelligence not the eternal attributes of the individual Soul, 852-u.
Truth and Intelligence the eternal attributes of God, not of the individual Soul, 852-u.
Truth and loyalty needed now as in days of old, 578-m.
Truth and morality were virtues practiced by the Druids, 619-u.
Truth: amelioration and improvement effected by dissemination of, 218-m.
Truth as a basis of all religions, 311-l.
Truth at the foundation of the old Heathenism, 599-u.
Truth, Christ proclaims the old primitive, 309-u.
Truth comes to us tinged and colored with our prejudices, 166-m.
Truth concealed from the Profane preserved to the Elect by symbols, 810-u.
Truth deposited in a sacred place to be searched for, 785-l.
Truth, Divine, given to the first men preserved by Masonry, 136-m.
Truth, Divine, symbolized by the Star blazing in the distance, 136-m.
Truth hidden under symbols and allegories, 246-l.
Truth, incapacity to grasp, prevalent, 77-l.
Truth: Indians taught Zoroaster, who taught Pythagoras Primitive, 617-l.
Truth is a Divine attribute and the foundation of every virtue, 852-u.
Truth is in God and is God under one of His phases, 707-l.
Truth, Justice, Right in principle a result of the equilibrium of Wisdom and Power, 859-u.
Truth known concerning the nature of Deity contained in the True Word of a Mason. 697-m.
Truth, mathematical and practical, the Hermetic universal medicine of the mind, 773-m.
Truth, not acceptable to the mass of mankind is the highest, 37-u.
Truth, not attainable anywhere is perfect, 223-u.
Truth of a less metaphysical and more applicable kind sought after, 682-m.
Truth, our duty to press forward in search of, 223-u.
Truth overlaid with fictions after the Divine Word became obscured, 599-l.
Truth put in practice is the Good, 725-u.
Truth represented by symbols and hidden images, 436-u.
Truth separable into kinds, 148-l.
Truth sometimes reaches us on the borrowed wings of Error, 224-m.
Truth sought in general opinion by Socrates, 693-u.
Truth symbolized by Light, 148-l.
Truth symbolized by the Sun, 776-m.
Truth the object of worship of a Masonic Knight, 579-m.
Truth, the outflowing of the conjunction of Hakemah and Binah, 763-l.
Truth the Sun and Light of the intellectual and visible Universe, 606-u.
Truth to the Philosopher not Truth to the Peasant, 224-m.
Truth which creates the Future heralded by the Star of Knowledge at its birth, 843-m.
Truths, Astronomical details and natural operations in the Mysteries veil great, 375-m.
Truths fitted to make earth a Paradise revealed to man, 227-u.
Truths have been hated as errors at times by public opinion, 218-l.
Truths hidden by symbols and allegories of old fables and superstitions, 508-l.
Truths, Masonry teaches all, 148-l.
Truths must be committed to the few to preserve their purity, 624-l.
Truths of Masonry, 533-538.
Truths of Masonry not inculcated, but hinted, 218-u.
Truths of primitive revelation veiled from the knowledge of the people, 624-m.
Truths of religion inculcated by Masonry, 576-l.
Truths of the Period as good as men were capable of receiving, 37-u.
Truths: the great fundamental primitive, 609-m.
Truths which are concealed are not lost; those discovered are not new, 842-l.
Truths which have been and are the law in every age, 227-m.
Tsaboath, with Alohayim; symbolism of, 104-m.
Tsadoc, Hebrew name for Jupiter, meaning and symbol of, 202-m.
Tsadok, the Supreme God of Phoenicia, the Heptaktis, 728-m.
Tsemsum the term applied to the first contraction, 746-u.
Tsur, Tyre, celebration of the festival of Dec. 25th at, 78-l.
Tuscan order of architecture is emblematic of - , 202-u.
Twelfth Degree; Grand Master Architect; duties of the, 189-u.
Twelfth Degree, teachings of the, 202-l.
Twelve chief Eons were the Genii of the Constellations, called Olamin 566-u.
Twelve divisions adopted by Plato, Lycurgus, Cecrops, Chun, Romulus, 462-u.
Twelve fellowcrafts in search of body and assassins; reference to Stars, 489.
Twelve Gods recognized by most ancient peoples, 460-m.
Twelve-inch rule and common gavel, 1-m.
Twelve is celebrated in the worship of Nature, 638-l.
Twelve, number of oxen under Brazen Sea; of stones in the breastplate of the H.P., 61-u.
Twelve represents the Articles of Faith; twelve Apostles, etc., 628-u.
Twelve signs of the Zodiac related to the Master's legend, 488-u.
Twelve signs of the Zodiac represented in the Labyrinth, 459-l.
Twelve the image of the Zodiac and the Sun, which rules over it, 638-l.
Twelve, the number of lines of equal length that form a cube, 61-u.
Twentieth Degree, Master of the Symbolic Lodge, duty of the, 325-u.
Twenty-eighth Degree, Knight of the Sun, or Prince Adept, 581.
Twenty-fifth Degree, Knight of the Brazen Serpent, teachings, 435-m.
Twenty-first Degree, Noachite or Prussian Knight; lessons of the, 334-u.
Twenty-fourth Degree, Prince of the Tabernacle, 371-u.
Twenty-ninth Degree, Grand Scottish Knight of St. Andrew, 801-u.
Twenty-second Degree, Prince of Libanus, Knight of the Royal Axe, 340-u.
Twenty-seventh Degree, Knight Commander of the Temple, 578-u.
Twenty-sixth Degree, Prince of Mercy or Scottish Trinitarian, 524.
Twenty-third Degree, Chief of the Tabernacle, 352-u.
Two expresses disorder, the Bad principle, 630-m.
Two independent, hostile Gods, according to the Manicheans, 565-l.
Two is the Word; One is the Principle, 772-u.
Two principles, Good and Evil, acknowledged by philosophers, 660-m.
Two principles the basis of the religion of the Magi and of Egypt, 661-l.
Two principles whereof heaven and earth are forms, 655-l.
Two, symbol of Antagonism; Good and Evil; Light and Darkness, 57-l.
Two, with the Chinese, signified disorder, duplicity, 630-l.
Typhon, a power set up as an adversary of Osiris to account for Evil, 588-u.
Typhon: all stormy passions, etc., that agitate material man come from, 476-m.
Typhon, born of the earth, comparable to Python, slain by Apollo, 376-u.
Typhon, brother of Osiris, slew him and cut his body in pieces, 475-l.
Typhon compared to ignorance by Plutarch, 521-l.
Typhon derived from Tupoul, signifying a tree producing apples, 376-m.
Typhon, in morals, signifies Pride, Ignorance, Falsehood, 376-l.
Typhon is the personification of Winter, the desert, the ocean, 447-l.
Typhon put Osiris to death in the Mysteries of Isis at Sais, 405-m.
Typhon, Scorpion, ruled over evil genii of the hemisphere of winter, 449-u.
Typhon signifies serpent, life which circulates through all nature, 376-m.
Typhon signifies the human passions which expel wisdom, 376-m.
Typhon slew Osiris when the Sun was in the sign of Scorpion, at the Autumn, 377-l.
Typhon, the brother of Osiris, threw his body into the Nile, 589-m.
Typhon the principle and source of all evil, confounded with Matter, 255-u.
Typhon, the principle of corruption, darkness, evil, 478-u.
Typhon, the principle of Evil or Darkness, from the union of earth and Tartarus, 659-l.
Typhon, toward autumn the Woman's heel seems to crush the head of, 376-m.
Tyrannies of Rome, 3-u.
Tyrants use the force of people to enyoke the people, 3-l.
Tyre: description and symbolism of the furniture of the Temple at, 410-m.
Tyre, location of the Temple of Malkarth; old form, Tsur, 9-m.
Tyre, the seat of the celebration of the Phoenician Mysteries, 363-m.
Tyrian coins represented serpents in many attitudes, 501-u.
Tyrius, Maximus, says God did not spare his son, Hercules, 592-l.
Tyrius: Symbolic imagery of Deity defended by Maximus, 515-m.


Ultimate nature of things probably never will be known, 712-u.
Unbelief of the many, 296.
Understanding, the Capacity to be impregnated by the Active Energy, 305-m.
Unchanging nature of Deity compared with his perfect Freedom, 689-u.
Uniformity of plan among endless varieties of operation and form, 673-l.
Union of Deity with his creatures expressed by the Hebrew letter "He", 698-l.
Union of the Universe with itself termed "the Great Secrets of Nature", 659-u.
Union of True, Beautiful, Good in the Being from whom they emanate, 702-l.
Union with Deity the aspiration of the religious sentiment in man, 652-m.
Unit in number ten signifies God creating matter, the 0, 627-u.
Unit, in the fecundity of the Ternary, forms the Quaternary, the Key of all numbers, 771-m.
Unit is the symbol of identity, existence, harmony, point within the circle, 629-l.
Unit means a spirit embodied in the virgin earth - nature, 627-m.
Unit means a Word incarnate in the bosom of a virgin, or religion, 627-u.
Unit, or monad, a figure of the cube, 5-l.
Unity a necessary sequence from the conception of the Absolute, 702-l.
Unity and duality termed the first principles of all existence, 630-l.
Unity in which the many are and out of which all flow is Ihuh, 764-u.
Unity itself and the Idea of Unity are two; Unity manifested by the Binary, 771-u.
Unity measured by the Binary, 771-l.
Unity of Aristotle's First Mover follows from His immateriality, 679-l.
Unity of Force underneath the lives, wishes, wills of the people of the earth, 829-l.
Unity of God taught in the Orphic hymn quoted by Aristobulus, 415-u.
Unity of God taught in the Kabalah, 625-l.
Unity of Nature blended with a dim perception of Spiritual Essence, 687-m.
Unity of the Universe represented by the symbolic egg, 415-u.
Unity: the links that bind all created things together are the links of a single, 765-m.
Unity, the pivot, source, center, the august Idea of Pythagoras, 626-u.
Universal agent adored in the rites of the Sabbat or the Temple, 734-m.
Universal agent adored under figure of Baphomet or goat of Mendes, 734-m.
Universal agent is a force which if controlled would be infinite in power, 734-m.
Universal agent is the Life, principle, 734-l.
Universal Cause that was termed God; ancient ideas in reference to, 666-u.
Universal forces called the Seven great Archangels, 727-u.
Universal forces which govern the world create equilibrium by their contrasts, 727-u.
Universal: His ways are divided and judgment is on our side in the second, 794-u.
Universal idea felt rather than understood, 674-m.
Universal is an Idea abstracted from all considerations of individuals, 764-u.
Universal Laws of God: we strive to enact our notions into the, 830-u.
Universal medicine required for the Soul, Mind, Body, by the Hermetic practice, 773-m.
Universal Mover identified with the fluctuations of the Universe, 588-l.
Universal Nature worship a kin to that of the Universal Soul, 593-u.
Universal Principle is Wisdom, the Father of Fathers, 791-m.
Universal Reason believed in by Socrates and Heraclitus, 693-u.
Universal Seed represented under the figure of the Caduceus of Hermes, 775-u.
Universal Soul a Pythagorean doctrine from the Egyptians, 666-m.
Universal Soul comprised in Dionusos; all soul is a part of the, 586-m.
Universal Soul disseminated throughput the world in active operation, 474-m.
Universal Soul embraces all, is all, and to it all will return, 604-l.
Universal Soul idea sprung from doctrine of the Active and Passive, 661-m.
Universal Soul moves the immortal bodies that form the harmonious system of the heavens, 668-u.
Universal Soul organizes the Zodiac which gathers the varied. emanations, 669-u.
Universal Soul, the first of the Masonic Trinity, 575-l.
Universal Soul the source of all living things, 666-m.
Universal: the first person, Ani, I, is used by the second, 793-l.
Universal: the third person, Hua, He, is used by the first, 793-l.
Universals: all things are equally one in each of the two, 794-u.
Universals have each a wisdom, one above, one below, 794-m.
Universals, or four, Worlds, are Aziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, Asiah, 759-u.
Universals, or four Worlds, defined, 759-u.
Universals, the Unities out of which manifoldness flows, 755-u.
Universe: a combination of contraries the cause of the harmony of the, 660-l.
Universe a harmony, not a discord, the eighth Truth of Masonry, 536-l.
Universe a point half way upon the infinite line of eternity, 849-u.
Universe always existed in the Divine Mind, 849-m.
Universe an emanation from God to the Fellow-Craft, 640-u.
Universe an immense Being with an inherent activity, 665-u.
Universe and all the succession of events present to the infinite before Creation, 769-u.
Universe and God were one, according to the Kabalistic view, 765-m.
Universe and Soul separate, yet omnipresent, in the Universe, 672-u.
Universe and World synonymous terms to the ancients, 302-m.
Universe assigned a double sex by the Egyptians, 655-l.
Universe became so by the manifestation of the Thought of Deity outwardly, 700-m.
Universe: Benignity poured into the Autocracy of Deity ensures the succession of the, 769-m.
Universe came from the Orphic egg issued from the mouth of Kneph, 585-u.
Universe can not be viewed today from the ancient standpoint, 595-l.
Universe communicated its eternal life to animated beings, 665-l.
Universe composed of the Active, or Divine, and the Passive, or changing, 654-m.
Universe conceived by God's Thought and its creation willed, 575-u.
Universe controlled by the Word, God's Thought, 575-m.
Universe created by Deity through the agency of an infinite will, 684-l.
Universe created by God's Thought uttered in His Word, 576-l.
Universe emanating from Deity symbolized by the triangle, 827-m.
Universe: every particle is related to each other particle in the, 828-l.
Universe evolved from the Word, 582-m.
Universe existed in the first divine idea, yet unexpanded, 608-m.
Universe-God adored by the Ancients as Supreme Cause, God of Gods, 666-u.
Universe governed by fixed laws or special Providences, 684-l.
Universe has no more a beginning than Deity himself, 849-u.
Universe has no voids or empty space, 845-m.
Universe having perpetuity of movement and life, the Supreme Cause, 667-l.
Universe in action is God's mode of operation, 710-u.
Universe in idea and actuality contained in Deity to be developed, 849-u.
Universe in its totality and its parts was filled with intelligences, 669-l.
Universe in potence followed the Idea of Creation in Deity, 767-u.
Universe in the beginning but one Soul, the All, alone with Time and space, 582-m.
Universe intelligent and wise because man, a part of it, is so, 670-m.
Universe is dissolved and renewed in endless succession, 607-l.
Universe is God, atheistic at bottom is the statement that the, 707-l.
Universe is One, developing itself into the manifold, 765-m.
Universe is one Harmony, 737-m.
Universe: Laws and forces of the, 526-m.
Universe made by Ahura Mazda in 365 days, 613-l.
Universe made of fire, water, earth and all-nourishing ether, 611-l.
Universe moves, changes, exists by the Eternal Law of Harmony, 826-m.
Universe must have been coexistent with Deity because - , 684-u.
Universe never began to exist; created by the Word, 575-u.
Universe not an immense machine forced into movement, 664-l.
Universe not only animated, but intelligent, 669-m.
Universe of necessities, sequences of cause and effect, of life evolved from death, 831-u.
Universe of the Egyptians a living, animated being, like man, 665-l.
Universe of things is the stream that flows from Deity; His energy without cessation, 763-l.
Universe, or God, likened to the Ocean by the Egyptians, 665-m Universe, or productive Earth, symbolized by the Square, 851-m.
Universe outformed in the form of Male and Female, 763-m.
Universe plunged into chaos by a single effect without a cause, 735-l.
Universe preserved by Eternal Laws, the expression of God's Thought, 577-u.
Universe proceeded forth from Deity; not created by Him out of nothing, 764-m.
Universe put in movement by the power of the name of Adonai, 787-l.
Universe: questions concerning the creation or self-existence of the, 648.
Universe regarded as an intelligent being by some philosophers, 670-u.
Universe supplied the first model of the Temple, 408-l.
Universe sustained by the Divine Mercies, 800-u.
Universe, symbolism indicating the Power, Wisdom, Harmony of the, 209-l.
Universe, symbolized by a cave, displayed in the Mysteries, 417-u.
Universe symbolized by an egg, 254-m.
Universe symbolized by the Temple of Solomon, 208-l.
Universe symbolized by Zoroaster by a serpent, 496-l.
Universe the aggregate of the ideas of all things that exist, 670-m.
Universe the great Bible of God, 715-m.
Universe, the Infinite utterance of one of an infinite number of Infinite Thoughts, 100-m.
Universe the result of the creative Thought of God, 582-l.
Universe, the Thought of God pronounced, always was, 303-u.
Universe the utterance of the Divine Thought, 849-u.
Universe, the uttered Word of God, is infinite in extent, 303-u.
Universe to the ancients was a living thing, 596-m.
Universe to us a machine, a great clockwork, 595-l.
Universe vivified by a great Soul diffused everywhere, 414-l.
Universe void of God is an impossible abstraction, 707-l.
Universe was comprehended in Deity before it became, 700-m.
Universe was planned by Deity and was of Himself, though not His Very Self, 764-m.
Universe, whether governed by reason or chance, of little account if misunderstood, 694-m.
Universe will not conform to any absolute principle or arbitrary theory, 831-u.
Universe with Soul inherent, an ancient idea, 672-u.
Universe would be a failure without the reconciliation of Good and Evil, 767-m.
Upanischads asserts and develops the doctrine of the Mantras, 672-l.
Uriel, the face of an Eagle, on the East and forward, with Vau and Air, 798-m.
Urn, symbolism of the, 519-m.
Uschas and Mitra are Medie as well as Zend Deities, 602-u.
Uschas, the Dawn, leads forth the Gods in the morning, 602-m.
Utopia not possible with men having bodily wants and human passions, 835-m.
Utterance of the name of the Great God unlawful, 619-l.


Vacant space for Worlds formed by the recession of the Primal Light, 747-750.
Vacant space formed by the contraction of Deity within Himself at Creation, 766-u.
Vacant space, the Primal Space, called in the Kabalah Auira Kadmah, was square, 750-m.
Valentinians distinguished three orders of existence; described, 560-l.
Valentinians venerated the generative organs, symbols of fruitfulness, 656-m.
Valentinus defined God as exalted above all possibility of designation, 555-u.
Valentinus published the Materia Prima containing an Hermetic symbol, 850-m.
Valentinus, reared a Christian at Alexandria, held God was an Abyss, 559-l.
Value of little things and humble efforts, 230.
Van Helmont asserts spiritual beings possess limited divine power, 684-l.
Varouna, the "All Encompasser," almost as extensive as Indra, 602-m.
Vase of water in Mysteries to symbolize purification by water, 412-m.
Vau and He comprehend all things; all are one system, 800-m.
Vau, in the triliteral word, denotes the six members of the Microprosopos, 793-l.
Vau is Beauty and Harmony, 798-m.
Vau is denoted Microprosopos and is composed of the six parts that follow Hakemah and Binah, 794-l.
Vau is Tepharth considered as Unity, in which are the six members; itself is one, 799-l.
Vau is Yod moved lengthwise, as communication is from above to below, 792-l.
Vau moved sideways produces superfices, which is Daleth, 792-l.
Vaults, subterranean, represent - , 208-l.
Vav gave light to Yod by which great energy was conferred on Hakemah, 756-u.
Vav, in the middle of the three Yods, denotes Hakemah, 763-m Vav is both male and female, 763-m.
Vav is Tephareth, 758-u.
Vav of the Tetragrammaton in Adam Kadmon as Ruach, 757-u.
Vav with Yod and He completes the Triliteral Name, 323-m.
Veda apostrophized as living beings the physical objects of worship, 602-m Veda contains the most ancient religious effusions, 602-m.
Vedanta and Myaya philosophy regarding God and the Soul, 607-u.
Vedanta philosophy maintained the divine unity, 673-u Vedas detail the creation of the world, 609-l.
Vedas the voice of the universal organism called Pooroosha, 673-u.
Vedic book, Antareya A'ran'ya, gives an account of the creation, 609-u Vedic Gods, their origin and signification, 602-612.
Vedic spirit a pantheist monotheism, 672-l.
Vegetable Kingdom symbolized by Schib; studied by the Fellow-Craft, 632-u.
Veil; noises, lightning, thunder preceded the lowering of the, 433-u.
Veil removed revealed the image of the Goddess of the Mysteries, 433-u.
Veils of four colors represented the four elements, 409-m.
Venus inspires the soul with desires while passing through, 439-m.
Venus represents Charity, 727-l.
Venus, the name of the second gate of the ladder; material, tin, 414-u.
Verity: there is a method of knowing the incontestable, 842-m.
Vernal Equinox brought soft winds and warmth, 444-m.
Vernal Equinox most fully develops the creative or demiurge energy, 473-u.
Vernal Equinox; Principle of Good overcomes that of Evil at the, 664-m.
Vernal Equinox; Sun 4,500 years ago in Gemini at the, 401-l.
Vernal Equinox: the demiourgic action and energy most active at the, 664-m.
Vernal Equinox: the Israelites marched out of Egyptian bondage at the, 466-m.
Very Deity is all that may possibly be besides all that is, was, shall be, 819-m.
Vessels comparable to the Kings produced by Binah, 797-u.
Vessels contain within themselves the light of the sphere, 755-m.
Vessels of the Sephiroth below Binah broken that evil might be created, 791-l.
Vessels somewhat opaque and not so splendid as the light, 755-m.
Vessels were partitions between the greater and lesser Splendor, 755-m.
Vestige of His Light remains in the vacant space formed by Deity's contraction, 766-u.
Vestige of the Sublime Brilliance exists in a spherical shape, termed splendor, 751-u.
Vestiges of the Light, 747-750.
Vestiges of the seven Numerations formed by the light flowing down from Binah, 797-u.
Vestments of the High Priest and furniture described, 409-u.
Vice, condemnation for an undeserved reputation for, 131-l.
Vice generally rewarded with contempt and infamy, 705-l.
Vice only degrades men who are ennobled by virtue, 622-l.
Vice punished in this life, 101-u.
Victory: God's Will is not defeated nor thwarted, and that is the Divine, 848-l.
Victory is one of the last four of the Sephiroth of the Kabalah, 848-l.
Victory, one of the Sephiroth, the column Jachin, 267-l.
Victory over the human in man by the Divine the true Holy Empire, 855-u.
Vingolf or Gimli the Heaven of the Icelanders, 619-m.
Virgil enunciated the doctrine of the preexistence of souls in eternal fire, 399-l.
Virgil, in the Georgics, states that life returns to the Universal life, 666-l.
Virgil's verse borrowed from the ceremonies of initiation, 381-m.
Virgin mother idea among ancients, 104-u.
Virgin of the Zodiac bitten in the heel by the Serpent, 497-l.
Virgin: Spica Virginis and Arcturus heralded the coming of the Sun, 507-u.
Virgin: the march of time, seasons and epochs of the year connected with the, 507-u.
Virgo and Bootes at the Autumnal Equinox introduce the serpent, 455-l.
Virgo at the Winter Solstice rose with the Sun in her bosom, 455-l.
Virgo becomes Isis with Horus in her arms, 455-m.
Virgo in the domicile of Mercury, the device of Napthali, 462-u.
Virgo: Mercury was the companion and counsellor of Isis or the, 507-m.
Virgo named because of the Gleaning Virgin at Harvest, 446-m.
Virgo represented by Isis and Ceres at the Vernal Equinox, 506-m.
Virgo takes the name of Isis, or the Moon, and appears in all the fables, 507-m.
Virtue and Wisdom, only, defend and perfect man, 803-l.
Virtue as necessary to happiness a fundamental principle of the Hindu religion, 604-m.
Virtue assailed gains strength from resisted temptations, 194-l.
Virtue, credit given for an undeserved reputation for, 131-l.
Virtue ennobles men and vice only degrades them, 622-l.
Virtue exists in the perception and thought of a mind, 201-l.
Virtue in man shown in respect and love of others - justice, charity, 703-u.
Virtue in this world the condition of happiness in another life, 716-l.
Virtue is equilibrium in the Affections, 845-u.
Virtue is the truest liberty; the best example, 181-l.
Virtue means manliness chiefly, and includes patient endurance, 803-l.
Virtue not always rewarded, nor vice punished, in this life, 705-l.
Virtue rewarded in this life, 101-u.
Virtue: Sir Launcelot thought no chivalry equal to that of, 803-l.
Virtue the highest good and aim and purpose of man's life, 226-l.
Virtue the prize of the hard-fought battle or race, 181-m.
Virtue the surest road to happiness, 705-l.
Virtue, the work of genius less noble than that of, 349-l.
Virtue, Truth, Honor, and fidelity to vows prove the true Knight, 808-u.
Virtue, Truth is the foundation of, 184-l.
Virtue, unfortunate, hopes to be rewarded in another life, 717-u.
Virtue without happiness is a contradiction and a disorder, 724-m.
Virtues, by labor will man continually learn the, 342-m.
Virtues of man are God's attributes, 704-u.
Virtues of Masonry, four cardinal, 21-m.
Virtues turned into offenses against a forced, impractical law, 831-m.
Vishnu, the Preserver, manifested by his avatars or impersonations, 603.
Vishnu, the Preserving Power of the Hindu Trinity, 550-m.
Vishnu to judge the world at the last day: new Universe created, 623-m.
Vishnu, with Bramah and Seeva, manifestations of the One Deity, 205-u.
"Visible is for us the proportional measure of the invisible", 769-l.
Visible the measure of the invisible, 222-u.
Vital force of some persons absorbed by others, 735-u.
Vitellius, 3-u.
Vitellius, horrors of despotism under, 27-u.
Void does not exist in the Universe, nor does empty space, 845-m.
Void into which the Sun and Stars went on setting, 595-m.
Volatile applied to everything that more readily obeys the law of movement, 778-l.
Voltaire, throughout the ages will ring the words of, 43-u.
Vote of the People expresses the Active Energy of the Will of the Present, 860-u.
Vows and obligations to be well considered and kept, 111-l.
Vows of obedience, chastity, poverty, taken by the Hospitallers and Templars, 802-u.


War, for great principle, noble; for commercial supremacy, despicable, 70-m.
War, prevalence and effects of, 297-298.
War, results of, 124-l.
Washington adored because of his constant effort to be practically just, 836-l.
Water, a test representing the purifying of the soul in the march of years, 397-u.
Water and the vessel that produced it the primitive principle of things, 495-m.
Water formed by the action of a force of God on two invisible gases, 845-l.
Water gives the elements and principles of compounds nutriment, 784-m.
Water, the source of all things, one of the symbols of regeneration in the Mysteries, 357-l.
Waters and great rivers symbolized by a Dragon, 498-l.
Waters first created by a thought of the Sole, Self Existing Power, 608-l.
Waters of forgetfulness, Rivers Ameles and Lethe, 439-u.
Wealth, degeneration of the families of, 347-l.
Wealth, evils of thirst for, 68-m.
Wealth, laudable methods of employing, 348-u.
Webb, explanations and improvements of, 105-m.
Wellington, saved by Blucher, defeats Napoleon, 42-m.
Well being, that wealth is to be acquired in a short time is against human, 345-m.
West, faith of the people of the East connected with that of the, 247-l.
"What is above is like what is below and what is below is like what is above," Hermetic Dogma, 790-m.
White and black in juxtaposition a symbol of the two Principles, 818-m.
White stone promised the faithful in the Apocalypse, 775-l.
White was of the nature of the Good Principle, or light, 662-m.
Wicked, according to the Edda, shall go to Hel and then to Nifthel, 619-m.
Wicked ultimately pardoned and admitted to endless bliss, 624-u.
Will action independent or outside the body not understood, 733-l.
Will and Capacity which unite to produce the Act of Intellection is always in conjunction, 766-l.
Will concentration necessary to success, 733-m.
Will is a Force, 91-u.
Will is the faculty that directs the forces of the Intellect, 738-u.
Will, like Thought, seems spontaneous; both Powers, 574-u.
Will, Man distinguished from the brute by the mastery of his, 192-l.
Will of Deity as Wisdom and the Capacity are Father and Mother of all that is, 766-l.
Will of Deity caused the Power in Him to exist, the intellectual faculty to exercise, 766-m.
Will of Deity determined Him to frame the idea of the Universe, 766-m.
Will of Deity flows forth as the Generative Power to beget intellectual action, 766-m.
Will of Deity is Kether, Crown, in which are included all other Emanations, 766-u.
Will of God and his perfect Freedom difficult of comprehension, 689-u.
Will of God is the Soul of all things that are, 755-u.
Will of God not defeated nor thwarted and that is the Divine Victory, 848-l.
Will of God only works in the material world, no secondary finite will, 828-m.
Will power and influence little understood, 733-m.
Will, strong and determined, can attain complete independence, 790-l.
Will to create was Creation; to plan was to will and create, 766-l.
Wills of others subject ours or are subjected by ours, 735.
Wind the breath of the universal organism called Pooroosha, 673-u.
Winter became emblematic of sin, evil and suffering, 447-l.
Winter: fallen angels ruled by a chief controlled the hemisphere of, 449-u.
Winter Solstice brought frost and long nights, 445-u.
Winter Solstice, Sun was said to die and be born again at the, 464-l.
Winter's continuance betokened by Prometheus chained in his cavern, 592-m.
Wisdom: a serpent extended at length was a symbol of Divine, 496-m.
Wisdom an attainable idea, 693-u.
Wisdom and Intellectual Generative Energy is male, 305-m.
Wisdom and Love, in Infinity, orders and does all that is, 859-u.
Wisdom and Power in equilibrium gives the principles of Truth, Justice, Right, 859-u.
Wisdom and Power of Deity are in equilibrium, 7-l.
Wisdom and Understanding are in Equilibrium in the Sohar, 305-m.
Wisdom and Understanding in the Kabalah are male and female, 305-m.
Wisdom and Will of Deity act simultaneously, 766-u.
Wisdom called Nous and Logos, Intellect or the Word, 267-l.
Wisdom communicated to Jesus the perfect Knowledge, Gnosis, 563-l.
Wisdom conjoined with Intelligence generates and are expanded in the Truth, 800-u.
Wisdom, Force, Harmony, the Great Attributes of the Essence of Deity, 531-m.
Wisdom in aiming at the best and being content with the best possible, 835-u.
Wisdom in each Universal, one above, one below, 791-m.
Wisdom in Hebrew writings is the Word of God, 323-l.
Wisdom in Kabalistic books is the creative agent of God, 323-l.
Wisdom, Infinite, rules in the Divine nature and in its Emanations, 768-m.
Wisdom is equilibrium in the Thoughts, 845-u.
Wisdom is the All, and contains the All, and the summary is the Holy Name, 793-u.
Wisdom is the Logos that creates, 323-m.
Wisdom is the principle of all things; in it beginning and end are found, 762-m.
Wisdom is the Principle of the Universe and from it thirty ways diverge, 794-m.
Wisdom issuing and shining from the Ancient shines as male and female, 800-u.
Wisdom, made fruitful by the Divine Light, produced Christos and Sophia-Achamoth, 563-u.
Wisdom must be possessed in the Absolute before Hermetic work can be thought of, 776-u.
Wisdom, Occult, conformed into male and female, Rigor and Love, 796-u.
Wisdom of God is His Will; His Will includes His Wisdom, 323-m.
Wisdom of God the mother of Creation, 251-l.
Wisdom of man a reflection of that of God, 251-l.
Wisdom of the daughter, or inferior, distinguished from the Superior Wisdom, 565-u.
Wisdom of the Divine limits the Divine Will; the result Beauty or Harmon, 846-l.
Wisdom of the Stoic and Epicurean contrasted, 694-m.
Wisdom, or the Infinite Divine Intelligence, a side of the Masonic triangle, 826-m.
Wisdom, pregnant with all that is, shone under the form of male and female, 763-m.
Wisdom represented by the Master of a Lodge, 7-l.
Wisdom, Strength, Harmony represented by the Triple Tau, 503-l.
Wisdom, Supernal, is Yod and all things are included in Yod, 793-u.
Wisdom synonymous with the Word, Son, Einsoph, the Nous, Sophia, 565-u.
Wisdom taught by consequences of erring, 181-u.
Wisdom the first produced and the Mother of all that exists. 553-u.
Wisdom the Mother of Creation, 552-l.
Wisdom, when expanded by flowing forth, is called the "Father of Fathers", 762-m.
Wisdom which thought the plan, 531-m.
Wolf chased by Sagittarius the emblem of Benjamin, the hunter, 461-l.
Woman in the constellation at the end of Autumn seems to crush the head of the Serpent, 376-m.
Woman is man's creation, 772-u.
Woman's perversity devised to account for moral evil, 690-m.
Word, a symbol is the pronunciation of the, 205-m.
Word, an allegory is made out of the loss of the True, 205-l.
Word and Secret; an understanding of the Hermetic necessary to an understanding of the, 777-l.
Word and the Sacred Name synonymous, 204-l.
Word, as Brahma, communicated to man the revelations to himself, 604-u.
Word became flesh, dwelt with us, and in Him were Pleroma, Truth, Grace, 559-l.
"Word becomes flesh and dwells among men;" communicates itself to men, 575-m.
Word, Christ proclaims a new God's, 309-u.
Word communicated living Power to man, 598-m.
Word created by God to give existence to men; the Ensoph of the Kabalah, 565-u.
Word created the Universe which, like Him, never began to exist, 575-u.
Word evolved the Universe, 582-m.
Word, examples of the personification of the, 268-l.
Word, found in the Phoenician creed, 268-m.
Word from the Father, by its power, brought the Light of Existence, 581-l.
Word given to initiate of Chinese and Japanese Mysteries, 429-u.
Word given to the initiate of the Indian mysteries, 428-m.
Word, God reveals Himself to us by His uttered, 324-u.
Word, Hebrews not permitted to pronounce now the, 204-m.
Word, in verity, of a Master Mason, 861-l.
Word Incarnate adored by three Magi, guided by a star, bearing gifts, 730-l.
Word is Light and the Life of Humanity, 849-l.
Word is lost when it ceases to be understood, 731-m.
Word is the First and Only begotten of the Father, 849-l.
Word is the First Begotten, not the first created Son of God, 772-m.
Word is Two: Principle is One, 772-u.
Word, Jehovah not the Ineffable, 205-m.
Word, Light and Life are emanations from the Primal Deity, 568-l.
Word, Logos, dwells in God in whom all his powers and attributes develop, 552-l.
Word, Logos, through which God acts on the Universe, 552-l.
Word, meaning of superstitious notions concerning the, 205-u.
Word not only Creator, but occupies the place of the Supreme Being, 251-l.
Word of a Mason found in the meaning of the ineffable Name, 697-m.
Word of a Master Mason, the true knowledge of God, 209-u.
Word of a Master supposed to be lost symbolizes the Christian faith after - , 641-l.
Word of God the universal invisible Light, cognizable by the senses, 742-u.
"Word" of Masonry a symbol of Ormuzd, 256-l.
Word of Plato and the Gnostics: the unuttered word within the Deity, 552-m.
Word or Thought expressed the third in the Masonic Trinity, 575-l.
Word, out of original truths misunderstood grew fables of the, 205-u.
Word, representing the Absolute, the reason for strange rites of initiation, 840-m.
Word, Sacred, written by Isis, but effaced by Typhon as soon as written, 376-l.
Word said to be a personified object of prayer, revealed and manifested, 613-l.
Word; "symbolism of the Alexandrian" unspeakable, 728-u.
Word, symbolism of the ignorance of the True, 223-m.
Word symbolizes the Saviour himself, 642-u.
Word, synonymous with Son, Wisdom; the Ormuzd of Zoroaster, 565-u.
Word that is the utterance and expression of being and life is that of the Absolute, 841-l.
Word, The, appears in ancient sects, 271-l.
"Word," the ever living emanation of the Deity, by virtue of which the world exists, 613-u.
Word, the highest conception of Deity we can form is the True, 223-m.
Word, the Image of the Supreme Being, Logos, 251-u.
Word, The, in the Phoenician Cosmogony, 278-m.
"Word," the instrumentality through which the warfare against death is carried on, 613-u.
Word, The, is Ormuzd, Ainsoph, Nous, Sophia, or Demiourgos, 271-l.
Word, The, is the reason of belief; the source of Logic: Jesus is the Word incarnate, 323-l.
Word, the manifestation and expression of God's Thought, 575-l.
Word, the manifestation and mode of communication of God's Thought, 575-u.
Word, the powers and attributes of God act through the, 251-l.
Word the protector of men and their Shepherd, 251-l.
Word, The, spoken of by Philo as being the same with God, 269-u.
Word, the statement of Arius concerning the, 279-l.
Word, the synonym for Wisdom, Intellect, 267-l.
Word, the True, is ineffable because - , 223-m.
Word, the utterance of the thought of God, 552-m.
Word, The, various assertions concerning, 280-281.
Word, triple, of Pythagoras, 97-m.
Word united itself with Jesus, son of Joseph and Mary, 564-l.
Word was in common use and written, 204-m.
Word was in the beginning with God and was God, 849-m.
Word, when lost, 205-l.
Word which was lost found after Christ's ascent from the tomb, 642-u.
Word with man at the beginning and that Word from God, 598-m.
Word worn on the person as an amulet, 204-m.
Words formed by the reversion of letters of former words; examples, 699-m.
Words inadequate to express conception of Deity, hence personification, 672-l.
Words nothing but letters and their combinations, 749-m.
Words refer to things and are images of what is material, 569-u.
Work done worthy of Masonry and acceptable to God, 351-u.
Work, from first to last Masonry is, 340-u.
Work is noble; ease for neither God nor man, 340-l.
Work is prayer; is life, 342-u.
Work, not wholly in vain is any good, 230-m.
Work of lowly and uninfluential important; instances - , 41-42.
Work, there is a nobleness and sacredness in, 341-l.
Workman of the Deity is Yod, according to the Kabalah, 792-l.
Workingman, condition of the, 179.
Workingman, the hero of Masonry is a, 340-u.
Works, Doubt, Sorrow, Remorse, Indignation shrink away when man, 342-u.
World a great plain to the ancients, 593-l.
World and all its parts in God, the Supreme Cause, 667-m.
World and its modes will ever exist by the eternal qualities of the Active and Passive, 654-l World and its spherical envelope represented by the mystic egg, 400-u.
World and Man made in the image of Ialdaboth in order to - , 563-m.
World cognizable by the Intellect has the Hermetic Theology and the Kabalah, 785-m.
World compared to man, 667-l.
World consumed by the comet, Gurzsher, 623-l.
World created by Fear did not subsist until Compassion was adjoined, 796-l.
World created by Ormurzd in six periods of 500 years each, 258-u.
World created by the Logos (Word), 252-l.
World declined into idolatry and barbarism, 599-l.
World, different views of by different men, 193.
World first created by Judgment, but it could not subsist, 800-u.
World formed by the creative principle out of matter, the Triad, 631-m.
World good enough if men will do the best they know how, 696-m.
World is a whole which has its harmony, for God could make none other, 707-l.
World judged by Vishnu; consumed by fire; new Universe created, 623-m.
World not merely a material and mechanical machine, 414-l.
World of action produces clashing of passion and conflict of interests, 696-u.
World of Ideas created by God; material world by His Logos, 251-l.
World of Inanity, the first World, could not continue because it had no human conformation, 795-u.
World of matter a revelation of fear to the Northern savages, 713-l.
World of restitution formed throughout in the human form, 794-l.
World of restitution instituted after evil was made possible, 794-l.
World of restitution instituted after the fashion of the Balance, 794-l.
World of the Balance refers to the other World, 762-l.
World of the covering, or garment, is the inmost, nearest his substance, 749-m.
World of the garment has a name which includes all things: Ihuh, 750-u.
World peopled by Christs would be relieved of the ills of society, 718-l.
World perfect and good because God made it, 705-m.
World-producing egg figures in all cosmogonies, 771-l.
World represented by a blue circle, flames and a serpent with a hawk's head, 495-m.
World represented by the number five: earth, water, air, fire, ether, 634-u.
World, the germ of creation communicated to Wisdom brought forth the, 251-l.
World, the great and appointed school of industry is the, 344-m.
World, the necessary logical condition of God; His necessitated consequence, 708-l.
World; the Sephiroth were points, one below the other in the first, 795-u.
World, the visible World the image of the invisible, 252-l.
World, unimportance of the Universe and importance of our, 302-m.
World what we make it by character and adaption, 193.
World will end when the Redeemer has attracted to Himself the Light or Soul of Matter, 566-l.
World-wonder all around us, 244-m.
World worth living in, 140-m.
World would be a Paradise if all men were true Masons, 530-l.
Worlds could not be framed in the Primal Ether because of - , 750-l.
World's disorder seems to impugn the justice and goodness of God, 705-m.
Worlds, four, represented by Yod, He, Vau; He, 798-m.
Worlds in actuality produced from the Sepiroth Malakoth, 754-u.
World's mystery remains but sufficiently cleared to inspire confidence, 696-m.
Worlds of the Kabalah are four: Emanation; Creation; Formation; Fabrication, 768-m.
Worlds produced by the potentialities of the Sephiroth becoming actualities, 755-l.
Worship, a teaching, should be magnificent, not mean, 102-u.
Worship of an abstraction not possible, must have some form, 514-l.
Worship of nature seems to have emanated from Iranian races, 601-l.
Worship of the Active and Passive divisions of the Great First Cause widespread, 653-l.
Worship of the Heavenly Bodies by different peoples, 457. Worship of the things symbolized superseded that of God, 601-m.
Worship of Zoroastrians principally hymns and prayers, 617-l.
Worship, only those initiated were admitted to the private, 352-u.
Worship, the Mysteries constituted the private, 352-u.
Worships, among ancient nations were public and private, 352-u.
Wreaths of laurel as a reward for - , 157-m.
Writing in hieroglyphs revived to hide the true meaning of the doctrine, 732-l.
Written human speech gives power and permanency to human thought, 54-m.
Wrong conflicts with justice and falls, 830-u.
Wrong done to another an injury to our own Nature, 127-m.
Wrong, evil, suffering but temporary and discords, 577-u.
Wrong in human nature yields to the divine in us, 133-l.
Wrong is surely unsuccessful; the Knave deceives himself, 837-l.
Wrongdoer often does more injury to himself, 134-u.
Wrongdoer who exults in his acts, no benedictions for the, 134-u.
Wrongdoers, without revenge or anger should come the punishment of, 75-m.
Wrongful acts, no remittance of the natural effects of, 127-l.


Xenophanes acknowledged the unsatisfactory results of Philosophy, 093-l.
Xenophanes advocated Monotheism, 678-m.
Xenophanes called the universal being spherical, 676-u.
Xenophanes used material imagery to illustrate an indefinite meaning, 676-u.


Y, alludes to the Triune God and is the ineffable name in Chinese, 429-m.
Yahveh, see Iahaveh, 104-m.
Yazata a personified object of prayer, 613-l.
Year of the Romans commenced at the Winter Solstice, 464-l.
Year's commencement fixed by different nations at one of four periods, 464-l.
Yesod characterized as the Generative member of the symbolic human figure, 767-m.
Yesod is stability and permanence from which flows Malakoth, Empire, Rule, 767-m.
Yesod, one of the Sephiroth; Foundation or Basis; by which all worlds are upheld, 753-m.
Yesod, the male organ of Adam Kadmon, 758-u.
Yesod, the result of Victory and Glory, Netsach and Hod, in the Kabalah, 767-u.
Yesirah, the World of Formation of the Sephiroth Theology, 99-m.
Yod, a smaller receptacle than Crown, but filled from that source, 753-u.
Yod, added to the ternary name of Eve, gives the Kabalistic word Jehova, 771-m.
Yod and He represent the Male and Female principles in equilibrium, 323-m.
Yod comprehends the principle called Father (the Male or Generative Principle), 763-l.
Yod created the becoming world; for Yod includes two letters, 763-l.
Yod descended into the vacant space to lessen the Light, 754-l.
Yod of the Tetragrammaton as Neschamah Leneschamah in Adam Kadmon, 757-u.
Yod, He, denotes Hakemah and Binah, 789-m.
Yod, He, of the anterior or male, and Vav He, of the posterior or female, 750-u.
Yod, He, or Jah, is bi-sexual, 849-m.
Yod, He Vau, denotes Gedulah, Geburah, Tephareth, 798-m.
Yod, He, Vau, He, is the name of Deity manifested in the act of Creation, 849-u.
Yod impregnated the letter He, and begets a son, 763-l.
Yod in the triangle is the initial of the last word of the Trinity, 782-l.
Yod, in the Kabalah, is the opifex, workman of the Deity, 792-l.
Yod, in the Kabalah, the Creative energy of God, 16-l.
Yod is Hakemah, 758-u.
Yod is male; in it are three Yods, the upper and lower apex and the middle, 763-m.
Yod is primal, like one, first among numbers; like a point, first before all bodies, 792-l.
Yod is the beginning and end of all things that are; the Father of all, 763-l.
Yod is the beginning and end of all things which are contained in Yod, 793-u.
Yod is the symbol of Wisdom and of the Father, the Principle, 792-l.
Yod lost its brilliancy when it descended from the Shekinah, 751-m.
Yod moved lengthwise produces a line, which is Vau, 792-l.
Yod not as brilliant as the Primal Ether, 751-u.
Yod, on his ascension left behind him the productive light of the letter He, 751-l.
Yod placed in a pit of shadow made by the Creator, 772-u.
Yod produced by Emanation by the Creator, 772-u.
Yod, symbol of Unity; symbolism of - , 15-m.
Yod, the Father, approaches He, the Mother, according to the Siphra de Zeniutha, 793-u.
Yod, "The Fountain gushing with Wisdom", 753-u.
Yod, the image of the Kabalistic Phallus, represents the human Tetragram, 771-m.
Yod uttered by Wisdom creates worlds, first as an Idea, 323-m.
Yod's light increased when the letter He communicated to him her light, 751-m.
Yod's middle is Hakemah; Hakemah is Father, 763-m.
Yod's number is ten; Vau is six, Daleth is four, equal to that of Yod, 792-l.
Yod's plenitude, the name of the letter spelled, is - , 792-l.
Yods sometimes compose the Tetractys of Pythagoras, 60-l.
Yod's upper apex denotes the Supreme Kether; the lower apex Binah, 763-m.
York Rite explanation of Lodge and ladder, 9-l.
York Rite explanation of symbolic meaning of Ashlars, 5-u.
York Rite explanation of symbols, 16-m.
Yn and Yang signify repose and motion amongst Chinese, 630-l.


Z, the initial of Zeus because of its resemblance to the figure seven, 635-l.
Zagreus dismembered; protected by the dance of the Curetes, 585-l.
Zagreus the same as Dionusos; entrusted with the thunderbolt, 585-l.
Zayo, is the third Sephirah, the intellectual producing capacity, 741-u.
Zebulon dwelt on the sea shore, his device is Capricorn, the tail of a fish, 461-l.
Zechariah, visions of; symbolism of numbers, 58-u.
Zend-Avesta, borrowed from and added to the Jewish doctrine, 256-u.
Zend-Avesta, Doctrines and teachings of the, 256-258.
Zend-Avesta, God's nature in the, 256-m.
Zend-Avesta, Kabalists and Gnostics adopted doctrines of the, 282-l.
Zend-Avesta, many doctrines of Revelations found in the, 273-m.
Zend-Avesta, Persian faith and doctrines as taught in the, 282.
Zend-Avesta, the Creator called the Ancient of Days in the, 266-l.
Zend-Avesta, the Word created the World, 282.
Zeruane-Akherene, Unlimited Time, above all of the Persian Gods, 598-u.
Zetesis or search of Osiris or Adonis, that is of Bootes, 484-u.
Zeus, King of the Gods, 13-u.
Zeus of Homer an array of antitheses, 689-l.
Zeus put an end to the Golden Age for beneficent reasons, 691-u.
Zeus, the God of Gods, the Son of Time; the Beginning, the Middle, the All, 619-l.
Zodiac and signs on coins, medals, seals, 462-l.
Zodiac assigned to six male and six female Great Gods by Astrologers, 658-u.
Zodiac crossed by the Sun at two opposite points which change, 437-l.
Zodiac is an existence, organized by the universal soul, 669-u.
Zodiac; Plato in his Republic adopted the divisions of the planets and, 462-u.
Zodiac, six signs were male and six female in the, 402-m.
Zodiac the cause of all sublunary effects, 663-m.
Zodiac, the path along which the Sun traveled, 446-l.
Zodiac, veils of the Royal Arch have reference to the signs and stars of the, 409.
Zodiacal signs are unchanged, 437-l.
Zodiacal signs; characteristics of Jacob's sons compared with those of the, 461.
Zodiacal signs, commencing with Aries, are those of Light, 663-u.
Zodiacal signs, commencing with Libra, are those of Darkness, 663-u.
Zodiacal signs divided in three Decans of ten degrees each, 470-m.
Zodiacal signs represented by the twelve Deities of the Persians, 663-u.
Zohak, conquered by Pheridoun, lamented by the Persians, 594-l.
Zohar, is Nestar, Concealed, the intellectual potency of Deity, 741-u.
Zoroaster; Magism was the science of, 839-l.
Zoroaster asks Ormuzd what to do to combat Evil and make men holy, 613-m.
Zoroaster claimed to have conversed, man to man, with Deity, 424-l.
Zoroaster discourses on the old Fire and Light Idea, 611-m.
Zoroaster drew his doctrines from the Mysteries, 373-m.
Zoroaster, from Bactria came the doctrines of, 258-l.
Zoroaster, Hindu and Buddists elements in the doctrines of, 258-l.
Zoroaster, Masonry reiterates the maxims of, 221-m.
Zoroaster, Pharisees and Jews borrowed the doctrines of, 238-l.
Zoroaster possessed a true knowledge of Deity, 207-l.
Zoroaster received the Primitive Truth from the Indians, 017-m.
Zoroaster speaks of the Sun and Stars, 611-l.
Zoroaster taught the Primitive Truth to Pythagoras, 617-m.
Zoroaster, the Aions, Ideas, Angels, correspond to the Ferouers of, 256-u.
Zoroaster's sayings to the Persians, 170-u.
Zoroaster's disciples used the symbolism of the Mystic Egg, 403-u.
Zoroaster's doctrine more ancient than Kuros, 256-u.
Zoroaster's doctrines carried by Jews into Syria and Palestine, 256-u.
Zoroaster's doctrines taught, 167-l.
Zoroaster's doctrines the best the Persians were fitted to receive, 38-u.
Zoroastrian doctrines suggested the worship of the Supreme God, 617-l.
Zoroastrian oracles give a Triad of Fire, Light and Ether, 549-u.
Zoroastrian Two Principles symbolized by white and black in juxta-position, 818-m.
Zoroastrians rejected Temples, Altars, Statues, 617-l.
Zoroastrians religiously exterminate serpents, etc, 497-m.
Zoroastrianism an innovation on an older religion, 602-u.
Zorobabel's Warrior-Masons the model of the Templars, 816-m.





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