Essays By Worshipful Brother Frederic L. Milliken

Spare Wheel Or Steering Wheel

Contemplative Masonry by Brother Chuck Dunning

Meet Brother Tehuti Evans

Increasing Membership the Right Way

The Origins of Freemasonry and Revolutionary Brotherhood Book Review

Dr. Bro. David Harrison And The Genesis Of Freemasonry

Are You Interested or Committed!

Building Janus - A Book Review by Frederic L. Milliken

Jim McBeth Masonic Knives

A Historic Occasion Between Two Texas Grand Lodges

Third Degree On The Blue Ghost - September 10, 2016 - U.S.S. Lexington CV-16

Prince Hall And Mainstream Masonic Rapprochement And The Expression Of Brotherly Love

Hermetic Philosophy and Freemasonry

 Brunelleschi's Dome

A Masonic Journey - Nelson Rose - A Book Review by Frederic L. Milliken

History Made in Texas Freemasonry

Finding El Dorado - A Book Review by Frederic L. Milliken

Building Free Men

Grand Lodge of Georgia Bans Gay Men

Phoenix St. John, A New Super Masonic Website

The Craft Unmasked, The Book by Coach John S. Nagy - A Review by Frederic L. Milliken

Masonic Traveler, The Book by Greg Stewart - A Review by Frederic L. Milliken

Interview With Masonic Author Frederic Milliken, His Life And Times and Texas’ New Intervisitation by Sister Elena Llamas

The Durhams of Fairfield; An Africian American Genealogy

Patriots Day - April 19, 2015

Georgia Black Mainstream Mason Is Black Balled Again For The Second Time In His Masonic Journey

Reverend Brother John Marrant & Birchtown, Nova Scotia

Mutual Intervisitation Between The Grand Lodge Of Texas And The Prince Hall Grand Lodge Of Texas Approved

Walter Hunt, Freemason’s Information Age Pioneer

What Makes A Leader

The Age Old Question: Is Freemasonry A Religion?

The Old Past Master Battles Mainstream Madness Part 1

The Old Past Master Battles Mainstream Madness – Part 2

The Old Past Master Battles Mainstream Madness - Part 3

I Had A Dream

The Last Degree


Revisiting Masonic Artist Bro. Ryan J. Flynn

What Really Makes a Successful Lodge

Growing A Lodge

Of Revolutions and Reforms

World Peace Through Brotherhood

Native American Rituals and the Influence of Freemasonry

American Mainstream Masonry, A Study in Isolationism, Parochialism and States Rights

The Dumbing Down of Mainstream Masonry

Ballot Reform

The Masonic Society - Channeling Masonic Thought

The Masonic Society - Epilogue

The Rise of Masonic Neo Isolationism

The Buffalo Soldiers

A Flawed System; An Answer To The Question, Why Is There So Much Disunity, Disharmony & Discord in Freemasonry

What Would You Do As Grand Master?

Preventing Lodge Foreclosures

Truth or Consequences

The Castration of Freemasonry

Closed, Cloistered, Secret Society Or Open, Fraternal, Society Partner

The Catholic Church and Freemasonry

How Freemasonry is Missing the Boat

Stopping By The Lodge On Rainy Evening

The Meaning of Masonry by a Long Time Aging Brother

The Seven Blunders of the Masonic World

Out Of The Shadows - A Book Review

Moses Dickson and The Knights of Liberty

Dan Brown's Influence On World Peace

I Resign

The Handshake of Expulsion

Lest We forget

Masonic Organ donor

Unjustly Accused

War Declared




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