King Solomon's Temple

by Jerome Bernard Frisbee

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This pamphlet by Jerome Bernard Frisbee contains just about everything one would want to know and learn about Kings Solomon's Temple.  It includes all the ancient forms of measurements (many still used today), architectural drawings, elevations, their biblical references and meanings.  Each page from this book has been super-sized to 200 dpi for easy viewing.  Simply click on the image on each page to view the larger perspective. 

Scanned at Phoenixmasonry, Inc. by David Lettelier - November 2005.  These images may be used for your personal Masonic Education and enjoyment as long as this attribution remains intact.  No commercial use of this material is permitted unless prior permission is granted by Phoenixmasonry, Inc.

Table of Contents

Page 1 - Inside Front Cover

Page 2 - 1 Kings IV: 30, 31

Page 3 - Illustration of Jachin; Boaz and the Brazen Altar

Page 4 - There was nothing on this page.

Page 5 - Side Illustration of the Temple

Page 6 - Introduction; The Original Plans; Description, Development; The Builder; The Workmen; The Costly Stones

Page 7 - Illustration of the Facade

Page 8 - Beginning the Temple; The Porch; The Temple, or Holy Place; The Oracle, or Holy of Holies; The Inside Doors; The Ninety Side Chambers; The Middle Chambers; Mystic Numbers

Page 9 - Illustration of Floor Plan

Page 10 - Dedication of the Temple / Details of Construction

Page 11 - Facade and Cross-section of the Temple

Page 12 - The West Building; The Two Holly Chambers; The North Chamber; The South Chambers; The Separate Place; The Pillars of the Court and The Inner Court.

Page 13 - Floor Plan of the Inner Court

Page 14 - Nebuchadnezzar; Ezekiel's Description; Three Outer Gates' Three Inner Gates; Tables for the Sacrifices; Four Boiling Courts

Page 15 - Legend - Plat of the Temple Area

Page 16 - Map of Mount Moriah and Quarry

Page 17 - Elevation Profile; Topography and The Quarry

Page 18 - The Arts of Ancient Egypt

Page 19 - Jachin and Boaz; The Terrestial Sphere; The Celestal Sphere and Symbolism

Page 20 - The Ark of the Covenant; Triple Contents of the Ark and The Covenant

Page 21 - The Sacred Cubit; The Perfect Measure; The Acre and The Township

Page 22 - Weights and Measures

Page 23 - Quarters and Halves

Page 24 - The Brazen Sea & Bases and Lavers

Page 25 - Illustration of The Brazen Sea

Page 26 - Proverbs; Daniel; Napoleon and Michael

Page 27 - Hark - The Herald Angels Sing

Page 28 - The Destruction of King Solomon's Temple





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