A pocket Companion for the Initiated

Compiled and arranged by Robert Macoy
Revised Edition 1867


Page 292





MUSIC - "Sweet home."


Farewell, till again we shall welcome the time
Which brings us once more to our fame-cherished shrine;
And though from each other we distant may roam,
Again may all meet in this our dear lov'd home
Home, home - sweet, sweet home.
May every dear brother find joy and peace at home.

And when our last parting on earth shall draw nigh,
And we shall be called to the Grand Lodge on high,
May each be prepared when the summons shall come,
To meet the Grand Master in Heaven our home
Home, home-sweet, sweet home.
May every dear brother find Heaven a home.



MUSIC - "Rule Britannia."


When earth's foundation first was laid,
By the Almighty Artist's hand;
'Twas then our perfect, our perfect laws were made,
Established by his strict command.

Hail! mysterious, Hail, glorious Masonry!
That makes us ever great and free



Page 293


In vain mankind for shelter sought,
In vain from place to place did roam,
Until from heaven, from heaven he was taught
To plan, to build, to fix his home.

Illustrious hence we date our Art,
And now in beauteous piles appear,
We shall to endless, to endless time impart,
How worthy and how great we are.

Nor we less fam'd for every tie,
By which the human thought is bound;
Love, truth and friendship, and friendship socially,
Join all our hearts and hands around.

Our actions still by Virtue blest,
And to our precepts ever true,
The world admiring, admiring shall request
To learn, and our bright paths pursue.





Music - "God save the King."


Hail, Masonry divine!
Glory of ages, shine!
Long may'st thou reign:
Where'er thy Lodges stand,
May they have great conmmand
And always grace the land.
Thou art divine!



Page 294


Great fabrics still arise,
And grace the azure skies;
Great are thy schemes;
Thy noble orders are
Matchless, beyond compare;
No art with thee can share.
Thou art divine!

Hiram, the architect,
Did all the Craft direct
How they should build.
Sol'mon, great Israel's king,+
Did mighty blessings bring,+
And left us room to sing,+
Hail, royal art!+

(+ = Chorus 3 times)





MUSIC - Old Hundred, L. M.


Great Architect of Heaven and earth,
To whom all nature owes its birth;
Thou spake! and vast creation stood.
Surveyed the work - pronounced it good.

Lord, can'st thou deign to own and bless
This humble dome - this sacred place?
Oh! let thy Spirit's presence shine
Within these walls - this house of thine



Page 295


'T was reared in honor of thy name.
Here kindle, Lord, the sacred flame;
Oh! make it burn in every heart,
And never from this place depart.

Here may our precepts' powerful truth,
Instruct the aged and the youth;
Nor let illiberal party zeal,
E'er mar the union, Masons feel.

Let life divine here seize the dead;
Here may the starving poor he fed;
Here may the mourner comfort find;
Here love prevail for all mankind.

Lord, here the wants of all supply,
And fit our souls to dwell on high;
From service in this humble place,
Raise us to praise thee face to face.





AIR - Creation.


Deep in the quarries of the stone,
Amid vast heaps of other rock,
In darkness hid, to art unknown,
We found this rude and shapeless block.
Now shaped by art, its roughness gone,
And fit-this noble work to grace;
And lay it here, a corner stone.
Chosen and sure, in proper place



Page 296


Within this stone there lies conceal'd
What future ages may disclose,
The sacred truths to us reveal'd,
By Him who fell by ruthless foes.
On Him, this corner stone we build,
To Him, this edifice erect;
And still, until this work's fulfill'd,
May Heaven the workman's ways direct.





MUSIC - "Safely through another week."


Joy! the sacred Law is found,
Now the Temple stands complete;
Gladly let us gather round,
Where the Pontiff holds his seat
Now he spreads the volume wide,
Opening forth its leaves to day,
And the monarch by his side,
Gazes on the bright display.

Joy! the secret vault is found;
Full the sunbeam falls within,
Pointing darkly under ground.
To the treasure we would win.
They have brought it forth to light,
And again it cheers the earth;
All its leaves art purely bright,
Shining in their newest worth



Page 297


This shall be the sacred mark,
Which shall guide us to the skies,
Bearing, like a holy ark,
All the hearts who love to rise,
This shall be the corner stone
Which the builders threw away,
But was found the only one
Fitted for the arch's stay.





MUSIC - Shirland.


Companions we have met,
And passed a peaceful hour;
These moments may we ne'er forget,
But hope and pray for more.

Thro' this and every night,
Lordl, grant us - sweet repose;
Now aid us by thy holy light,
This Ioyal Arch to close.





As, when the weary trav'ler gains
The height of some commanding hill,
His heart revives, if o'er the plains
He sees his home, though distant still,



Page 298


So, when the Christian pilgrim views
By faith his mansion in the skies,
The sight his fainting strength renews,
And wings his speed to reach the prize.

The hope of heaven his spirit cheers;
No more he grieves for sorrows past;
Nor any future conflict fears,
So he may safe arrive at last.

O Lord, on thee our hopes we stay,
To lead us on to thine abode;
Assur'd thy love will far o'erpay
The hardest labors of the road





Words by BURNS.    AIR - Bonny Doon.


ADIEU, a heart warm, fond adieu,
Ye brothers of our mystic tie;
Ye favored and enlighten'd few,
Companions of my social joy;
Though I to foreign lands must hie,
Pursuing fortune's slipp'ry ba';
With melting heart and brimful eye,
I'll mind you still when far awa'

Oft have I met your social band,
To spend a cheerful festive night,
Oft honor'd with supreme command,
Presiding o'er the sons of light:



Page 299


And by that hieroglyphic bright,
Which none but craftsmen ever saw,
Strong mem'ry on my heart shall write,
Those happy scenes when far awa'.

May freedom, harmony and love,
Cement you in the grand design,
Beneath th' Omniscient Eye above,
The glorious Architect divine:
That you may keep th' unerring line,
Still guided by the plummet's law,
'Till order bright completely shine,
Shall be my prayer when far awa'.

And you, farewell, whose merits claim
Justly that highest badge to wear,
May heaven bless your noble name,
To Masonry and friendship dear:
My last request permit me then,
When yearly you're assembled a,
One round, I ask it with a tear,
To him, your friend that's far awa'.

And you, kind-hearted sisters, fair,
I sing farewell to all your charms -
Th' impression of your pleasing air
With rapture oft my bosom warms,
Alas! the social winter's night
No more returns while breath I draw
'Till sisters, brothers, all unite,
In that Grand Lodge that's far awa'.






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