A pocket Companion for the Initiated

Compiled and arranged by Robert Macoy
Revised Edition 1867



Page 199



THIS order appertains to the office of High Priest of a Royal Arch Chapter; and no one can be legally entitled to receive it, until he has been duly elected to preside as High Priest in a regular Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. This order should



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not be conferred when a less number than nine duly qualified High Priests are present. It should be conferred by the Grand High Priest of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter, or such Present or Past High Priest as he may designate for that purpose. A convention, notified to meet at the time of any communication of the Grand Chapter, will afford the best opportunity of conferring this important and exalted degree of Masonry with appropriate solemnity. Whenever it is conferred, the following directions are to be observed:

A candidate desirous of receiving the order of High Priesthood, makes a written request to his predecessor in office, or, when it can be done, to the Grand High Priest, respectfully requesting that a convention of High Priests may be called, for the purpose of conferrinig on him the order. When the convention meets, and is duly organized, a certificate of the due election of the candidate to the office of High Priest must be produced. This certificate is signed by his predecessor in office, attested by the Secretary of the Chapter. On examination of this certificate, the qualifications of the candidate are ascertained. The solemn ceremonies of conferring the order upon him then ensue. When ended, the presiding officer directs the Secretary of the convention to make a record of the proceedings, and return it to the Secretary



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of the Grand Chapter, to be by him laid before the Grand High Priest, for the information of all whom it may concern. The convention of High Priests is then closed in due form.

It is the duty of every companion as soon after his election to the office of High Priest as is consistent with his personal convenience, to apply for admission to the order of High Priesthood, that he may be fully qualified properly to govern his Chapter.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The following passages of Scripture are made use of during the ceremonies appertaining to this order:

And they took Lot, Abram's brother's son (who dwelt in Sodom), and his goods, and departed. And there came one that had escaped, and told Abram the Hebrew; for he dwelt in the plain of Mamre the Amorite, brother of Eschol, and brother of Aner; and these were confederate with Abram. And when Abram heard that his brother was taken captive, he armed his trained servants, born in his own house, three hundred and eighteen, and pursued them unto Dan. And he divided himself against them, he and his servants, by night, and smote them, and pursued them unto Hobah, which is on the left hand of Damascus. And he brought back all the goods, and also brought again his brother Lot, and his goods, and the women also,



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and the people. And the king of Sodom went out to meet him, after his return from the slaughter oI Chedorlaomer, and of the kings that were with him, at the valley of Shevah, which is the king's dale. And Melehizedek, king of Salem, brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high GOD. And he blessed him, and said, Blessed be Abram of the most high GOD, which hath delivered thine enemies into thine hand. And he gave him tithes of all. And the king of Sodom said unto Abram, Give me the persons, and take the goods to thyself. And Abram said to the king of Sodom, I have lifted up my hand unto the LORD, the most high GOD, the possessor of heaven and earth, that I will not take from a thread even to a shoe-latchet, and that I will not take anything that is thine, lest thou shouldst say, I have made Abram rich: save only that which the young men have eaten, and the portion of the men which went with me, Aner, Eshcol, and Mamre; let them take their portion. - GENESIS xiv. 12-24.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Speak unto Aaron, and unto his sons, saying, On this wise ye shall bless the children of Israel, saying unto them, the LORD bless thee, and keep thee; the LORD make his face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee; the LORD lift up his coun-



Page 203


tenance upon thee, and give thee peace. - NUMB vi. 22-26.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

For this Melchizedec, king of Salem, priest of the most high GOD, who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings, and blessed him; to whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all, first being by interpretation, King of righteousness, and after that also, King of Salem, which is, King of peace; without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life, but made like unto the Son of GOD, abideth a priest continually. Now consider how great this man was, unto whom even the patriarch Abraham gave the tenth of the spoils. And verily, they that are of the sons of Levi, who receive the office of the priesthood, have a commandment to take tithes of the people according to the law, that is, of their brethren, though they come out of the loins of Abraham. For he testifieth, Thou art a priest forever after the order of Melchisedec. And inasmuch as not without an oath he was made priest. For those priests (under the Levitical law) were made without an oath; but this with an oath, by him that said unto him, the LORD sware, and will not repent, Thou art a priest forever after the order of Melchizcdec. - HEB. vii. 1-5-17-20-21.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



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  1. The Grand Officers will meet at a convenient place and open.
  2. The subordinate Chapter will meet in the outer courts of their hall, and form an avenue for the reception of the Grand officers.
  3. When formed, they will dispatch a Committee to the place where the Grand officers are assembled, to inform the Grand Marshal that the Chapter is prepared to receive them; the Grand Marshal will announce the committee and introduce them to the Grand officers.
  4. The Grand officers will move in procession, conducted by the committee, to the hall of the Chapter, in the following order:

    Grand Tyler;
    Two Grand Stewards;
    Representatives of subordinate Chapters, according to seniority, by threes, triangular;
    Three Great Lights;
    Orator, Chaplain and other Clergy;
    Grand Secretary, Grand Treasurer, and Grand Royal Arch Captain;
    *) Grand P. Sojourner, Grand Captain of the



*) The Grand P. Sojourner, Grand Captain of the Host, and Grand Royal Arch Captain, are appointed p?? temp(?)ore.



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    Host, and Deputy Grand High Priest;
    Grand Scribe, Grand King, and Grand High Priest.

    When the Grand High Priest enters the grand honors are given.

  1. The Grand Secretary will then call over the names of the officers elect; and the Grand High Priest will ask whether they accept their respective offices. If they answer in the affirmative, he then asks the members whether they remain satisfied with their choice. If they answer in the affirmative, he directs their officers to approach the sacred volume, and become qualified for installation.
  2. The Grand Marshal will then form the whole in procession, and they will march through the veils into the inner apartment, where they will surround the altar, which is previously prepared, in ample form, for the occasion.
  3. All present will kneel, and the following prayer will be recited:
    "Almighty and Supreme High Priest of heaven and earth! Who is there in heaven but thee, and who upon earth can stand in competition with thee? Thy OMNISCIENT mind brings all things in review, past, present and to come; thine OMNIPOTENT arm directs the movements of the vast creation; thine OMNIPRESENT eye pervades the secret recesses of every heart; thy boundless beneficence supplies us with every comfort and enjoyment; and thine unspeakable perfections and glory surpass the under-



Page 206


    standing of the children of men! Our Father, who art in heaven, we invoke thy benediction upon the purposes of our present assembly. Let this Chapter be established to thine honor: let its officers be endowed with wisdom to discern, and fidelity to pursue, its true interests; let its members be ever mindful of the duty they owe to their GOD; the obedience they owe to their superiors; the love they owe to their equals, and the good will they owe to all mankind. Let this Chapter be consecrated to thy glory, and it members ever exemplify their love to GOD by their beneficence to man.
    Glory be to GOD on high.

    Response - "So mote it be. Amen."

    The officers are then qualified in due form.

    All the Companions, except High Priests and Past High Priests, are then desired to withdraw, while the new High Priest is solemnly bound to the performanee of his duties; and after the performance of other necessary ceremonies, not proper to be written, they are permitted to return.

  1. The whole then return to their appropriate stations; when the Grand Marshal will form a general procession, in the following order:

    Three Royal Arch Stewards with Rods;
    Tyler of a Lodge;
    Entered Apprentices;
    Fellow Crafts;



Page 207


    Master Masons;
    Stewards of Lodges, having Jewels;
    Deacons, having Jewels;
    Secretaries, having Jewels;
    Treasurers, having Jewels;
    Wardens, having Jewels;
    Mark Master Masons;
    M. E. Masters;
    Royal Arch Masons, by three;
    Royal Masters, by three;
    Select Masters, by three;
    Orders of Knighthood;
    Tyler of the new Chapter;
    Members of the new Chapter, by three;
    Three Masters of Veils;
    Secretary, Treasurer, R. A. Captain; and
    P. Sojourner, carrying the Ark;
    A Companion, carrying the Pot of Incense;
    Two Companions, carrying Lights;
    Scribe, High Priest and King;
    Grand Chapter, as before prescribed;

    On arriving at the church, or house where the services are to be performed, they halt, open to the right and left, and face inward, while the Grand officers and others in succession, pass through and enter the house.

  1. The officers and members of the new Chapter, and also of the Grand Chapter, being seated, the Grand Marshal proclaims silence, and the ceremonies commence.



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  1. An Anthem or Ode is to be performed.
  2. An Oration or Address is to be delivered.
  3. An Ode or piece of Music.
  4. The Deputy Grand High Priest then rises and informs the Grand High Priest, that "a number of Companions, duly instructed in the sublime mysteries, being desirous of promoting the honor, and propagating the principles of the Art, have applied to the Grand Chapter for a warrant to constitute a new Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, which, having been obtained, they are now assembled for the purpose of being constituted, and having their officers installed in due and ancient form.
  5. The Grand Marshal will then form the officers and members of the new Chapter in front of the Grand officers; after which, the Grand High Priest directs the Grand Secretary to read the warrant.
  6. The Grand High Priest then rises and says, By virtue of the high powers in me vested, I do form you, my respected Companions, into a regular Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. From henceforth you are authorised and empowered to open and hold a lodge of Mark Masters, Past Masters, and Most Excellent Masters, and a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons; and to do and perform all such things as thereunto may appertain; conforming, in all your doings, to the General Grand Royal Arch Constitution, and the general regulations of the State Grand



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    Chapter. And may the God of your fathers be with you, guide and direct you in all your doings."

  1. The furniture, clothing, jewels, implements, utensils, etc., belonging to the Chapter, (having been previously placed in the centre, in front of the Grand officers, covered,) are now incovered, and the new Chapter is dedicated in due and ancient form.
  2. The dedication then follows: the Grand Chaplain saying, "To our Most Excellent Patron, ZERUBBABEL, we solemnly dedicate this Chapter. May the blessing of our Heavenly High Priest descend and rest upon its members, and may their felicity be immortal.
    "Glory be to GOD on high." - Response by the Companions.
    "As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end! Amen". - "So mote it be."
  3. The Grand Marshal then says, "I am directed to proclaim, and I do hereby proclaim, this Chapter, by the name of -- Chapter,*) duly onsecrated, constituted and dedicated. This, etc
  4. An Ode.


*) All legally constituted bodies of Roal Arch Masons are called Chapters; as regular bodies of Masons of the preceding degrees, are called Lodges. Every Chapter ought to assemble for work, at least ones in three months; and must consist of a High Priest, King, Scribe, Captain of the Host, Principal Sojourner, Royl Arch Captain, three Grand Masters of the Veils, Treasurer, Secretary, Tyler and as many members as may be found convenient for working to advantage.



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  1. The Deputy Grand High Priest will then present the first officer of the new Chapter to the Grand High Priest, saying,

    "MOST EXCELLENT GRAND HIGH PRIEST: - I present you my worthy Companion -- --, nominated in the warrant, to be installed High Priest of this (new) Chapter. I find him to be skillful in the royal art, and attentive to the moral precepts of our forefathers, and have therefore no doubt but he will discharge the duties of his office with fidelity.


The officers of the Chapter officiate in the lodges, holden for conferring the preparatory degrees, according to rank, as follows, viz:

The High Priest, as Master.
The King, as Senior Warden.
The Scibe, as Jnior Warden.
The Captain of the Host, as Marshal or Master of Ceremonies.
The Principal Sojourner, as Senior Deacon.
The Royal Arch Chapter as Junior Deacon.
The Master of the First Veil, as Jnior Overser.
The Master of the Second Veil, as Senior Overseer.
The Master of the Third Veil, Master Overseer.
The Treasurer, Secretary, Chaplain, Stewards and Tyler, as officers of corresponding rank.

The High Priest of every Chapter has it in special charge, to see that the by-laws of his Chapter, as well as the General Grand Royal Arch Constitution, and all the regulations of the Grand Chapter are duly observed; that all the officers of his Chapter perform the duties of their respective offices faithfully, and are examples of diligence and industry to their companions; that true and accurate records of all the proceedings of the Chapter are kept by the Secretary; that the Treasurer keeps and render exact and just accounts of al the moneys and other property belonging to the Chapter; that the regular returns be made annualy to the Grand Chapter; and that the annual does to the Grand Chapter be regularly and punctually paid. He has the right and authority of calling his chapter together at pleasure, upon any emergency or occurence which, in his judgment, may require their meeting. It is his privleg and duty, together with the King and Scribe, to attend the meeting of the Grand Chapter, either in person or by proxy and the wpell-being of the institution requires that this duty should on no occasion be omitted.



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    The Grand High Priest then addresses him as follows:

    MOST EXCELLENT COMPANION. - I feel much satisfaction in performing my duty on the present occasion, by installing you into the office of High Priest of this (new) Chapter. It is an office highly honorable to all those who diligently perform the important duties annexed to it. Your reputed Masonic knowledge, however, precludes the necessity of a particular enumeration of those duties. I shall, therefore only observe, that by a frequent recurrence to the constitution, and general regulations and constant practice of the several sublime lectures and charges, you will be best able to fulfill them; and I am confident that the Companions who are chosen to preside with you, will give strength to your endeavors, and support your exertions. I shall now propose certain questions to you, relative to the duties of your office, and to which I must request your unequivocal answer.

    1. Do you solemnly promise that you will redouble your endeavors to correct the vices, purify the morals and promote the happiness of those of your Companions, who have attained this sublime degree?
    2. That you will never suffer your Chapter to be opened, unless there be present nine regular Royal Arch Masons?



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    1. That You will never suffer either more or less than three brethren to be exalted in your Chapter at one and the same time?
    2. That you will not exalt any one to this degree, who has not shown a charitable and humane disposition; or who has not made a considerable proficiency in the foregoing degree?
    3. That you will promote the general good of our order, and, on all proper occasions, be ready to give and receive instructions, and particularly from the General and State Grand officers?
    4. That to the utmost of your power, you will preserve the solemnities of our ceremonies, and behave, in open Chapter, with the most profound respect and reverence, as an example to your Companions?
    5. That you will not acknowledge or have intercourse with any Chapter that does not work under a constitutional warrant or dispensation.
    6. That you will not admit any visitor into your Chapter, who has not been exalted in a Chapter legally constituted, without his being first formally healed?
    7. That you will observe and support such by-laws as may be made by your Chapter, in conformity to the General Grand Royal Arch Constitution, and the general regulations of the Grand Chapter?
    8. That you will pay due respect and obedience to the instructions of the General and State Grand



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      officers, particularly relating to the several lectures and charges, and will resign the chair to them, severally, when they may visit your Chapter?

    1. That you will support and observe the General Grand Royal Arch Constitution, and the general regulations of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter, under whose authority you act?
    2. Do you submit to all these things, and do you promise to observe and practice them faithfully?

    These questions being answered in the affirmative, the Companions all kneel, and the Grand Chaplain repeats the following prayer:

    "Most Holy and glorious LORD GOD, the Great High Priest of heaven and earth! we approach thee with reverence, and implore thy blessing on the Companion appointed to preside over this new assembly, and now prostrate before thee; fill his heart with thy fear, that his tongue and actions may pronounce thy glory. Make him steadfast in thy service grant him firmness of mind; animate his heart, and strengthen his endeavors; may he teach thy judgments and thy laws; and may the incense he shall put before thee, upon thine altar, prove an acceptable sacrifice unto thee. Bless him, O LORD, and bless the work of his hands. Accept us, in mercy; hear thou from heaven, thy dwelling-place, and forgive our transgressions



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    Response - " So mote it be"

  1. The Grand High Priest will then cause the High Priest elect to be invested with his clothing, badges, &c; after which he will address him as follows:

    MOST EXCELLENT: - In consequence of your cheerful acquiescence with the charges, which you have heard recited, you are qualified for installation as the High Priest of this Royal Arch Chapter; and it is incumbent upon me, on this occasion, to point out some of the particulars appertaining to your office, duty and dignity.

    The office of High Priest is a station highly honorable to all those who diligently perform the important duties annexed to it. By a frequent recurrence to the constitution and general regulations, and a constant practice of the several sublime lectures and charges, you will be best enabled to fulfill those duties; and I am confident that the Companions, who are chosen to preside with you, will give strength to your endeavors, and support to your exertions.

    Let the mitre, with which you are invested, remind you of the dignity of the office you sustain, and its inscription impress upon your mind a sense of your dependence upon GOD; that perfection is not given unto man upon earth, and that perfect holiness belongeth alone unto the LORD.



Page 215


    The breast-plate with which you are decorated, in imitation of that upon which were engraven the names of the twelve tribes, and worn by the High Priest of Israel, is to teach you that you are always to bear in mind your responsibility to the laws and ordinances of the institution, and that the honor and interests of your Chapter and its members, should be always near your heart.

    The various colors of the robes you wear, are emblematical of every grace and virtue which can adorn and beautify the human mind; each of which will be briefly illustrated in the course of the charges to be delivered to your subordinate officers. I now deliver into your hands the Charter under which you are to work; you will receive it as a sacred deposit, and never permit it to be used for any other purposes than those expressed in it.

    I present you with the Book of the Law, the great Light in every degree of Masonry. The doctrines contained in this sacred volume, create in us a belief in the dispensations of Divine Providence, which belief strengthens our FAITH, and enables us to ascend the first step of the Grand Masonic Ladder. This faith natu rally produces in us a HOPE of becoming partakers of the promises expressed in this inestimable gift of GOD to man; which hope enables us to ascend the second step. But the third and last being CHARITY, comprehends the former, and will continue to exert



Page 216


    its influence, when Faith shall be lost in sight, and Hope in complete enjoyment.

    I present you with the Constitution of the General Grand Royal Arch Chapter; the Rules and Regulations of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of this State; and also, with the By-laws of your Chapter. You will cause all these to be frequently read and punctually obeyed.

    And now, Most Excellent, permit me, in behalf of the Craft here assembled, to offer you our most sincere congratulations on your accession to the honorable station you now fill. I doubt not you will govern with such order and regularity as to convince your Companions that their partiality has not been misplaced.

    Companions of Chapter, -- Behold your High Priest. [They rise and bow, or, if the Installation be not public, salute him with the honors of Royal Arch Masonry.] Recollect that the prosperity of your Chapter will as much depend on your support, assistance and obedience, as on his assidutity, information and wisdom.


    The Marshal of the Chapter will then present the second officer to the Deputy Grand High Priest, who will present him to the Grand High Priest. The Grand high Priest will then ask him whether he has attended to the ancient charges and regulations before recited to his superior officer; if no answers in the affirmative, he is asked whether




Page 217


    he fully and freely assents to the same: if he answers in the affirmative, the Grand High Priest directs his Deputy to invest him with his clothing, &c., and then addresses him as follows, viz:




    EXCELLENT COMPANION: - The important station to which you are elected in this Chapter, requires from you exemplary conduct; its duties demand your most assiduous attention; you are to second and support your chief in all the requirements of his office; and should casualties at any time prevent his attendance, you are to succeed him in the performance of his duties. Your badge (the Level, surmounted by a Crown) should remind you, that although you are the representative of a King, and exalted by office above your companions, yet that you remain upon a level with them, as respects your duty to GOD, your neighbor, and yourself; that you are equally bound with them to be obedient to the laws and ordinances of the institution, to be charitable, humane and just, and to seek every occasion of doing good.

    Your office teaches a striking lesson of humility. The institutions of political society teach us to con sider the king as the chief of created beings, and that the first duty of his subjects is to obey his mandates - but the institutions of our sublime de-




Page 218


    grees, by placing the King in a situation subordinate to the High Priest, teaches us that our duty to GOD is paramount to all other duties, and should ever claim the priority of our obedience to man; and that, however strongly we may be bound to obey the laws of civil society, yet that those laws, to be just, should never intermeddle with matters of conscience, nor dictate articles of faith.

    The Scarlet Robe, an emblem of imperial dignity, should remind you of the paternal concern you should ever feel for the welfare of your Chapter, and the fervency and zeal with which you should endeavor to promote its prosperity.

    In presenting to you the Crown, which is an emblem of royalty, I would remind you that, to reign sovereign in the hearts and affections of men, must be far more grateful to a generous and benevolent mind than to rule over their lives and fortunes; and that to enable you to enjoy this pre-eminence with honor and satisfaction, you must subject your own passions and prejudices to the dominion of reason and charity.

    You are entitled to the second seat in the council of your companions. Let the bright example of your illustrious predecessor in the Grand Council at Jerusalem, stimulate you to the faithful discharge of your duties; and when the King of kings shall summon you into his immediate presence, from his hand may you receive a crown of glory, which shall never fade away.



Page 219





    EXCELLENT COMPANION: - Tho office of Scribe, to which you are elected, is very important and respectable. In the absence of your superior officers, you are bound to succeed them and perform their duties. The purposes of the institution ought never to suffer for want of intelligence in its proper officers; you will therefore perceive the necessity there is of your possessing such qualifications as will enable you to accomplish those duties which are incumbent upon you, in your appropriate station, as well as those which may occasionally devolve on you by the absence of your superiors.

    The Purple Robe, with which you are invested, is an emblem of union, and is calculated to remind you that the harmony and unanimity of the Chapter should be your constant aim; and to this end you are studiously to avoid all occasions of giving offence, or countenancing anything that may create divisions or dissensions. You are, by all means in your power, to endeavor to establish a permanent union and good understanding among all orders and degrees of masonry; and, as the glorious sun, at its meridian height, dispels the mists and clouds which obscure the horizon, so may your exertions tend to dissipate the gloom of jealousy and discord whenever they may appear.



Page 220


    Your badge (a Plum-rule, surmounted by a Turban,) is an emblem of rectitude and vigilance; and while you stand as a watchman upon the tower, to guard your companions against the approach of those enemies of human felicity, intemperance and excess, let this faithful monitor ever remind you to walk uprightly in your station; admonishing and animating your companions to fidelity and industry while at labor, and to temperance and moderation while at refreshment. And when the great Watchman of Israel, whose eye never slumbers nor sleeps, shall relieve you from your post on earth, may he permit you, in heaven, to participate in that food and refreshment which is "

    "Such as the saints in glory love,
    And such as angels eat."





    COMPANION: - The office with which you are entrusted is of high importance, and demands your most zealous consideration. The preservation of the most essential traits of our ancient customs usages and landmarks, are within your province; and it is indispensably necessary that the part assigned to you, in the immediate practice of our rites and ceremonies, should be perfectly understood and correctly administered.

    Your office corresponds with that of Marshal, or Master of Ceremonies. You are to superintend all



Page 221


    processions of your Chapter, when moving as a distinct body, either in public or private; and as the world can only judge of our private discipline by our public deportment, you will be careful that the utmost order and decorum be observed on all such occasions. You will ever be attentive to the commands of your chief, and always near at hand to see them duly executed. I invest you with the badge of your office, and presume that you will give to your duties all that study and attention which their importance demands.




    COMPANION: - The office confided to you, though subordinate in degree, is equal in importance to any in the Chapter, that of your chief alone excepted. Your office corresponds with that of Senior-Deacon, in the preparatory degrees. Among the duties required of you, the preparation and introduction of candidates are not the least. As in our intercourse with the world, experience teaches that first impressions are often the most durable, and the most difficult to eradicate; so it is of great importance, in all cases, that those impressions should be correct and just; hence it is essential that the officer, who brings the blind by a way that they knew not, and leads them in paths that they have not known, should always be well qualified to make



Page 222


    darkness light before them, and crooked things straight.

    Your robe of office is an emblem of humility; and teaches that, in the prosecution of a laudable undertaking, we should never decline taking any part that may be assigned us, although it may be the most difficult or dangerous.

    The rose-colored tesselated border, adorning the robe, is an emblem of ardor and perseverance, and signifies, that when we have engaged in a virtuous course, notwithstanding all the impediments, hardships and trials we may be destined to encounter, should endure them all with fortitude, and ardently persevere unto the end; resting assured of receiving, at the termination of our labors, a noble and glorious reward. Your past exertions will be considered as a pledge of your future assiduity in the faithful discharge of your duties.




    COMPANION: - The well-known duties of your station require but little elucidation. Your office in the preparatory degrees corresponds with that of Junior Deacon. It is your province, conjointly with the Captain of the Host, to attend the examination of all visitors, and to take care that none are permitted to enter the Chapter but such as have traveled the rugged path of trial, and evinced their title to our



Page 223


    favor and friendship. You will be attentive to obey the commands of the Captain of the Host during the introduction of strangers among the workmen; and should they be permitted to pass your post, may they, by him, be introduced into the presence of th Grand Council.

    The White Banner, intrusted to your care, is emblematical of that purity of heart and rectitude of conduct, which ought to actuate all those who pass the white veil of the sanctuary. I give it to you strongly in charge, never to suffer any one to pass your post without the Signet of Truth. I present you the badge of your office, in expectation of your performing your duties with intelligence, assiduity and propriety.




    COMPANION: - I present you with the Scarlet Banner, which is the ensign of your office, and with a sword to protect and defend the same. The rich and beautiful color of your banner is emblematical of fervency and zeal; it is the appropriate color of the Royal Arch degree. It admonishes us that we should be fervent in the exercise of our devotions to GOD, and zealous in our endeavors to promote the happiness of man.



Page 224





    COMPANION: - I invest you with the purple banner, which is the ensign of your office, and arm you with a sword, to enable you to maintain its honor. The color of your banner is produced by a due mixture of blue and scarlet; the former of which is the characteristic color of the symbolic or first three degrees of masonry, and the latter that of the Royal Arch degree. It is an emblem of unions, and is the characteristic color of the intermediate degrees. It admonishes us to cultivate and improve that spirit of union and harmony, between the brethren of the symbolic degrees, and the companions of the sublime degrees, which should ever distinguish the members of a society founded upon the principles of everlasting truth and universal philanthropy.




    COMPANION: - I invest you with the blue banner, which is the ensign of your office, and a sword for it: defense and protection. The color of your banner is one of the most durable and beautiful in nature. Is is the appropriate color adopted and worn by our ancient brethren of the three symbolic degrees, and is the peculiar characteristic of an institution which



Page 225


    has stood the test of ages, and which is as much distinguished by the durability of its materials or principles, as by the beauty of its superstructure.

    This an emblem of universal friendship and benevolence; and instructs us that in the mind of a Mason those virtues should be as expansive as the blue arch of heaven itself.




    COMPA.N1ONS: - Those who are placed as overseers of any work should be well qualified to judge of its beauties and deformities, its excellencies and defects; they should be capable of estimating the former and amending the latter. This consideration should induce you to cultivate and improve all those qualifications with which you are already endowed, as well as to persevere in your endeavors to acquire those in which you are deficient. Let the various colors of the banners committed to your charge, admonish you to the exercise of the several virtues of which they are emblematic; and you are to enjoin the practice of those virtues upon all who shall present themselves, or the work of their hands for your inspection. Let no work receive your approbation but such as is calculated to adorn and strengthen the masonic edifice. Be industrious and faithful in practicing and disseminating a knowledge



Page 226


    of the true and perfect work, which alone can stand the test of the Grand Overseer's square, in the great day of trial and retribution.




    COMPANION: - I with pleasure invest you with your badge as Secretary of this Chapter. The qualities which should recommend a Secretary are, promptitude in issuing the notifications and orders of his superior officers; punctuality in attending the meetings of the Chapter; correctness in recording their proceedings; judgment in discriminating between what is proper and what is improper to becommitted to writing; regularity in making his annual returns to the Grand Chapter; integrity in accounting for all moneys that may pass through his hands; and fidelity in paying the same over into the hands of the Treasurer. The possession of these good qualities, I presume, has designated you a suitable candidate for this important office; and I cannot entertain a doubt that you will discharge its duties beneficially to the Chapter, and nonorably to yourself. And when you shall have completed the record of your transactions here below, and finished



Page 227


    the term of your probation, may you be admitted into the celestial Grand Chapter of saints and angels, and your name recorded in the book of life eternal.




    COMPANION: - You are elected Treasurer of this Chapter, and I have the pleasure of investing you with the badge of your office. The qualities which should recommend a Treasurer, are accuracy and fidelity; accuracy in keeping a fair and minute account of all receipts and disbursements; fidelity in carefully preserving all the property and funds of the Chapter, that may be placed in his hands, and rendering a just account of the same, whenever he is called upon for that purpose. I presume that your respect for the institution, your attachment to the interests of your Chapter, and your regard for a good name, which is better than precious ointment, will prompt you to the faithful discharge of the duties of your office.




    E. AND REV. COMPANION: - You are appointed Chaplain of this Chapter; and I now invest you with this jewel, the badge of your office. It is emblematical of eternity, and reminds us that here is not our abiding place. Your inclination will un-



Page 228


    doubtedly conspire with your duty, when you perform, in the Chapter, those solemn services which created beings should constantly render to their infinite CREATOR; and which, when offered by one whose holy profession is, "to point to heaven and lead the way," may, by refining our morals, strengthening our virtues, and purifying our minds, prepare us for admission into the society of those above, whose happiness will be as endless as it is perfect.




    COMPANIONS: - You being elected Stewards of this Chapter, I with pleasure invest you with the badges of your office. It is your province to see that every necessary preparation is made for the convenience and accommodation of the Chapter, previous to the time appointed for meeting. You are to see that the clothing, implements and furniture of each degree, respectively, are properly disposed and in suitable array for use, whenever they may be required, and that they are secured, and proper care taken of them, when the business of the Chapter is over. You are to see that necessary refreshments are provided, and that all your companions, and particularly visitors, are suitably accommodated and supplied. You are to be frugal and prudent in your disbursements, and to be careful that no ex-



Page 229


    travagance or waste is committed in your department; and when you have faithfully fulfilled your stewardship here below, may you receive from heaven the happy greeting of "Well done, good and faithful servants."




    COMPANION: - You are appointed Tyler of this Chapter, and I invest you with the badge, and this implement of your office. As the sword is placed in the hands of the Tyler, to enable him effectually to guard against the approach of all cowans and eaves-droppers, and suffer none to pass or repass but such as are duly qualified; so it should morally serve as a constant admonition to us to set a guard at the entrance of our thoughts; to place a watch at the door of our lips; to post a sentinel at the avenue of our actions; thereby excluding every unqualified and unworthy thought, word and deed; and preserving consciences void of offence toward GOD and toward man.

    As the first application from visitors for admission into the Chapter is generally made to the Tyler at the door, your station will often present you to the observation of strangers; it is therefore essentially necessary that he who sustains the office with which you are entrusted, should be a man of good morals, steady habits, strict discipline, temperate, affable



Page 230


    and discreet. I trust that a just regard for the honor and reputation of the institution will ever induce you to perform, with fidelity, the trust reposed in you; and when the door of this earthly tabernacle shall be closed, may you find an abundant entrance through the gates into the temple and city of our GOD.




    M. E. COMPANION: - Having been honored with the free suffrages of the members of this Chapter, you are elected to the most important office which is within their power to bestow. This expression of their esteem and respect should draw from you corresponding sensations; and your demeanor should be such as to repay the honor they have so conspicuously conferred upon you, by an honorable and faithful discharge of the duties of your office. The station you are called to fill is important, not only as it respects the correct practice of our rites and ceremonies, and the internal economy of the Chapter over which you preside; but the public reputation of the institution will be generally found to rise or fall according to the skill, fidelity and discretion with which its concerns are managed, and in proportion as the characters and conduct of its principal officers are estimable or censurable.

    You have accepted a trust, to which is attached a weight of responsibility, that will require all your efforts to discharge, honorably to yourself and satisfactorily to the Chapter. You are to see that



Page 231


    your officers are capable and faithful in the exercise of their offices. Should they lack ability you are expected to supply their defects; you are to watch carefully the progress of their performances, and to see that the long-established customs of the institution suffer no derangement in their hands. You are to have a careful eye over the general conduct of the Chapter; see that due order and subordination are observed on all occasions; that the members are properly instructed; that due solemnity be observed in the practice of our rites; that no improper levity be permitted at any time, but more especially at the introduction of strangers among the workmen.

    In fine, you are to be an example to your officers and members which they need not hesitate to follow; thus securing to yourself the favor of heaven and the applause of your brethren and companions.




    COMPANIONS IN OFFICE: - Precept and example should ever advance with equal pace. Those moral duties which you are required to teach unto others, you should never neglect to practice yourselves. Do you desire that the demeanor of your equals and inferiors toward you should be marked with deference and respect; be sure that you omit no opportunity of furnishing them with examples in your own conduct towards your superiors. Do you desire to obtain instruction from those who are more wise



Page 232


    or better informed than yourselves? Be sure that you are always ready to impart of your knowledge to those within your sphere, who stand in need of and are entitled to receive it. Do you desire distinction among your companions? Be sure that your claims to preferment are founded upon superior attainments; let no ambitious passion be suffered to induce you to envy or supplant a companion who may be considered as better qualified for promotion than yourselves; but rather let a laudable emulation induce you to strive to excel each other in improvement and discipline; ever remembering, that he who faithfully performs his duty, even in a subordnate or private station, is as justly entitled to esteem and respect, as he who is invested with supreme authority.




    COMPANIONS: - The exercise and management of the sublime degrees of Masonry in your Chapter hitherto, are so highly appreciated, and the good reputation of the Chapter so well established, that I must presume these considerations alone, were there no others of greater magnitude, would be sufficient to induce you to preserve and to perpetuate this valuable and honorable character. But when to this is added the pleasure which every philanthropic heart must feel in doing good, in promoting good order; in diffusing light and knowledge; in cultivating Masonic and Christian charity, which



Page 233


    are the great objects of this sublime institution, I cannot doubt that your future conduct, and that of your successors, will be calculated still to increase the lustre of your justly esteemed reputation.

    May your Chapter become beautiful as the TEMPLE, peaceful as the ARK, and sacred as its most holy place. May your oblations of piety and praise be grateful as the INCENSE; your love warm as its flame, and your charity diffusive as its fragrance. May your hearts be pure as the ALTAR, and your conduct acceptable as the OFFERING. May the exercise of your CHARITY be as constant as the returning wants of the distressed widow and helpless orphan. May the approbation of Heaven be your encouragement, and the testimony of a good conscience your support; may you be endowed with every good and perfect gift, while traveling the rugged path of life, and finally be admitted within the veil of heaven, to the full enjoyment of life eternal. So mote it be. Amen.

  1. The officers and members of the Chapter will then pass in review in front of the grand officers, with their hands crossed on their breasts, bowing as they pass.
  2. The Grand Marshal will then proclaim the Chapter, by the name of --, Chapter No. -- to be regularly constituted, and its officers duly installed.



Page 234


  1. The ceremonies conclude with an Ode, or appropriate piece of music.
  2. The procession is then formed, when they return to the place from whence they set out.
  3. When the Grand officers retire, the Chapter will form an avenue for them to pass through, and salute them with the grand honors.







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