A pocket Companion for the Initiated

Compiled and arranged by Robert Macoy
Revised Edition 1867


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Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1858, by
in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the
Southern District of New York.


Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1867, by
in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the
Southern District of New York.



C. A. ALVORD, Printer



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In presenting to the Fraternity another edition of the "MASONIC MANUAL," in an enlarged and more comprehensive character, the compiler cannot forego the opportunity of acknowledging his obligations to the Brotherhood for the very liberal and flattering testimonials of their approbation extended to him, as well as to those who have taken so warm an interest in the appearance of the present edition.

The great aim of the present issue is intended to fill a VACUUM long existing in the Order - that of rendering, in a practical sense, the best method of assisting the learner in acquiring a knowledge of the rites and ceremonies of the various branches of the Order, principally through the aid of well-arranged emblems, illustrating the symbols of the Craft.

The compiler, desirous of aiding the studious novitiate in his laudable ambition to climb the ladder of Masonic Preferment, has copiously embellished the capitular degrees with many entirely new and appropriate emblems, illustrating the lectures therein, and with such perspicuity as to render a thorough understanding of them easy of attainment.

The degrees of Knighthood have also been favored with a variety of plain and intelligible designs, emblematical ef those beautiful subsidiary appendages to Freemasonry, and so far rendered applicable to the work as to require but little further elucidation to familiarize the Sir Knight with the minutiae of the chivalric branch of the institution.

The numerous representations of JEWELS, for Grand and Subordinate Lodges, Chapters, and Encampments, selected from every accessible authentic source, will, no



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doubt, be practicably beneficial to the members of the fraternity.

The Charges, Ceremonies of Consecration. Dedication, and Installation are selected from the works of the oldest standard Masonic writers, with such corrections only as are deemed essential to avoid prolixity of verbiage.

The subjoined forms of Masonic Documents are highly esteemed for their utility and correctness, and are estimated as articles of great value to the Craft generally.

The entire work has been prepared with the utmost attention to accuracy, and a due regard to the solemn injunction - "to preserve the ancient landmarks of the Order." The compiler asks but an examination of its internal arrangements to convince the reader that no expense has been spared in furnishing a very extensive "MASONIC POCKET COMPANION," and, in presenting it to the Brotherhood, he desires that it shall stand entirely upon its merits for their approbation.





The Masonic public are herewith presented with a revised edition of "MACOY's MASONIC MANUAL."

Although this work has had for the last fifteen years a sale far surpassing that of any other of the kind, it was found that to meet the wants of the ORDER at the present time it needed revision.

This labor was committed to the hands of Bro. Wm. M. Cunningham, who is well known to the CRAFT, and whose name will be a sufficient guarantee that the work in its present form is complete and correct.

As such the publishers commend it to the confidence and favor of the MASONIC FRATERNITY.

June, 1867.






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