Early 1800's York Rite 

Past High Priest Apron

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This wonderful Masonic apron belonged to a Past High Priest in Royal Arch Masonry. It has been carefully stored for the last 200 years... the creases in the folds can still be seen. Its hand-sewn crimson border and tetragrammaton have faded to a light pink because of time. (Some of the more faded looking spots are actually reflections off the glass frame.) The apron measures 14" wide by 16" tall. The frame measures 24" by 26" tall. In the center of the tetragrammaton is the title given by the Talmudists to the name of God "Jehovah", which in the original Hebrew consists of four letters. This emblem powerfully illustrates the mystical relationship between numerical and geometrical symbols. "Pythagoras, having learned in Egypt the name of the true God, the mysterious and ineffable name "Jehovah," and finding that in the original tongue, translated it into his own language by the word tetractys, and gave the true explanation of it, saying that it properly signified the source of nature that perpetually rolled along." So much did the disciples of Pythagoras venerate the tetractys, that it is said that they took their most solemn oaths, especially of initiation upon it. The exact words of the oath are given in the Golden Verses, and are referred to by Iamblichus in his Life of Pythagoras. "I swear it by him who has transmitted into our soul the sacred tetractys, the source of nature, whose course is eternal."

A special "Thanks" to Brother Nick Grammenos of Antiquity Lodge No. 11 in Brentwood, New York for sharing pictures of this beautiful Past High Priest Apron with our visitors.  Thanks Bro. Nick!




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