1816 Sunderland Luster Pitcher Presentation

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An amazing and important Masonic ceramic pitcher.  Made in Staffordshire, England, this large Masonic pitcher was presented to John and Ann Milnes, of Milnrow, England in appreciation of service rendered to his Lodge No. 140, and is dated 1816. Both sides of this pitcher are inscribed with Masonic emblems showing heralds; the All Seeing Eye, the Sun, Moon and Stars, the dove of peace, Noah's ark, the two pillars Boaz and Jachin, Altar and Holy Bible, crossed swords, Boaz and Jachin, the Three Lesser Lights, and Jacob's Ladder. Although it is in good condition for its age there is some damage, a chip on the lip. The pitcher is crazed all over which is normal for its age. Given the above there are no scratches, repairs or rubbings. The pink lustre and gold trim printing  is well defined and bright.  It measures 9 inches wide, 7 1/2 inches high.

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