1840's Silk American Masonic Apron

with Native American Motif


This original, full size and colorful 18" x 17" Masonic Apron is made from brilliant crimson red Silk background with a beautiful multicolor Hand-Painted devices. It is remarkable and highly unusual, with a fabulous scene of an Native American Indian offering his Peace Pipe to a White Man, dressed in his claw hammer coat and stove top beaver hat (who looks remarkably like Abraham Lincoln but is not), with a teepee in a stand of trees in the woods behind them.  Masonic symbols are present including; a Sun, Crescent Moon and Seven Stars, the All Seeing Eye, Scales of Justice, Two Hands Clasped, and a Sprig of Acacia Wreath are all present, being hand-painted in bright gold gilt. There is an impressive braided border in blue and white thread, with the apron and bib having dark forest green fringe. This Masonic apron remains in superb original condition. It has no tears, no stains or defects.





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