1871 Masonic Presentation Cane of Most Worshipful Joseph D. Evans,

Past Grand Master of the State of New York

This beautiful cane was "Presented by Mistletoe No. 647 F. & A.M. to - M. W. Bro. Joseph D Evans - January 16, 5871" (1871).  It has a wonderfully decorated solid gold handle depicting an emblem of the Three Great Lights... the Holy Bible, Square and Compasses. 


On February 20, 1867 Mistletoe Lodge received dispensation granted by the M:.W:. Robert D. Holmes whose petition was recommended by Altair Lodge No. 601. The first Communication was held on February 23, 1867 in the Montaulk Lodge rooms, 14 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York. The Officers were as follows:

M:.W:. Joseph D. Evans...Master

Charles W. Newton... Senior Warden

Samuel G. Thayer...Junior Warden

Joel B. Burnett...Treasurer

Henry T. Bragg...Secretary

William A. Evans...Senior Deacon

Abraham Simpson...Junior Deacon

Henry A. Richey...Sr. Master of Ceremony

William B. Whitaker...Junior Master of Ceremony

William W. Reade...Senior Steward

Carmon E. Anderson...Junior Steward

It is interesting to note that during his term as Grand Master M:.W:. Joseph D. Evans put into effect one of the most important changes in New York Masonry by introducing the Office of District Deputy Grand Master into the Offices of Grand Lodge appointments. Also it is noteworthy to note that Brother Evans, at the funeral service of the distinguished Statesman and Brother Henry Clay delivered an able and eloquent address, which was afterward printed in pamphlet form.

Some other notable Brothers of Mistletoe Lodge No. 647 are Brother Thomas G. Singleton, a member for 58 years of which he served as Secretary for 51 years.  Another Brother is Wallace E. Caldwell raised in Mistletoe Lodge in 1913.  He affiliated with University Lodge No. 408, A.F.& A.M. of North Carolina after being appointed Associate Professor of Ancient History at the University of North Carolina.  Brother Caldwell went on to become Grand Master of Masons in the State of North Carolina in 1950.  Another noteworthy Brother was Charles A. Shaw, who was a one-man commissioner for the State of New York running the Monument Commission till the age of 91.  He traveled around the country erecting monuments to the boys in blue who went from New York to save the Union.  Some of his Monuments have been erected on the battlefields of Gettysburg, Antietam, Chattanooga, and Key West, Florida. One of his plaques is featured in the book "The Craft and its Symbols", on the next to last page shows a plaque dedicated to the 66th New York Regiment. In the banner above the two soldiers is found the inscription "Peace and Unity". A closer look will reveal that the letter "A" in the word "Peace" is a Masonic square and Compasses. Mistletoe, the plant, was held in great veneration by the druids and is associated with joy and gladness. The name was selected by its first Master, M:.W:. Joseph D. Evans.

Mistletoe Lodge was one of seven Lodges which had been merged together to form the current Lodge presently known as Aurora Grata-Day Star Lodge No. 647. The other Lodges were, Aurora Grata, May Flower Sanctorum. Kedron and Old Glory.   Aurora Grata-Day Star Lodge No. 647 is mainly comprised of three Lodges, Aurora Grata Lodge No. 756, Day Star Lodge No. 798 and Old Glory Lodge No. 647.  It is under the banner of Old Glory Lodge that Mistletoe No. 647, Kedron No. 803, Sanctorum No. 747 and Mayflower No. 961 hail.





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