1887 York Rite Knight Templar 

Pocket Watch & Ball FOB

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This is one of the most beautiful and unusual, elaborately hand-painted Masonic pocket watches this curator has ever seen!  The center of the porcelain dial depicts a scene of the Castle at Malta with a gold cross in the sky and rough seas in the background!  Just below this scene in the seconds movement is a red Knight Templar Maltese Cross with a fancy gold seconds hand.  Above the sub second hand is the name of the manufacturer "Elgin National Watch Co."  It is signed "B. W. Raymond - Elgin, Ill. Serial No. 3585807."  The case is gold filled with triple hinges...  Front, Back and Dustcover.  The case is in excellent condition and has been monogrammed "TFM" and dated "1887."   This watch came with its original chain which had a miniature pencil and ball fob attached!




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