Sword of a 33rd Degree

Sovereign Grand Inspector-General


This unusual Scottish Rite 33rd Degree ceremonial sword was custom made for Illustrious Brother W. G. Oxford by the Brantley Uniform and Regalia House of Chicago, Illinois.  The ivory handle is engraved with the 33rd Degree double headed eagle wearing the Crown and the Teutonic Cross underneath.  The opposite side of the handle has the engraved initials of Brother Oxford.  This sword measures 32 3/4 inches in total length and has a very fancy brass scabbard.

This beautiful sword represents the Thirty-third and Last Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.  The Latin Constitutions of 1786 call it Tertius et trigesimus et sublimissimus gradus, that is, the Thirty-third and Most Sublime Degree; and it is styled the Protector and Conservator of the Order.  The same Constitutions, in Articles I and II, say:   

"The Thirty-third Degree confers on those Freemasons who are legitimately invested with it, the quality, title, privilege, and authority of Sovereign, Supremorum, Grand Inspectors-General of the Order.  The peculiar duty of their mission is to teach and enlighten the Brethren; to preserve charity, union, and fraternal love among them; to maintain regularity in the works of each Degree, and to take care that it is preserved by others; to cause the dogmas, doctrines, institutes, constitutions, statutes, and regulations of the Order to be reverently regarded, and to preserve and defend them on every occasion; and, finally, everywhere to occupy themselves in works of peace and mercy."




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