Amber Masonic Firing Glass



This amber colored firing glass is covered with Masonic symbolism, most of it is early European.  The cable tow can be seen circling the upper rim with a "figure 8" pattern, a symbol of eternity.  All of the working tools are present, as well as the Pillars of Boaz and Jachin.  The Sun, Moon and Stars are also clearly seen, as well as the blazing star.  The Blazing Star, which is not, however, to be confounded with the Five-Pointed Star, is one of the most important symbols in Freemasonry, and makes its appearance in several of the Degrees.  Hutchinson says "It is the first and most exalted object that demands our attention in the Lodge."  Hence we find that at various times the Blazing Star has been declared to be a symbol of Divine Providence.  In the twenty-eighth Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, the explanation given of the Blazing Star, is, that it is symbolic of a true Freemason, who, by perfecting himself in the way of truth, that is to say, by advancing his knowledge, becomes like a blazing star, shining with brilliancy in the midst of darkness.  The star is, therefore, in this degree, a symbol of truth.  In the Fourth Degree of the same Rite, the star is again said to be a symbol of the light of Divine Providence pointing out the way of truth.  In the Ninth Degree this symbol is called the star of direction; and while it primitively alludes to an especial guidance for a particular purpose expressed in the degree, it still retains, in a remoter sense, its usual signification as an emblem of Divine Providence guiding and directing the pilgrim in his journey through life.

In the Prestonian lecture, the Blazing Star, with the Mosaic Pavement and the Tesselated Border, are called the Ornaments of the Lodge, and the Blazing Star is thus explained:

"The Blazing Star, or glory in the centre, reminds us of that awful period when the Almighty delivered the two tables of stone, containing the ten commandments, to His faithful servant Moses on Mt. Sinai, when the rays of His divine glory shone so bright that none could behold it without fear and trembling.  It further reminds us, that wherever we may be assembled together, God is in the midst of us, seeing our actions, and observing the secret intents and movements of our hearts."




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