Silver Irish Masonic Cane 

with Segmented Bone Shaft



This is an unusual silver handled Irish Masonic Cane on segmented bone shaft with horn or baleen spacers.  The Handle or Knob has a 'mushroom cap' top that extends over an octagonal faceted shank engraved with a Celtic Knot and Floral design and the Irish letter on each of the 5 facets.  The top also has engraving which repeats the Celtic and Floral engraving, with the Masonic Pyramid/Sun/Stars in the center. The Shaft is made of some type of Bone or possibly Horn, assembled in segments and separated by horn or baleen spacers, I'm not sure which.  The segments of Bone start out small at the top and get longer as it goes towards the tip, which is a bronze or brass metal tip.  There are no marks that I can see on the handle but it tests as Silver.  Measuring about 32.5 inches long overall, with the handle itself about 1.5 inches tall by almost 1.5 inches diameter on the top.




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