Rare Depression Glass Masonic Server

Centennial Lodge No. 763 

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An outstanding and collectible historical piece, this Depression Glass server celebrated the 50th anniversary (1876-1926) of Masonic Centennial Lodge No.763, established in 1876 and located in Philadelphia, Pa., hence the home of the Liberty Bell.The divided hexagonal server has etched glass gilded in gold. The color of the piece is a deep, rich amber and the gold gilding on the beautifully intricate incising has the patina of age. The dish was possibly used to hold crudités or seafood. There is a removable, circular center dish that appears to be for dipping sauce.  In one section of the large 13 1/4" x 11 3/4" dish is the Lodge's logo and name and the years 1876-1926. The dish has a bit of heft to it and weighs just under five (5) pounds. This gorgeous piece is in excellent condition.




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