Early Demolay Patent and Membership Card

Here is an early Demolay Patent (Membership Certificate) dated October 22, 1928 and signed by Demolay Founder Frank Land (signed above issued to) that belonged to a young Demolay by the name of Marion H. Black (who signed his name in the upper left hand margin) and was a member of  Hutchinson Chapter in Hutchinson Kansas.  Their Demolay Chapter was sponsored by the Wichita Consistory No. 2 Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite.  He was born April 7, 1911 to Daniel Black and Vera L Jeffrey. He was a longtime resident of Hutchinson, went to the University of Kansas, was a WWII U. S. Navy veteran and passed away on November 25, 1988. His burial is in the Memorial Park Cemetery in Hutchinson, Kansas.

A special "Thank you" to Richard A. Curry, whose father, Clarence Harold Speck was a Brother in the same DeMolay Chapter as his father for the above information about Brother Marion H. Black. 




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