"From Darkness to Light"

 Masonic Membership Poster dtd 1887

This old Masonic certificate is dated and copyrighted 1887 - Pettibone Mfg. Co., Cincinnati.  This is a certificate that would have been filled out and presented to a new Master Mason. The lower right corner reads "This is to certify that our worthy Brother who has written his name on the rock... has been regularly initiated as an Entered Apprentice, passed to the Degree of Fellow Craft and "raised" to the sublime degree of Master Mason". The bottom reads "From Darkness To Light".  It measures 21 3/4 inches wide by 27 1/2 inches tall.

A 1914 Edition of Darkness to Light Poster

This membership print was published by J. Adams Co. of Indianapolis, Ind. in 1914.  This is the top half, at the very top is the All-Seeing Eye overlooking King Solomon's Temple  with stars & moon on the left, and Noah's ark and a rainbow on the right.  Under this in large letters is "'I AM THAT I AM.' - EXOD, 111.14."  It measures 28 3/8" high and 22.5" wide and is very similar to the 1887 edition with a few minor changes.  Can you spot them? 

This is a view of the middle section of the poster. The pictures below show some close-ups, but this is an overview.   Throughout the certificate are printed stages of Masonic membership such as "Created and dubbed a knight of the Red Cross, Knight Templar and Knight of Malta of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem."  Another reads "Exalted to the sublime degree of Royal Arch Mason". There are blanks for dates - this particular certificate is free of any writing.

This is a view of the bottom section.  There are some scenes from the Bible and many symbolic images as well, like the Broken Column statue.  At the right reads "THIS IS TO CERTIFY that _____ whose signature appears upon the margin in his own handwriting has been regularly initiated as an ENTERED APPRENTICE, passed to the Degree of FELLOW CRAFT and raised to the sublime Degree of MASTER MASON and is a member of ____ No ______ at _______ and we recommend him to all Brothers and Fellows wherever dispersed." with...  At the center of the bottom it reads "WAS BORN IN _____ DAY OF _____ CALLED FROM LABOR TO REFRESHMENT." with spaces for "AGED, YRS, MOS, DAYS". 

Here is a close-up of the lower left corner.  At the bottom reads "ENTERED ACCORDING TO ACT OF CONGRESS, IN THE YEAR OF 1914 BY THE J. ADAMS CO. INDIANAPOLIS, IND."

Here is a close-up of the lower right corner with the section described above that reads "THIS IS TO CERTIFY...". At the bottom of the lower right reads "REVISED IN THE YEAR OF 1914 AND PUBLISHED BY THE J. ADAMS CO. INDIANAPOLIS, IND."

Here is a close-up of the bottom center and the Broken Column statue.  Note the change of the posters name to "Our Emblematic Mystic Light of Masonry".  It is printed on thick, high quality, very old paper - similar to a parchment.



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