1880's English Stoneware 

Ginger Beer Crocks

Here is an excellent Old Blue Top Ginger Beer Bottle or Crock circa 1880.  It benefits from having an excellent strike or imprint which clearly reads "REGISTERED TRADE MARK M DAVIES & SON MANCHESTER."   Inside a flattened shield design is the Masonic Square and Compasses.  No surprise really as Mr. Davies was a Freemason and thru his trade mark he let others know it ! This old stone bottle stands 6 3/4 inches tall and is in wonderful condition.  Why the blue top?  Supposedly this was an anti-theft device to stop unscrupulous street vendors from stealing a merchants bottles and refilling them.


Here are a pair of Victorian Off White and Honey Glazed Masonic Ginger Beer Crocks that stand 7 inches tall and have an under-glazed stencil which reads:- W.S. HAYSWORTH / YE. OLD. FASHIONED. GINGER. BEER. / CHEMIST, PRESTON. The center bears the Masonic Square and Compasses with the words TRADE MARK written above and W.S. HAYSWORTH written below.  In each corner of the trade mark, from top left clockwise are the letters W S H P. The bottle has a Cork Blob Top/Lip.




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