Tobacco Humidor with a

Goat and Masonic Saddle on Lid

This tobacco humidor is circa 1915 and plays on the Masonic humor of riding the Goat!  Although it was simply a joke in Masonic Lodges, Woodmen of the World and a few other Orders would engage their new candidates in a moment of this humorous sport!   Many of the Lodge Goat jokes can be found in this book "The Lodge Goat and Goat Rides"  and a real Goat Riding Tricycle can be seen (here).  

For further reading on the Lodge goat-riding  (click here)

A special "Thanks" from Brother Al Lohman, a 30 year collector and 30+ year Masonic Lodge member from Wisconsin.  Al trades on eBay under the User ID  "lochlohman"




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