The Grave of Tubalcane


This is an interesting gravestone that Freemasons should know well!  It's not really the grave of "the widows son", i.e. "the first well-known artificer of brass and other metals" that we as Masons know so much about.  This Tubalcane most-likely never became a Mason as he passed away at the tender age of 17, a month shy of his 18th birthday.  Most men are not eligible to be initiated into Freemasonry until they are 21.  I'd bet that his daddy was a Mason, hence the name.  If so, he most-certainly would have become a Mason and given his Lodge some bragging rights!  Now, in all honesty, you can say  that you've seen the grave of Tubalcane!

This photograph was submitted by Russell T. Johnson, a non-mason and writer on the subject of Arkansas. His self-published work can be found at:




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