Beautiful Masonic Grandfather Clocks

by Silas Hoadley of Plymouth Conn.



 Here is a beautiful Masonic Grandfather Clock made by Silas Hoadley of Plymouth Conn.  The third member of the pioneer company of Terry, Thomas et Hoadley was Silas Hoadley.  S. Hoadley was born in 1786 at Bethany, Conn., and, like his associates, his educational advantages were few.  In fact the years of apprenticeship were so long that boys were taken from school very early, so that they might become journeymen by the time they were of age.  Hoadley was unusually young when he was bound apprentice to his uncle Calvin Hoadley to learn the trade of a carpenter.  In 1809 his apprenticeship was completed and he formed the partnership with Terry and Thomas, and commenced to make clocks at Grey stone, a portion of Plymouth. One after another the partners withdrew, Terry in 1810, Thomas in 1814, leaving Silas Hoadley alone.  He continued to make clocks till 1849, when he rented his shops and closed up his business.  The Roxsbury style case is in near mint condition.  

The above pictured case stands 84" tall.  The center brass finial was removed to allow the clock to fit into the room.  All three brass finials are with the clock.  The top door has an inlayed band of light wood that highlights the hood.  The center door repeats the light wood banding.  The bottom of the case has a cross banded mahogany trim.  The front feet are unbroken and have wonderful shape. The case has side windows in the hood to allow for viewing the movement. The wooden time and strike movement has been restored within the last few years.  The clocks strikes on a big bell.  The pendulum stick looks correct.   The time weight is a standard 30 hour type weight.  The dial has some paint loss.  The dial has a seconds bit and calendar. The area above the VII (12) has a Masonic scene containing: the Holy Royal Arch with the Pillars of Boaz and Jachin, the Sun, Moon and Stars, the black and white checkered floor representing good and evil, the beehive (an emblem of industry), sword pointing to a naked heart (an emblem of justice), the Square and Compasses, Jacob's Ladder, and Crossed Keys (a symbol of the Treasurer's office), etc.  This wonderful clock is circa 1810-1820.  

The below pictured Hoadley Grandfather Clock is in

The Heritage Masonic Lodge No 730 at Black Creek Pioneer Village

The above pictures were submitted by Bro. Scott Ayco-Carthew from University Lodge 496 Toronto ON.




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