1906 Ascension Commandery No. 39 

Scenic Pewter Mug


This is a rare find Knights Templar Conclave Pewter Mug/Glass.  It is dated 1906 and was specially cast in Germany for Ascension Commandery No. 39.  On the front of the mug, it has the Templar Passion Cross and Crown.   Around the cross it shows their Latin motto:  "IN HOC SIGNO VINCES." Below this it reads:  "SOUVENIR, GRAND CONCLAVE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR, MISSOURI - 1906, ASCENSION COMMANDERY NO. 39, JOPLIN, MO."
This glass has different scenes on it.  It was very meticulously executed.  Some of the scenes are:  Picher Lead Works, Main Street, Carnegie Public Library, Government Building, Mining Scene.  The bottom of the glass is marked:  "Made in Germany for C.S. Pool, Joplin, MO."  It stands 3 1/2 inches tall.  




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