Early Masonic Casket Plate

Ornate hand-engraved Masonic Casket Plate - "Joel Page. Died July 15, 1870. Age 79 years."  These antique casket plates are among the most bizarre collectibles we have seen to date.  We are personally acquainted with long-term collectors of these engraved plates which were placed on coffins and were removed prior to burial and given as a keepsake to the family of the deceased.  Large plate approx 5.75 inches by 6.5 inches. Some tarnish.

The scans below came from an 1882 Catalog titled "Coffin and Casket Trimming" by the C. Rogers & Brothers Company of Meriden, Conn., U.S.A.  It was distributed to funeral directors offering high quality casket accessories such as handles, name plates and emblem shields.

Name Plates for Engraving

Emblem Shields

A special "Thank You" to Judy Redfield, the co-author of "Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers" for scanning the above catalog for all their Masonic accessories.




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