Early Coverlet with Masonic Symbols 

dated July 4, 1829

This is the earliest coverlet this curator has ever seen - dated July 4,1829 and woven for Amelia Davis with corner blocks reading "Agricultures and Manufactures are the Foundation of Our Independence."  The pattern is just glorious with eagles and stars, and monkeys and goats, as well as the Masonic Square and Compasses above the Pillars of Boaz and Jachin. This type of coverlet is highly prized by serious collectors and the Struck Coverlet Collection book mentions that there are only 97 examples known to exist, some with slight variations. This one is nearly identical to the one in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC as pictured and described in the book "American Quilts and Coverlets". It was woven in New York State and although often attributed to the Scottish weaver James Alexander, it was, according to the museum, more likely done by a weaver trained by him and working in Ulster, Orange or Duchess County.   The condition is very good considering the age.  It measures 95 inches by 75 inches.




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