Masonic Crystal Wax Seal Set



This has got to be the most incredible Masonic wax sealing set this curator has ever seen.  The set comes in its own "etui like leather" covered box with silk brocade lining.  The handle is a gorgeous amber crystal or glass (I think it's crystal... like a drop that hangs from a chandelier) which has a metal fitting on it that accepts the different wax seals, each a different color crystal, with a different message.  The aquamarine colored seal is engraved with an "All-Seeing-Eye" and the word "TRUTH"; the amethyst crystal seal has a set of Masonic Compasses with the words "KEEP WITHIN";  the citrine colored seal has a chalice with the words "YOUR HEALTH"; the lime green colored one is very cute - it has the word "FARE" above an engraving of a well. Get it... "FAREWELL"; and last, but not least, the cobalt colored one has an engraving of a helmeted figure with no text. There is another recess in the box, which may have held another seal. The box measures 3 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches.




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