Masonic Teaching Cabinet 

with Secret Compartments


Here is a rare and possibly unique English Masonic Teaching Cabinet with a secret compartment containing a scale model of Moses' Tabernacle in the Wilderness, the forerunner of Solomon’s Temple, within an early 19th century satin birch writing desk on cabochon-turned tapering legs, the chevron banded top with leather skiver and lockable ‘trap door’ revealing an arcane triangular shaped formation of numbers (some numbers having been removed), the frieze drawer paneled as three, drawing out as a tray enclosing the model bounded by polygonal emblems of the twelve tribes of Israel, the kneehole bounded by rollers (presumably designed to receive a scroll) and two short drawers on each side, 74 x 139 x 75cm    

Note: This table was discovered in Edinburgh around 30 years ago and is of Scottish manufacture.  The purpose for which the table was made is open to debate.  It would appear that the model and its obscure numeric system relates to a teaching or predictive device, and therefore possibly a model for use in the ritual initiation of ‘higher degrees’. If the knowledge it contains emanates from the Franco-Jacobite mystery tradition, an interesting link may be suggested to The Rite of Memphis, the French Order known to carry aloft a model of the Temple during its initiations and ceremonies.

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