Masonic Trowel Serving Tray

This Masonic Trowel Serving Tray was used as a gift from a Belgium Lodge.  It is used to deliver a round of drinks to a table.  The woman who listed this tray on eBay said she was a Freemason in Holland and loved to visit the Belgian Co-Masonic Lodges.  She even spoke about the differences in Masonry between the two countries.  She said:  The difference between Belgium and Holland is - "In Belgium nothing is allowed, but everything is possible", but "In Holland everything is allowed, but nothing is possible".  She states that Freemasonry in Belgium is more underground which isn't the case in Holland.  Of course, as a female she is not allowed to visit the masculine lodges, but they are allowed to visit the combined lodges. She also said, "There's a very cheerful Masonic cabaret there and every year there's a competition with an attractive money prize for the man or woman who writes the best piece!"




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