Early Jacquard Woven Masonic Carpet



This is a spectacular section of Jacquard Woven Masonic Carpet from the second quarter of the 19th century. Executed in red and black, it measures about 56" x 35 1/2" and is just covered with Masonic symbolism:  i.e. the Holy Royal Arch, the Ark and Anchor, the Sword Pointing to a Naked Heart, the Beehive, the Five Columns representing the Ancient Orders of Architecture, the Square & Compasses opened on the Volume of Sacred Law, the Indented Tessel & Blazing Star, etc. This section has obviously served itís years as a hanging wall mural in a dark Lodge Room, and is therefore in much better condition than remnants of these carpets that have done duty underfoot. The fabric is strong, there is no fading or wear and the colors are bright, much better than shown. The only damage I can see are few small moth holes.  A truly wonderful Masonic artifact.




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