Mt. Dora Masonic Temple No. 238 F. & A.M.

 Eastern Star Plate


The Victorian Style Home of Mt. Dora Lodge No. 238 was built as a family home in 1893.  Originally, it was the home of the John Phillip Donnelly Family and was sold to the Mt. Dora Lodge during the great depression of the 1930's.  This beautiful building, located in downtown Mt. Dora, is listed in the National Registry of Historical Places and is considered one of the most photographed buildings in Central Florida.  Mt. Dora Lodge No. 238, F. & A.M. was chartered January 17, 1917, to meet at Mt. Dora in Lake County.  Below is a picture of the Lodge as it looks today!  The plate was made in 1943 by Homer Laughlin  Co. for the Mt. Dora Eastern Star Chapter to commemorate the 50th Anniversary (1893-1943) of the house.  It measures 10 inches in diameter.




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