Pearlware Masonic Creamer Pitcher



A superb and rare Pearlware Masonic Creamer Pitcher dates to around 1750.  It is in its original condition.  It has old damage to the spout and a chip off the inside rim near the handle.  It has hand-painted decoration in earthy colors, ochre. umber, red oxide, green.  It seems to have been made in reverence to the Weaver.  There is a great insrcription on the side..."Before weaving was invented, Nakedness walk’d every where, And the Rich was well contented, The skins of hairy beasts to wear, In the night like dolesome Spirits, They walk’d both naked & forlorn, Then may wee say blefs’d be the day, A Weaver in the world was born." Around the inscription are dragons, thistles and foliage decoration, at the top is a leopard’s head.  On the other side of the pitcher are the Masonic symbols and the words... "Have Communion with few, Be familiar with one, Deal justly with all, Speak Evil of none."  It stands almost 5 inches tall.

A special "Thanks" to Brother Nick Plotnek, an English Mason, who hails from  Lodge of Hospitality, No.8325, Province of Worcestershire, UGLE for submitting the pictures and description of this wonderful creamer pitcher.




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