Silver Double-Jacketed Masonic Winding Pocket Watch



Here is a Silver Double-Jacketed Masonic Winding Pocket Watch from the 18th Century.   Moving parts: gold plated moving parts with winding restrainer, drive by chain and slug. Includes Ancient Masonic symbols, intricate, lavish and elaborately engraved sliver balance hook. Silver regulation dial( slow/fast) laid on a richly engraved ornamental base.  Initialized in ornamental gold print "Jordan & Dyke" number 542.   Masonic symbols on the hook:  Chequered pavement, the columns Jachin &Boaz, Square and Compasses, level, beehive, sun, moon, stars, arch and All-Seeing Eye.   Clock face (dial): Unblemished white enamel leaf with blue hands, original glass! Inside casing: Punched London,1781, punctuated "I.R.".  Lower casing punched London 1790, punctuated "I.R.". Miscellaneous: Golden winding up key with Masonic symbols: star, common gavel, level, and trowel. Work of art's diameter outside approx.60 mm, inside approx. 50 mm,   Produced in England at the last quarter of the 18th century during Mozart's time.




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