Early Royal Arch Mason Jewel 

of Brother Dudley Trow circa 1820


This is a rare sterling silver Royal Arch Mason Masonic medal made about 1820.  It is inscribed in script on the front "Dudley Trow" and "Gilboa Lodge No. 210", and has the feather script letters "K S H T W S S T" clockwise around the center.  Lacking a mark, it is difficult to identify the maker conclusively, but there is a good chance an educated guess can be made with the clues we have. There were two Dudley Trows, father and son, that are reasonable possibilities as the jewel's owner.  Dudley Sr was born about 1770 in Beverley MA, son of John and Hannah (Dodge) Trow.  He married Annis Johnson in Andover MA on 12 Dec 1797. Dudley Jr. was born 3 Jan 1799 in the same town.  Junior appears, from the records, to have lived his life in Andover;
Senior moved later in life to Haverhill. If either is the right Trow (and I favour the father, given the dating indicated by the engraving on the jewel), then there is an interesting family connection to the Andover silversmith, Robert Swan. He was first cousin to Dudley Sr's sister-in-law, Martha (Swan) Trow. Swan was very active in land transactions, was allowed the title of Yoeman, and was known for his buckle making and engraving. I have found nothing to indicate an association with Freemasonry, but it would not be unlikely.  If, on the other hand, the jewel is later in date (c 1820), there is the possibility the maker was Barnabas Dodge Haskell of Haverhill.  He was the great nephew of Dudley's mother, Hannah (Dodge) Trow.

  This medal has its original yellow ribbon still attached and came in the original tooled leather case.  It measures 3 1/2 inches tall and 2 1/16 inches wide.

A special "Thanks" to Wm Erik Voss who sent us the description of this beautiful jewel.   Even though he is not a Freemason, he has an interest in its history and arcana from his grandfather, who was a founding member and Master of Laurel Lodge 1057, Chicago in 1918.




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