Scottish Rite 33nd Degree 

Aluminum Oval Tray

This beautiful Oval Tray was hand-hammered in aluminum by the Wendell August Forge Co. for the Supreme Council, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, 33rd Degree for their annual meeting held in Detroit, Michigan in 1973.

It bears the crowned double-headed eagle with the 33rd degree breastplate and carries the sword and banner with the motto "Dues Meumque Jus".  Latin, meaning God and my right.  It is a Latin translation of the royal arms of England, which is the French expression Dieu et mon droit, and concerning which we have the following tradition:  Richard Coeur de Leon, besieging Gisors, in Normandy, in 1198, gave, as a parole or watch-word, Dieu et mon droit, because Philip Augustus, King of France, had, without right, taken that city, which then belonged to England.   Richard, having been victorious with that righteous parole, hence adopted it as his motto; and it was afterward marshaled in the arms of England. 




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