200th Anniversary Medallion Commemorating the Battle at Yorktown


This beautiful medallion is encased in Lucite and was produced by the Supreme Council 33rd Degree, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite to commemorate the 200th Anniversary (1881-1981) of the American victory at Yorktown.

The monument itself was commissioned by the Continental Congress in 1781 to commemorate the great victory.  The 95-foot monument is in honor of the French-American victory when generals Washington, Rochambeau, the Comte de Grasse, and the Marquis de Lafayette laid successful siege to the forces of Lord Cornwallis, who waited here in vain to be rescued by an expected British flotilla.  The Continental Congress gave the green light to erect the monument in 1781, right after the October victory. Unfortunately, no one seemed to be in a great hurry to construct it, for it wasn't until 99 years later that President Chester B. Arthur laid the historic column's cornerstone, moved to action, no doubt, by the knowledge that the victory's centenary celebration was imminent.






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