Scottish Past Masters Jewel 

and Thistle Stick Pin

Here is an absolutely pristine and very rare Scottish Past Masters Masonic Jewel with elaborate silver-gilt and enamel suspension fob and a gold thistle dress pin.   This magnificent jewel comprises:  a large, stone-set (probably cairngorm or dark topaz), engraved compass jewel of very heavy, 9K gold, fully stamped for BIRMINGHAM 1918 with maker's hallmark TLB. The inscription reads: BROTHER A.W.TRAILL, R.W.M. 1927-1929.
a fantastic central silver-gilt and enamelled suspension section fully stamped for BIRMINGHAM 1928 and maker's mark E & FB. The front inscription reads: LODGE No: 77, St Regulus, CUPAR (Scotland).
Also shown is a beautifully engraved gold 'thistle' dress stick pin. This pin was used to attach the jewel to the Brothers lapel or coat. It has no gold stamp but is at least 9K gold.

This jewel is in mint condition and came in its own contemporary presentation case with seller's stamp Watchmaker & Jeweller, J L BROWN, St Catherine Street, CUPAR, FIFE.

SIZE (Gold Jewel): approx. 55 mmx 48 mm (longest and widest points)
SIZE (Enamel Suspension Panel): approx. 58 mm x 29 mm
SIZE (Gold Dress Pin): approx. 60 mm x 38 mm




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