Silver Shekel Illustration

Here is a small selection of 4 very important coins from ancient Judea (including a year one Shekel).  Each of them is among the very best preserved specimen known of their category.  The shekel pictured above is a First Revolt Year One shekel and was struck in the year 66 CE.  It shows a golden cup, a chalice from the Vessels of the Temple, which held the Manna.  The reverse was an emblem of Aaron's Rod with three buds, and the inscription in ancient Samaritan reads, "JERUSALEM KEDOSHA", (Jerusalem the Holy).

Herod Antipas - Struck in the year 33 CE.

Herod The Great - Struck in the year 40 BCE

Pontius Pilate - Struck in the year 30 CE in Jerusalem, the same year as the crucifixion.

A special "Thanks" to Jean-Philippe Fontanille for sharing the above pictures and descriptions of these early shekels from his collection with our museum.




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