1911 Shrine Watch FOB - Rochester, N.Y.

 This whimsical embossed watch FOB has what appears to be five Shriners in high relief whooping it up in an automobile of the period, with the words: "Annual Conclave, Rochester N.Y., 1911.  Condition is very good, and is as found, no strap. Undoubtedly, a historically accurate depiction of this type of event. This is also the first Shrine item I have seen with the word Conclave used, I would have assumed this to be a Commandery piece if they each weren’t wearing a Fez.  The 37th Imperial Council Session was held in Rochester, N.Y. on July 11, 1911.  It measures 1 5/8" x 1 ˝" with the makers mark of: "Bastian Bros. Co. Rochester N.Y." on the back.




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